Hanoi Heat

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Chapter 8

Mas’ud turned to me and I confess I involuntarily jerked backwards. He raised a hand. “No, you are safe. I am sorry. This man…”

His wild eyes closed as he hung his head. When he raised it again, tears were streaming from them and I was looking at a different man.

“He told me how they found me. My sister. I told her. She tried to hide it, but they knew I would tell her. I was stupid. I should never have run.”

I knew where this was going, and made to stand up, hoping at least to get him moving before he was overwhelmed again. But as he stooped down to help me to my feet, he continued.

“They cut her. They burned her. They raped her. And they killed her. All this after she had told them where to find me.

My friend, I know who did this. Every secret I have in my head is yours. I will help you if you will help me find these men and kill them.”

I didn’t think it beyond my authority to make that promise. Hell, if I had to I would take a sabbatical and do it on my own time.

Someone was going to get a very unexpected and terminal visit.

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