Being On Duty

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In the Amazon continuation, Heather Revisited, and the Price of Loyalty

But first they must find me in the office box. “Let’s find Vices if she can give us a sign where she is” Brian said. Then I activated a beeping sound so Brian and Farah can follow it to my exact location. “Hear that? It must be her directing us, coming from that office” Farah said, as they went in there by opening the door.

“Look there, an box” Rick said to them. “I’m here everyone in an confined area” I said. They looked in the box and there I was with their present day firearms, badges, cell phones, and the portable holographic shield stick. “So glad to have you back in my arms, Vices” Brian said. “It’s best you two leave before the officers come to” Ricks said to them, as they took the keys to the unmarked squad car in the back from the one of the officers.

They went to the back and got in the car and drove off. Meanwhile, Isabella came back with good news that they had a lead on Donald and his gang location when she saw them knocked out unconscious. “Help, someone get out of this damn elevator!” Nicolas yelled, directing Isabella to his location, which she went to and pressed the button.

The door opened and saw him handcuffed to the elevator railing. “Don’t just stand there, get me free” he said, which she did, using her hairclip to open the cuffs free. “I can’t believe I let that bitch overpower my ass. Where is the other guy Ferguson?” he asked. She noted they escaped with their squad car to track Donald and meet the others.

“Those two are so going to be charged for assaulting police officers and stealing our vehicles” he threatened. On the streets, Brian and Farah drove in the automobile looking for Donald, until an text was received from Amanda saying that they saw going into his house in the New town, known as Cidade Nova neighborhood, and come soon because they need back up.

“Nick is so going to be pissed at us for stealing an unmarked cruiser” Farah said, as she drove the car. “About 6 more blocks down to Cidade Nova” I said, as I was GPS for them providing a virtual map on the windshield. In Nova neighborhood, Donald and his gang were at his house and were armed, ready to get anyone who stands in their way.

“Boss, these cops might find us soon. We can’t stay here” one thug said. “So true, Ricardo. That’s why we must stand our ground here” he said, as he smoked his cigar. One thug was standing watch at the door when he looked through the window and saw Amanda and Paul.

“Hey, it’s the redhead chick and that good looking dude” the thug said. “They found us! Stand your ground” Donald ordered them. Paul and Amanda approached the door. “You sure they’re here, Amanda?” Paul said to her. She’s positive they’re here, scanning inside the house with her super sight.

“Yeah, they’re here, about seven of them, heavily armed with guns” Amanda said, when the door opened and gunfire erupted at them. “Damn it, duck for cover!” Paul said as they hid behind the jeep and fire back. “Got a shot, going for it” Paul said, and gave one laser blast to the shooter, stunning him. Then both disappeared by wearing their invisibility enabled suits under their clothing and went in the house.

“Looks like those two are gone” one thug said. “Don’t be fooled by that. They’re still around” Donald said, as he put on his special infra-red goggles to see them. “Nothing yet, oh there, behind you” Donald said, as they appeared, disarmed the thug, which Paul gave a blow to. Both kicked butt, until Donald came close to Amanda and held her at gunpoint.

“I got the girl, boy. It’s best to give yourself up if you want her alive” Donald demanded of Paul. He had no choice, but to surrender, when Ricks announced from a far distance to give up. “Donald Barker, give yourself up. We got the area surrounded” he said. When he let Amanda go, Brian and Farah appeared.

“Donald, I evicted you from your house, you SOB” he said. “Take some lead” Donald said, as he fired, and escaped through the front door. “Need a score to settle in the rainforest” he said, as he had a flame torches and some thugs accompany him. There was a jeep they escaped in with several torches in there to burn down the Amazonian tribe village.

They must stop them until one of the thugs used a missile launcher to blow up the squad car . “Damn it, how we going to follow them now?” Brian said. Hope came when their jeep on the street was still there and they took with Brian using car alarm key to open the door and I starting the engine. “Ricks, lead Carvalho and his team away from us by leading them all over the city” Farah ordered him.

