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Double Trouble and The woman from tomorrow,

Just then at that moment, Brian and Farah appeared at the institute. “You’re too late, he escaped” George as he was tied up as well. Both freed them from the chair and took the bomb from off Theresa. “This bomb is set to blow in 5 minutes” Farah said, as everyone ran out the building before the explosion.

The explosion went off, but the deadly cyanide was in the atmosphere. “What’s that smell?” Brian asked. “It’s deadly cyanide and it’s escaping through the building” I said, through the earpiece Brian has on. The only way to stop it from going outside is lock it in the building which they did.

“Here are the keys to the place, let’s lock it down” Brian said, and locked it. “The cyanide problem is resolved, let’s leave it to the scientists to find a cure to stop it” Farah said. They left the scene unharmed and went back to the home of George. “I’ll be inside soon, just need to talk to them” George said to Theresa, and went inside.

“Look, I like to thank you two for saving us” George said. “But you still did crime in 2161 with online bank theft” Brian said. “I’m past that now. I want to have a fresh start in this time and era. I’m a professional soccer player that I, one day play for the Philadelphia Union and lead them to the playoffs in MLS” Santos said.

They decided not to send him back to 2163 hearing that speech. “Good playing for the Force and I hope to see on the MLS Union team in the future” Brian said. “Looks like he will have a good athletic career” Farah said. “It goes to show you that people can change for the better” Ricks said.

“Double Trouble”

Montreal, Quebec, Canada:

Time: present day, 2013:

In the French speaking city of Montreal in Canada, once known as Ville Marie, city of Mary in English. Now it’s known as Mont Real or Montreal in the present, is the second largest French speaking city in the world after Paris in France. One night at the Musee d’archeologie et d’histoire de Montreal Pointe-a-Calliere, one female cat burglar named Chantal Bordeaux, was attempting to steal an ancient artifact which was Inca Statue for Stone heart.

She slipped past security cameras by coming from the roof. Chantal had to take care of the infra red sensors with her gadget the freeze compound seven, an freezing agent from the 22nd century. She froze the sensors to pass undetected. That’s when one night security guard saw her, calling out in French. “Intruder! Get out of here you thief” the watchman said.

“Bonsoir, mon ami” she said in French. The guard told her to surrender, then her twin appeared from behind. “What is this, some magic show” the guard said. Her twin froze him with the freezing torch, putting him on ice temporarily. “Good work Paula” Chantal said, and they went to retrieve the Inca statue from the glass box it was encased in.

“Mission accomplished” Chantal said to Stone heart speaking from her smart phone. “Good work, Chantal. They say two heads are better than one” he replied. “Nice working with you” she said, and escaped. Meanwhile, Brian and Farah were in Montreal leaving the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, following a lead that Stone heart was here.

“Good old Montreal, cultural capital of the world. Stone heart must lurking in city, doing God knows what” Brian said, knowing wouldn’t be good. “And that they say it is the Paris of North America” Farah added. “So true, Ramirez. Montreal is the second largest French speaking city in the world after Paris and the second of Canada’s official languages” Ricks said.

At their hotel, one news report about the theft of an Inca statue from Pointe-a-Calliere museum on 350 Palace Royale. “Looks like something we must check out” I said, and we went to the scene. At the scene, they saw squad cars outside the museum and the guard outside. They went to speak with the guard.

“Parlez vous anglais(Do you speak English?)” Farah asked him. “Yes, I speak English” the guard said. “There was the theft of the Inca statue from the museum, did you see the suspect” Farah asked. The guard said yes and she had some torch that spray a blue liquid at him. “I was paralyzed at that time and didn’t see what she was stealing” he said.

They want to know the description of the female suspect. “There were two of them of African descent” he replied. To prove it to them, he showed the last photo of them in the museum last night. Brian holding his smart phone took the picture of the suspects. “Thanks for your time” Brian said, and the police asked them to leave the scene.

“So you two know these suspects well?” the cop asked. “Yes, and let us handle it” Brian said. The cop agreed with them for now. “Let’s get out of here” Farah said, and they went. “Have them followed” the policeman Henry Pierre commanded in French, not trusting them. They went in their rental car to a discreet location to do research.

“Scan the databases for Bordeaux” Brian commanded us which we did. “Scanning databases for Bordeaux.. Here we go. The Bordeaux twins, Chantal and Paula, both look alike, were wanted for crimes in the 22nd century” I said. “So they’re not from the present?” Farah said.

