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Chapter 9

Sir Robert and Sara Ann packed up a few belongings, and took one last look at the castle that had been their home. It had been their choice to leave England, and to return to America, the staff was sadly waiting for them at the door.

“Goodbye my friends,” Sir Robert said softly. “I shall miss you, and I’ll always have warm thoughts of you all.”

The chauffeur smiled sadly as he hugged the young man, that he’d known since the man was just a toddler. “Goodbye Sir. I must say, chauffeurs rarely get the chance to feel like family rather than just a paycheck to be paid.”

The entire staff nodded their heads in unison. They were a very tight knit group, and they knew the why of this departure. They also knew that Sir Robert was also going back to America out of a sense of honor. There was something big and evil happening there, and his family was going to need his help.

The young man was no coward and nobody could ever accuse him of being one. Anyone that did would be made to look the fool as Sir Robert kicked their ass.

The young family was probably leaving for good, no return, and probably very little contact. But they would still know most of what was going on in their lives, and that would be something at least.

Lyle was a. . . to use an American expression, the man was an asshole, as well as a complete dickhead. He was not liked by anyone. The dogs didn’t even like him, they growled at him and one even squated and pissed on his foot.

Sara Ann smiled as she hugged Cook’s neck. “Thank you for being part of my life. . . I’ll miss you, and I do love you.”

The older woman smiled as the young woman hugged her, she slowly put her arms around Sara Ann. “I love you too Miss Sara.”

Joe Macalister came in from his work out in the field, he paused at the laundry to remove his sweaty shirt, and to rinse the sweat off. The young maid rushed up to him her eyes wide with panic. “Mister Joe! Sir Lyle, has gone crazy. I fear for the missus.”

Joe rushed toward the sounds of the angry voices. “And just like magic here comes the great Joe Macalister. I want you out of here as well Macalister, the bastard brother is no longer welcome here in my home.”

Joe nodded his head, “I’ll be packed and out of here today Lyle.”

“Since when did you stop, addressing me by my proper title?”

“The moment you started acting like a total ass. Lady Grace are you okay? Do you need me to contact Sir Robert?”

“No. But thank you Joe. No need in worrying him. . . Lyle knows not to lay a hand to me.”

“I Demand To Be Addressed By My Proper Title!” Lyle shouted.

Joe smiled as he turned his back to the smaller man, “Are you certain? I wouldn’t trust that little rat face motherfucker any further than I can throw him.”

Joe, knew exactly how and what buttons to push to antagonize Lyle, and he was purposely doing that. The smaller man was a coward, and was the type that would attack a man from behind.

He would pick up a sword and stab a man in the back, and claim that he ran it through from the front. Lyle, was totally lacking in honor and royalty or not nobody would ever bow to him, in fact he’d probably be removed from his place of honor very soon. The rightful heirs were soon to take what was rightfully theirs. Truth was the Clary’s did not actually have any royal blood in their veins. It was a deal made many years ago to protect the rightful heirs of the throne

“He’s too big a coward Sir Joe totally lacking in honor.”

“All the more reason to watch our backs when around him.”

Lyle was shaking with rage, at the slurs against him.

“Perhaps you’re right.” Lady Grace replied with a sigh. “He really shouldn’t be trusted. Jerry, always said he was a little weasel.”

“Maybe it would be best if you were to pack a few things, and go to America with us.”

The two maids smiled as they walked down the stairs with two suitcases. Joe’s personal man servant smiled as he walked up to stand beside Joe. “I took it upon myself to pack your belongings sir. Except for the clothing I laid out on the bed. The flight does not leave for another two and a half hours.”

“I want them out NOW!” Lyle shouted.

“The limo will be waiting for you and Lady Grace.”

“Goddamnit! I’m your employer, and I’m ordering you to throw them out!”

The man servant smiled and winked at Joe before turning to face the loud little man. “Save yourself some healing time and just shut the fuck up.”

Joe smiled. It was probably the first time in history that a servant in Merry Ole England had ever told his employer to do such a thing. Lyle, took a step back, and looked at the man servant as though for the first time. “Call security.” Lyle ordered.

The two women stood their ground.

“I gave you a direct order.”

“Here’s an order for you,” the taller of two replied sweetly. “Go Fuck Yourself.”

Lyle shook his head in confusion. Just what was going on? He was Sir Lyle Clary. He boldly went to the phone and punched out the number. “I need you to get up here. Well to see to it that these people are removed from my property!”

“Lady Grace and Sir Joe?”

“No Santa Claus and his faggot reindeer.” Lyle shouted.