It’s because they don’t want any more problems, so they can get Donald. Ricks did that part and we acted like GPS to follow Donald. “About 10 miles away from us, down this street” I said. They drove on the main road out of the city of Manaus. Further ahead, Donald and his crew had arrived in the Amazon rainforest.

“Looks like bad roads ahead that this jeep can’t pass through” he said, as they all departed the vehicle with flame torches in hand. Polly, the hyacinth macaw and the other parrots saw them coming. “Not good, not good at all” the macaw chatted and flew to see if we were coming to stop them.

“Boss, this jungle has deadly animals such as the jaguar and different snakes” the thug said. Donald said they have flame throwers to scare them off. Meanwhile, the team arrived in the rainforest. “Such a beautiful rainforest. Can’t let those thugs destroy the Amazonian village” Amanda said. Just then Polly arrived to greet them.

“Hey team, bad dudes go to village to burn it down. Must stop them” Polly said. “I must note to you all that this rainforest has several different animal species on land, snakes, and some harmless ones” Ricks said, which gave them an idea. Since Farah has the ability to communicate with animals well, she can use the animal kingdom’s help to beat Donald.

“OK, Polly direct us to Donald” she ordered the macaw and flew into the direction of where he saw them. They followed him down the path in the jungle and encountered an jaguar in front of them. “Easy, my feline friend. We’re no harm to you, but some people are and need you to stop them” Farah said as she walked close to it and became friendly.

It walked away but guide them to the thugs. Up ahead, Donald and his crew were chopping through vines with a machete. “If those four cops come after us, we torch their asses up” he said, as they approached an river, with a bridge to cross over to the village further down. That’s when the gang appeared.

“This is how far you’ll go, Donald” Brian said, as they approached him. “Look here. Brian and company came to stop us, six to four. We’re going to burn the village down, because they refused to move out, so we burning house to develop homes for the rich tourists that come here” he said. “Dude, you’re like destroying an ancient tribe of people that was here for an thousand years and animals will be extinct because of it” Paul said.

“Yeah, yeah, same mumbo jumbo of Amazonian crap. This planet has 7 billion people on it and we must accommodate them, like sacrificing part of this Amazon” Donald said. Not if the animal kingdom has anything to say about it. “Hey, Mr. jaguar, go get them” Farah said, as it appeared from behind the bush and pounced on one of the thugs, ripping the torch flame thrower off his back.

“Help me, help me!” he cried. The other thug shot flames to scare it off and the jaguar moved. An monkey from the trees threw a rock at him, and Brian went into action, delivering a punch to his face. “Torches isn’t good for you” he said, as he destroyed it with his bare hands. “Damn it! Take care of them, adeus suckers” Donald said, as he crossed the river to escape. “He’s getting away” Amanda said. Brian decide to pursue which he did.

“I’m going after nature hating Don, y’all hold the fort down here” he said, as he went after them. “Let’s take ‘em out” the thug said. But all three will overpower all five of them. “You damn bitch, you’ll pay for your kitty friend attacking me, don’t know what you did” the thug said, as he attacked Farah.

“Wow, pal. You’re making it too easy” she said, as she ducked his punches and fought back. All three were near the river, which gave them an idea. “Amanda, scan the river for any types of fish in there” Farah said to her. “Scanning the river for fishes. I found several, the deadly piranhas” she said.

The piranhas are deadly fish. They kill their victims by biting them into shreds if they’re in the water. “Let’s get them” the thug said and charged at them. They moved out of the way and he fell into the river. Then piranhas started to attack him in the water, tearing him to shreds. In minutes, his dead body floated on the river. “Oh Christ, Ricardo!” the thug said.

That’s when one cougar leaped from the bushes, 200 pounds and grabbed one thug and drag him into the bushes and the rest is history. That’s when the macaws and other parrots started to attack the thugs. “Get out of our home, you jerks” Polly said, as they attacked them and they ran away.

