Being On Duty

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Saving Gardens and Being Betrayed

Portland, Oregon:

The city of Portland in Oregon, in the American Northwest, is known to be one of the greenest cities in America with its numerous parks. But a wanted fugitive named Bobby Nash, from the 22nd century wanted to destroy this green space, but he’s not alone in his quest to do so.

In an vacant building in the city, Christopher and his sidekick from the future, Raul, planned their attack on the International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park. “Look at this city with its green space” Bobby said. “But boss, how will we get into Washington Park with security around it?” Raul said.

Bobby said he and him will be disguised as park inspectors and sneak in there. Then they place torch bombs in the ground under the tree stem and burn the park and rose gardens to the ground. “But first we need cash to survive, let’s rob a bank” Bobby said, and had on disguises to rob one bank.

In the Belmont neighborhood of Portland, they struck the bank on SE 12th Avenue. “This is a stick up, give us your loot and no one gets hurt” Bobby said, wearing a ski mask, concealing his face. Then one teller tried to play the hero by stopping them. But Raul took out his futuristic PLLT weapon shaped like a pen, give the teller a blue flash, stunning him.

“Now that’s something you haven’t seen yet” Raul said. The bank tellers and the customers had no choice but to give into their demands, gave them the money and fled the scene. Back in Philadelphia, Brian and Farah had read in the newspapers that a bank in Portland, Oregon, had been robbed by two masked robbers, bearing a space age weapon that shoots a blue flash, knocking one teller out cold.

“Space age weapon, blue flash. Must be a con from the 22nd having that weapon” Brian said. “We must stop them before they cause more trouble in present day Portland” Farah said. They commanded us to arrange a flight to Portland which we did.

Arriving in Portland at 2:15 pm, the next day, they got a rental car and commanded us to appear. “Visualize” Brian said, and we appeared in the back seat in holographic form. “Get information on the previous robbery of banks in Portland” Brian commanded. I went to work and pulled up a visual for them to see on the windshield.

“Ok, this is a stick up, give us your loot and no one gets hurt” the hooded suspect said. Both bearing present day firearm and the 22nd century ones, they saw one teller tried to stop them and the second robber stunned him with the PLLT weapon. “That’s one freaking brave soul to try to stop them” Farah said. “I think you saying another word than the coarse language one” Ricks said.

“Can you scan the hooded robbers to reveal their faces?” she asked. We can do that, but will take time to match the actual faces of the robbers. At the hideout of Bobby and Raul, they were getting ready to go to Washington Park as park inspectors. “Time to do our job and inspect the roses and parkland there, also destroy it” Bobby said.

They used advanced 22nd century technology to scan the layout of the park to plant the bombs. “What we did in 2160, leveling the green high rise towers, killing thousands, is showing our dominance in the future and in the present” Bobby said. “Well, I hear the fugitive retrieval cops from the 22nd century are here in 2013” Raul said. “WTF? Cops from the 22nd here in 2013?” Bobby said.

“Well we’re wanted in 2160 for crimes” Raul said. They’ll vow to take out anyone who tries to stop them, which is Brian and Farah. Meanwhile, both of them headed to scene of the crime, where it happened and looked for clues. They questioned the bank teller who was attacked by them. “One of the masked men had some space age type weapon that shot a blue blast at me” the teller said. Both thanked them for their time.

“Those hooded gunmen definitely went off with cash” Brian said. But the police of the present are no match against the powerful weaponry of the 22nd century. So both went back to the hotel to think. At the hideout of Bobby and Raul, both celebrated their victory. “Look at this loot here. After we burn the Washington Park forest and its gardens to the ground, we lay low south of the border” Bobby said.

They also had plans of leveling other parks in the city as well. Back at their hotel, Brian and Farah wanted to know that we discovered anything about the masked thieves. “We’ve gathered information about the robbers true identities” Ricks said. He did the virtual scan, revealing the faces. “The suspects are Bobby Nash and Raul Ortega, both being from the 22nd century, wanting for crimes back there” Ricks said.

Both couldn’t believe their heads when Ricks announced it. “They bombed the green high rise towers called Eternal Lime in 2160, 370 stories with hundred bombs in every floor, destroying it and a thousand lives with it” I said. “So we have to deal with eco-terrorist bombers now?” Brian said. I explained they can be disguised as anybody or be employed somewhere.