“Sorry, but we don’t take orders from you anymore.”

Lyle was shaking so badly that he had to sit down. He had a feeling that he

knew the answer but he had to ask. “Who do you take your orders from?”

“No one. We quit.”

“What!” not what he expected.

“We quit. But as a special favor to Lady Grace, we’re sticking around to take her and Sir Joe to the airport.”

Lyle hung up the phone and turned and looked at the staff. “Will somebody get me a drink?”

No one moved, his world was crashing down around him, and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it.

Joe Macalister had changed since coming to England, he was no longer that young boy. The long hours of working in the fields and the woods had added heavy muscle to his frame. Listening to Lyle rant and rave constantly had added fire to his heart.

He knew that there were people that had to preform services like that of the staff. But there was no call to be rude to them, to ever treat them less than human. It was never right to ever show disrespect to them or people like them.

Lyle had once told him that he did not have to say thank you to them when they were in performance of their duties.

A young woman had once burned her hand very badly and Lyle had refused her medical treatment. Joe then took it upon himself to take her to the hospital. He’d even paid the bill out of his own pocket. When Lyle found out he fired the young woman, Lady Grace promptly rehired her of course.

Yes. Young Joe was very much attracted to her. She was very beautiful and her Irish accent drove him crazy. Joe smiled as he went back to the kitchen, “Lydia! Lydia McQuay!”

The young blue eyed blonde haired girl smiled as she stood up from the table. It would seem that the kitchen staff had also decided to strike.

“I’m going back to America.” Joe said softly.

“I’ll miss you.” she said sweetly fighting her own emotions.

“You don’t have to miss me.”

The kitchen staff suddenly chose that time to find something to do. But made certain that they could remain within earshot.

“I want to miss you, don’t tell me what to do.”

It was an old game that they played. Lyle had always tried to dictate morality, and Joe had told him to put a sock in it. That was one thing he could not rule over, that and a person’s emotions. Since then it was a game that the two young people played.

“You could always come back with me. . . of course you’ll have to marry me first. Just the very idea of living together won’t set too well with my mother.”

The girl smiled and quickly turned around to face Joe. “What the hell took you so long?”

The cook smiled and dabbed at his eyes, “It’s about bloody time he asked her. I thought I was going to have to take to hosing them down.”

The staff cheered as Joe, took the young woman into his arms and gently kissed her lips. Lady Grace smiled as she went to the phone to make a call. She’d had a feeling that Joe Macalister, would not leave the girl behind.

He may not have been born of noble blood, but the young man had more honor, and decency than anybody she’d ever met. He was ever bit the gentleman, and lived by a very strong code of honor.

He may have come to England as a boy, but he was leaving as a man. That is the true goal of any man, to find his own path and to decide for himself as to what makes a man.

Lady Grace, knew that the young man’s parents would be very pleased with the person that returned to them. The man that Joe Macalister had become.

The agents that were working in Sir Lyle’s employment felt that it was about to come to an end. They had developed a fondness for Joe Macalister. The young man could have become a real asshole. But stuck very close to the morals taught to him.

Four of the agents had wondered, what would have happened had Joe ever lost his temper and made a grab for Lyle. They were Sir Lyle’s personal bodyguards.

The man was an asshole, but they were suppose to protect him. It had taken a lot of finagling to get them into a position of such importance.

Yeah. They’d have to stop it, under protest of course. They knew that he was connected to a lot of crooked shit back in the states. It was also very possible, that he was getting fat off that growing matter in southeast Asia.

The bastard was dirty, and they were the Cleaners, they’d been invited to come there to find what they could. But of course, they could not arrest, or in anyway punish the man. Nor, was he to be extradited back to the United States.

Then what good were they? If he were to be punished it would be by his own country. If it were anybody but someone like Sir Lyle, it would not have mattered. But for it to be a very prominent member of their country, it must be hushed. No one could ever know that Merry Ole England, also has a problem with scumbags.

It can happen in the best of families, but of course the truth behind the big lie would soon be revealed. The Clary family, had no royal blood in them. They had been pulled in years ago as decoys to protect the actual Royal family. But that problem had been taken care of, the last of their enemies had been seen to.

They had been buried in a very deep hole.

The Clary family was going to go to America, and blend in and become westerners. The very Idea of them becoming Americans was not so bad, they could handle it.

It would be kinda col to become like the rest of their family, to say Howdy and Ya’ll. It was going to be a hoot with that accent though, and not many people no mater how they tried would be able to keep a straight face.

Yippee Ki Yay England!