“I think those guys won’t be any more trouble to us” Paul said, as they across the bridge to catch up with Brian. Up ahead, Donald was walking toward the village, by clearing the path with his flame thrower destroying the trees in front of him. “Good riddance to these trees here” he said. Brian was behind him about a few feet.

“Look at this destruction of the trees, I thank him for leaving us a trail to follow” Brian commented. He spotted him up ahead and approached him. “Donald Barker, stop right there” Brian demanded. “Do you cops ever quit?” he asked him. “Not by my watch, you’re going back” he said.

“Eat flames, Ferguson” he said, as he shot flames at him and ducked. “Vices, can you disable the flamethrower?” he asked me. “Yes, I can captain. I must be in good range to do so” I said. So he went closer to him. “Now, Vices, disable it” he ordered me. I stop the flammable liquid from functioning. “Damn it, not working.

No matter, I’ll destroy you with my bare hands” he said, as he attacked him. “So you want to this difficult, Don?” Brian said, as punched back at Donald and delivering kicks. “Is that all you got, Don?” he asked Don. The others moved on the path towards the village when they saw them. “There they are. What now, Farah?” Amanda asked her.

Then they saw a snake, an boa constructor, sliding down one tree. Farah commanded it to wrap itself around Donald, making think he’s a threat to it. “What the heck is this boa wrapping itself around me?” Donald said. Now was the chance for Brian to give a red blast to him and with me sending him back to 2169, under the command of transport mode.

“Cool light show” Polly said, as the parrot witnessed the whole thing. “Hey Brian, glad to see us?” Farah said. “Yes, I am glad to see you all and thanks for y’all help” Brian said. Then the shaman appeared. “Polly, my macaw, come to me” he said, which it did. At the village, the Amazonians thanked them.

“I thank you all for saving the Amazon from destruction of evil people like that man Donald. You sent him a place where he’ll be punished” he said. All of them agreed with him, but it will be a long story that they won’t believe, with them being from the 22nd century. The jewel of purity was back in the hands of the Amazonians, and the shaman used it to restore the damage of some of the Amazon.

All were amazed of the power of it. “Look at that, all the trees and forests are growing back” Brian said. The animals also thanked him, like Polly. “How did that macaw speak so well?” Farah asked the shaman. “I put a spell on it to make it speak well to communicate with the other animals and people” he said. It could become an entertainment with tourists by telling jokes.

That’s when Pacheco and company came by. “There you four are. You’re all coming back to the station in Manaus for letting a convict Donald escape, hell knows where he is and assaulting officers” he said. The shaman said they saved them and the rainforest from destruction.

“Shut up, old man. This is none of your concern” Vivera said, as they cuffed them and brought to the station disarmed of their weapons “Give us a break, we saved the rainforest“ Brian said. At the police station, thinking it was all over for them, we had a plan of clearing their name by using their computers to go to Philadelphia P.D. for their files.

At the office computer, Isabella saw their files. “Sir, look at this. They are on the good side. Donald been sent to prison in unknown location” she said. It also stated they were U.S. Marshals as well, special agents. “You four are all free to go, set them free. U.S. Marshal, special agents” Pacheco said.

All were happy they were free. “Thanks, man and at your service” Brian said. “Welcome to the Manaus police department and do come back to us” Vivera said. They all will and they departed the station back to the U.S.. “Well, brethren, let’s go home. We all had enough action for today” Brian said.

“Heather Revisited”

Philadelphia, PA: At four in the afternoon, a call came to the apartment and Brian answered the phone. “Hello?” Brian answered. “Brian Ferguson, it’s me Heather. I’m in Philly, come to see you” she said. “Yeah, what is it?” he asked her. “Can you come to the Liberty Bell monument at Independence Hall at the historical park, it is best you come alone” she said.

Brian did what she said and went to 5th and 6th streets to meet her. “My captain, isn’t best that you get the others so they know what’s going on?” I said to him. He wanted me to keep quiet about which I did. At the historical park where the Liberty Bell stands, Brian saw her. “Look at this monument, a symbol of American Independence, coming from an Canadian visitor” Heather said.

