Being On Duty

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A Tight situation cont., Being on the hit list and Home sweet home

“Everyone evacuate the premises now!” I said, through my voice through the P.A. system. People started escaping the pier to outside. “Hey, you two. You ruined our heist and you must pay” James said. With several security guards in a statue state as they came in to stop them.

“The security guards are mannequins” Farah said. James said for Earl to go after buyers, not until Brian zapped a green pellet at Earl, stunning him for an hour. “Not again” Earl said, and lay unconscious. “We’re not, really Philly P.D. That’s our cover in this time. Captain Brian Ferguson and Farah Ramirez of S.C.P.A. fugitive retrieval unit of the 22nd century” Brian said.

“We come to take you back, James Eaton Jr. to 2169” Farah said. “No shit, you’re cops from back home like me” James said. “In 2169, you broke into the ammunition center in Serene’s Philly enclave and stole that weapon you have there” Brian said. “Yeah, and you two will become statues of this place which I’ll auction you two off” he said, and fired at them.

“Move, move” Farah said, as they move out of the way and into the hallway. “Better hurry up you two, he’s hot on our trail” Ricks said. They found a room, to lead him in, which they did. “So you two want to play hide and seek?” James said. In the closet, they think of how to take him. “With that weapon, we don’t stand a chance” Farah said. “May I suggest you two distract him?

Without his sidekick Earl to help him, he’s easy to beat, you two against Eaton Jr.?” I said. “Good idea, why didn’t I think of that?” Brian said. “Because you’re too distracted” Farah said. Both emerged from the closet to face him. “Freeze, Eaton Junior! Give yourself up and no one will get hurt” Brian said, holding his PLLT weapon, aimed at him.

“Nice PLLT in a form of a keyless car alarm remote, with three buttons” James said. “So you two send me back there, well both of you freeze now!” Eaton said. But Farah, didn’t give him chance and sped to take the weapon from him, and used it. He was in a statue state with his body functions frozen. “Take that, you jerk” Farah said.

“I guess the honor is all yours, Brian” Ricks said. Brian zapped the stiff James Eaton Jr. with a red pellet and with our help, transport him to 2169. “That is that, when Eaton comes to, he will notice that he’s in custody in 2169 and in prison” Brian said. “Like if he comes conscious in four hours from now” Farah added.

“Want to us to call the police on Earl?” I asked. Brian gave us the OK to call the police on Earl to arrest him for murder of the bouncer and attempted theft. “Let’s go” Brian said, and left the pier. The cops quickly came to the pier and cuffed Earl Cole. They walked past them. “Hey, that’s them, the two cops that tried to stop us, had a car alarm that shot a blue and green flash” Earl said handcuffed.

“Yeah right, you’re dreaming. Too much science fiction TV, let’s go” the cop said, and they took him away. “Hey thanks for getting him, Cole. He’s wanted in many robberies in the city. Where’s the other guy, Eaton Jr.?” the second cop asked him. “He’s on run, don’t worry, we’ll get him” Farah said, avoided telling the truth that they’re law enforcement officers from the future. “So what about the immobilizer gun?” Farah said.

“We must destroy it before fall into the wrong hands” I said. With no one looking when they left the pier, they put the weapon on the ground, held us up so we can use our heat rays to melt it. “There, it’s destroyed completely, so how you like being a statue?” Brian said. “Don’t start that shit with me, OK?” Farah said, laughing. “He was trying to put you in a good mood, my dear Farah” Ricks said, as they drove off in the sunset.

“Being on the Hit List”

Charleston, South Carolina: A well known hit man named Daniel Luther from the 22nd century, was hired by one weapon scientist named Simon Crandles, also wanted for killing an unharmed police officer back there. The weapon was a death molecule splitter or death ray cannon, in simpler terms.

They were located on John’s Island, one of Charleston’s islands in the state. There was an attempted robbery at the bank in the city by two masked robbers that had Simon’s weapon they bought from him. “This is a stick up, no one move” the robber said. The second robber named Larry, blasted the security camera with the cannon and took out one security guard in the process.

“You see that people?” the thief said. Without hesitation, the teller opened the safe and gave them all their money. The sound of the police siren roared outside and cops were outside. “This is the police, come out with your hands up” the officer said. Both came out the bank, only to blow up the cruiser with the cannon to bits. “That’s some weapon” the officer said.