Agent Larris was in the fancy office in Austin Texas. Her usual arrogance was very evident. “It’s going to hit the fan.” Agent Larris said. “I don’t know when, where or to who. These folks in Texas, have really pissed off a lot of people, the attitude has shifted.”

“Agent Larris are you certain that you’re not just looking so hard to find some little something, that you’re not just inventing a situation?”

“I’ve been an agent too long to fall for that!” Cindy Larris fired back. “I can see that, you’re going to ignore this matter, until several hundred people are killed!” she finally paused to take a long quivering breath. “There are children involved. . . FUCK IT! My resignation will be on your fucking desk by the end of the day.”

The young woman walked out of the office wanting so badly to have beaten the

shit out of the man. He was a bureaucrat that was just trying to cover his own ass. If he didn’t give the order to act then he could never be held accountable.

There was yet one other possibility, one that she’d tried desperately not to even think about. To do so could be considered as heresy: How deep was this situation? Just who on their team was involved?

Back to the laws of the jungle: No one is above suspicion. All is guilty until proven innocent. There’s someone on their team that’s dirty. Now, to find the bastard, before it’s too late. Time to engage the Old New Rule: Trust No One.

When it comes to the laws of survival, one can only trust themselves, and if possible one other person. Always trust in God, but trust in yourself that you will do what is needed to be done.

Larris was still green, but knew enough to see that not everything is always as it seems. Even if what you see appears to be clearly defined, it doesn’t always mean that’s the way it is.

Some people are very good at covering their tracks, and even better at laying down a false trail to someone else. This thing was getting bigger, and was about to get very dangerous. She wasn’t Susie Homemaker. She doesn’t bake cookies or even brownies.

She goes in and accesses the situation, reaches her contact and follows orders. It was getting to the point though where some orders were ridicules, as well as just plain wrong.

There are times that if you don’t question the order then you’re a damn fool. Yes, some of those orders given are only to cover the asses of self-serving dunderheads that somehow received the right amount of votes to get elected.

To think what she sometimes thought was probably the most human thing any agent ever does. But if they were to ever act on those thoughts would probably get them life under the blade of the guillotine. Talk about the being under the sword of Damocles.

Might be right but would also be so very wrong, and the cost would be unacceptable. She had no choice but to follow orders, no matter how wrong they were. They would and could be viewed as a treasonous act.

When it comes to the government of the united States it’s actually up for grabs as to what they may consider as a wrongful act. Say or write your thoughts about someone who is thin skinned and they could take you to court and then you file for bankruptcy. Defend yourself against an attack and just because you might be a better fighter the courts may see it in favor of your attacker.

Bad guy breaks into your home and gets bit by the family pet you could wind up being responsible for their medical bills. Never mind the fact that they broke into your home to rob you and do some unspeakable act upon a family member.

Larris knew that it was bad, and she knew that it was only going to get worse. Yes the people were pissed and they had every right to be pissed, but to rebel like they doing was only going to get innocent people killed, and then there will be the lawsuits from the bad guys or from their family.

Today and even years from now it will always seem that the bad guys will always have the upper-hand. Yes, she knew it was wrong but what could she do? What join the rebels and then go into deep hiding, fake her death to avoid arrest?


The young man had been injured early in the game and had been sent home. Something he couldn’t understand since his injuries were not all that serious. Maybe it’s because this is about to come to an end. He thought logically.

War hasn’t been officially declared, and they’re going to get our guys out of there. It really isn’t our business anyway, some say that it’s nothing more than a internal civil war. Our government is calling this a police action. Bullshit! Something is in the wind, something very bad.

It will never be truly be over, and our own government is up to something, and being the USA it’ll be something dirty. Look at how many treaties they’d made and broke with the Indians.

But then again: It was the Indian’s own fault. How dare they be on our land before we could get here. Dibs were called. Hey, maybe the Indians were just keeping it warm for us. You Think?

The biggest crime syndicate was the government, they justify their actions by saying, they knew what was best for the people. By the time the people could or would wise up, it’d be too late.

The US government was too big and too powerful to combat.

They call it paying your taxes. Paying your dues.

Yeah-right, try the term extortion.

Pay us a fair share of taxes (set by us) or spend eternity in financial ruin. Many call it hell. All it would take is for two or three thousand people to say: “Go Fuck Yourselves.”

Their philosophy would take root, and it would spread like a wildfire.

Matt knew that all it would take: Is for the American people to ban together. To fight back against crime, and actually start shooting the lawless bastards. To tell the government to fuck off. Until that happened they were all screwed.