She then said about a gang called the Hastings Crew in Vancouver are wreaking havoc and chaos in her hometown, working for a guy named Saul. At that moment, I paged him to speak to him privately. “Hold on a minute, my phone’s beeping” Brian said, and went to an quiet area.

“Ferguson, she must mean Saul Ebenezer is in Vancouver. Is it best to take him on your own without help?” I asked him. “Well no, I’ll let the others know when we land what’s going on” Brian said. He told me to book two airplane tickets to Vancouver, which will be waiting at the nearest travel agent down the street which they went to.

At the home of the team, everyone came back from jogging around the block. “Whoa, you two girls are good joggers, can’t keep with you” Paul said. The phone rang and Farah picked up. It was my voice who spoke. “Put me on speaker mode” I said, which Farah did.

I told them that Brian went with Heather, who was in Philadelphia, to her home in Vancouver to find Saul there. “Come quickly, he’ll need assistance from you” I said. “Boy, those two were something more, an item?” Amanda asked. “Yes, in the 22nd century, who Stone heart murdered in Serene in 2169” Farah said.

Knowing her ancestor could be in danger is the reason why Brian went there with her. “Ricks, book all four of us on the next flight to Vancouver” Farah ordered him, which he did.

Vancouver, Canada, 2013:

Brian and Heather arrived in the city at sunset and the sun is going down. “So what you do now?” he asked. She said she’s a reporter for Vancouver Sun, been tracking the Hastings for a while now. “I’m originally from Toronto, nice big city in the country” he said, as they rode the Sky Train to 29th Avenue Station and got off.

Rode by taxi to the Hastings neighborhood, in which she must pass to get home. They walked down East Broadway when the Hastings Crew appeared. “Hey, Blondie, this is our turf, shouldn’t be down here” the gang leader, Heavy Punch said. Being outnumbered five to two, they didn’t stand a chance. “Hey, leave her alone, she’s an innocent young woman, don’t do damage to her” Brian said.

“Look, are you her man?” the thug said. “Time for you two to sign off for good” he said. Brian ordered Heather to run which she did behind a garbage dumpster in the alleyway. “She’s getting away, let’s go after her” one thug said. “Don’t worry, Squeaks. We have this guy instead to take care of” Heavy Punch said.

My captain was outnumbered five to one, had no chance to stop them until a voice erupted. “Why don’t you blokes leave now so you won’t get hurt” the voice of Ricks warned them. “Yo, pal, why don’t show yourself so we whip your ass?” Punch said. Just then, one thug was attacked and thrown into the garbage bin. Paul came to scene.

“Hey, bad dressing dudes, you want some, come and get some” he challenged them. The other guys attacked him armed with knives, baseball bat and hammers. Their weapons were taken away, floating in the air. Amanda and Farah appeared as well. “You bitches will pay for that” the thug threatened. “Hey, Brian. I heard you have thug issues you need to clear up” Farah said.

Brian was glad to see them here to teach these hoodlums a lesson. “Let’s stomp all four of ‘em!” Punch said, and so they think. Not knowing Heather is sneaking a peek at the action behind the garbage dumpster, she was glad that she’ll be safe thanks to them.

The thugs attacked, the one from the dumpster got out to join the action. “OK, boys, now you see me, now you don’t” Amanda said, as she enabled the invisibility mode on her suit to disappear. “The redhead disappeared, boss” the thug said. Amanda was around the alleyway to take their weapons away from them. “What the hell is this? Our weapons are gone” the thug said.

“I don’t know what you did with that magic act of our weapons gone, but you all are dead” Punch threatened, and they attacked. “OK, everyone, ready set, fire away” Brian said, as they used their PLLT’s to stun them all with a blue blast. “Well, you show them all a lesson they’ll never forget” I said to them. Heather emerged from hiding from the dumpster to thank them.

“That was great, I thank you all for saving me and what was that blue flash all about?” she asked them. They it was a flash bomb of bright light that exploded in their mists, not telling the truth about the PLLT power they all had on them. She invited to stay at her apartment for a while, which they agreed to.

