Being On Duty

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Being Betrayed Continuation, a great war rages

“Brian, we got good news. It was Moss who murdered Rock bury, pinned on us by taking your fingerprints from the future and put it on the firearm to frame you” Farah said. “Good job, meet me at the Lincoln memorial” he said. They went to the memorial to meet up with him.

“There you ladies are, what you dig up?” Brian asked. He introduced Valerie to them. Amanda then held a DVD video disc of the incident to give her. “This will prove Moss is the one who killed Rock bury” Amanda said. They all decided to go back to FBI headquarters, when the same state trooper came by.

“You all are under arrest by the orders of FBI” the trooper said. “There are other matters to deal with trooper Harrison” Ricks said, distracting the trooper elsewhere. “At least that trooper is gone” Brian said. There was no time to lose as they all headed towards the J. Edgar Hoover building to prove their innocence to the FBI.

At the FBI headquarters, they were getting to capture them. “That traitorous Cochrane and company must be brought in for justice” Moss said. The other agents begin to question Ronald’s attitude of wanting to have us arrested and face the death sentence.

Outside the headquarters, everyone arrived at the gateway. “Just two security guards in front, will be easy to get pass them” Farah said. Brian went forward to speak them. “Hey, I lost my way around here, can you direct me?” he said. “It’s the Ferguson guy, let’s get him” the guard said. He quickly took their firearms and knocked them out cold.

“Coast is clear” he said, and the ladies move forward. Not when the security alarm went off. “Just great, the alarm went off” Amanda said, as they went inside. “They’re here, the assassins of our senator representative, Rock bury. Capture them now!” Ronald said, as he saw them on the security cameras.

Several agents came by and they were outnumbered. “No use fighting them all, let’s give up” Brian said, and they surrender and brought to the main hall for questioning. “So we all meet for the first time” Agent Madison said. “So, Agent Cochrane, you side with these murderers of a senator” he added. “Now, Madison. These three are innocent until proven guilty” Valerie said.

“Enough of this B.S. from her. Let them witness the death penalty through the electric chair. I’m the man of justice” Ronald Moss said. “Man of Justice, huh? We’ll see about that” I said, and I shut the power down in the building so Amanda could escape and go to the television to play the video. A minute later I turn on the power.

“I have evidence of our innocence” Amanda said, and played the DVD. “Mr. Rock bury, welcome to my office” Moss said. “You’re a new representative in the political stage, how will you change America?” Bill said. “When I become president of the United States, I want every convicted criminal and terrorist go free on good behavior” Moss said.

“Are you mad, Moss? No way it will happen” he said. Then Moss shot him in the chest. “Well, that’s one problem I don’t worry about, meddling senate fool” he said. That’s when the agents had a change of heart by setting Brian, Farah and Amanda free and go after Moss. “What is this? It’s all a trick set up by them” Moss said.

“You murdered a well known political senator in cold blood so you can run for office?” one agent said. “You bastard! We threw our support for you” another agent said. “Looks like Moss will get his” Brian said. “You all can’t take me” Moss said, as he had a bomb on him, already activated and thrown in the room.

“Holy shit, the bomb will blow in three minutes” Madison said. That’s when I disarm it in close range of twenty feet. “That was close” Amanda said. “I’ll go to the White House to make my voice heard through destruction by stopping at the senate house” Moss said, and went through a secret doorway to outside.

“If he goes to the White House to cause destruction and get people on his side through force, America will become a third world nation” Farah said. Everyone went after him before he went to the senate house. Brian, Farah, and Amanda decided to go ahead before the FBI gets involved.

They must send Moss back to 2169 before he causes destruction in the present. Ronald arrived at the senate house entrance only to go underground through a secret passageway underneath the ground. “Blasted fugitive retrieval law enforcement from the 22nd, they’ll never send me back” Moss said, as he went under.

The gang arrived at the entrance with Valerie. “So this is the hidden basement under the senate house” Valerie said. “Val, we want you to stay here out of danger” Brian said, and she did that. Everyone went down below the cellar to get him.