The two tried to escape, but used on a cop for defense by spitting the molecules in his body, blowing him to death. Back in Philadelphia, the team saw the news unfold on TV. “Damn, what a weapon, that death molecule splitter” Brian said. “That weapon isn’t from this time period” Farah added. “I think it’s best we get down to Charleston, because the police must have the weapon in their possession” I said.

“I feel it’s best for you two to go alone. We don’t want to endanger Paul and Amanda in this” Ricks said. With that, the both headed to Charleston, South Carolina, to see the thieves. At the bank, both went to investigate the area. “They blocked of the entrance of the bank well” Farah said.

The bank teller appeared on the scene and they questioned her. “The two crooks rob my bank dry and they had some laser cannon, blowing one security guard, Nick, to bits. The security camera is busted, so I think it’s useless now” the bank teller, Kathy said. She said the police had both of them in their custody at the police station. So both went to the station to find them.

“Here we are, let’s go in there and get info from them who the supplier is” Brian said. Both being detectives, are good of getting to the bottom of things. “Hi, we like to speak to the head of the police” Brian said. Then the police inspector came. “Inspector Sam Cantrell, you know about the crime that happened today?” he said.

“We heard about on the news, Philadelphia P.D. is our department” Farah said. The inspector lead them to the suspect, Larry to question him about the robbery with the molecule splitter cannon. Brian went to speak to him, in the interrogation room. The blinds were closed, and he went to it.

“Is it best the blinds be closed in the interrogation?” Cantrell said. “Yes, because my partner needs no distractions” Farah said. “OK, so Vices, what should we do?” Brian said to me, through his earpiece. “I am not telling you coppers nothing” Larry said. “Try an hypnotic trance by me send hypnotic tones to his mind, making him fall asleep, when you snap your fingers, he speaks” I said.

Then I initiated the hypnotic trance setting to make Larry go to sleep. He went into an deep sleep. Brian snapped his fingers to wake him. “OK Larry, tell me who supplied you this weapon?” Brian said. “It was one man named Simon Crandles who supplied me and my bud with this weapon” Larry said in the hypnotic state. “It was for a lot money we paid him for it” he added.

“Where is Simon Crandles located?” Brian said. “On John’s Island. It’s where we do our shooting tests out there in the forest” Larry said. Then he fell asleep again after he told Brian what he need to know. “What now to bring him back to consciousness?” Brian said. “Zap him with a blue PLLT pellet, that will do it and take off the effects of the hypnotism” I said.

Brian did that, with one pellet, he came to consciousness. Brian then left the interrogation room with good news. “Larry said the weapon was supplied by Simon Crandles on John’s Island” he said to Farah and the inspector. “Let us handle it because if you guys come with us, he might have company armed with those weapons and might kill your team” Farah said.

“OK, Ferguson. I’ll let you and Ramirez handle this. You have eight hours to resolve this, after that, my team is moving in” the inspector warned. With that, they left with the weapon for evidence. That’s when Daniel Luther, the hit man saw them walk out the police station in a car far away.

“Hey Simon, I see them, Ferguson and Ramirez, going on their car” Daniel said to him on the phone. “Follow them, to where they’re going, must be to their hotel and kill them” Simon ordered. At their hotel in the night time, the two went into the investigation of Simon Crandles.

“Visualize, you two” Brian said and we did that. “What do you need research on?” Ricks said. “Simon Crandles, we have a score to settle with him, the weapon scientist” Brian said. We uploaded the virtual file on him that he used his molecular death ray on an unharmed cop in the future.

“Do you want to see the murder footage?” Farah asked Brian. “Yeah, show me the footage, Vices. Show me how much I want to get Crandles, that murderer” Brian said, and I played it. The footage showed Simon in his laboratory working on modifying his cannon when the armed police came in back in 2160 after blasting the door with explosives open.

He was wanted for selling the ray to criminals and rebels to defend themselves. They ordered him to give himself up, but he used the weapon to kill an unharmed cop named Lucas, a friend and West Point buddy which he graduated with, to pieces. “That bastard will pay for killing him” Brian said.

“Well, we do that in the morning” Farah said. Both turned the lights off to go to sleep. An hour later, the sound of the door opened through decoding the lock from outside. The door opened and the death ray cannon fired. “Hear that?” Farah said. “Get down!” Brian ordered, and they did.

It was the hit man Daniel possessing it that fired. He hit the table, exploding it. “Gosh damn it, move, move!” Brian said, as he zapped the green pellets on the ceiling to get the assassin. He shot the TV, and it exploded. Both shot lasers at the hit man, but he disappeared.

