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Price of Loyalty continuation and Rebel

“They’re long gone” Brian said. Those three were en route to the American Midwest, not knowing what trouble they’ll cause there. “You guys, I apologize for leading you all into danger, just want to go home to daughter in 2169” Amanda said. Then I wanted to appear visually to speak to her which I did. “Mrs. Reid, you did your best at wanting to go back to 2169, but you can’t let your personal life stand in the way of your mission” I said.

She knew I was right, but decided not to always be together, but look out for each other and keep track of Stone heart and those other two wherever they are. “So Paul and Amanda, you’re going after Ebenezer and Crenshaw?” Brian said, noting she gone towards D.C. doing whatever, so they went that away. Back at their home, Brian and Farah decided on their next move. “I think they’ll make good fugitive retrieval specialist in the long run” Farah said, which will come true.


In the city of Cleveland, Ohio, one young woman named Maria Conway or by the stage name Rebel Chick. She was doing street performances to make money outside playing her guitar and singing songs. But the real truth is she’s from the future, hiding in the present, running from the fugitive and Outlaw rebel member Nestor Cordell who’s here also. A recovering drug addict, Maria was at the Destiny medical clinic in the city.

One day, she used her digital bracelet called an electrical decipher, a device from the 22nd century. It was used to hack into any electronic equipment and alter it temporarily. She used it to steal money from an ATM in the clinic to get an apartment by reading the previous PIN used by the last person to hack in. Maria gotten the money with no one looking or security cameras around to witness. She gotten her apartment in the city and with a few pot lying around, smoked up to celebrate.

Meanwhile, Brian and Farah were in town looking for one fugitive named Nestor Cordell from 22nd century, who escaped justice for his role in rioting of Serene City, him and Maria. “So we’re looking for Maria and Nestor in Cleveland?” Brian asked me. “Yes, Ferguson. Those two were wanted for their role in wreaking havoc in the downtown Serene City area in our time. Maria was released early in 2169, on good behavior.

Nestor escaped prison” I said. As we went along Euclid Avenue towards downtown area, there we saw her, performing outside the music hall, attracting a large crowd. “She’s one good singer” Farah said. Then she stopped singing and everyone dropped money in the plan for good performance. Maria was one talented busker, having made enough money to pay her rent and utilities for her apartment. Brian and Farah went to talk to her, dropping some money in.

“Maria Conway, Brian Ferguson, of Philadelphia P.D., come to ask questions” Brian said. Also they said they’re fugitive retrieval specialists from 2169, come to send criminals back who escaped justice back there. “But weren’t going to arrest you, until you give us a good reason” Farah said.

All went to back to their hotel in the downtown area, Maria admits to the rioting back in 2169 of Serene and she went to prison and got out a year later on good behavior. But the bad news is that if she goes back to 2169, she’ll be executed by corrupt law enforcement, side dealing for her escape. So that’s why she in the present day hiding out. “What a story, you’ll be executed in 2169 for escaping” Farah said.

So they granted her asylum in the present, and she went home. “Thanks for everything” Rebel said to them. Knowing she might be in danger, they decided to keep an eye on her. “Visualize” they both said, and we both appeared in holographic form. “The woman Conway’s story is all true. Law enforcement in the 22nd century is out to get her and bring her to execution.” I said.

They wanted us to do a background check on Nestor Cordell. “Nestor was part of the Outlaws, was responsible for destruction to buildings and stealing early 21st century weapons from the old weapon museum” Ricks said. On the other side of town, Nestor was roaming around town after robbing a jeweler store of cash and fleeing the scene. “These cops will never get me” he said. He was looking for Maria, after seeing her poster on the street lamp and tracking her vital signs with a DNA tracking machine.

He tracked her to 56th Street, where she lives. “Maria, or Rebel Chick, I’ve come back” he said on her phone, as he called her on it. “Not you again, don’t want to go back to the life of crime” Maria said, but he hung up. Passing through apartment security by being invisible from his suit he put on, Nestor made it up to her apartment number 702, which she lives in. “Been a long time, Maria. Both being in 2013” he said.

“What do you want, Nestor?” she asked. He wanted to go to the Cleveland Rock and Roll hall of fame to hide out and took her hostage. “Since I know you gone soft, you’ll be my hostage” he said, and took her out of the apartment. He commanded her to take down the security camera using her decipher bracelet to disable it and shot the security guard dead. “So security won’t have footage of us” Nestor said, as they got into his getaway car, an sedan.