An overhead camera on a street lamp, recorded the events from a disclosed location. “They’re here” a voice which was Saul said, as he saw on his portable device. Then the sound of sirens erupted and two police cruisers appeared. Saul hid in the alleyway to see if the thugs will get arrested.

“That’s them, get all five of them down to the station” the cop said to the others. The officer thanked us for getting them caught. “Don’t worry, Ebenezer will help us” Punch said. Brian didn’t believe what he heard, Ebenezer here in Vancouver. This is their chance to get and bring him down for good.

“Visiting hours are tomorrow morning” the officer said to them and they were off. “Can’t do nothing now, hero. Let’s stay with Heather” Farah said, part of police protection. “Can’t send fools to my kind of job” Saul said, having a plan to break them out. He signaled Victoria to get him and they drove off to their hideout.

At apartment of Heather and Bill Knox, the gang were all there to talk about their victory. “This will make front page news in tomorrow’s paper. Brian Ferguson, Ramirez and two companions single handily took out the Hastings” she said, as she was a reporter.

Heather was due to make a news story of the takedown at VPD (Vancouver Police Department) on 2120 Cambie Street, tomorrow afternoon. At VPD, Heather was getting ready to do the interview with the officer, Commissioner Welling, full name, Rick Welling. The gang was there to see things.

“Commissioner, you got the Hastings crew captured. Does it means their reign of terror is over?” she asked. “Well, it should be, because we’re hunting these bastards down for a while” he said. Ricks beeped Farah to speak with her. “Detective, you four did all the work, why is he taking all the credit?” Ricks said.

Farah agreed with him, noting he can’t take all the credit. “Spotlight shouldn’t be on me alone, Ferguson and his team should be thanked also” he said, as Brian came to the microphone. “All in the day’s work, no sweat” Brian said. Heather asked about the Saul Ebenezer character.

“If Ebenezer their main man they all follow, we’ll get him too” Welling said. The gang saw them through the window of the interrogation room. “They refuse to tell you about Ebenezer whereabouts?” Farah asked them. They said yes and the interview was over. “Glad that was over, got a lot of information for the Vancouver Sun” Heather said, as they left.

“We’ll take it from here, thank you” the commissioner said. The gang left the station, and unmarked car was sitting in street. The gang went to the car to plan their next move. “OK, Vices. Those thugs refuse to tell the VPD where Ebenezer’s whereabouts are. Where would he hide in a city like this?” he asked me. “Here I am, everyone” I said, as I appeared in the car dash screen. I scanned the buildings in the city with GPS and found one vacant place on National Avenue.

“Let’s check it out” Paul said, as we went to National Avenue at an vacant building. We went in there and it was deserted with a note. It says, “Too late suckers, I’m on the way to the Vancouver Sun on Granville St to take it over” written by Ebenezer, and he isn’t alone, Victoria is with him. “Everyone, I’m getting a report of Ebenezer and Crenshaw broke into VPD, armed with guns, and released the Hastings crews, with several officers down” Ricks said.

Knowing they already struck, the team went to Vancouver Sun at 200 Granville Street to stop them but would be too late. About many of its employees had escaped the building including some reporters who went to get the police. For the others that challenged them, get murdered, which few did. Heather and others were captured and held at gunpoint in the warehouse by the Hastings.

“Let’s waste ‘em now” one thug said. “In due time, Squeaks. The girl will serve as bait to get Ferguson and the others” Saul said. The captain and others had arrived outside the building. “They are here all right, look at armed gang member” Brian said, and had a plan on getting past him. So Farah decided to seduce the thug a little, while the others appear invisible to pass him.

“Hi, my big, strong, hoodlum with a gun. I wonder where Chinatown is around here?” she asked him. Just then Brian gave him one blow and Farah took his gun. “Where’s Ebenezer in the building?” she asked the thug. “In the back” he said frightened. They let him lead the way and they saw several dead bodies on the floor, including the security guard.

