Being On Duty

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Don't, stop the Posse, Upgrade, Trouble with the Portuguese mafia and Getting your kicks

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: On the main interstate highway out Harrisburg and onwards to Philly the captain and Farah were on their way home on motorcycle. “The text from Amanda about a death of 14-year old, boy, Jamaican-American, black in an crack house run by the posse” Brian said.

They were too late to save him from being dead, because police, forensics and coroner beat them to it, and the posse escaped. “Jamaican posse are the most organized drug dealers in the world” Farah said, which could lead them to one drug lord they encountered before. A black SUV started to appeared behind them and drove in front to block their way.

“What the heck, get out the way” Brian said. The occupants of the vehicle emerged out, with the stench of marijuana or weed in the air. “Hey boy, cool now, Mon. I got a message for you two from my boss man. Him said you must die” the posse member, Sylvester the dread head said. They fired at them and both ducked for cover. “So what now?” Farah asked Brian.

“Enough of this, let’s take action now” Brian said, as they emerge from the motorcycle, stunned Sylvester and an henchman with a blue blast and they fell to the floor. “Let’s move” Brian said, and they both rode off in the motorcycle, towards a barn. “The boss was right, Mon. Them have the blue stun flash” the member said and remaining four gone after them.

“The posse is on pursuit after us, we can’t outrun them any longer” I said. Both drove on the road, through a empty barn and crashing through it. “Hold tight” Brian said, as they went through it. But posse followed them and both made their stand there. “Look upon this, four of us against two pests” the member said, and they attacked.

“Hey senorita, care to dance for your life” the thug said, and charge Farah with a knife. But she ducked, took the knife and stab his neck with it. “I don’t dance with murderers or drug dealers like you” she said. She asked him, who their boss is. “My boss man gave me many lives. Shaka, you find him yourself” he said and passed on.

“What the hell is this? She killed my brother!” the thug said, and wanted revenge. “Three black brothers against one black man and the senorita, get them!” the thug said and charged them. “Hey black boy, me carve you up with my craver, full of blood” and went forward, but Brian moved too fast for him.

“What the hell?” he said, and Brian took his knife and destroyed it. “Didn’t your mama tell you not to play with sharp objects” Brian said. Just then, the SUV drove up. “Move out, them too much for us, Mon” Sylvester said, and they fled. Brian and Farah left the scene and outside the barn, they wondered about the name Shaka, which sounds familiar to them. “Shaka, Shaka, the head drug crime lord from the 22nd century” Farah said.

Then she commanded us to do a scan on him. “Shaka a.k.a., Terrell Wallace, no dreadlocks, is head drug crime lord of the Jamaican Posse in the 22nd century” I said. “Didn’t we stop him back home and beat them?” Brian said. Brian and Farah did stop him in future when they destroy the future Jamaica in 2167 with help of law enforcement there and freed the hostages they held.

“But the bad news, he broke out of prison in 2160 and came to this time” Ricks said. “Lord-a-Mercy, Farah, you thinking what I’m thinking?” Brian said. “Right with you. Vices and Ricks, book us on the direct non-stop flight to Kingston, Jamaica” Farah requested. Shaka had a vision that his men was beaten by them and coming to get him.

On the airplane bound to Jamaica, I beeped Brian to speak with him. “Vices calls me” Brian said, and went to the washroom for privacy. “Visualize” Brian commanded, and I appeared virtually. “Captain, the Jamaican posse has been around for 60 years in Jamaica. They’re all over the world, mostly in the UK, known as Yardies, the US, and in Canada.

They’re well organized drug dealers and well armed” I said. “How do we find him in the city of Kingston?” Brian said. “Should I look up Posse in the yellow pages” I joked with him, noting that he must know where after him. The pilot said we’ll soon land in Kingston and Brian went back to his seat.

Kingston, Jamaica, present day:

“Everyone, the man with the master plan has come” the thug said as Shaka took to the stage in an vacant beer factory. “My Jah warriors, I’ve come with power and protection from the ones who threaten us, the police” Shaka said, as he got out one sword, which he calls the rod of guidance and death.

“This rod is called “guidance and death”. Powered by Obeah which will give you and me eternal life” he said. One undercover female cop named Latisha Edwards, now known as Nadine was beside Shaka, when Sylvester and his crew came back. “Sly, Naygon, is Ferguson and Ramirez dead?”