“Green space, environment, could it deal with parkland, wanting to destroy it?” Farah said. “Correct, Farah, you must be given a prize of hundred credits in your bank account after the mission” Ricks said. They’re planning to destroy the parkland in Portland by blowing up the trees with torch bombs. “They can disguised as park inspectors so they sneak in without anyone knowing” Brian said. He ordered us to do research on the parks in Portland.

There were a lot of parks here. “I discovered one well known park in the city which is Washington Park with all the well known rose gardens there” I said. They were probably there to set up the bombs to destroy it, so they headed there. At the park, both where there to watch the gardens for the night and to close the front gates. “OK, boss, everything is clear on my end” Raul said, on his communicator which is his cell phone.

“Start planting the bombs on your end” Bobby ordered him. They went to work putting the bomb around the International Test Garden and elsewhere, when the sound of a car rolled up to the entrance. Brian and Farah arrived at the scene and opened the gates to go inside. “How we going to find them in this place it’s big” Farah asked.

“I think both of you must use your super sight to find their footsteps” Ricks suggested. They did just that. “I see their footsteps to the right” Brian said, and they followed them. Not when I sensed a bomb close by. “You two stop here, a hydrogen torch bomb is below you under one tree” I said.

Brian kneeled down, dug up the dirt and got it out. Farah got her nail file out of her pocket and cut the wire, disarming it. “Well, that was easy” Farah said. “Guess these bombs aren’t 21st century ones” Brian said, as they were made in the 22nd century. The footsteps now led to the International Rose Test Garden and followed them.

“This garden will blow up kingdom come along with the other gardens” Bobby said. “I think you two need a rain check on blowing up stuffs” Brian said, as they appeared on the scene. “Look, he’s talking bullshit” Raul said. “Bobby Nash and Raul Ortega, both wanted in 2160 for blowing up the Eternal Lime green high rose towers. Thousands die in there, lives lost” Brian said.

“Now both of you must go back to do your sentence” Farah said. “Hey buzz off, shoot their asses, 21st century style” Chris said, as they had guns aiming at them. Raul started to run away. “I’ll get Raul, you get Bobby” Farah said, as she ran after him. “Who are you?” Bobby said. “Captain and detective Brian Ferguson of fugitive retrieval unit, come to send you back” Brian said.

He shot at him and Brian answered back with blue laser pellets. “You can hide Ferguson, but I’ll find you because I have the last bomb which you’re close to” Nash said. Elsewhere, Farah was on pursuit of Raul. “Damn broad is tailing me” Raul said. “Stop, SCPA fugitive retrieval unit” Farah said. “You two have a lot of guts finding us here, time travelling cops” Raul said.

He started to charge at her, but she fought back and kicked him to floor. “There are a lot of bombs in this place, you can’t disarm them all” Raul said. But they disarmed half with our help. “You disarmed the bombs, just spoiled our fun” Raul said. He went for his gun to shoot Farah when she fired one red pellet from her PLLT and with Ricks transporting him back to 2169.

“OK, Raul gone back to 22nd century jail, now for Bobby” she said. But a few bombs were active in the park, with Ricks help, Farah disarmed the remaining. Elsewhere, at the International Rose Test garden, Brian had his hands full. “OK, Nash, playtime is over, you’re going down” Brian said, as they thought.

“One press of the button, the bombs go off, blowing this park sky-high” Bobby said. “You bastard, you still have more of ’em?” Brian said. A call came on Brian’s phone and answered it. “The remaining bombs were deactivated and Raul sent back to 2169” Farah said. “What, no freaking way!” Nash said. “Brian, one bomb is still active and very close” I said.

The bomb was strapped to an oak tree and Brian dashed to it, to unhook the device. “So I guess you die tonight” Nash said, and went to press the button, activating it, when Brian threw the bomb in his direction and blew Bobby up when it came near him. “Go to hell, you son a bitch which is here” Brian said. One fugitive is sent back to the future, the other dies in the present.

Just then Farah came by. “So I guess you handle yourself well. Don’t tell me, Nash, blew up to kingdom come?” Farah asked him. They had to do something about the fireball. “Should I call the forest rangers to deal with this?” Ricks said. They said yes and the park rangers came to the scene, but we left it.