“Look at this firepower, including these missiles. I’ll blow up this country’s monuments showing the government I’m serious, including the world as well” Moss said, laughing diabolically. “Boy, you gone totally crazy” Brian said. “Farah Ramirez detective, Amanda Cardinal Reid police detective in training” Farah introduced.

“We’ve come to send you back” Brian said. “Buzz off, you all can’t get me” Moss said, as he shot at them. They hid behind the boxes to come up with a plan. “How can we stop him? He has enough missiles and firepower to destroy Fort Knox” Amanda said. Brian surrendered himself as part of the plan they brainstormed.

“I give up, Moss, you win” Brian said. “Glad to see things my way” Moss said, as he had the firepower when Amanda appeared taking the guns. “You’re going down, Moss” she said. That’s when Brian attacked him, by punching him and kicks. “You slimy cockroach, you’ll pay for your insolence” Moss said to Brian.

“What a lame insult” Brian replied, as he gave one right hook as he went down. “You will never win” Moss said. “Oh yeah? We just did, time to go to 2169 for trial” Farah said, and zap him with a red blast and we did the honors transporting him. “My revolution will live…” he said fumingly as he disappeared to 2169.

“One psychotic madman out of the way” Ricks said. “What about the FBI? They’re looking for Moss also, what will you say?” I said. They’ll say he seek justice elsewhere in hell. “Let’s get out of here so the FBI can destroy this place” Brian said, as they went to the top. “You three alright? Where’s Moss?” Valerie said.

“He committed suicide by a bomb blast to prove his point” Farah said, in hell that is. The funeral of Rock bury went as scheduled in the secret cemetery with family there. “At least he laid to rest knowing justice is done” Valerie said. “That’s for sure, Val. That’s for sure” Brian said.

“A great war rages”

1812- The thirty six year old United States was set to invade Upper Canada under the British that time, through Fort Erie, making it part of the U.S.. But the British wasn’t going to let them take it. Three great icons, Isaac Brock, Tecumseh, and Charles De Salaberry were the key to protect their homeland. In some strange moment, everyone was transported to witness this historic event.

“Where are we?” Brian asked. “The war of 1812, when the United States were going to invade Upper Canada through Fort Erie and travel inward to York” I said. York, the village city that will grow in that time, become known as present day Toronto in Canada. “The war has begun with the American forces” Farah said.

“Laura Secord is a useful lookout, she was right about the American forces invading our land” Isaac Brock said. “Salaberry, Tecumseh, my fellow soldiers attack without mercy” Brock ordered and the troops advanced forward on horseback, with cannons set up to fire.

“My fellow comrades, show no mercy” the commander William Hull said and they attacked. “Look at that firepower, including those 19th century rifles” Paul said. Just then the British naval captain Brock got shot in the crossfire. “I got shot, the bloody Yanks shot me” Brock said.

“Oh, damn it, Brock got shot” Brian said. They can’t interfere with the battle because they can alter history. “The heartless savages shot our captain, attack my comrades, Salaberry forward, my friend” Tecumseh said. “Everyone, fall in, rifles ready, fire” Salaberry said in English, being on horseback.

Gunfire erupted between the two sides where one side became victorious, the Canadian soldiers. “These Brits are too much for us with their guns and troops, fall back” Hull said, and retreated back Stateside. “Go past Canada, go” Brian said. The other three applauded them also.

“Brock has been wounded in battle” Secord said. “It’s impossible to heal him at my village, the wounds are fatal” Tecumseh said. “Everyone, I give you all thanks for protecting Upper and Lower Canada from American invasion today, but they will be back, God.. Save the Queen..” Brock said, and passed on. “Oh, damn, such as icon from this period dead” Brian said, crying in tears. Then another time jump happened.