“We’ll meet again” Daniel said, as he fled the suite. “It was the murderer, right? Simon’s right hand man?” Farah said. “Yes, it was. By examining the weapon which was death ray molecular cannon is a powerful one” Ricks said. Crandles was serious of taking them out and need to take him down ASAP.

In the morning, both set out to get him and his hit man on John’s Island. They need to reach there by boat, which they rented. There were several islands off Charleston. “OK, Vices, activate GPS to pinpoint where John’s Island is located” Brian ordered. I activated the GPS tracking, to go to their left about twenty meters.

“Straight down this river to John’s Island” I directed. There was no trouble finding the island, as we reached it, and docked the boat. “There was a population on this island, look at the houses” Farah said. Both went onto land to find him. “Did you know that this island was named after St. John’s parish in Barbados by the first settlers which were the British?” Ricks said.

Both didn’t want a history lesson from him, just to know where he is. “About ten miles along this pathway” Ricks said, as they walked down it. But through the bushes, they saw bulls eyes and a shooting range. “This is like their training area of test driving their weapons” Brian said.

Down the path, they saw test dummies that they used for target practice. “We’re definitely on the right trail” Farah said. An overhead hidden camera in the bushes had viewed them on the camera by Crandles. “They’re here. Those bothersome officers from the 22nd century, after us. Let’s see them try to get past my booby traps I set up for them” he said, by watching them on the security TV in his home.

“Daniel, take out Ferguson and Ramirez and don’t report back to me when they’re vaporized into oblivion” Crandles ordered. “Yes, sir” Daniel said, over his phone and went to get them. On the path, Brian and Farah walked down it. “Crandles might know we’re here because of hidden secret cameras on this island” I said. Both knew that and proceeded with caution.

“I sense a vital sign, nearing closer and armed” Ricks said. “It’s Luther coming to get us” Farah said. That’s when he appeared in front of them. “Are you two ready to be terminated?” Luther said, in his hunting gear and fired the cannon at them. “Move, move!” Brian said, and went to cover under the bushes.

“You two can’t hide in the bushes for very long” Luther said, shot at the bushes and trees, exploding them. They kept dodging the fire. “We’re in deep trouble if we don’t do something” Farah said. That’s when Brian saw a dummy up ahead and can use it for an advantage. “Can you make this mannequin move, Vices?” Brian said.

I activated the dummy’s movements, making its hands move. Then Brian put his sweater on it. “OK, Farah get ready, this dummy is going to help us out” Brian said. “Hey, Luther over here” Brian said, to him. He then walked forward to his direction. “Come out, you two” Luther demanded. Then the dummy appeared and he shot at it, blowing it to bits.

“I’m over here, Luther” Brian said. “So Ferguson, it’s just you. Where’s the girl you with?” he asked. “No matter, I’ll kill you first and then she” Daniel said. Farah was behind the trees to get a good shot at him. Then Brian had shown him that Farah was behind trees and shot Daniel with a red pellet, trapping him with a force field, when she gave the command to transport Daniel back to 2169.

Ricks did that, and the death ray dropped from his hands, which Farah got. “One bounty hunter sent back home, what we do with this molecular death ray?” Farah said. “Keep as a Christmas present, like what I have here” Brian said, as he had the same weapon. They saw Daniel’s phone, and they saw the overhead camera in the trees.

Brian picked it up and dialed the last number, which was Crandles. “Hey, Crandles, you saw that? We sent Luther back and were coming for you” Brian warned Simon. “Well, Simon says, I’m going to kill you before you two get a chance to do so” he said, and hung up.

“He might have traps around here” Farah said. So they proceeded down the path, watching for traps. Brian stepped into the rope snare that was on the ground, that hoisted him up. “Not again” he said. “Again with the rope snare” Farah said. “So how do I get down this time?” Brian said, as the blood rushed to his head.

“Your PLLT, that’s how. Shoot the rope with blue blasts, cutting it” I said. Brian did that shooting the rope several times until he got free and dropped to the floor. “Don’t laugh everyone at my fall” Brian said, as he landed on his back. We all held our laughter in, not laughing out loud.

“Come everyone, let’s move down this path” Ricks said. We all moved further down the path, through the forests and swamp land. “Stop everyone” I said. “What is it, Vices?” Brian asked me. “There’s a hole in ground under the leaves, an illusion” I said. Brian threw a rock at the hidden hole and it disappeared.