“This is the greenest city in the country and we saved one park from being destroyed” Brian said. “Look at the bright side, this city will become a solar green city by 2020 with solar panels on every building rooftop” Farah said. “I hope the law enforcement of the present have you two on the wanted list for making criminals disappear and for murder” I said.

But both of them are doing their job of finding wanted fugitives in the past for their crimes in the 22nd century and bring them to justice back there. “Time to smell the roses” Farah said, as they went to the rose garden since she enjoys the beauty of nature’s offerings. “We had a great time in Portland” Brian added.

“Being betrayed”

Washington, DC:

One of most well known fugitives of the 22nd century, Ronald Moss was one corrupt politician. Taking away food, water and other resources from civilians in 2169 and leading the Outlaws and other criminals out of Lower Serene the year after to wreak havoc on the surface and take innocent lives.

His cover is politician of the present, running for senate office in the US Capitol. But he has foes to deal with from the 22nd century like him, like Brian Ferguson and Farah Ramirez, by ruining their good name. One day, both came back from shopping for groceries at a supermarket in Philadelphia.

Brian was about to prepare his favorite food, the Philly cheese steak. “OK, got me the shredded cooked steak, baguette buns, cheddar cheese” he said. “Now I see that obesity is a problem in the present” Farah commented. “Girl, you always speak your mind when necessary” Brian said.

The sandwiches were prepared and ready to consume when Ricks advised to turn on the television. They did just that when a news report about a senator in the political ring, running to be in the Capitol Senate Chamber, Ronald Moss. “Ronald Moss, is it that corrupt dictator from the 22nd?”Brian asked. “Moss, what’s he doing in 2013?” Farah asked.

In the 22nd, the cruel dictator led the attack on the Serene City Capitol, which used to be part of Washington DC of this time period, killed the leaders inside and took it over 2158. But he escaped law enforcement there and travelled here. “Good day, citizens of America. I’ve come to tell you I’m running for future presidency of the United States in 2016” Moss said.

Having lost to Barack Obama in 2012, leader of the Democrats, is now re elected as the U.S. President, as he won it in 2008. He is the first African American President of the country. “Running for presidency in 2016? If he wins it in 3 years time, that won’t be good at all” Brian said. “Correct, Brian. If he become the 45th president of this country, he’ll allow every criminal and terrorist in this country, ruining it from this century onwards” I said.

So we needed some help from Amanda, so she came with us to Washington DC. Along the highway to Washington DC, both were stopped for speeding on the highway over the speed by a state trooper. “License and registration” the trooper said to them. “Here you go, officer” Brian said, giving the trooper his license and information.

“OK, Mr. Ferguson, I’ll let you off with a warning. Don’t go over the speed limit of the interstate” the trooper warned him. “Don’t worry officer. We’re in a hurry and didn’t see the speed limit sign on our way to DC” Farah said. The trooper let them go on their way, but had links to Moss. “Mr. Moss, sir. The two people Ferguson and Ramirez, are coming to DC” the trooper said, on his communicator.

“Thanks, officer Mortimer for letting me know” Moss said, and hung up. “I heard about these two cops from Stone heart from the 22nd century, coming to get me. Not if I ruin their good name in the present and face jail time here” he said. At the senate house, he had one appointment with one of the senators of the Peacemakers, Bill Rock bury, set for three in the afternoon.

On the highway, arriving in Washington, DC, me and Ricks had a bio scan on the trooper when he was close. “The state trooper we encountered isn’t a licensed one, his badge is expired” I said to them. “Why is that?” Brian said. “Because he let you two go so easily” I said. “And some sort of homing device is on the back license plate of the automobile” Ricks said.

They pulled over and saw the mini GPS device on the plate. “Well, you two are right. That trooper is one suspect, why would he do that?” Farah said. There was more to this than meets the eye, as went to a 7-Eleven store parking lot to meet Amanda there, and there she was. “Hello, you two. What’s going down now?” she said.

We explained that one con from the future named Ronald Moss is in the political scene as senator representative for Bill Rock bury in DC. “I made adjustments to my suit with nanotechnology, something not discovered yet” she said. They left the area to one hotel Marriott, in the city.

They all went to their rooms to think of their next move. Brian got the GPS tracker and destroyed it so the trooper couldn’t follow them any longer. “That takes care of that part, so any of Moss’s goons follow us” Brian said. Amanda took out her suit so they can see it and put it on.