“Battle of York”

It was the battle of York in upper Canada which will become present day Toronto. In 1813, the Americans took York under Zebulon Pike, Chauncey and Dearborn, naval commanders invaded the city. Carefully planned from the year before by both of them, York was easy to take because of it being less protected like Kingston in upper Canada.

On April 27, 1813, they made their attack. “Vices, where are we now?” Brian asked me. “Battle of York, April 27, 1813” I said, as I was in visual form. “Looks like we’re in a boat witnessing this” Amanda said. The two thousand plus brigade of Chauncey had took out several British troops on land near Front Street.

Roger Hale Sheaffe, military leader, had his troops battle the Americans. But their firepower and advanced weaponry were too much for the American invaders. Casualties were on both sides, trying to save York, but failed to. They burnt their forts, homes, and important monuments like the Legislative Assembly.

With York under them, they were going after Fort Niagara next, when firepower shot at their boats. Sheaffe wasn’t going to let them conquer them anymore. “Alright men, let’s drive these intruders out here” he commanded. Exchange of fire from cannonballs and rifles shot at the Americans, driving them from the mainland and retreating.

“Team Sheaffe did it” Brian said. But they took Burlington Heights and Fort Niagara which the British are still protecting from them. The war ended in 1815 with Upper Canada being the victor protecting their lands.

Then a snap back to reality came back. Everyone was back in 2013. “Cool war footage of North American history” Paul said. It was all part of our job to let them the history of this planet earth.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

Oklahoma City or OKC for short, is one of oil rich and natural gas deposit centers in the country. It’s also where Stone heart is planning to do away with my captain Ferguson and the others through an invention in the Devon Center tower he’s been working overnight.

“There, it’s all done. I call it the Shortage Halter Universal Tamper Dominant Override Wave Neutralizer, or S.H.U.T.D.O.W.N. for short” he said. One assistant scientist to Stone heart named Frank Powers, an engineer. But he has one secret, he from the 22nd century like him.

Stone heart granted him safety from back there to here, owning him thanks. “Stone heart, how will you test the invention on first?” Powers said. “Well, on my adversaries that are after me, Ferguson and his team, by disabling their technology, computers, and their microchips in their skulls which I implanted in them” he said.

Then Ebenezer walked in the laboratory and shot the employees. “I’m out of here” Frank said, and fled the building to call for help. But Stone heart used the device to short the communicators such as the cell phone and radio frequencies out of commission. “Let him go, Saul. Frank has no functioning communication devices on him” Stone heart said.

But they’ll use Frank as bait to lure Brian and the others into his trap as he planned it. In Philadelphia, the others were kicking back at the house when a phone call on the computer happened. They accepted the video call message. “Is this the police detectives Ferguson and Ramirez speaking?” Frank Powers said. “Yeah, speaking. What’s up my man?” Brian said.

“I’m a scientist engineer from 2169 in the 22nd century. I know where Stone heart the cruel scientist is in Oklahoma City” Powers said. “Hold on, Stone heart is in Oklahoma City? Where?” Farah asked. He said their hideout is at the Devon Center office building in the downtown core. They need all the help they can muster up, so Amanda and Paul came along for the ride.

“Hold on you two, is it right just rushing into this without a plan?” I said. “Vices has a point, Bri. What if he and his goons are waiting for us?” Farah asked concerning their plans. “Plus I did a background check on Powers. He is from the 22nd century, a healthy mid 20’s graduate of MIT in 2164, of science engineering” Ricks said.

Brian is one that always don’t think ahead and his bad choices endangers the team, so they went to Oklahoma City. “Good job, Frank. You led them here to their doom” Saul said to him. He disappeared out of Frank’s home which is his apartment awaiting his next order.

Everyone arrived at Oklahoma City to nab Stone heart and foil his evil plans, if they can. “Oklahoma City, one of the oil rich cities in America. Oil and natural gas is this city’s major business” Brian said. “Yes, Oklahoma City is one of the nation’s resource rich cities the main source of income here. But Brian, Powers was trying to warn you all in some way” I said.