“Scan the area” he ordered, and I did that. I showed the hole had a electric grid of death down below on my scanners. “So we do now, jump for it?” Farah suggested. “Not a bad idea, my dear” Ricks said. Both made a jump for it to the other side, successfully, both being talented athletes.

“Well, we got through that one” Brian said, as they made it across. “Yeah, good job” Farah said, as she gave a high five to him. “So you two made it through my first trap. The next one should be your demise” Simon said, as he watched them through the camera.

“Look, another camera. He must be watching us” I said. “Well, he watch this” Brian said, as he used the cannon to destroy the surveillance camera. “Interfering nuisances, I’ll have the last laugh” Simon said, in his polished Brit-Aussie accent. They walked down the path with the two guns in hand, when we noted something.

“Both you hold on” Ricks said. He directed their attention to the overhead laser cannons on the trees. The lasers started to fire at them, and they dodged it. “Damn, just like back home, isn’t it?” Brian said. They scattered like crazy. “We’re like in a shooting gallery of lasers” Farah said, noting they can’t get a clear shot at them.

“Our gooses are cooked if we don’t do something” Brian said. I suggested me and Ricks can turn the lasers against each other by destroying them. “You’re saying you guys can turn the lasers against them?” Farah said. “Well, anything is a good idea” Brian said. In close range, we freed them from Crandle’s control and made them fire at each other.

It worked as the lasers destroyed themselves to pieces. “OMG, it worked” Farah said, as they celebrated. “Blast it, they destroyed my lasers, but I have a few more tricks up my sleeve” Simon said. Just a few more miles and they reached his house. “There it is, the bastard’s house, Simon Crandles” Brian said.

“Let’s get him, make him pay for taking out our friend back home” Farah said. “His house is guarded by invisible electric force field” I said. Both have jump over ten feet above it to get over safely. “OK, you ready girl?” Brian said. “I’m always already” Farah said. On the count of three, both jumped across the force field, ten feet into the air, and onto the porch.

But the porch had a gravity hold, holding them down like a magnet. “Welcome to my home Ferguson and Ramirez. Now you two will have the pleasure of dying” Simon said, through the intercom. He came outside in his lab jacket to greet them with the molecular death ray in his hand.

“Both of you are like pesky insects that must be swatted” Simon said, as he about to destroy them. “So, you sold these weapons to criminals of this time, you bastard” Brian said. “You’re thoughtful of praising me” Simon replied. “You killed a good cop who was unharmed in 2160, when they tried to arrest you at your lab” Farah said.

We tried to disable the gravity hold on them, which we did. “What’s this? You got free?” he asked. “Yeah, Crandles to give you the taste of your medicine” Brian said, and fired the ray on him. He fell over the porch and exploded to death, shattering his molecules. “Well, that’s that, justice is done” Brian said. “What about this place?” Farah said.

“Have the law enforcement in Charleston take of it” I said. “Good idea, tell them that we took care of the one who created the molecular death rays and to destroy this house” Brian said. It’s so that no one would try to get the weapons to criminals so they can destroy and kill with it.

“Can we get off this island so I can take a shower because too much flies and mosquitoes are attracted to my hair conditioner?” Farah said. “That’s women for you, Ricks. Always caring about their appearance” Brian said. “Easy for you say, Brian” Ricks replied.

“Home sweet Home”

Toronto, ON, Canada:

Time: present day, 2013:

The city of Toronto in Canada is one of the diverse and multicultural place on earth. Brian and Farah have been here before to stop the Chameleon. Now Brian has been sent back there for a reason. One night at High Park, one of the city’s parks, a guy named Devon Khan in his mid 20’s, was meeting one guy Gordon Mace.

“Amelia, I’m meeting this guy named Gordon, just stay here” Ahmad said to Amelia Singh, one of his female employees he’s dating from the office building they working from downtown. “Hey, Devon, nice to see you” Gordon said. “Hope I’m not losing any sleep over this, you got the goods?” Khan said.

Gordon Mace, who’s a dealer in computer/electronic hacking equipment, showed him all the stuff. “Look at all this, a drive copier to hack into the money deposits and the office building safe in my buildings and others. People won’t know I’m stealing from them and cleaning them dry” Devon said.

He showed Mace the money, about half a million, five hundred thousand dollars in Canadian currency. “That’s a lot of money you’re paying me” Mace said. “Go take a vacation in some faraway tourist paradise” Khan said. Then he held a over-sized pen in his hand.