Shaka asked them. “Them live sir” Sylvester said. “Them live!” Shaka said, as he appeared beside Sylvester, punched and threw him into the domino table, crashing it. Then the reggae music stopped playing and everyone got up. “I want Brian Ferguson and Farah Ramirez dead!” he demanded.

“If you can’t kill them, I’ll go kill them myself and kill you after” Shaka said. “Them cause me trouble before, by putting me in jail to stop my reign of terror” he said, and they left the building. “Were you too hard on them, Mon” Nadine asked them. “You talk back to me? You better keep your opinions to yourself and not question me” Shaka said.

As Brian and Farah left the airport, they saw firsthand the poverty and hard life these people live on this island. They knew that Jamaica would become a developed and industrious nation by 2030, with many out of poverty. “It’s just not about the beaches and sun here” Brian said.

“They have it hard out here, be happy that were from the better place” Farah said. “Some people make a bad choice in life, Mon. Can’t blame them for living their life how they want it” one dreadlocked man said, as they saw him. They asked him about the posse, where they hang out. “You two police officers, eh?” he asked them.

“The Jamaican posse is real thing, Mon. If them mark you two for death, them don’t stop until you’re dead” he added. The only to stop Shaka is to face and defeat him, showing them they’re the greater power. Then the Rasta disappeared, knowing they’ll meet again. “You see that? He disappeared” Brian said.

“Some strange stuff happening to us today, defeating Shaka is the only way to show we’re greater” Farah said, by sending him back to 2169. “So how do we find him in this crime ridden metropolis?” Ricks said. “The posse meet at an club which stretches back 160 years to the present, Stylish Vibes” Brian said.

They went there tonight to seek him, no problem getting in there because we put them on the list of guests. “Not a bad club, just like in the 22nd when we visited the island off duty” Farah said. A lively place with lots of people, a reggae singer, and the posse disguised as bouncers in the place.

On the overhead camera, Shaka saw them. “Them walk in a deathtrap, but not take action yet” Shaka said. He then sent Nadine out to the front to distract Brian. “Distract the foreign man Ferguson, my brethren will take care of the girl” he said, and she went out.

“I’m going to have a look see in the back of this club if I find him” Farah said, and went towards the back in her sunglasses. Brian decided to try the Ackee and salt fish, the national dish of Jamaica. The waitress brought him a plate of it. “Enjoy, mon” the waitress said. He looked at it, wondering if it was edible.

“Strange looking dish here” Brian said. “This is the national dish of Jamaica, the Ackee and salt fish, a mixture of the Ackee vegetable from Africa brought by the slaves and chopped up salt fish. You can’t offend your hosts for not trying it” he said. Brian went for it, by taking a bite using his fork. He spit it out and the onlookers start to laugh at him.

“We’re not poisoning you, brethren” the guy said. “How do these people eat this barbaric stuff?” Brian said. Then Nadine appeared. “Can I sit down beside you?” she said. Brian said yes and sat down. “You’re from abroad, this is a new experience” she said. “And you are?” Brian asked. She introduced herself and him likewise.

“So Detective Ferguson, what you want to know about the posse” she said. He asked about the bastard Shaka’s location in Kingston. “Shaka very dangerous man. Him have two heads and four eyes, the key to his magic, so why you after him so much?” she said. “Because he took one life in America, an 14 year old by his posse” Brian said.

She gave him the location of his house, an vacant mansion in the suburbs of Kingston. She tap his foot, telling him to leave, because of danger lurking in Stylish Vibes. Meanwhile, Farah was in the back, trying to find Shaka. He saw her on the camera.

“Look upon this female snoop, Ramirez. She going to be dead and not know it” he said, and ordered his henchmen to do away with both of them. “Hey, you Ramirez? The owner want to chat with you” the henchman said. She went him, but knew it was trouble and jab him with her arm to be free. “The girl come your way” the man said to the other and stood her path.

“Shoot her, now mon” he commanded, but she ducked, and jumped over, stunning them with a green blast. “The man was right. These men are for real and not stop until both of you are dead” Ricks said. Just then, Brian’s cell phone rang. “This club is full of the posse, wanting our heads on the platter” Farah said.