“We better hurry up and get Crenshaw and Ebenezer before VPD do and get all the credit again” Paul said. Inside the warehouse section of the Vancouver Sun, Saul and Victoria held the reporters at gunpoint. “Brian and the others will stop your reign of terror” Heather said. “Let them, they don’t stand a chance against us” Saul said.

The thug ran in the warehouse warning them were here. Several guns were taken away by Amanda being invisible and she appeared. “Time to crash this party” she said. “Oh no, it’s these pests again” Victoria said. “So you two come to Vancouver to hide out and cause trouble” Brian said. He ordered Heather and other others to leave which they did, leaving only them in there.

“So you four think you can stop us?” Saul said, and ordered the thugs to attack, but they overpowered them easily. “Saul, the cops are on their way to here, must be one of hostages called them” Victoria said, as she saw on the mini video on her suit sleeve. Victoria and Saul had escaped by moving through a wall to outside. “Damn it, they got away” Farah said.

But that was the least of their worries. Heavy Punch, the gang leader had recovered and got up. “I’ll beat you all into a pulp” he threatened, and his pals got up. “Looks we must teach them a lesson again” Amanda said. So they fought them again, but they got their guns to shoot them, but dodge their fire behind the shelves.

“Looks like they’re hiding, boys. Shoot them out!” he ordered them which they did. Having a clear shot, they stunned four of the thugs with a green laser blast. “You three check on Heather and the others” Brian said, which they did, leaving only Brian and Heavy Punch there. “I don’t what type of magic act you four put on back there with blue and now green flashes, and they’re out cold, you’ll pay for that” Punch said and attacked him.

He gave him punches which he blocked and delivered back, also a kick to him. Just then, one thug recovered and saw a forklift with two 50 pound barrels on a skit, started and drove it. “Run him over, man” he ordered the thug and drove to his direction. Then Paul appeared to punch the thug out of the machine, but had trouble steering it.

“How do you control this barbaric machine?” he asked him. Then I talked to him, telling him to direct the forklift towards Heavy, which he did. “Drop the barrels” I said, which he did. The two barrels started to move towards them and I ordered Brian to move. “Nice to know you, man” he said, as he moved out of the way and the barrels rolled toward Punch and crushed him to death. Then everyone came in and saw everything.

“You all right, hero?” Farah said. Then the cops came to scene and arrested the others. “Good work, I don’t know you guys did it, but good work” the commissioner said, and took them out. Then Heather greeted them. “This will make front page news” she said. Then the next day, the story was in the paper heading, “Hastings Crew leader Heavy Punch Killed, gang now disbanded” it said.

At her apartment, she thanked them for saving her life. “A $1,000 reward will rewarded to each one of you” she said, and they passed on it. “All in a day’s work, that’s all” Brian said, as they departed to Philly. “Can’t believe we decline that” Farah said. They don’t want to be in the spotlight so much because it could damage their cover.

“That was the best decision you made, Captain” I said, as we departed to Philly, our temporary home.

“The price of loyalty” At the home of the gang, Amanda was communicating with her daughter, Meghan in 2169, through a virtual projector. “I miss you, Mommy. When are you coming home?” she asked her. “After I get the bad guys, don’t worry, Ms. Sanchez, your nanny will take care of you, bye, bye” Amanda said, and the conversation ended.

She wishes she would go back to 2169 just to see her daughter, even if she gives up law enforcement altogether to do so. Then the phone rang and she answered. “Hello?” she said, and the voice of Stone heart spoke. “Mrs. Reid, I come to talk to you” he said. “What do you want with me?” she questioned him. “I understand your homesick and miss your daughter in 2163.

I can send you back there, having built a time machine here in an disclosed location I will reveal to you in time” he said. “I’m a cop, should I give all that up for that?” she wondered. “You tell me my dear, it’s your decision” he asked her. Amanda except Stone heart’s offer, but he’s a well known backstabber and liar. He know that his enemies will look for him, so he instructed her to bring the others to the Comcast building in the downtown core to stop his master plan from going off.