“Nice pen, Khan. An over-sized one which is very unusual” Mace said. “This pen can do much more” Khan said, and zapped him with it, being a PLLT in disguise. “You haven’t seen that, until the mid 22nd century” Khan said, and zapped him one more blue blast, making him more unconscious.

Amelia had seen the blue flashes from a far area, and wondered what’s going on. Khan then put Mace’s body in his car, on the front seat and put the car in neutral, pushing the car from the road, into the deep cannon. The car crashed into the tree, setting it on fire, and blowing up into a fireball, killing him. “That’s some fireworks” Khan said.

He took the suitcase with the money and the equipment with him. “One competition out of the way and got my stuff, some deceptive stuff, eh?” he said, thinking out loud. He spotted Amelia, and told her to come on. “What was that blue flash I saw?” Amelia said.

“That was some illusion act, you know I like to perform magic” Khan said. She wanted to know what happened to his ride and Mace. “All taken care of, let’s take public transit” Khan said, and they did that. Hours later, police, ambulance and fire crews, descended on the scene.

A jogger passer-by saw the crash and called the police. Meanwhile, Brian, Farah, and Paul arrived at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to visit his hometown in the future. “So glad you can come with us, Paul” Brian said. “No problem, Brian. Nice to be in Canada again, in Toronto, one of diverse cities in the world” Paul said.

“Remember, you three are on duty, finding suspects from our time” I reminded them. “Of course, Vices. We all know that, so where to now, fearless leader?” Farah asked him. “To our hotel, of course to check in first” Brian said. “I’ll summon a taxi for you all” Ricks said, and did that.

The nearest taxi cab came to pick them up. “Where to?” the cabbie asked them. “To the best hotel in the city” Brian said. “That would be the Trump Hotel in the downtown core” the cabbie said. So we all went there to stay there at the Trump Hotel tower.

“Here cabbie, our payment” Brian said, as he gave cash to the cab driver. They went inside the hotel and were amazed at the interior of it. “A wealthy person’s dream hotel, look at this place” Paul said, of the free Wi-Fi and water fountains. In their hotel suite on the thirty floor, they relaxed until a news report on the TV came on about a car crash overnight in High Park of one man.

“A well known dealer of hacking technology equipment named Gordon Mace, wanted by the police was found dead last night by a jogger who saw the wrecked car. No evidence of the suspect responsible for the hacker’s death, but a piece of clothing found by forensics” the female reporter said. “Can you say a case must we look into?” Brian said.

“So much for sightseeing” Paul said. We all went to the scene at High Park in the city’s west end. The park area where the crash happened was well guarded by police. “Hello, we are part of the police” Brian said to the officers, wanting to speak to the person in charge of the investigation.

“Inspector Cole here, so you three part of Philly P.D., from the States, eh?” he said. “There was evidence from the crash such as a piece of clothing” Farah said. “Yeah, the forensics team has it, come here” Cole directed forensics. They brought the clothing to them and immediately Farah used Ricks to scan the clothing to get clues.

“You’re using a credit card on a piece of clothing, what is it, a hidden scanner?” Cole said. Forensics took the evidence with them to the station. “The victim was wanted by you cops, was the murder linked to suicide?” Paul asked the inspector. “Could be that or the other suspect did justice to him.

If you all are done, my team and I need to track the other suspect through the evidence, care to join us, visitors?” Cole said, inviting them to team up with them. “No thanks, we work alone” Brian said and went off from the scene. I beeped them to have a word with them.

“Captain, or Brian. Inspector Dave Cole is suspicious of us, don’t trust us in solving this case” I said with a feeling. “She’s right, you know because he’ll check out your backgrounds to see if you’re really officers. He thinks you all have false identities” Ricks added.

“You two worry too much. Just make them think were true cops by bringing up our files from Philly P.D.” Brian said. At the high rise office tower in the downtown core where Devon works and manager of a computer bank company. The company’s name is Settlement Financial Corporation where employees talk to customers on line and on the phone about business.

Amelia also works there in her cubicle, answering phones and doing business online at her computer. She’s also Devon’s sectary and dating him, not knowing he’s a well wanted fugitive from the 22nd century, a computer hacker and thief. “Here’s your decaf coffee, Devon” Amelia said, as she was bringing in to his office.