“Look, it never gets wet, bonds to my body and changes color” Amanda said, changing from purple to black in one thought. “Some cool shit there” Farah said. “Thanks, also with camflouge and heightened invisibility” she added, as she’s one with the suit in thought and control.

“Good suit upgrade, Amanda. But we must think of taking down Moss before he enters the race to be president of the United States in 2016, replacing Obama” Ricks said. “Hell no, we all voted for Obama to win the 2012 election, and we gave him second term in office” Brian said.

They commanded us to research the senate office to where Moss would be at. “Does he live close to the senate?” Farah asked. “Yes, in the senate sleeping quarters in the building, left wing” I said. So we headed the National Mall there, but undercover. In the building, Moss was to meet Bill for three o’clock to discuss business.

“Mr. Rock bury, welcome to my office” Moss said, hiding a fire arm in the desk drawer. “You’re a new representative in the political stage, how will you change America?” he asked him. He said by allowing every unjust criminal run free in the country and world and shot him in cold blood.

He then hid the body in a garbage bag to throw in the dumpster. So he left the building to dump it outside in the city dump. Everyone had arrived outside the senate house to get Moss but had to pass security, when one black car pulled out the gateway. I beeped Brian to notify him that it was Moss with something in the trunk.

“Let’s follow that black car” Farah said, which they did. Staying well behind it about three hundred meters, Brian drove along many streets Moss drove on. But he knew they were following him. “That’s it you two, keep on my trail, set to ruin your good names” he said. Moss arrived at the city dumpster in the neighborhood, took the body from the trunk to throw in the dumpster when the gang showed up.

“Looks like you’re taking out the trash, dead trash” Brian said. “There was a news report recently of a dead senator on your team, Bill Rock bury” Farah said. “So, Ferguson, Ramirez and your female partner the redhead, are fugitive retrieval specialists, cops from the 22nd century” Moss said.

“Yes, we are and come to take you back, these two here not me” Amanda said. Then footsteps sounded and several well dressed men appeared. “We’re with FBI, come to investigate a murder of a senator” the man said. “Here are the murderers who killed Rock bury” Moss said, pointing to them. “You three are coming with us for questioning and if you’re the suspects, you all will serve time in federal prison” Agent Madison said.

“Sir, you got the wrong people” Brian said. “When your backs are against the walls, the only thing to do is run” Farah said, as they shot blue pellets at the agents, stunning them. “Let’s bounce, ladies. You two go back to the senate building to find clues to Rock Bury’s death” Brian commanded. “What you’ll do?” Farah asked. Brian will cooperate with the FBI and go for questioning at their headquarters.

“Amanda and Farah we must depart before they capture all of us” Ricks said. Amanda had used her suit to disappeared and a new ability, to teleport to any area she wishes. “Hold on, Farah. Next stop, senate house” Amanda said, as they disappeared from the scene. The FBI and Moss had got Brian in for questioning, put him into the wagon to send to HQ.

“One down, two to go” Moss said, as he headed to the same place. At the J. Edgar Hoover Building where the FBI is located, Brian was in the interrogation room. His belonging were taken from him, including me and his PLLT. “So Mr. Ferguson, we’re both on the side of good, looking at your badge. You’re with Philly P.D” the agent said.

“Well my man, Madison. You got the wrong guy. The guy sitting out there, why don’t you ask him?” Brian replied. This was all planned by Moss, with him trying to ruin our good reputation. “So you’re being a difficult one, huh?” Agent Inspector Madison said. I was in a box with all of his belongings there. Clearing their names will be a daunting task.

Outside the senate house at the gateway, Farah and Amanda arrived there. “Two security guards standing there, we can pass them no problem” Farah said. “Once inside the building, how will we find Moss’s office with a hundred plus rooms?” Ricks said. “Look up senate yellow pages for Moss” Farah joked. “Stay close to me, Farah.

We’re going in” Amanda said, as she activated the invisibility cloaking and both disappeared to pass security and into the building. Once inside, they had Ricks to scan the building to find his office. “Ricks, do a layout of the senate house to find Moss’s office” Farah commanded him, which he did. “Scanning the senate house for Moss’s office location.

Just found it, second floor, east wing” Ricks said. They went up there when security came around. “Hold it, ladies. You have permission to be in the senate house” the man said. He wanted to see their proof of visit. “You want to see ID, here it is” Amanda said, as she stunned him with his PLLT. “I advise you two to get a move on before more security come after us for trespassing” Ricks said.