Brian wanted to get Nadine out of there, but was too late. Gunfire erupted and everyone including the singer fled the scene. “Lead out, Sylvester in their death” the member said. It was two against four of them, but they handled the situation in well by delivering kicks and punches to them.

“Let’s get out of this place” Farah said, and they left. “Idiots! Get up and go after them!” Shaka demanded, as he saw them beat. With the posse in pursuit of them, they saw an vacant motor boat in the bay. They took it out to the sea toward Port Royal. “Them in the water, get our boat” Sylvester said, as their boat was loaded with a heat seeking missile launcher.

“They dead on our tail” Brian said, as they saw them follow. “Blow their asses out of the water” Sylvester commanded his henchmen. With the missile launched, it was heading straight for us. “We have a slight problem here. An heat seeking missile is launched, aiming for us” I said. “God damn, can you redirect it?” Brian asked.

Ricks was way ahead of them and programmed it to seek a new heat source which was them. “Sly, the missile coming toward us” the thug said. “Blood fire, jump out!” Sylvester said, as they all jumped out the boat, but one man got stuck by some nail, the missile came and blew him to pieces.

“Hell yeah, look at that, one posse member down” Brian said, as they celebrated. Shaka was on land watching it through his binoculars. “Me come back to a time of fools” he said of his posse members. The posse finally got Brian and Farah, bringing them to land. “Welcome to Jamaica” Shaka said.

“What you did in 2157 with those hostages” Brian said. “That time far away from now, you two are here and must die” Shaka said. I cause a distraction of an announcement.Then one Rasta person appeared and attacked Shaka. He escaped. Then the mystery Rasta revealed the identity under the mask. “They escaped again” Nadine said, as she was the masked Rasta.

“My real name is Latisha Edwards, an undercover cop” she announced. “You’re a cop” Farah said. “Yes, Detective Ramirez, and you two are from Philadelphia P.D. from your files” she said. She’ll explain everything later, after providing a place to stay at her house.

The next morning, Brian and Farah awoke to dancing sounds outside. “Very good dancehall moves, Bradley” the instructor said. Music was playing in the background and Latisha was up. “Brian, Farah, meet my father Neville Edwards or Mr. Dancehall” she said.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Edwards” Brian said. He then showed one dance move with one back flip. “See that everyone?” he said. Everyone was amazed and cheered him on. “You should be one of our backup dancers” he joked. All three went to the side to speak.

“The 14-year-old teen boy in America was my cousin, Kareem. He was rebelling against his parents, so he fled to Harrisburg to a crack house run by the posse. Months later, he died a cocaine overdose. I decided to take law enforcement in Harrisburg Law and became a cop” Latisha said.

“Sorry to hear your loss” Farah said. “I followed the posse from Jamaica to there and back, I want them to pay for killing my cousin as much as you want Shaka” Latisha said. Then the Rasta man that my captain and Ramirez saw earlier appeared. “Nice to meet you two again, mon.

By the way I’m Blessed” he introduced himself. “The posse are evil powers which must be abolished. I honor you to stop him and bring peace to the island” he replied. “So you into that voodoo foolishness, Blessed?” Neville asked.

“This no voodoo foolishness, Shaka marked them for death and the only way to stop them is beat him” Blessed said. Sylvester was in the back listening and found out the truth about Nadine and called Shaka on mobile from a discreet location. “Yes, Sly. I hope this is good” Shaka said.

“The girl Nadine is an undercover cop named Latisha Edwards” Sylvester said. “A undercover cop! Just what I need them ruining things” Shaka said. He ordered Sylvester not to take action now to cause a scene but come back to the mansion in the suburbs so he can take of her.

“Look at the time, must meet Shaka at his mansion near Tivoli Gardens” Latisha said. But Farah want to come along with her to get Shaka, so she was invited. Well Brian was occupying himself by playing dominoes with the locals. Both girls took a taxi to his mansion, but the posse was guarding the outside door. “How do we get past them?” Nadine asked.

“Just stay out of sight, I have a plan” Farah said, and went forward to the doors. She delivered two blue blasts from her PLLT to the two guardsmen, making them go down. “That was easy, detective” Ricks said. She signaled Latisha the coast was clear and went in.

“I say you handled yourself well” Latisha said. “They come to my home” Shaka said as he watched them on the camera. Out of nowhere the posse came out one by one. Farah turned around, gave one back flip, broke the arm of one of them. The other took off her sunglasses and broke it.