“I’m afraid not, Farah. These are skilled cat burglars doing crimes in Serene of stealing weaponry in 2162 at a museum and in District of Montreal in the New French territory of United States of Appalachia with the statue of Justin Trudeau the same year” I said.

“Both lasses went to prison the year after that in 2169, but escaped from Old Philadelphia prison in 2169 and fled to this time” Ricks said. Knowing that Stone heart had a hand in their escape, they need to find him as well. “We know they’re from the future, but where they are in city?” Brian asked.

At the home of the Bordeaux twins in the Plateaux neighborhood, they were planning their next crime. “Listen, sis. Let’s stop doing favors for Stone heart. We stole the statue, let’s call it quits. The cops are on us” Paula said. “Do I smell a cry baby? Stop that whining crap right now. Stone heart helped us by freeing us from jail in the 22nd and we must repay him” Chantal said, knowing they’ll meet him tonight at the Notre Dame Basilica church in Old Montreal.

“Good night, sis” Chantal said, and went to sleep. Meanwhile, Brian and Farah were scanning the whereabouts of the twins from their hotel. With me and Ricks in visual mode, we found something. “The Bordeaux twins live on Rue Saint Denis in the Plateaux neighborhood” I said. So they went there that night to investigate.

“Stay here in the car, I’m going in to see the place” Brian said. He went through the open window of the house. He communicated through the earpiece hidden in his ear. “All clear in the house, no sign of them” Brian said to Farah. “Hurry and look for some clues of those twins, links to Stone heart or their next heist” Farah said to him. Just then, in the bedroom, the twins heard the noise and Chantal went to investigate it downstairs.

“Look at this place, well equipped with art and trophies” Brian said. “Brian, remember our search on the Bordeaux twins” I said. Brian was in the living room when he turned on the lights, Paula was sitting on the chair in her lingerie. “Hello, um?” Brian said. “The name Paula or Keyshia my nickname” she said. “Don’t let her beauty mislead you, captain” I said.

“Paula Bordeaux, the theft of the Inca statue at the Pointe-a-Calliere museum last night, is stolen property. The best thing you can do is return it and turn yourself and your sister in to the cops” Brian said. “Why? Are you a cop? Let me make your night if you know what you mean” Paula said. “Hey, Bri, remember the assignment?” Farah said on the communicator.

“Who the hell you’re talking to?” Paula said. Then Chantal appeared from behind in the same lingerie. “Looks like double vision here” Brian said. “You should stay cool” Chantal said, and used the freezing compound torch on Brian, freezing him temporarily. “We must leave now first thing tomorrow” Chantal said.

“But what about him, we can’t leave him here” Paula said. “By dawn, he be back to consciousness, and we have a meeting at Notre Dame” Chantal said. Not knowing that Farah was listening to the conversation and knew where they are heading. Farah went into house to save Brian. “What the hell happened?” Brian said.

“The twins did this with the freezing compound agent seven” Farah said. “I overheard them say the Notre Dame Basilica in Old Montreal, where they will meet with Stone heart” I said. “How far is it from here?” Farah asked. “From here, about 20 blocks on 110 Notre Dame Street West” Ricks said. “Well, let’s stop chatting and move” Brian said, and went there.

At the Notre Dame church, the twins meet with the doctor. “Very good Bordeaux ladies. You got the Inca statue, worth millions of dollars” Stone heart said. “What will you do with it?” Chantal said. “Do research on it, see if it has any ancient powers like healing” he replied. “What if those two show up, Brian and Farah?” said Paula.

“What? Ferguson and Ramirez here in Montreal?” Stone heart said. He had escaped with the statue until it slipped out of his hand and Amanda appeared in the flesh. “Bonjour, monsieur Stone heart, nice to see you again. This statue will go back to museum where it belongs” Amanda said.

“What you again, Mrs. Reid? Well ladies, stop her, I must bid adieu” Stone heart said and left. “Shit, the doc is escaping” Amanda said. That is the least of her problems. “Look here, two on one in this church, this will be easy” Chantal. But it was a place of worship so they went outside the church to do battle.

“So you two are named after a French wine, which must be bitter to you” Amanda said. “Look, whoever you are, oh I remember, Reid, you will give back the statue to us” Chantal said. “If you can see and catch me first” Amanda said, and disappeared. “Let’s use the freezing compound on her” Chantal said, and fired on her, but she dodged it.