“Vices and Ricks tell the others I have a lead on Stone heart, where’s he hiding” Amanda instructed us. “My dear, do you want to go home to 2169, give up your law enforcement duties to be with your daughter” I said. We warned her that it could be a trap which she should be cautious. Brian, Farah, and Paul came back from outside playing basketball.

“Can you see I’m the master of the courts in this time, knowing it’s called Circular Ball in the 22nd” Brian said. “Also the nets are 15 feet high and I can jump high” Paul said. “Amanda, you look troubled girl, what’s up?” Farah asked with concern. “Stone heart called here saying he has one master plan to control this time” Amanda said.

Hearing that, the team didn’t waste one minute and went to the Comcast tower to stop him. “What a simple minded woman. Does she actually think that I’ll bring her to 2169 to see her daughter? Don’t have to resources to, but to take out all four of them at once” Stone heart said. “How will you do that, doc?” Victoria said.

“Behold, the Death dome. Charged by harnessed sunlight through solar panels, when they walk into the dome, they be electrocuted to death and the end of Ferguson and his fugitive retrieval unit forever” he said. On the way there, they started questioning Amanda about things.

“The real truth is that I miss my daughter Meghan back in 2169 and I think about her everyday” Amanda said. They all know that feeling of missing someone important in their lives. But the traffic was horrible because of jammed traffic on the street, so they took another route to bypass it.

Finally they arrived at the hi rise office tower, only to find out it has been renamed to Stone Heart Towers. “This is not good, Stone Heart Towers, definitely means business” Brian said. They headed inside the building, seeing some security guards and an receptionist.

“So all four are here, Stone heart to see all four of you” the receptionist said, being Victoria disguised. She directed them to the elevator down the hall. “This looks too easy, why would Stone heart know where coming and inviting us, not his style” Farah said.

They reached the elevator and everyone except for Amanda got on. “You’re not getting on?” Paul said. “I hate to do this to you guys, but I want to go home to my family” Amanda said and signaled the doctor they’re in the elevator. “It’s a trap you three, get out now!” I said, but the elevator doors locked on them quickly.

“Oh gosh darn in, why would she do this to us?” Brian said. “I think Mrs. Reid will do anything to back to 2169, like bring us to Stone heart” Ricks said. A video screen in the elevator came on and it was Stone heart on there. “Good Afternoon you three. I see Mrs. Reid did her job of capturing you three for me” Stone heart said. “When we get out of here, you will pay” Brian threatened.

“Ferguson with your idle threats. That’s if you all can stay awake” he said. Small vents in the elevator opened up and sleeping gas came out. “This is not ordinary sleeping gas” Farah said, as they were coughing and all fell asleep and the elevator went down automatically to the basement. “OK, I brought my friends to you, now bring me home” Amanda said, as she meet Stone heart in the basement, with his device.

“Foolish woman. You think I’m going to send you back to 2169 to see your daughter. I don’t have to technology to do so from this time” Stone heart said. Understanding the doctor lied to her, she regretted endangering her friends in the process, knowing she needs them now. “You’ll be the first to test my Death dome” he said, and Victoria dragged her to the device, until she used her suit to disappear.

“She’s gone, somewhere around here” Victoria said, and went to look for her. Down came the elevator and it opened with the others inside, but they recovered quickly and gave a beat down to the security guards and Ebenezer. “I see Amanda, what’s she doing?” Farah asked, as she saw her try to stop the machine. Not when Stone heart grabbed her.

“No you don’t, you little firecracker” he said, as struggled with her. That’s when Farah shocked him with Ricks from behind. “Thanks, need it” Amanda thanked. Both decided to try to shut the Death Dome down. “This device has anti tampering system, we can’t stop it” Ricks said. So both used their modern day firearm and shot at it to destroy it. It worked well. “The machine is going to blow, let’s leave” Stone heart ordered as they left the area. The team pursed them, but they exited through a secret door.

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