“How you know that, Vices?” Farah asked. “Through his tone of voice, warning us of a trap” I added. “Well, if old Stone heart lay the drop on us, him Ebenezer and that babe Victoria, we’ll be ready” Paul said. “Have you found the address for the Devon Tower?” Amanda said to us.

“Yes, we did. The Devon Tower is on 280 W. Sheridan Ave” Ricks said. It’s just a few blocks which we drove into. Outside the tower, it was normal. With no one in sight, they commanded us to be in holographic form. “Visualize” they commanded. “Scan the tower from inside if you see them” Brian commanded. “Scanning the building for Stone heart vitals.. He’s there in the basement lower level” I said.

So we went into the building, but had to pass security and receptionist. “We come to see Stone heart” Farah said. The receptionist said for us to go down the elevator to see him, all planned by him. “This sounds fishy, passing security easily” Paul said. They arrived downstairs and looked through rooms for him, when one door opened and they went through it.

They all went in the room and it automatically locked behind them. “It must be trap” Paul said. Then a video image came on and it was Stone heart speaking.

“Good afternoon. I see you four are trying to stop me. This is a special room, you can’t teleport out of there because of the de-teleportation program I installed in there. Also look up, there’s my invention of the Shortage Halter Universal Tamper Dominant Override Wave Neutralizer, or S.H.U.T.D.O.W.N. for short” he announced. The ray activated and zapped them, shutting down everything electronic, even us.

“Farewell Brian, Farah, team, for temporarily..” I said, and shut off. “Aw, damn it, my microchip in my skull, it’s sorting” Brian said. The others fell it too. “Oh darn, not good. We’re normal people now” Farah said. They left the room after the video feed ended, went up the elevator, when company showed up. Some security guards working for Stone heart showed up.

“Unauthorized intruders in the building, get them” the security guard said, and shot at them. They ducked for cover under the flower pots. “Sorry guys, my suit is down” Amanda said. “Let’s take them out the old fashion way” Brian said. He threw a broken piece of vase at the guard’s hand, knocking the gun out. Others tried to charge at them, but somehow fought them off, without their supernatural abilities.

But one guard won’t give up and attacked Brian. “Damn, you don’t give up do you?” he said. That’s when a gunshot fired behind the guard’s back and he fell down. It was Frank that did it. “I can’t believe I did that, first time using a loaded firearm” he said. “Enough of your firearm experience, are you here to help us?” Amanda said. “Yes, yes, I can restore your computers, abilities, and powers” Frank said.

They went to his secret location which was a vacant farm outside the city with technology. “This barn is temporary than my apartment in the city. It’s decked out with technology from back home, stuff which is not known yet in this time” Frank said. They were amazed of all the gadgetry is there, especially the chair which was a recharge so they can gain their powers back.

“Den of geniuses, tech geeks like yourself” Paul said. “You’re a graduate of MIT in 2164, I hear” Farah said. “Yes, Farah. Top graduate of science engineering and molecular structure, something unheard of in this time” he mentioned. Brian and Farah gave him me and Ricks to repair us on one portable scanner and recharge.

“This will take some time to recharge your computers” Frank said. “For you Amanda and Paul, stand in this spot, it’s nanotech suit recharge and enhancer” Frank said, and they stood there. High frequency beams shone on them and the suit was charging up. “I worked with Stone heart in the 22nd century with molecular structure and transport, right after I graduated” Frank said.

He didn’t know what their former mentor would go evil and be responsible for many criminal escaping prison in the future. So he fled to 2013 to be safe. Brian sat in the chair as Frank repaired the computer chip in their heads. “Almost done with hit. There, truly enhanced. Modified some wires to resist damage” Frank said, and put the chip back into Brian’s head.

Then he started to stand and used super speed to dash around the barn. “Feel like a brand new Superman” Brian joked. The others to regain their powers back. “What happened to our suits? It’s like they disappeared on us” Amanda asked Frank. “I made adjustments to your invisibility suits. In addition to your invisibility, your suit now bonds with your body. The advanced nanotechnology in them been enhanced. You can summon your suits by thinking it” Frank added.