“You a dead woman” the thug said, and charged at her, but she tripped him and fell. “That’s for breaking my $200 sunglasses” Farah said. “Ramirez, I suggest you surrender if you want Latisha to live” Shaka said appearing, having Latisha hostage. “Alright, you win, dread face” Farah replied, and dropped her weapons, including her PLLT. “Farah, don’t do it, girl” Latisha said.

“Latisha, I must give in or we both goners” Farah said. “Bring them to the ceremonial table” Shaka ordered them. There was the table in the main hall and threw Farah on there, typing her up. “Stop the blood clot struggling. You must die now” Shaka said, as he held a sword to chop her.

“My father’s in the next world, I have an offering for you” he said. Ricks had sent a signal to Vices to send help. “I and I sent you a place where never been, but you will now” Shaka said to Farah. “No way, you bastard” she said. “I will have power when you and Ferguson are dead” Shaka said.

In the back of Latisha’s house, Brian was doing well in dominoes beating every player, when his cell phone started ringing. “Got to go, my cell is ringing” Brian said, and went to answer it. “Captain Ferguson, Ramirez is captured by Shaka, also Edwards, come urgently” Ricks said. He left the area to go and save his partner Farah, following Ricks signal.

“She’s at the mansion where the posse is, near Tivoli Gardens” Brian said, following in pursuit. At the mansion of Shaka, he was ready to do away with Farah. “Farah, no” Latisha said, when a loud boom happened, and Brian appeared on the scene. “I’m here, Shaka, ready to take you down” Brian said.

“You one mad man, kill him!” he commanded of his henchmen and they fired at him. But he dodged their fire, and knock them out cold. “Latisha get out of here, quickly” Brian said of her, which she did, and freed Farah. “Thanks, just in time” Farah said. But Latisha was stabbed in the back by Shaka. “Judas!” Shaka said. “Latisha!, you bastard” Brian said.

He challenged him to a sword fight with his guidance and death, Brian quickly found another sword and fought with it. They both clashed and hit Shaka. He took the sword out of his hands in one swoop. They fought, with Brian punching him and delivering kicks. He then threw him into a table, crashing it to pieces.

“I heard that to beat the posse is be the bigger power, behold the greater power in my hand” Brian said, showing his PLLT. “What, a car alarm, you going to make Shaka deaf?” the posse member joked. “Don’t let my device deceive you” Brian said. “This is the good part” Farah said to Latisha.

“That isn’t no ordinary car alarm with three buttons” Shaka said. “Eternal Father, bless this land, rid this land of this evil power” Brian said, as he zapped Shaka with a red blast. “Transport mode, Vices” and I sent him back to 2169. “Look at that, mon. He make him disappear” one thug said.

They let them go, and Farah held Nadine at her back, healed her of the wound and walked again. At Latisha’s house, they meet for one last time. “That’s was a miracle. You made Shaka disappear with a red blast, where did he go?” Latisha asked. Brian said to a better place where he’ll be punished.

“How’s your back?” Farah said. “I’m recovering fine. I think I must keep this a secret, because no one on my force will believe me that Shaka disappear with a red blast” Nadine said. They were ready to leave Jamaica to Philadelphia in the U.S.. “Come back to Jamaica in the future” Nadine said. “You can count on it” Brian promised her, and the taxi cab arrived to take them to the airport.

In the house of Brian and Farah, me and Ricks were going to be upgraded in our personalities to fit in the present day, starting with our speech. “Let’s upgrade you two to 2.0” Brian said. A computer modifier, such a hard drive CD disk chamber, which they put both us in it and saw our faces on the screen.

“Hi, Captain and Ramirez. We’ll begin the upgrade process by our personalities” I said. They gave us new speeches. Me sounding a lot younger and sexier with near provocative clothing, no nudity. Ricks been giving a Philadelphian accent over his British one and wearing casual clothing.

“What’s up Brian, my man with the master plan?” I said, speaking differently and saying his first name for the first time. They released us from the hard drive compartment. “Visualize” Farah commanded and we did just that. “You sound different and your hair is down for the first time” Brian said.

“Why thank you Brian, but I’m still an intellectual” I said. “Hey you two, I’m still me, but different voice” Ricks said. We explained that one well known fugitive named David Coxwell from the 22nd century is in Buffalo, New York. Wanted for a lot of crimes in 2164 for possession of firearms and killing of innocent bystanders.