Coming from behind, Amanda grabbed from her hand and gave one flying kick to her, but Paula felt pain as well, due to their psychic link up. “Chantal, I feel pain” Paula said, falling to the floor. “What the hell is this? You two feel each other’s pain” Amanda said. “Let’s even the odds, ladies” Farah said, as she and Brian appeared on the scene.

“Three against two of us, let’s make a run for it in that alleyway” Chantal said, and they ran. The others were in hot pursuit of them. They were trapped in the alley. “OK, you two, nowhere to go, ya’ll surrounded” Brian said. “Boy, you trippin’. Time to bid adieu to you all” Chantal said, as she got the freezing compound, but was out of the freezing agent chillax seven.

“Damn it, empty” Chantal said. “Now’s the time to do your thing” Amanda said. Brian and Farah both zapped them with the red pellet and were both transported to 2169. “Look at this, got me a new ice thrower” Brian said. “Nice to meet you again, Amanda. How did you know were here in Montreal?” Farah said.

“After hearing about the theft of the Inca statue from the Pointe-a-Calliere museum I had to help you two get it back” Amanda said. Just then police sirens came to the scene. The policeman Pierre appeared with Paul. “I was wrong about you guys. You saved the Inca statue and still in one piece” Pierre said. “Hey you two, told them you need help to find the statue” Paul said.

“The twins, where are they?” Pierre said. Brian said, in a safe place out of harm’s way. “Enough craziness we had for tonight, let’s get some shut eye” Farah said. “Hey I got tickets to the Montreal Canadiens vs. Philadelphia Flyers hockey game at the Olympic stadium tomorrow night, you in?” Paul said. Brian couldn’t turn it down, and the Montreal smoked meat sandwich.

“Men with their sports and food, normal guy stuff” Amanda said. “Well, Mrs. Reid, at least everything is back to normal” Ricks said. “Yeah, Ricks, I got you” Amanda said as they left the scene.

“The woman from tomorrow”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: In an underground mall parking lot of King of Prussia Mall, the gang had cornered one dangerous gone mad fugitive named Garth Dudley from the 22nd century. He was wanted for stealing data from online servers back there and reprogramming server robots to do his evil bidding. “So you three time cops, huh?” Garth said to them.

“Well, duh. You wanted for stealing online server information and reprogramming server bots in 2154” Brian said to him. “Well, Dr. Stone heart paid me well to cause destruction back there, but this is my time” Dudley said. “You’re surrounded, Dudley. Nowhere to run” Farah said.

“Well, you aren’t sending me back” Dudley said, as he got a .22 caliber gun and shot himself in the head. He fell down on the ground, blood splattered. “Oh, damn. This don’t look good at all” Paul said looking at body. “The suspect is deceased, can’t send him back to the 22nd century. Should I call a coroner?” I said to Brian.

“Yeah, yeah, call a coroner to check this. We out of here” Brian said, as they left to avoid unwanted attention from the police. But they will meet a visitor from 200 years in the future. In the year 2225, the 23rd century one female guardian, as they called law enforcement in that time named Starr Hope, 20 something individual.

She’s the granddaughter of Amanda Reid which she’ll discover soon enough. Being in the 29th infiltrator sector of Serene Ultra, Starr had a time necklace with computerized pendant jewel of teleportation. Starr wanted to know her family background from what her mother Meghan Reid, Amanda’s daughter said she’ll meet her grandmother in an another time to understand what’s going on.

One day when she was off duty, the pretty red head in her space age military uniform was seeing her bracelet when laser fire and gunshots erupted. Some of her comrades got murdered by an unknown threat. Not wanting to find out, she activated the time necklace to the past, choosing 2013. She transported to the past which is known as Philly.

“So this is 2013, huh. I think I need new clothing for this time period” Starr said, as she used her necklace to search for the nearest clothing in the city.

“Searching the vicinity for clothing store retailer, here’s one called Clothing Value” she said and headed there. “I need some sort of payment like what do they call here?” she asked the computer. She saw an unused jacket on the floor and took it. Walking down the street, she saw an ATM inside an building which she walked into which was a bank.

When the coast was clear, she used the pendant to access the ATM by finding the PIN for it and used it to get money from it for buying clothes. She went to Clothing Value to purchase the clothing of a purple cable shawl collar sweater over her shirt with beige pants. Starr’s suit was in one bag. Walking down the street towards Olney Park, two thugs approached her.