“Why, thanks, Amelia. So how much profit we made online and in the company?” he asked. “Almost thirty percent and nearing our goal of hundred by the end of day” she said. “Excellent, now go back to work” Devon said. She went back to her cubicle to work, leaving him in his office.

“If only you knew, Amelia. I’ll steal all the funding from this company and other bank office buildings in Toronto and they won’t know it’s me because I have hacking equipment on me” Devon said. Meanwhile, at the Trump Hotel, the gang was awaiting results from the scanned clothing piece analysis I did.

“Visualize, you two” Brian commanded and we did that appearing in holographic form. “The analysis I did on clothing piece belongs to one man” I said. They wanted me to access the databases for the man’s identity, until Brian wanted to take us to the restaurant he loved going here in the 22nd century named Doyle’s restaurant or just Doyle’s at Church and Front streets.

“Let’s go eat out at Doyle’s at Church and Front Streets for dinner, my treat” Brian said. “What about finding the suspect behind the car crash last night?” Farah said. “I’m with him, let’s go to this Doyle’s restaurant” Paul said. That same night, they all went to the restaurant, but bumped into the guy Devon on the way out.

“Sorry, I got watch were I’m going” he said. But I directed the team’s attention on sensing the vital signs of Khan. “Everyone, something odd about that young man. His heart rate is above average for a person of this time” I said. “You always have doubts about a person” Brian said. But I warned them to be careful of him, because he’s a suspect of the automobile crash.

“Look at this place, the same as in 160 years from today. I won’t be born until 2138” Brian added. “That’s 125 years away” Ricks said. We went inside the restaurant and saw the middle age man that ran the restaurant, Terry Doyle. His descendant will take over in 160 years now, bearing his resemblance.

“Hello, table for three” Brian said. “Not a bad restaurant with nice interior” Farah said. “What will you be having?” Doyle said, in his Scottish accent. “The roast steak looks good” Brian said, and requested it, until one man stepped in the restaurant. He had a gun on him.

“Hey, old man and you three, give me all your cash and you won’t get hurt” he demanded. “Laddie, me isn’t giving you nothing” Doyle said. “Doyle, take cover underneath the counter” Farah demanded. He ducked under the counter, not knowing he can look up at the ceiling.

“WTF? OK, now you three gimme your cash” the robber demanded. “It’s three on one here, let’s make it easy and give yourself up” Brian said. He ran at us, and he zapped him with his laser, going down with the count. “What was that blue flash I see from the ceiling?” Doyle asked.

“Never mind that, we want you to call the cops on him” Farah said. “What about the roast steak?” Doyle said. “Have it to go” Paul said. They had to leave the restaurant before the police showed, the same officers they meet at High Park led by Cole who had negative doubts about them.

Outside the restaurant, they want to know if we had more information on Khan. “Let’s go to the park to tell you all the information” I said. We went to the park where no people were around and we talked. “What I discovered from the young man, his named is Devon Khan” I said, showing the 3D profile of him.

“He’s not from this century. He’s a wanted criminal in the 22nd century. A computer hacker, he had stolen a million dollar credits from Serene virtual banks and from people’s bank account accessing their personal ID’s and using it to steal it” I added. “Did he go to prison?” Farah asked.

“Yes, only for a short time in 2166. He escaped prison and fled to this time” Ricks said. “He came to Toronto to start a new life and steal money from financial centers in this city” he added. “Well, there are a lot here in downtown, must be working in one of them to do so” Paul said.

“OK, find the office tower where Khan will be working at or a boss of” Brian said to us. We researched the office towers in the city and discovered one. “Settlement Financial Corporation in the Scotia bank office tower where Khan is working and up the company ladder to become boss” I said. “Well, team it looks like we must go undercover to get him by being employees” Brian said.

So me and Ricks searched the employment files and they’re looking for someone good with computers like typing and customer service. “You three are on the employment list and have an interview tomorrow morning at nine a.m. sharp” I said. “Paul, you will employed as a security guard of the office tower” Ricks said.

“Good enough for me, I’ll look for anything suspicious” Paul said. The next morning, Brian and Farah went to the job interview, dressed like office employees. They got the job. “Mr. Khan, we got new employees for SFC” the interviewer said. “It’s you two again, the same people I meet outside Doyle’s” Khan said.

Both didn’t say their real names yet being undercover. “Bob Lang and this is Carla Torres” Brian introduced them. “We’ll be a proud asset to your business” Carla, or Farah said. He showed them around the office, phones, and their cubicles equipped with computers. “Coffee and tea section to the left” Khan added.