That’s something Paul and Amanda must master very well with the suit summoning technology in their microchip database. We were prepared as well. “Here are your computers, Vices and Ricks. Nice disguise as credit cards in this time period” Frank said. Brian and Farah commanded us to appear and we did. “Mr. Powers, we thank you for repairing us” I said.

Farah using her enhanced bionic sight scan the exterior of the barn and detected something. “We have company coming from the outside” Farah said. It was Saul Ebenezer coming from the back inside and started to fire the automatic rifle outside. He converted it into a missile launcher and fired. “Get down!” Brian said and everyone as part of the barn was destroyed.

“Made me a entrance” Saul said, and went in. “Get Powers out of here now” Brian ordered and everyone did that. “Brian, Ebenezer has serious firepower on him, the speed of that missile launcher is under sixty seconds” I warned him. “Hey Ferguson, we have some unfinished business to deal with” Saul said. “So Saul Ebenezer, the Outlaw leader. Broke out of Lower Serene, you and Victoria Crenshaw, help broke Stone heart, that bastard out of prison 2169 for his part of helping wanted fugitives to escape” Brian said.

“Well, Stone heart was our savior and liberator” Ebenezer said. “Liberator my black ass. A murderer and ruthless life taker” Brian said. “Well, what can you do about it but die” Ebenezer said, and shot at him. Meanwhile, on the outside, the others had their own problems.

“Brian has no chance against Saul with the advance portable missile launcher with a good hitting range” Frank said. “He’s right everyone, he needs us” Ricks said. That’s when they confronted Victoria. “No one isn’t going anywhere except six feet under” Victoria said. Not if Amanda say anything about it and teleported behind her and took her firearm.

“Who isn’t going anywhere now?” Amanda asked her. With Victoria under their custody, Saul won’t dare harm us. Back in the barn, the battle rages on. “Come out, where ever you are, Ferguson, and take death like a man” Saul demanded. Hiding behind some boxes, Brian was planning how to disarm Saul.

“Well, this is a fine mess I got myself to. A few seconds to my doom, only God can save me” Brian said. “Not in the 22nd century because Christianity doesn’t exist, since the outlaw in 2078 by anti Christian Muslim groups” I said. “Brian, I sense we have company. It’s Farah, Amanda, Paul and Frank. They have someone captive which is Crenshaw” I added.

“OK, Ebenezer. We have Crenshaw hostage, drop your weapons now, that’s an order” Farah demanded. Saul drop his weapon on the floor. Brian appeared from hiding. “Saul Ebenezer and Victoria Crenshaw, you two are going back to 2169 to serve time for helping to release Stone heart from prison and destruction of Serene city’s Philadelphia enclave” Brian said, which Philadelphia enclave in the 22nd, is Philadelphia of the present.

“Forget going back to 2169, C-ya losers” Victoria said, and fought of Amanda’s control, ran away to safety. “Come on, Saul, let’s scram” Victoria said. Not when Frank shot a chip at Saul, disabling his suit so he won’t disappear. “Victoria, save yourself” Saul said. That’s what she did and disappeared from the barn.

“My invisibility suit, you Mr. Genius, will pay for that” Saul said, as he went toward Frank. Not when Brian and Farah zapped him with a red pellet and trapped in a force field, awaiting us to send him back to 2169. “Transport mode” Brian said, and sent Saul back to the future.

“Your PLLT comes with a red pellet laced with ARS, how neat” Frank said. “Yeah, but we got one half of the rebels, Crenshaw escaped” Farah said. One day they’ll find her and Stone heart. “At least Ebenezer is in 2169 doing his prison sentence” I said. On the road, Victoria called Stone heart with bad news. “Saul was transported back to 2169 by Ferguson and his team” she told him.