Both went upstairs to the second floor to Moss’s office to find clues that Moss is responsible for Rock Bury’s death. At the J. Edgar Hover building, Ronald came into room to talk to Brian. “Ferguson, I’m amazed you and your friends came back in time just to get me” Moss said. “Why don’t you admit you killed the senator Rock bury, and not us?” Brian said.

“I want to see you all suffer first with hard time in this century” Ronald said, and got out audio amplifier, turning it on to shatter Brian’s eardrums. “Confess to the murder of Bill Rock bury” Moss demanded, increasing the sound. “No way you slithering snake” Brian said. Then the FBI came in, wondering what happened.

“Ronald, that’s enough torture from you” the young woman said, who was an FBI agent. “So, Ms. Cochrane, you side with the killer of the senator” Ronald said. He warned the woman if she interferes again, she’ll be stripped of her badge and dismissed forever from the agency. “Thanks, whoever you are” Brian said.

“I’m Valerie Cochrane, FBI assistant to Inspector Madison” she introduced herself. “Nice to meet you, Brian Ferguson” she said. She wanted to know if Brian killed Rock bury for real, but want to see if he’s innocent first. “Just get me out of here, I have a computer that can help us” he said to Valerie.

“This will be risky, just follow my lead” she said. She went to the belongings tray and gave to Brian to get his stuff, me and his car alarm PLLT. “I will plead to them to reduce your sentence” Valerie said. Then the agents came with Moss and saw them. “What is this, Cochrane. You’re helping a murderer escape?” Madison said.

“Run” Brian said, and with her gone, Brian got his PLLT and gave a green pellet to one agent, and escaped. “Strange green blast took out one of our guys” the agent said. “A long story which you won’t believe” Ronald said, and they went after him. “Do you have transportation?” I said to Valerie on her communicator. “Who’s this?” Valerie said.

“No time to chit chat, Brian’s car is impounded and is there another?” I asked her. She said of one motorcycle in the driveway and they rode it out. “So where to now?” Valerie asked. Brian said to the senate house where Amanda and Farah are. At the senate house, the girls were still looking for clues. “I see blood stains to the right of you” Amanda said.

Not all the blood stains faded away on the carpet. “Ladies, check the back of the painting for a hidden camera” Ricks said to them. To the left wall, they moved the painting of Moss and saw it. “So the hidden cam behind the painting through the eyepiece, our only proof of innocence” Farah said. She wanted Ricks to replay the last footage of the murder to Amanda’s tablet wirelessly.

“Mr. Rock bury, welcome to my office” Moss said. “You’re a new representative in the political stage, how will you change America?” Bill said. “When I become president of the United States, I want every convicted criminal and terrorist go free on good behavior” Moss said.

“Are you mad, Moss? No way it will happen” he said. That’s when Moss shot him with a firearm and having the fingerprints of Brian from the future during their scuffle, put it on the gun so the FBI thought he assassinated him. Then a prepared speech came on.

“Citizens of the United States and the world. A revolution in our society has come. Every wanted terrorist or criminal is to be set be free, for I’m their liberator from the law enforcement” Moss announced. “If not, every known site here and worldwide will be destroyed, starting with the White House in this city. You have four hours to come through on my demand or my people will do damage” he said and the video feed ended.

“The guy is nuttier than the dictators of this time like Fidel Castro and others who hate America” Amanda said. “The lad isn’t kidding around here. He must have firepower somewhere around this senate house or elsewhere. We must stop him at all costs to save the world” Ricks said. Then a knock on the door sounded.

“Intruders in the senate office, give yourselves up” the voice sounded. “Let’s get out of here” Farah said, and they teleported out of the office. They landed in the laundry basket in the laundry room. “Where are we? Looks like we’re under some clothes” Farah said, as they looked up, they were in the laundry room.

“Looks like my suit needs a tune up when this day is over” Amanda said. “Correct, my dear Amanda. But we must get out of this predicament before the authorities found you two for questioning” Ricks said. They saw one laundry bucket being shipped out, so they hid in it until they set to move out.

Minutes later, the laundry crew move the bucket to the laundry truck which drove off the property. That’s when Amanda tried to teleport again, successfully to the outside entrance. Then Farah got her cell to call Brian on his.

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