“Where we’re going?” Maria said. Annoyed with her talking, he announced they’re going to the Cleveland Rock and Roll hall of fame on 1100 Rock and Roll Blvd, on the Lake Erie shore. A while later, Brian and Farah arrived at Maria’s apartment and saw that they we’re too late as they went inside. Forensics and coroner were already there and they question police also there.

“The suspect definitely took one white female hostage, but where” the officer said. “Let us take care of it, we’re cops” Brian said, as he and Farah showed their badges to the officer. The cop gave them the ok to find the suspect Nestor Cordell because they know him well from another time. They have an hour to save Maria or they’ll come in doing their job.

They left the scene of crime and went to find Nestor. “Where would Cordell take Maria?” Brian said. I suggested something to do with music, since Maria is a rock star singer. “Isn’t there a Cleveland Rock and Roll fame in the city?” Farah said. I said yes there is and we have no time to lose to find it. At Rock and Roll hall of fame center, Maria and Nestor arrived there.

“This is an unusual way to go on a date, especially hostage taking” Nestor said, as he ordered her to open the doors of the center with her bracelet and disable security. “No one is home, why don’t you give yourself up? Those two cops Ferguson and Ramirez from the future are here” Maria said.

“They’re here in the present, out to get me” Nestor said, not if they could find him, because he has on the invisibility suit to make him disappear, being in the military in 2154, having stolen it from above ground. Pretty soon, Brian and Farah arrived at the Rock and Roll center. “Rock and Roll hall of fame, where all the rock legends go to be put on display, an historical center back in the 22nd” Brian said. Looks like they left a trail for them to follow with the entrance busted open.

“This a big place, where can we find them?” Farah said. Perhaps we can help by scanning the vital signs of two strong heart beats. “Scanning the area for other human presence. Downstairs in the lower level” Ricks said. They proceeded downstairs to the basement. “I hear footsteps coming” Maria said, knowing it was them coming. They saw them with Nestor holding her at gunpoint.

“Nestor Cordell, Brian Ferguson of the fugitive retrieval unit, come to send you back to 2169” Brian announced. “So you two time cops come to send me back home, huh?” Nestor said, as he let Maria free and ran upstairs to the upper floor. “I’ll stay with Maria” Farah said, as Brian pursued him upstairs. “Glad you two came back for me, nice to have good people around” Maria said, as they followed Brian upstairs.

“Hey Cordell, give yourself up” Brian ordered. “Now, captain. I have something to tell you about Cordell” I said. Brian gave his ear and I told him he had on the invisibility suit and turned off the lights. “Let’s have some fun in the dark if you can see me” Nestor said, and became invisible from the suit. “He’s has on an invisibility suit? How can I stop him? Those things came out later this century and perfected in the 22nd” Brian said.

Just then, shots rang out from Nestor towards Brian and he ducked for cover. “I can see you, but you can’t” Nestor said. Not even his super sight can’t keep up with Cordell’s rapid moves. “Wait a minute, Ferguson. Everything has a weakness in it” I said. As impatient my captain is in knowing about solution to a problem, the invisibility suit works by radio waves and advanced graphics to fool the human eye.

If I can reverse the radio waves and graphics, the suit will stop functioning. “So you want to get close to his invisible self? Easier said than done” Brian said, as I guide him through my voice. “6 meters to your right, 3 steps back, he’s there” I said. With Cordell in range, I disabled his suit and he appeared in flesh. “What the hell you do my suit?” he said.

Unable to disappear, he made a run for it, until a red blast appeared from nowhere and he was in a force field. “Ricks, transport mode” Farah commanded, and he did that. “Thought you might need help” Farah said, as she and Maria came in time. “At least that creep is gone to 2169 prison” Maria said, knowing that law enforcement retrieval unit will pick him up the next day for prison.

“Maria, you’re now safe in this time and we grant you asylum in the present” Brian said. Honoring their promise of not sending her to the future, they said she must lay low for a while not to attract unwanted attention. They all went their separate ways from outside the center. “So hero, we go home right?” Farah said to Brian. Brian grab her to lean in for a kiss which she gave into.

Outside the news box, Brian saw that the Toronto Blue Jays beat the Cleveland Indians in Toronto 7-4. “Good times indeed, the night ends on a good note” he said, as they approach their car. “Again you two show human emotion, must be a good thing” Ricks said. “Ricks, let them have their moment” I said.

Maria did her job to entertain people with her singing and guitar solo to make money. Also she found an agent to help her on the road to success. She wrote a song about them. “This one goes out to my two saviors that saved me from the bad guy called Protectors” she said to the crowd, which she sang to and the crowd got up with joy.

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