The people had every right to get pissed and to do the unthinkable and to rebel. They had the right to send a list of grievances to the government. Right?

The young couple had just come back from their honeymoon and had gone and

retrieved her pets from her best girlfriend. A very large temperamental Siamese, and a toy poodle pup and of course the ever popular pit bull. “They’ve become best friends.” The young woman said with a smile. “Zeus and Winder play chase, and yes it’s very playful. They sleep together and even eat out of the same bowl.”

John Simms laughed and shook his head, “Life as we know it is over when dogs and cats become friends. Especially when it’s that cat, even my pit bull decided to make peace with him.”

“Zeus is very gentle,” his wife said with a smile defending her pet. “He just has a little problem with authority. He thinks he suppose to be in charge.”

“Jenny. The cat waits until his prey is asleep, and then pees in their face.”

“What about Slugo? He sits on the other animal’s heads and farts. It’s a domination thing with him, he even laughs after wards.”

Dana laughed at the exchange between her two closest friends, this was very mild compared to when they really got going. In fact one concerned citizen had called the cops, thinking that they were about to kill each other. It took some fancy talking to get the cops to understand that they had no such intentions.

In fact their play fussing always had a way getting their blood up.

“Slugo calls em the way he sees em, he knows that basically Zeus is full of hot air. He barks a lot as if to tell Zeus to: Can it.”

“My friends though I’m truly enjoying this deep, intellectual conversation I have some pressing matters to see to. Things that I’m truly looking forward to. A deranged killer has promised to drive an icepick into my skull.”

“Let’s just go home and tame the giant anaconda.” John, said with a mischievous laugh. “We’ll be back a little later for Slugo.”

Dana quickly put her hands to her ears, “Now that topic is one I could really have avoided hearing.”

The young couple laughed as they gathered up the two pets. “Thanks again Dana.” Jenny said as they walked out the door. “We owe you one.”

The young woman smiled sadly as her two closest friends pulled out of the drive. “You did real good in getting them in and out of here.” the man said. “You actually saved their lives.”

“Why them? They pose no threat to you or the government.”

“And they never will, people like them will be stopped before they can ever rise to power. The rebellion will never be.”

The young woman felt only a moment of intense pain as the man slit her throat. He smiled, in a very perverse sense of sexual satisfaction as the woman’s blood sprayed his face and chest.

“Did Dana seem to be acting a bit odd to you?” Jenny asked.

“Odd? You’re asking me if a woman that mooned the audience during a Shakespearean play was acting odd?”

“They were falling asleep.” Jenny reminded him.

“She certainly woke them up didn’t she?” John asked.

They both shared a quiet laugh, but something was still nagging at Jenny’s mind. She suddenly knew what it was, it was something Dana had said: A deranged killer had promised to shove an ice pick into her brain.

Dana hadn’t even liked the movie Psycho, she didn’t like movies like that, nor did she make jokes about them. “John. I pray that I’m wrong, but I think that somebody was in there with Dana. Somebody she didn’t want to be there.”

Then she told him why.

John felt the hairs on his neck tingle, his wife was right. Why hadn’t he picked up on that? “Here’s what we’ll do. We’ll call the cops and tell them our suspicions. Then you can call her and try to keep her on the line until the cops arrive.”

“And what are you going to be doing?” Jenny asked sharply.

“Hopefully. . . not having to save her life.” John said softly.

“I was afraid you were going to say that.”

“Don’t worry about me baby.” John, said gently. “Remember my grandfather raised me, and the first thing he taught me was to never be a fool. I’ll go armed, and if we’re right. . . I’ll just shoot the fucker.”

He was shocked at the horrified look on his young bride’s face. “John! The cops will arrest you. They put people like that in prison, remember what happened to your grandfather.”

“Have to tell you about that sometime. Okay-baby, if we’re right I’ll give the bastard one chance to surrender. ONE CHANCE! After that all bets are off.”

“You sound as though you might be looking forward to doing. . . whatever it is you’re going to do.”

“Let’s just say that nobody in the history of my family has ever taken any shit. I’m not about to be the first.”

John put up a warning hand as he pulled into the driveway. Did the curtain in the den just move? May have just been, the wind from a cracked window, and it could also have been the result of Slugo farting.

“Stay put!” John said in a firm voice. “Whatever happens keep out of the house. If I’m not back in five minutes, get the hell out of here, and go call the cops.”

“John. . .”