“What?! One my right hand man is transported back there, what an disappointment” he said. He told her to stay low for a while so they can regroup. In the city of Oklahoma, everyone gathered there. “Well, Frank we thank you for repairing us” Brian said. “No problem, nice to meet you time police getting bad guys from the future” Frank said.

He’s hoping to meet up with them again in the future, this time, I mean. That’s when everyone walked past an memorial site of the 1995 bombing of the city and transported to April 19, 1995 to witness the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building by Timothy McVeigh a terrorist mastermind, and Terry Nichols.

They had a truck packed with explosives and bombs in the back. They parked it outside the building and walked away so it can blow up the federal building. McVeigh was wanted for driving without a renewed license by police. The bomb went off and destroyed the building. 168 lives lost and injured more than 680 people.

A devastating act of terrorism on American soil of the late 20th century. Hours later both were arrested for their crime for attacking the government. Both were in jail for life, the former war veterans. “Such a tragedy for the city” Paul said. “Yes, Paul it is. Evil can consume anyone from any time period” Ricks said.

They’re thankful that the people of O.K.C.(Oklahoma City for short) can rest that killers been brought to justice and peace lives on. Back in 2169, Saul was at the court house for sentencing. “Saul Ebenezer, you’re charged for your crimes such as attacking Serene City in the Philadelphia enclave area” the judge said on the virtual TV screen, being broadcast from a far location.

“You’re sentenced to eternity in prison” the judge said. He was sent to the Old Philadelphia prison to serve his sentence. “Ferguson, mark my words. If I ever break out, I’ll get my vengeance on you and your pals” he warned. That’s if he ever gets out, as the prisons in the 22nd century have improved their security defenses.

“A Tight situation” There was one wanted man for his crimes back in the 22nd century named James Eaton Jr. In 2169, he used stolen information from one guard of the weapon ammunition center in Serene City to obtain plans to build a super cannon which he did called the semi neutralizer.

The weapon is used to stop any moving object like automobiles, planes, etc. Even stop time, like people from moving and animals. He was located in St. Petersburg, Florida. “There you are, my baby. This semi-neutralizer is ready to go” he said. His home is on top of a swamp in the city and his alligator named Tiny, is his pet.

“Let’s go rob a bank to support myself” he said, and went to one in the city.Meanwhile, we got misled information that Eaton Jr. was in St. Petersburg, Russia, where Brian and Farah are. In our hotel, we’re searching online in our laptops to see if he was here. “Are you two sure he’s here?” Brian asked us.

“Correction, our data banks had been fooled with somehow. It’s not here the suspect is but..” Ricks said. Then the door knocked and Farah opened it. A hotel owner gave them a letter addressed to them. “Looks like we got a letter” Farah said, from an unknown person. She opened it and read it, “Hey dumb skis, you’re in the wrong place while I’m State side planning my next heist” it read.

It’s was James writing alright, we been lead on a goose chase on the other side. “So it was St. Petersburg, Florida, in the States?” Brian said. “No shit, Sherlock” Farah said. Both got ready to leave Russia bound for America, when a news report appeared on TV. It was in Russian and ask us to translate the message.

“The reporter says some strange space age weapon had immobilized several vehicles in the vicinity months ago” I said. They knew that he came here before them and cause mayhem and hiding state side. Back in the States, Eaton was preparing to rob a bank in the night where less people are on the streets. He zapped the door with the neutralizer gun.

It disabled the security system on the door so he could go in easily. Not when the night watchman appeared on the scene. “Hey you, what are doing here?” the watchman asked him. “Why don’t you keep still now?” Eaton said and zapped him with the gun, being in a frozen in time state for several hours. He had to move fast by memorizing the code for the safe in the back room and take up to thousands in cold hard cash.

“This like taking candy from a baby” Eaton said, and dragged the guard in the bank and locked the door on him. Finally, all of us arrived in St. Petersburg, Florida, known as The Sunshine City by locals. “Finally back in the sun than in the cold Russian climate and I‘m sick of all that caviar” Brian said.