“Hey sweet cheeks, give me all your loot” the thug said. “You two barbaric persons have nothing better to do with your lives than to rob the innocent for their possessions. A lesson must be taught to you” Starr said. “Bitch has attitude” the second thug said. Starr couldn’t beat these two thugs by herself, until out of nowhere they were stunned by a blue flash, which was a PLLT from Amanda.

“Hello, miss. I thank you for saving me from those barbarians” Starr said. Amanda looking at her, see some resemblance to herself. “Mrs. Reid, or I would say, Grandma. I’m your lost granddaughter Starr Hope from 2225, the 23rd century” she said. Amanda decided to discuss it at her place, so they went there. At her home, they discussed further over coffee.

“Drink this coffee with cream, a 21st century beverage” Amanda said. Starr took a sip but spit it out right away. “Such a horrid taste and bitter too. How do these people in this time like it?” Starr said. Coffee and cocoa became a luxury in the 22nd century and extinct, which people drink hyssop and mint leaf juices for health benefits.

“See this pendant? It’s a time jewel created by Dr. Acadia, a scientist of molecular transportation. It is the thing transported me here” Starr said. “Well, time travel had advanced in 23rd century” Amanda said. Starr told her that she was a female guardian of the 29th infiltrators that are soldiers that spy on enemy forces in Serene Ultra.

One day on duty, she was checking one area when unknown evil forces started to attack her comrades. The assassins were some unnamed alien race which was humanoid looking. Fearing she get caught and killed by them, Starr used her time necklace to be transported to this time period of 2013.

“What an interesting story you have there. What about my daughter Meghan who’s an adult by that time?” she said. “My mom said she’ll see you again in her childhood and see her grow” Starr said. With wasting no time, she had to tell Brian and Farah about this.

Brian and Farah were in the bedroom about to intimate or get it on, as they say in the present, when the phone rang. “Damn, when will I get some?” Brian said, as he answered the phone. “Hello” he said. “Sorry to bother you two, but I have some girl here saying she’s my long lost granddaughter named Starr Hope from the 23rd century” Amanda said.

“Girl, are you pulling my leg here? Lost granddaughter Starr Hope from the 23rd century?” Brian said thought she was joking. Until she put the camera phone showing her face to them. “Hello, I’m Starr Hope Reid from the 23rd century of the 29th infiltration squad, guardian of the innocent” she said.

She showed them the time jewel around her neck as a necklace. “Gosh damn it, she’s telling the truth” Farah said. They went to retrieve me and Ricks from the drawer and we all headed there to her house. “Where’s Paul?” Farah asked. “He must be at the police station doing a lot of paperwork, be done soon he told me” Amanda said.

“Starr Hope, Captain Brian Ferguson and Detective Farah Ramirez of fugitive retrieval unit of the 22nd century” Brian said. “I heard so much about you two from my mom. All of you are legendary heroes in the 23rd century” Starr said. She explained to them she traveled two hundred and twelve years back just to met the younger version of Amanda in this century.

“The woman checks out well. She’s telling the truth, around 28 years old, close to your age Amanda” I said. “And also the pendant is indeed a time jewel from the 23rd century, made from ARS” Ricks said. She said she was born through artificial insemination and not know her real father. They were in hiding most of her childhood, the war against the Outlaws escalated into the 23rd century, when they aligned with intergalactic threats.

Meghan had to flee into space to be safe and promote peace with the intergalactic union of planets such as Mars, Venus, Moon and Jupiter that had human inhabitants. “So Meghan is still alive in the 23rd century” Brian said. Starr showed them her suit in the bag, the same camflouge disappearing technology in Amanda’s suit hanging in the closet.

“The pendant, is it a computer Ms. Hope?” Ricks asked. “Yes, it is why?” Starr said. Farah commanded him to be in visual mode just to see it. “Oh dear, did you use it to do anything?” he asked her. She said to withdraw money from ATM at the bank, but the bank tellers can trace the stolen money from the thief’s whereabouts.

“They must have a secret tracking system in the ATM to track thieves that steal PIN’S from bankers” Farah said. “Where did you go to buy your clothes?” Brian asked. She said Clothing Value, is where the police could track the missing money through purchases and security footage of the thief. Meanwhile, at the clothing retailer, the police were already on the scene.