Both went to their cubicles to do their job, while Devon went to his office to oversee things, including Brian and Farah from the security cameras located in the building. “You two are suspicious to me, let’s see how you two perform” Devon said. At their cubicles, Brian put me into the disk hard drive to look anything strange on the computer.

I waved to Brian, as I was into the hard drive in the computer. “There is a lot of disk space almost used up, over 160 gigabyte with 200 to go” I said in words. “Just check for anything off in the mainframe like any P.I.N. or password decoder” Brian typed to me. I discovered he had hacking equipment in the central computer from a far location, like his office, connected to all his computers.

Meanwhile, Farah was answering the phones and on the computer, when Brian sent an e-mail to her, stating that Khan has hacking equipment in all his computers in the office from a central computer to hack and steal people’s personal bank accounts. Brian had excused himself to go to the bathroom for us to discuss.

“You’re new here, I’m Amelia Singh” she introduced herself to Farah. “I’m Carla Torres” she said. In the men’s bathroom, Brian checked the stalls to see if the coast was clear so I can go into holographic mode. “Visualize” Brian commanded. “Khan has hacking equipment in this entire building. He can go on personal bank accounts with using their personal information and wipe their accounts dry anytime” I said.

“Then we must stop him and fast” Brian said. “I sense a closed circuit camera above you from behind” I said. “A computer holographic researcher. That can’t be something from this era, but the 22nd” Khan said, being on to them, viewing him from the camera. “So you know Devon Khan?” Farah said.

“Yes, he was employed with Settlement Financial a couple months ago as a employee, but quickly moved up the ladder by becoming boss and head of the company” Amelia said. Farah wanted to know if friendship is much more than boss and employee. “What are you, an undercover cop?” Amelia asked her.

“No, no, are you suggesting I’m an undercover cop?” Farah asked. Then her phone rang, and pulled out of the office to answer it. “Ramirez here” she answered. “Girl, Khan got the entire building with hacking equipment ready to suck the bank accounts electronically and other office buildings” Brian said to her. They meet in the hallway, with Paul being there.

“So Khan has this building’s computers with hacking equipment to suck people’s bank accounts dry, even the ATM’s?” Paul said. “The main hacking computer is in Khan’s office” I said. “Don’t worry, I can shut down the hacking program from the source” Ricks said. Then Khan wanted to see Brian in his office through the intercom. Brian went to see him.

“So Bob Lang, you’re my prize employee, or I would say Brian Ferguson” Khan said. He wanted to see me, which he did. “A computer holographic research in a form of a credit/debit card, that technology won’t be available until 2144, updated 20 years later in 2164” Devon said. He knew that Brian is from the future like him. “Yeah, it is” Brian said.

“Only law enforcement possess those things for information” Devon said. He held his pen which was PLLT laser. “I knew something was up with you and that girl” he said, and blasted a blue blast, stunning him. “I must take the remainder of the day off” Devon said, as left the office. “Brian is taking too long in there” Farah said, as she went in the office, to find him on the floor.

“Get up, big guy” Farah said, and he awoke. “Get me the license plate of that blue PLLT blast” Brian said. “That’s a lame joke” Ricks said. By looking at the cameras, Khan and Amelia left the building. “We must go after them, Amelia don’t know her man is a bad guy” Brian said. But first to end the bank account theft in the office computers.

“The central computer hacking system is behind that wall to your right” I said. Both went to it, and we disabled it so no money theft happened through the sales. “There, done” I said. Then the phone rang and it was Paul. “You guys, Khan is getting away with Amelia at his side. Where they’re going on their date won’t be good” he said.

“Follow them to their location, we’ll meet you there” Brian said. “OK, Low out” Paul said, and pursued them. On the street, Devon and Amelia went to the Rogers Center for their date or hide out from us. From a secret area, Paul summoned his nanotech suit by placing his hand on the chest and the security clothes turned into his suit.

“Alright, time to enable invisibility mode” Paul said, and went into invisibility mode, so the cameras and Devon don’t detect him. But first they must get past security at the front. “Amelia, go hide somewhere, I have something to take of” Devon commanded her. She did just that, hid by a wall while he talked to the guards.

“Hold it, sir. You have permission to come through here?” the guard said. “No, but it’s lights out for you two” Devon said, and stunned both of them with his laser. “Come Amelia, coast is clear” Devon said. She came from hiding, only to see the knocked out security guards on the ground. He opened the door with a portable automatic door lock.