“Let’s head to Buffalo to get him” Brian said, and they went there by automobile. But getting Coxwell won’t be easy as they thought. He has one sonic disruptor gun or a deadly sound wave cannon that emits powerful sonic vibrations.

Buffalo, New York:

In the downtown core of the city, Coxwell’s reign of terror began with some destruction to buildings with his weapon. That’s when the police surrounded him in front. “Put down the weapon, whatever space age device it is down” the officer said. But Coxwell refused to do so and used the sonic disruptor on them, destroying their squad cars, electronic equipment and blowing them away.

“I am not going to the slammer and no one can stop me, not even you coppers” Coxwell said, and fled. Brian and Farah arrived in Buffalo. “Where can we find him in this city?” Farah said. “The city of Buffalo is small with 261,025 people, so he won’t be hard to find, girlfriend” I said.

They asked around the city where he struck. First to the lower west side, where some citizens said some young man in 20’s had some space age type weapon, destroyed one house with it. They gave them a photo of the device for proof of what they saw. “That’s some advanced weaponry, not of this time period” Brian said.

“Good deduction, Brian. That weapon is known as a sonic disruptor created in 2152 by scientists using sound waves to clear paths of any obstacles standing in the way for construction workers” Ricks said. “But Coxwell stole it to use as a weapon” Farah said.

One radio news report came on saying a suspect has some super space age weapon that tore police squad cars into shreds and several officers down, having people running in fear in the downtown area. So they went to the downtown core to investigate.

“Look at this destruction, man. A tornado must of past through here, a disruptor one” Brian said. A few cops were at the blocked off area, and ask them questions. “So what happened here?” Farah asked the cop. “Some suspect with some space age weapon cause damage here. Most of our team in the hospital intensive care unit” the cop Errol Smith said.

“Is that all the questions you have for me?” Smith said, and ordered Brian and Farah to leave until they showed their badges to him. “Alright, have a look see, but be quick about it” the cop said, only having ten minutes to do so. They surveyed the damage to the squad cars and the area.

“Alright, you two, scan the area for traces of evidence” Brian said, and we did that. We searched for past vital signs of Coxwell’s presence in the area. “Nothing here, no traces of Coxwell” Brian said, until Farah used her heightened sight and found a blood trace of him on the ground.

“There, in front of us” she said, and both went upwards to it. “OK Vices, scan the dried blood stain on the ground” Brian commanded me. I did as he asked and it was him. “It’s Coxwell’s blood alright, dawg. Must of injured himself when outrunning police” I said, bringing up his virtual file.

We wondered where he would go to for refuge, until the cop came by to know what they discovered. “What you two found out?” Smith said. They said it was Coxwell’s doing and the weapon is a dangerous one. Both wanted to handle it first before they get involved and make him do justice in this time.

“Let’s move to find him” Brian said. They put on wireless earpieces so no one thought they were crazy being in present day 2013. “He would go somewhere vacant, since he’s a loner” Farah said. They thought about moving cargo and freight, the freight train yard in the city.

“The closest one is the Black Rock Rail Yard, in the west side of the city” Ricks. With no wasting time, they headed there. At the Black Rock Rail Yard, Coxwell was there among the cargo cars. “Damn cops will never get me, as I find a vacant car to hideout in and escape into Canada” Coxwell said.

Just then Brian and Farah appeared at the scene. “David Coxwell, I’m Captain Brian Ferguson, fugitive retrieval specialist, and also this Detective Farah Ramirez” Brian announced. “We come to take you back to 2169 to do time for your crimes” Farah added.

“That’s some long winded speech you have, Ferguson. You two aren’t sending me back” Coxwell said, bringing out his disruptor and fired at them. They moved out of the way, and the car was destroyed by it. “Holy crap, that’s a damn powerful gun he has on him” Farah said.

They used the cars as cover. “Come out, wherever you two are. Don’t you want to play?” Coxwell said, using his super sight to track them. “I hope you two have a plan to get Coxwell, because I forgot to mention he has bionic eye vision and will find us quickly behind these cars” I said to them.