“You can say that again and that caviar is bad” Farah commented. They saw one newspaper article about one robbery at a bank in the Cromwell Heights Area. “Look at this story, a robbery at the First rate bank. Security night watchman don’t remember what happened, just saw one robber with a space age weapon” Brian said. “Thousands of dollars stolen, suspect’s identity unknown” Farah read.

We know it was the work of Eaton’s handiwork with the stolen neutralizer ray. “We need to find the bloke fast and get him before he causes any more destruction” Ricks said. The question is where in this city. When we were in our hotel in the city, we researched the databases on Eaton Jr.

“James Eaton Jr., son of James Eaton Sr., is wanted for stealing a semi-neutralizer gun in 2169 from a weapon ammunition center in the Philadelphia enclave area. He used stolen information from a guard to get in and stole it for his own use. Created by scientists in 2145 to stop time and objects from moving, they had to keep the weapon from falling into the wrong hands” I said.

“Too late for that, it already has” Farah said. “Also another thing, his father was wanted for identity fraud in the 22nd century, and before the police got to him, he committed suicide with a dirty bomb, all part of the Outlaws” Ricks said. The father passed on when James was five years old. He loves water, so he’ll live around it in this city, which is built near to.

At the hideout of Eaton, he was busy counting his earnings. “Look at this, Earl. We have enough stolen money to last us” he said. “What about the cops? They’ll find us” Earl said, his henchman. “Not with this weapon I have here, this neutralizer” he said. Also both can disappear south to Mexico to hide out.

“Research the houses built near water” Farah commanded to us, which we did. “There was one house in the north west section of the city, surrounded by water” I said. With no time to lose we headed there. “Here’s the place on water, must be inside” Brian said, as they approached the door with their weapons.

“Scan the house for Eaton” Farah commanded, and we did that. “I see two vital signs in there, and they’re armed” Ricks said. There was a hidden surveillance camera on the roof top of the house which we noted to them. “Hey James, we got company outside our front door” Earl said. They decide to let them in only to get them by surprise. The door strangely opened on them.

“Looks too easy, the door opening on us, something fishy going on” Brian said, and they proceeded with caution. “They’re here, somewhere” Farah said. “Hello, may I help you two?” James said. “Yes, what do you know about the bank heist in Cromwell Heights” Brian said, knowing he’s responsible for it. “Not if it’s your business, get them Earl” Eaton commanded, and the machine gun shot at them.

“Get down now!” Farah said, under the chairs. But Earl shot at it. She used her PLLT laser to stun Earl and he fell down. “Blue flash, PLLT? You two aren’t from here, are you?” James said. “You right on the money, Eaton. 22nd century and come to send you back there” Brian said, saying they’re fugitive retrievals.

“Well, I’m not going back, and you watch your lady’s back” James said, as he went for the neutralizer to stop his laser from functioning with the beams and it did. Then he used it on Farah to immobilize her, stop her from moving, like in a statue state. “Your girlfriend has gone stiff for an couple hours” James said. “You bastard, you pay for that” Brian threatened.

Then Earl got up and gain consciousness. “What happened here?” Earl said. “Nothing really. This house is built on water and I have a friend for you to meet under water” James said. With Brian’s PLLT disabled, he went for Farah’s own which was still working and hid it in his pocket. “Let’s lead him to outer deck” James said, and they lead him out to the deck.

“Boy, you touch me one more time, I break one of your body parts and beat you with it, although my hands are tied” Brian threatened Earl. “You won’t be around to do so” Earl said, and him and James stepped back to put Farah in the water too. “Farah, no! Leave her alone you bastards!” Brian said.

“Then go get her” James said. Brian had no choice but to swim after her, which he did. Then the alligator pet, Tiny appeared. “You two are Tiny’s dinner, and he’s real hungry. Come on let’s go, we have an appointment at St. Petersburg… can’t say anymore. You won’t live to get us” James said, and they walked out the house.