“Just do as I say!” John said using a tone she’d never heard him use before. “With any kind of luck,” he softened the tension with a smile. “Dana just left a window cracked, and that’s what moved the curtain. Just do as I said, do I have your word?”

“You have my word.” she replied softly true fear in her eyes. She watched as her husband slowly approached the house. What could possibly be going through his mind? It was as though he’d suddenly flipped a switch and became a different person.

He paused long enough to pull up the thick two foot piece of re-bar out of the ground from beside the porch. She shuddered at the expression on his young handsome face.

Yeah she’d keep her promise, the promise she’d made before God and their friends and family: To never ever forsake him, if she ran away then she’d be betraying him. If something was wrong then they’d face it together.

She opened the door: I Jenny take thee John to be my husband, I swear before God and all present that I will love, honor and protect you. I will stand beside you always in sickness and in health, and for better or worse until death do we part.

“If you’re going into battle, I’m going to be there to have your back babe. I refuse to take hell no for an answer.”

Her two pets sensing that their master was about to endanger herself jumped from the car. They ran toward the house and then into the backyard.

“Cowards.” she whispered.

John smiled as he sniffed the air and detected the slightest scent of aftershave. Stupid bastards. Definitely plural. One wore cheap aftershave and the other avoided soap, and one had recently had a drink of whiskey.

Ya’ll picked the wrong house to rob assholes. He mused.

The body stench of the unwashed man assaulted his nose, and John quickly spun around and drove the rod, into the pus gut of the large man.

The man slowly sank to his knees, his eyes wide with shock. “You kilt me.”

“Damn sure did.” John, whispered in a ice cold tone. “Where’s your buddy? Answer me you fuck!”

Her husband’s tone sent a shiver through her. Jesus. What kind of man had she married? His tone was void of any emotion. It was as though somebody, had suddenly turned off, the master switch that controlled and made, John, who she thought he was.

She was frozen with fright, as she heard the slight whisper of a footstep behind her. She silently cursed herself and the fact she’d screwed up so early in the game.

“Keep quiet and he’ll live.” the man whispered.

Jenny nodded.

“You two just got married?”

Again a nod.

“You want a long life together, you do as I say, when I say.” the man said as he ran a hand over Jenny’s body. “Goddamn you got a nice set of tits. Maybe I’ll just keep you for myself.” the man said as he ripped her blouse open, and buried his face in her ample mounds.

She’d never been in a situation like this before. Her mother had never been too bright, she’d told her that if a boy tried anything, to tell him: “No! I’m not that kind of girl.”

Her father had taken her off to one side and whispered in her ear the real facts of life. It was reflex for her. She drove her knee into the man’s crotch, and as he staggered back she swung the knife edge of her hand, and caught the man on the side of the face.

That was all the edge the animals needed. Zeus quickly jumped onto the man’s head and began to claw at his face and eyes. Slugo appeared and savagely bit into the back of the man’s leg, taking the man down to the floor.

John rushed forward just as Slugo, seemed to bark a command to Winder the toy poodle. John watched in confusion as the small dog attacked the man’s crotch.

Zeus screamed as he bit and clawed the man’s face and throat. John looked into the frightened face of his bride. His anger almost at the danger level when he saw her torn blouse.

Winder gave a hard tug and the man screamed in pain and fear. Slugo gave another command and the two smaller pets backed off. The man was jerking and twitching as the pit bull sat on the man’s head. He jumped up and raked his hind legs and pranced and barked.

“I’ll be damned.” John muttered. “Little bastard, does laugh.”

Then there was a silence as the blood poured onto floor.

“John let’s just get the hell out of here.” Jenny said in a suddenly calm voice as she tugged at her husband’s arm.

John took a closer look at Winder, and paled as he shook his head, he felt hot bile rise in his throat.


“You really don’t want to know.” John grimaced.

“Is Winder okay?”

“Yeah, he’s okay.”

“What is he eating?”

John composed himself and grinned. “That guy’s dick.”

Jenny barely made it outside before going to her knees and becoming violently ill. Several neighbors came running over at the sight of, Jenny upchucking. “What just happened in there?” a large man asked.

“Some bastard, just tried to rape Jenny.” John said calmly.

“Call the cops man, don’t just stand there.”

“Won’t do a damn bit of good. He and his partner are dead. I killed one and our pets took out the other one.”

“John you’re obviously in shock, we need to call the cops.”

“NO! Listen up people, the shit has hit the fan in Texas. At least one of those men was a FED. We’re getting the fuck outta here.” John, replied coldly. “If you people are smart you’ll leave too.”

Several people nodded in agreement and rushed off to pack.

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