“Damn it, that’s all we need right now” Farah said. Coxwell finally found them moving from the open car doors. “Look, I finally found you two. It’s time for you to say adios” Coxwell said. “Look, Coxwell, you don’t want to take away a pretty face” Farah said. “Girl, I hope you know what you’re doing” Brian said. “Are you sweet talking me, woman?” Coxwell asked.

The sound of the cargo train locomotive’s horn about to leave across the border into Canada is about to leave. “There’s my train, one way ticket into Canada and away from the cops here” Coxwell said, and ran to it. They pursued him, and Brian used super speed to block his path. “You isn’t going anywhere but to 2169” Brian said.

The two fought, and gave kicks and punches. Farah got out her PLLT to send Coxwell back to the future.“Can’t get a good shot at him” Farah complained. Just then, Coxwell ran to the train and Farah zapped him with a red blast which trapped in a powerful force field. “Transport mode, Ricks” she commanded, and he did that, sending him to the future.

“Now what we do with that sonic disruptor cannon?” Farah asked. Brian knew only one thing to do but to destroy it, so it don’t fall into the wrong hands. “Let’s get out of this train yard” Brian said. At the local restaurant in the city, Brian wanted to try the famed Buffalo wings.

“These are the Buffalo wings I hear, have a spicy kick to it” Brian said, and went for a bite. The spices kick in and he went for a glass of water. “Too spicy for you, hero?” Farah joked. “I’ll go for the Philly cheese steak over the Buffalo wings” she said. “Same here, Farah” Brian said. “At least the hot sauce is keeping you warm in the windy weather” I joked.

"Trouble with the mafia"

Lisbon, Portugal:
In the southern part of the west European nation of Portugal in the capital Lisbon, a fugitive from the 22nd century, Howard Mendes is hiding out in the tourist city of Faro. But there's more to him than meets the eye. Brian and Farah arrived in Portugal. "Don't believe were in Lisbon, Portugal" Farah said.

"Vices and Ricks, you two are sure where Howard Mendes is at?" Brian asked us as they cleared customs at the airport and got a cab to the hotel. "Well, I got one positive note here. The country got nice beaches and nice women" Brian said.

"Can we focus on the mission here?" Ricks reminded Brian, as they arrived at the hotel. They both got keys to their room and went in. Once inside, they commanded us to visualize. "Our suspect is Howard Mendes, a member of the Portuguese Mafia.

In the 22nd century he murdered a cop in Serene with a portable weapon disguised as a bracelet, claytronic technology" said Ricks. "Claytronics? That technology was introduced in the 2040's but improved in the 22nd century, using one's mind to control it" Brian said.

"Note that Portugal become advanced in science in the 22nd century, especially in the Claytronics" Vices said. "Yeah, despite the country discovered the world in the 15th century but had trouble keeping their empire together with limited resources" Farah said. Brian turned on the TV and a news report about havoc on a beach, several deaths.

“Let’s go there” Brian said, and they departed. At the beach called Praia Calma “Calm Beach”, English meaning, they saw the destruction of the area.

“Boa tarde” Farah said in Portuguese to the sergeant police named Miguel Pereira. She started to tell him they’re from far away and in search of Mendes. “You can speak English to me” Pereira replied in. “So you two are Americans?” Pereira said.

“Yes we are, and we know the suspect well. Been hearing about the crime in American northeast, Philly, Boston, etc.” Brian said. Pereira said that what killed people on the beach was the strange weapon by the forensics team.

At the secret hideout in a vacant house, Howard was hiding out with his men. “Nice weapon, boss. A laser device, more powerful than a gun” the thug said in Portuguese. “Thanks Ricardo. With my thoughts, I can turn it into a gun on will” said Howard. It appeared as gun in 3D image.

“Cool trick man. We Portuguese are backwards in tech department” replied Ricardo. But Howard mentioned that they will perfect the technology in the future. “Whatever man. So we all at club Azul tonight?” Ricardo asked. That’s where the mob will meet.

One young woman appeared at the scene, olive complexion and auburn red hair. “Hello, I’m Maria Santos and know this Howard Mendes” Maria introduced herself to Brian and Farah. “You do?” Brian asked her. Maria said she is a bartender in the club Azul in Lisbon. “I knew him in there. He and his friends hang there most of the time” said Maria.

“So will he be there tonight?” asked Farah. Maria replied yes. “So we’ll be going to the Azul tonight” Brian said. Maria will reserve their entry tonight.