“A big lizard like creature such as an alligator is coming this way. These things live millions of years ago and over 800 pounds..” I said. “Enough facts Vices. This gator weighs over me by 600 pounds” Brian said. “Well, you’re 220 pounds and Farah 137 pounds” I said. “Well, she doesn’t like to mention her actual weight to others” Brian said. He brought her to shore to safety as he took on the alligator.

He swam under it and wrestled it from behind. “This gator is strong, come on Mr. Gator, let’s go under for a talk” Brian said, and brought it under, zapped it with a blue flash, stunning it, with its body backside up on the water. Brian swam to the shore line and carried Farah further in land. “Ricks, are you functioning?” Brian asked him.

“Yes, Ferguson. I am functioning, in her right pocket” Ricks said. He took her out of her pocket and commanded us to visualize. “Well, this bad, how can we get Farah to move” Brian said. “Why don’t we get her out of here first?” I requested. “Hold on, put me on her forehead so I can scan her body to counteract the immobilizer’s effects” Ricks said.

Brian did that, and Ricks scan her body. “There is a way to revive her that’s through shock treatment around her heart” Ricks said. “Vices, my dear, I need your help to revive Ramirez” he said. Brian placed both of us on her chest over her heart. “OK, you guys do your thing” Brian said. “Initiating shock treatment” I said. We both sent shock vibrations to her heart so it can beat again.

Farah started to move her hands slowly, to show she’s alive. “It’s working you two, one more time” Brian ordered. “Proceed one more time” Ricks said, and they gave her one more shock. Farah came to consciousness by opening her eyes. “Where am I, where are James and Earl?” she asked. “Long story and I’m glad to see you alive, there‘s a treatment to any invention bad effects” Brian said, and they kissed.

“If you two done sharing a passionate moment, we must leave before our alligator friend become conscious from the water” I warned them. “Of course, we don’t want to be that alligator’s supper” Farah joked. “They said St. Petersburg something” Brian said. They left the house to find those two before bad things happen again by those two.

“What place in this city they’re talking about?” Brian asked us, as they drove on the motorcycle. “St. Petersburg civic center, aha ! St. Petersburg Pier is where they’re heading” Ricks said. “There’s a meeting there tonight of wealthy elites to buy exotic underwater sea creatures to their homes sell at 8pm” he added.

“So those two are going to use that weapon to turn all them to lifeless statues and rob them” Farah said. So we all headed to the pier for tonight by us putting them on the guest list. Hours later in the night, the two thieves appeared outside the pier entrance, well dressed. “Look at that Earl. These people have a lot of cash on them for our taking” James said.

“With your space age weapon, the immobilizer thingy, they be scared stiff” Earl said. “Yeah, like lifeless statues as Ramirez. Those two should be gator chow by now” James said. They got out of the car up to the entrance. “Are you two on the guest list?” the bouncer said to them. “Well, here’s our pass. Earl show him” James said.

Earl got his gun and shot the bouncer several times. They got the communicator device and threw it away. “Let’s go inside” Earl said, and they walked inside. An hour later, Brian and Farah arrived the scene. “They were here alright, look at the bouncer, shot dead” Brian said, as they looked on the body.

“No portable communicators on him, the other guards will know something’s up” Brian said. With no time to lose, they went in before the actual police came in. The selling auction was on the second floor of the building in the Pier Aquarium. “Who wants to bid on this lovely stingray for twenty-five thousand dollars?” the auctioneer said. One person double the price of it.

Another said one hundred thousand dollars. Until then, James and Earl appeared. “I bid one million dollars on them, and from you. This is a stick up!” he said. People were frightened by this. “Get out or we call the cops on you” the auctioneer said. “Keep still” James said, and used the ray on the auctioneer and immobilized him, turning into a statue.

“See that? Now give up your cash” James demanded. Everyone was about to, when Brian and Farah showed up. “You two isn’t robbing anyone here. Philadelphia P.D. slash U.S. Marshals. Give yourselves up, James Eaton Jr. and Earl Cole” Brian said.

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