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Chapter 12

She was called “The Borzoi” Translation: Russian Wolfhound. She could speak several different languages and dialects, and was perhaps the most deadly agent extant.

If there was a certain type of person, that the government wanted stopped, and they didn’t much care how it was done, they’d called upon her services.

That list had become endless.

She had defected from Russia to the United States ten years ago. That would put her in the employment of that government agency at the age of sixteen. (Another Bastard Offspring)

“Put in a call to Borzoi.” The SAC told his secretary.

Adeline Garridan stilled the phone.

“Yes. I’ve heard of your problem, and No. I don’t think I want to involve myself in this one. You know that you can’t run that con on me any longer. The last time I was called upon, I made certain arrangements to ensure that. Yes, of course you had to try. Repeat that. ”

The last two words were repeated.

She smiled as she hung up the phone. I know what you’re going to attempt. I know the routine as well as you, but you’re going to fail. You’re going to find that task, a lot harder than you could ever have imagined. She thought silently. As well as painful.

She went to the hall closet and got her bag. It was identical to the one that she carried when she went to work out at the YWCA, with the exceptions of the contents of course.

She knew the SOP and knew that somebody would be watching and tailing her. As soon as they saw her leave, somebody would enter her home and leave a few of their usual nasty surprises. She’d marked herself for termination.

She had certain rules in her profession, she didn’t take assignments where children, the elderly, or the disable, could be hurt or killed. But her first rule was: Never to be coerced into taking on an assignment.

The government was getting entirely too big and powerful, that was the key reason she’d retired. Now all fuckin’ bets were off.

Yes, most certainly, the US government was becoming a very large and ugly monster. Something that the Founding Fathers, would shudder at if they were to see. Many of the rules applying only to the population and not to those in power.

They’d create programs, that the American people would never approve of, then as technology would progress, their toys would become more expensive. Of course, the people would get taxed out the wazoo to pay for something they had no knowledge of.

But of course the people had been told, that it was of vital importance to study the mating habits of the killifish.

It said something about mosquitoes, and then something about the bite of a female mosquito causing illness or death. That this fish could be used in the control of the pesky insects.

Control? Oh-okay. . . whatever. Oh-Thank God, we’ve got Big Brother to watch over us. Yeah-right! Okay-so what bimbo needs an abortion now, or are we going to have to take care, of another little bastard for the next eighteen years? Shit! Just introduce the john to a goddamn rubber.

No-wonder dad, wanted me to grow up to be president, so much pussy and so little time. I’ll have be sure and send some his way.

Certain groups, held very little concern for the average joe, and just wanted more and more money from the people. They’re now wanting to know every intimate detail of a person’s life.

Of course if that person’s life didn’t fall into what They had felt was appropriate, they’d ruin that person either financially, or by publicly assaulting their reputation. Either way. . . the person was history.

In most people’s eyes, he was quite possibly the best president that America had ever had, and would ever have. Most is pure conjecture as to why he was to be killed. Maybe he had pissed off the mob, or maybe it was because of the trouble in Viet Nam.

There is the strong possibility that a request had been made by some government wheezier and he’d refused. Something that they were willing to kill over. Maybe he’d found some deep dark secret.

The possibilities were and are still endless.

Had the Borzoi, agreed to the assignment, she would have been asked to pull the trigger on that fateful day.

Asked yes.

Agreed to do.


She’d never formally met the president, yet, she deeply admired him, and had even requested six months earlier, to be on the team to protect him. They’d all laughed at the very thought of a woman protecting the Man.

“She’ll stumble on her high heels, and probably push him into the bullet.” one agent had said with a sarcastic bark.

“Go fuck yourself.” she muttered.

“I don’t believe I heard you, what was that?”

“I said, Go fuck yourself, or would you prefer Kiss my ass?”

“I’d love to baby among other places.”

Several agents had quickly left the room, if there were no witnesses, then what could be proven. Primrose was about to get a taste of the Russian shit-storm.

Agent Primrose was not a well liked man, he was a sexist as well as a racist. His time with the agency was growing short.

Very Short.

It was unclear as to what actually happened in that office that day. Primrose claimed, that she hit him with some object from the desk. That he never got off a punch. Lie number one.

She’d caught him off guard. Lie number two.

If that were true then why were her hands bruised, and why did she have a bruise on her cheek?

She’d offered her womanly assets to him, if he’d help her get on the team to protect the president. Lie number three.

The other agents had smiled, when they had learned that agent Primrose had left the office wearing his balls as earrings. The Borzoi had acted so quickly that no one had time to react. Her foot snaked out several times and the agent hit the floor in pain.

“Tell the truth, and I’ll tell how to stop the pain.” the Borzoi said in a cold tone.

Between the puking and the gasping, Primrose then told the truth as to what had happened. His words were: “My mouth overloaded my ass, and she called me on it.” She stood there with a smile of satisfaction on her lips, as he told the same story, that she’d told in private to the SAC.

The SAC smiled and shook his head.

“Okay, now stop his pain,” another agent said with a grimace. “that’s making me sick.”

She smiled and shook her head, “All I did was rack his balls, wait about another ten minutes and the pain should end. His tolerance of pain must be very low.”

“Then it was a trick, anybody, will say what you want to get the pain to stop. I insist that his statement be stricken from the record. It was given under the assumption, that she could make the pain go away.”

“Horseshit! She said she’d tell how to make the pain stop, which she did. Anybody with a brain would know that the pain, from a groin shot would end in a matter of time.”

The SAC knew that the woman would never stay, thing was she was their best agent, and now she was about to be history. History being the keyword.

The order would come down for her to be terminated.

The fact that she was Russian was the key issue, there was trouble brewing in Russia and the fact that she was a defector clearly showed that she was not to be trusted.

Within the next few months three teams would be sent to kill her, they would be sent back in body bags. With a little help from her friends in the Company she would go underground, she would later save the life of a very important politician.

When asked what could be done for her she replied: ”Call off those goddamn hit teams, they’re not good enough, and I’m tired of killing those I’d once thought of as friends.”

The order was sent.

Adeline smiled coldly, as she set the last of the surprises, surprises that she was not suppose to have. But if one has the knowledge and the means anyone can build a very lethal bomb.

When you’re on the shit-list of certain groups you say: “Fuck the rules.” And then you do whatever it takes to survive.

Her home was in the country far away from people. She’d never wanted any innocent person to die in an attack against her. She’d made certain that her nearest neighbor was far enough away, so not to suffer any loss of life.

Her land was posted and surprisingly most people obeyed the posting, she’d planned for this day down to the letter. It truly was fool proof.

The Americans were total fools and fuck-ups. They’d trained her, and now she was going to use that training against them.

By the time it was all over the Borzoi, would finally cease to be. She would finally be free.

What was it Doctor king had said? Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty Free At Last.

That speech will go down in history as one of the most famous speeches ever made. It can and should be a guideline and a dream for all people of all t he races. Maybe someday the people will see that we’re all of one race: The human race.

She shook her head knowing that it will probably never be.

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