But one car was on the street overhearing the conversation and called Howard. “Hey Howie, some two people named Brian Ferguson and Farah Ramirez are searching for you” said the man. “Ferguson and Ramirez?! They’ll complicate things for me. Follow them to whenever they staying and kill them” demanded Howard.

“Right boss” said the mobster, preparing his gun. As Brian and Farah drove back to the hotel, I had something to tell them. “I’ve been doing a vital scan on Maria Santos and she has no records in the present” said Vices. “Hold up. No records such as date of birth, residence, and employment” said Brian.

“So you’re saying Maria isn’t from this time?” Farah asked. “That’s correct. So both her and Mendes are from the 22nd century” added Ricks. Little they know, the mobster was following them to the hotel as they went in. “I think both of you should be aware of your surroundings, because an armed man is behind us” I said. “So sir, why are you following us?” asked Brian. Then he presented his gun and started shooting.

“Tell everyone to evacuate now!” said Brian, saying their undercover cops. Everyone including hotel staff and residents fled the building. “Looking for Mendes, you know where he is” Farah asked in Portuguese to him. “I am not telling you where he is, just waiting to deal with you” he said.

“Take a seat” Brian said as he pushed a suitcase carrier at the thug and he fell in it. Farah took the gun and stuns him with PLLT, as he was out for the count. Both tied him up for the police. “Want me to call police?” said Ricks. Both said yes and police were called to scene. As Brian and Farah left the hotel with their packed suitcases. Maria showed up in her car.

“Get in you two” Maria said, as both of them placed suitcases in the trunk. “I have something to tell you two. I’m not from around here. I’m from 2169 like you two. I work for you two” said Maria. At her home, they continued their discussion. “So you are after Mendes as well?” asked Brian.

“Yes. He claimed the lives of my family members with the mob of the 22nd, so I want to bring him to justice like you two” said Maria. As three of them talked over a plate of seafood and wine, Brian introduces me and Ricks as we visualized. “Holographic technology, how amazing” said Maria. “Nice to meet you Maria” I said.

I showed the virtual layout of the club to the team, where he will be in there. “So let’s go” said Brian and we departed to Azul in the night. The three went in the club and things were normal in here. “So where is Mendes in here?” said Brian. He took me out to do discreet scan of the club and discovered he’s in the back.

“They have come. Go out there and kill them” demanded Howard.The thugs went to the front. “A mobster’s heaven. Look at them” said Farah. Then the mobsters stood up. “We have unwanted company here” said the thug as they surrounded them. A fight started.

“You boys behave” said Brian, as they took their guns. Then Howard appeared. “So Ferguson, Ramirez, welcome to Portugal and your last time” said Howard. Then an unknown masked person appeared. “You won’t hurt them” the person said. “Shoot them!” demanded Howard.

The thugs fired their guns, Howie his laser device and a virtual shield surrounded them . “Forget this! Let’s go” said the thugs as they left. “What cowards” said Howard and he left the club? Then the masked person stopped him. “What is this?” said Howard. “I advise you two to do your thing now” said the person in the feminine voice.

“Get ready to transport” Brian said to us. Both gave their red blasts and we sent Howie to the future to do justice by teleportation. “That was impressive” said the stranger as she took her helmet off. “Maria, it was you all this time” said Farah.

“I’m like a fire phoenix in mythology. This is my secret” she said. “Now Mendes is back in the future, I choose to stay in this time, because someone needs to protect it” said Maria, and she flew off. “Now that’s travel” said Ricks. “Can we go to the USA?" said Brian. “Our work here is done” said Vices.

“Getting your kicks”

The sport soccer is growing in fast popularity in North America. Well known soccer players such as David Beckham who plays for the LA Galaxy part of the MLS, is from the origins of the game which is Europe. Brian was watching one match on television against the Force and Navigators.

He bet his money on the Force to beat Navigators, and the bet paid off. It was a 2-2 draw at the second half, and one player named George Santos, a forward, had the ball in his possession and went forward for the shot in the net. With help of his team mates the ball was passed back and forth, and went to make the shot. But there was something special about him.

He has the ability to calculate plays and timed his kick to make the goal and did it successfully. “Look at well organized goal kick. The Force won it in full time, 3-2 by a goal by Santos” the announcer said. “You see that, Farah. The Force won it in full time” Brian said. “You were right, Brian. Force won this game. They have talented players there” Farah said.