“Are you sure we can go in here? This like breaking and entering” Amelia said. “You ask too much questions, just shut up and get in” Khan said. Paul activated the video phone link his suit to tell the others of his location. Outside the office tower, we awaited Paul to tell us his location, when a beeping noise activated. We pulled to a quiet area to hear it.

“Message from Paul Lowe, very urgent” I said. “Activate the video feed” Brian requested which I did. “Hello, everyone. Khan’s at the Rogers Centre, took out two guards and broke in there with Amelia. He’ll soon take her hostage, come quickly” his three dimensional image said. The feed ended, and we all headed there.

“Rogers Centre, that’s near the waterfront or close to it” Farah said. “About twenty minutes from here, next door to the CN Tower” Brian said. So we headed by hailing a taxi cab. Inside the Rogers Centre stadium, they walked under the stands, until Amelia asked something. “That car crash the other night, was it you that was behind it?” she asked him.

“Well, that’s none of your business” Devon replied. Then he pulled out his laser from his pocket. “You see this, Amelia. This is no ordinary pen here, but a PLLT device” he said. “Are you talking bull, Devon?” Amelia said, with a laugh. He then stunned her with it and fell unconscious. “Can’t let you bring me to the cops now” Devon said, as he brought into the empty stands on the five hundred level and tie her on the seat.

“What happened?” she asked, as she awoke from the stun. “You sit tight, and I took your phone so you don’t call the cops” Devon said. Meanwhile, Brian and Farah arrived at the stadium, only to see the guards knocked out still. “Khan was here alright, look at the destruction” Farah said, as they went in the building. “OK, Vices and Ricks, activate your GPS to find them in this place” Brian ordered.

We did that, projecting a virtual map of the stadium with the dots representing them. “Go to your right, four gates down” I said. They went that way, with the map showing human body images. “Well, it looks like I won this round” Khan said. Not until Paul appeared in the flesh. “Devon Khan, let the girl go” he said. “Who are you?” Devon said. “Paul Lowe of Philly P.D. and you’re charged for the car crash and murder of a software developer in High Park” Paul said.

“Well, no cops isn’t getting me” Devon said, and fled the scene. He untied Amelia from the chair. “Thanks, officer” she said. “No problem, now I want you to get out of here and leave to me and my partners” he said. So she left the stadium from the danger. “OK guys, he’s heading towards gate seven and I’m in pursuit” Paul said, over the phone to us.

“Right, Paul, heading to Gate seven” Farah said, as they sped there with their super speed. “Damn police, gotta bounce from this pop stand” Devon said as he left the stands and encountered us. “Devon Khan, Captain Brian Ferguson, Ramirez, and Lowe, fugitive retrieval unit officers from the 22nd century, come to send you back” Brian said.

“No fiction here, so you all from the future like me” he said. He then ran away from them, not before he shot a laser blast at the concession stand, destroying most of it with the powerful shot. “Stop, Khan!” Brian yelled and they went after him. Khan ran downstairs to the basement level. He saw them again and shot at them. They fired back at him with their lasers, but he dodged it.

“Give yourself up, Khan. You can’t run from us any longer” Brian said. “The cops will find out you’re the one responsible for that car crash and death of Mace and you go to jail in the present” Farah said. “Well, I’m not taking any chances” Khan said. But Paul was invisible so Khan won’t detect him, to take his PLLT from him. “Where’s the other guy? Must of chickened out” Khan said.

From behind, Paul appeared to confiscate the PLLT from him. “Hey give it here” Khan said. “OK, here you go” Paul said, as he smashed it in two, destroying it. “Well, this isn’t over” Khan said, as he went to the baseball bat rack and got one bat to hit him with. “Let’s play ball” he said, and swung at Paul. He quickly dodged the hits.

Brian went to get a bat to join in the fight. “Come on Khan, batter up” Brian said, and the bats clashed. “Good hitting Brian” I said. Brian took the bat out of his hands, and hand on hand combat started. Brian giving Khan punches, kicks and pushing him into a trophy wall. Khan was bloody and bruised, until he had one surprise on him. He had a loaded firearm.

“Brian, look out behind you! Ramirez, red blast now!” Ricks said. Farah zapped him with a red pellet, trapping him in a powerful force field and commanding Ricks to transport him to 2169. “That was done, let’s get out of here” I said, and we left the Rogers centre.

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