“We’re looking for thief that stole money from an ATM at the bank using an recent PIN from a customer without their knowledge” the officer said. The manager had a footage of the last person which was Starr from yesterday on the security camera. “Could that be the suspect on the camera?” the officer said. “She paid the clothes with cash, she has no ID on her all” the store owner said.

The officer said thanks to the store owner for her help and went to find the thief. “We’re looking for one female computer ATM hacker thief, Caucasian/White, 5’5, red hair, blue eyes, wearing a purple cable shawl collar sweater. All units move out!” the cop said to his team on his communicator.

At Amanda’s house, Starr decided she couldn’t stay in the house anymore and went to find the others, not knowing Philadelphia P.D. is after her for the stolen money. “Can’t stay here, must find Grandma and the others” she said, and left the house. At the Clothing Value store, the team was there, hours after the police was there.

“We heard that police are after one female suspect, Caucasian/White, with red hair, that must be an ATM thief?” Brian said to the manager. “Yeah, they were here and went to look for the suspect” the manager said. “Ok, thanks for your time” Farah said, and they left the store.

“It’s definitely Starr the cops are after. She must of used her time bracelet, which is also an computer hacking device to take money from the ATM” Amanda said. Starr had to fit in the present day by changing her fashion from a soldier’s uniform to casual wear. “The lass need finances to buy wardrobe to wear in this time, we need to find Staff before the police officers do” Ricks said.

Starr didn’t know hacking into an ATM with someone’s else PIN code is an criminal act. “Let’s go to the bank in the Olney neighborhood” Farah said, looking for clues for her whereabouts. Outside the bank was in lock down and two cops where outside. They went to investigate the scene.

“We come to investigate the scene, look for clues into finding the suspect” Brian said to the officers. They let us do our job and we check the ATM for her fingerprints. “I see no fingerprints on the machine” Amanda said, using her super sight, but noticed $200 withdrawn from the ATM. “She was here alright, now we must find her before the cops do” Brian said, and they left the scene, wondering where she would go.

On the other side of the neighborhood, Starr was carrying her knapsack with her suit in it and her PLLT weapon. She needed food and supplies, so she went to the convenience store nearby to get some. Inside Starr got chips, pop, water, and some candy. “Wow, my dear, you have big appetite” the owner said, who was Korean-American. That’s when one thief entered the store. “This is a stick up.

You open the cash register” he said to the storekeeper, who had no gun on him to scare the thief away. But Starr had protection. “Get out of the way sir” Starr said, knowing what to do. The owner went in the back to hide, while the thief turned his attention on her. “Let’s see what you have in your knapsack for me to steal” the thief said.

“You barbaric thief, you have no lifelong goals so you turn to this” Starr said. She opened her bag and got out the PLLT laser and stunned him with it. “That was easy” Starr said. But a overhead security camera recorded the blue laser flash, and used her pendant to erase that part out so the cops, authorities, also other media be after her suit and weapon.

“All clear, you can come out now” Starr said to the owner. They both tied him up and told the owner to call the police to arrest him. “Thank you miss, the stuff is on the house” the owner Daniel Soo-Chan said. “Thanks, but here’s money” Starr said, and gave $30 to the man. Starr left the store, but saw the gang come to the exact location where she was.

“Starr, I missed you” Amanda said, as she hugged her. “Grandma, not here in front of everyone” she replied. “Glad to see you’re ok and handle yourself well” Farah said. “It’s best we depart out of here, the police will be here in the next 5 minutes at the scene” Ricks said and everyone left there. At Amanda’s house, everyone arrived to see her go off.

“So I guess it’s goodbye” Brian said. “Yes, it is, I had an interesting time in this century. Don’t worry Grandma, or Mrs. Reid. You’ll see my mom again in the future” Starr said. She activated the time portal for 2225 in the 23rd century. “This is awesome, a cop known as a guardian from 212 years in the future” Paul said.

“This is goodbye everyone, good luck on your mission to find criminals here and bring them back to the 22nd” Starr said and went through the portal. “She’s gone, my future granddaughter” Amanda said to her, missing her already. “Don’t worry, Amanda. You’ll see her again in the 22nd century.

Starr won’t be born until 2197, which is 162 years in the future” I said. “This has been an interesting day. A family member from the 23rd century came back here to see her grandmother here and save a convenience store from being robbed” Farah said. Well, help and assistance can come from anywhere and anyone. “But she had on one cool necklace with a tech pendant and an attractive one at that” Paul said.

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