“I have to inform you two that one of the players have a super ability of calculating moves, like psychic ability” Ricks said. Farah requested that he go into visual mode which he did. “The player Santos has that ability, and is from the 22nd century. A gifted athlete like yourselves who plays the sport for the fun of it” Ricks said.

Since the sport is ancient in the future, he was sent back to play it. But that was the tip of the iceberg. In 2161, he used his psychic powers to rob virtual banks in Serene in the Washington district area and was sent to prison. He was a new man after that point.

The cruel scientist Dr. Jeremiah Stone heart wanted to use his talent for bad ways like to rob banks, hack private accounts. He was in the stands with Saul and Victoria. “How will this guy help us out?” Saul said. “Patience, my boy. There’s something special about this Santos character” Stone heart said.

They went to the locker room to speak to him. “We know each other” Stone heart said to the media and they left them alone. “Stone heart, is that you? The scientist who created time travel” Santos said, knowing he was the one who sent him back to 2013. “I know you did some time in prison in 2161 for robbing virtual banks with your gift and you dreamed of playing soccer as a career, since this sport is past memory in our time” he said.

“We all can work together. With your calculating power and heightened psychic abilities we can dominate this time” Stone heart said. “Look, I’m a professional soccer player. I don’t want to go back to life of crime again” Santos said. “You have two hours to think about my offer, in which I expect an answer” Stone heart said, and left.

“Can we trust him Santos, doc” Victoria said. “Not really, Victoria. But if he double-cross us, we deal with him” Stone heart said. Santos had another game to play in a couple days against Triumphant FC. That’s when Brian and Farah came to the stadium to see George Santos.

“George Santos, I’m Paul Lang and this is Helena Torres” Brian said, using an cover name. “Is that your real names?” he asked them. “Yes, it is, and I hear you’re a gifted athlete, scoring that final kick against the Navigators” Farah asked. “Yeah, that’s right I scored that. Might make it to the MLS one day playing for the Union, DC United or for the Galaxy. Be the next Beckham or Landon Donovan, my heroes” he said.

The coach told them to leave so he can practice in peace. On the way out, they questioned Santos. “His team is winning because of special abilities of calculating his moves” Brian said. They decided to keep an eye on him for a while. “Santos want to start a clean slate in the present day by playing a sport he loves and make a fortune from it” Ricks said.

They wanted us to do check of possible neighborhoods in Philadelphia of where Santos could live. “Northwest corner of Philadelphia in the Olney neighborhood on 3022 N. Fifth Street in an housing complex” I said. “Close to where we live, about nine blocks away” Brian said. Brian and Farah headed there, only to discovered he wasn’t home at all. “Damn it, where could he have gone?” Farah said.

They used us to open the door of his house and disable the security alarm as well. “Do you two know this is breaking and entering, also it’s illegal?” I said. Knowing they’re police detectives, but had no permit. “We no time to lose, let’s check for clues in this house” Farah said. Brian looked in the living room as Farah went upstairs to see anything.

“Look at these trophies, a well talented player for the Force. Santos don’t lie, that’s for sure” Brian said. He was living well in the present, when Brian saw an answering machine and played it. “I hope you thought about my offer” the voice which was Stone heart said. “My answer is no to you, I’m cleaning up my life and having a fresh start in the present” Santos said.

“I knew it come to this, so I have something to change your mind” he said, and put the phone to a female voice. “George, help me, they strapped some bomb on me set to go off in an hour” the girl said. “Theresa, no! OK, I’ll do what you want” Santos said. “Excellent, meet us at the Franklin Institute, don’t be late” Stone heart and the message stopped.

George went to the place the doctor said to meet two hours ago. “I found something upstairs, a photo of a woman must be his girlfriend in this time” Farah said. Brian said that he knows that where Santos would go to. “Stone heart and his goons here, at the Franklin Institute?” Farah said.

“We better get there fast, George might be in trouble” she added, and they headed there. At the Franklin Institute, George was there. “I’ve come as you ask, Jeremiah. Now let Theresa go” George demanded. Victoria brought out Theresa with the bomb strapped to her chest. “Help me from these murderers” Theresa said. The bomb was laced with cyanide, a deadly poison. If it explodes, it won’t just blow Theresa to death, but release the deadly chemical as well.

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