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Chapter 13

I could not believe the number of people, that had gathered to answer the call for freedom. Sure we’d have to cull the herd some, I knew that some of these people were hardcore assholes.

Some were the type, that were just waiting for the opportunity to kill, to kill for whatever reason that may pop into their sick little minds.

My family was safe and that was all that mattered, Randy, had seen to that. . . but, Randy was acting so weird these days, almost as though something weighed heavy on his mind.

He would stay in his quarters usually with the radio on, but not really ever listening. Like I said, he was acting very weird, my thoughts of course were that it must be the weight of leadership, I had placed on him.

But then I quickly nixed that thought, Randy wasn’t the type to give into pressure. Entirely, too damn tough and strong-willed.

I was sitting in my quarters, when I got hit with the news that any leader hated to hear. There was a traitor. Caught in the act, of contacting the FEDS.

Security would be bringing him in, the man had put three of our men down, and the backup team, had to hit him pretty hard to subdue him.

To anyone else it would have been obvious who was being brought in. Which shows once again, that I had a lot to learn. The four man security team, brought in the large black man, and roughly shoved him into a seat. “Randy.”

“It’s your own damn fault Dobs, you trust entirely too much.”

“Cut the tough act Randy, I know you too well, let me save your life.”

Randy looked at the security team then back to me. “Send them away, and I’ll talk to you.”

I motioned with my head, and team left the room. I then took the only other key to the cuffs from my belt, and removed the handcuffs. “You want a drink?”

“You see what I mean Dobs? Do you? I betray you and you remove my restraints and offer me a drink. I’m a federal agent.”

“I see. What have you told them about us?”


“Randy what have you told them?” I asked again patiently.

“Nothing. I’ve only told them enough, just for them to keep me here. In fact I’ve pretty much only collaborated, what they already knew and suspected.”

I poured us both a drink, and gave Randy his. “Which is?”

“That your group is basically harmless. In other words: No real threat to the government or the nation, Dobs this is big. There are groups popping up all over. Groups that if not stopped could cause unspeakable harm to our nation.”

“So you were sent in here, only to assess the situation.”


“What kind of damage, did you do to the security team?”

“They’ll have a few bruises, maybe a few will have headaches. But I didn’t use any death tricks, if that’s what you’re asking.”

I nodded my head. “If I don’t do something about this, then what respect I do have would be right out the window. Forgive me old friend, but until I know that you can be trusted. . . you’ll be placed under arrest, and held in the old jailhouse.”

“You’d be a fool not to Dobs, you’re doing the right thing.”

God how I hated the role of leader, I truly fucking hated it.

Kendall Wolfe stood on the porch of his parent’s house wondering just where the hell everybody could be. They were suppose to be here waiting for him. He checked his watch for about the fourth time in a ten minute span.

He saw the neighbor Emily across the street pull into their drive, and he quickly averted his eyes. He’d had his chance with her and now she’d never look his way twice. She now had a kid, and he sure as hell didn’t need a ready-made family, he’d played that game before and lost.

No. He didn’t actually loose, he was still alive. That had been that bitch’s goal in the first damn place. . . to see him dead. She was a psychotic bitch that had randomly picked him out of the phone book.

He shook away the old memories, she was now dead. Dead because he’d killed her. The physical scars had healed. Forget about her man! The knife wound to his chest. You put a bullet in her fucking head. She’s dead! Let the dead stay fuckin’ dead.

“Kendall are you okay? You seemed to be a thousand miles away.”

He looked into the eyes of the young blonde and slowly smiled. “Yeah I was just thinking about something. You haven’t by any chance seen my family have you?”

“Not since this morning, you don’t live here anymore do you?”

“Uh-no. I don’t. I’ve got my own place across town, do you think your mother may have seen them leave?”

“Maybe. Why don’t you come over and we can ask her.”

Never look twice. . . huh-pal.

Kendall looked around, and slowly nodded his head, and then walked with the attractive blonde across the street.

He’d only spoken with her mothera few times since way back then, and that was only in passing. She’d married and he was pretty certain that her last name was something french.

“Mom, you remember Kendall.”

“Yes, of course, have a seat Kendall.”

English accent. Something, he’d always liked about the lady.

“I just needed to ask if you saw when my parents left.”

The woman seemed deep in thought for a moment. “Oh-they left out of here quite early. I was surprised to see them with boxes of canned food and several jugs of water. They also had lots of guns.”

“Damn!” he muttered with a shake of his head. “It’s hit the fan.”

“What do you mean?” Emily asked.

“The town has fallen Em, surely you’ve kept up on current events.”

The young woman’s face paled. “I knew it was getting bad, but I never dreamed it was getting to this point. Mom we’ve got to get out of here, Where’s Farrell?”

“Out back playing.”

Emily rushed to the back door and hollered shrilly for her son. Moments later the young boy was inside the house, and Kendall noticed that the boy was covered in dust and sweat.

“Mom pack a few things we’re getting out of here.”

“No. I’m staying put.”

“I have no time to argue with you, Kendall, please tell her just how dangerous it’ll be for her to stay behind.”

“Ma’am, it would be very wise for you to leave, the looters and other versions of crap-heads are sure to surface.”

“My husband will come here, and if he doesn’t find me. . .”

“Mom he’s going to expect for you, to do what it takes to survive. That means leave and go with us.”

Us? Which us?

“Kendall can you carry her?”

“Yeah, I suppose I can, where do you want me to carry her?”

Emily looked at him as though he’d lost his mind. Which her mom had already done, her husband had been gone for years. She’d just never accepted it. “To your truck of course.”

“Ah-yes . . . good plan,” Kendall replied sarcastically. “and just where am I to take you?” He asked as he felt the jaws of the trap trying to close.

“Wherever it is you’re going, I know all about you Kendall you’re a survivor. I’m sure that you’ve already made a plan.”

“Yeah, but it sure as hell don’t involve you.”

“You’re not the type to go off and leave anyone behind, it may seem that I’ve forgotten about you, but I know all that there is to know. I know that you’re still a fighter. . . I know more about you than you think. Now will you please take us with you. . . will you please help us to survive?”

To say please had to be the hardest thing for the young woman to ever say. She was very spoiled, and was used to always getting her way. She was use to her female favors always getting her all that she wanted.

Kendall slowly smiled. “Yeah. . . I’ll take you with me.” he replied softly. The entire time thinking that he was a damn fool. Another time he’d have taken full advantage of the attention being thrown at him. Shit maybe he was getting soft.

“Here’s the rules: I say jump you jump. Don’t ask any asinine questions, you just do what I say, when I say, and we all might come though this alive.”


Farrell took that time to speak up. “Kendall if you’re in love with my mother then why are you being so mean to her?”

“What makes you think that I’m. . . in love with your mother?”

“A person would have to be blind not to see that you are, but even then, a blind person would be able to sense it.”

The older woman suddenly entered the room with a small bag, and Kendall and Emily both wondered when she’d left the room. “What are we talking about now?” she asked matter of factly.

“The fact that Kendall is in love with my Mom.”

“He finally told her huh. . . well it’s about bloody time.”

Kendall became aware of Emily’s eyes upon him, “We need to head out now!” he said in a firm voice.

Em smiled secretly as her mind took her back ten years ago. Their families were friends, and they enjoyed the company of the other. They shared the same beliefs that if-when America, ever fell, then it would be best to be in a group of like-minded people.

To be with people that had knowledge of survival, and little regard for those that did not follow the simple rules of life.

They’d have their parties out in the country, and enjoy good ole fashioned picnics. Okay, so on that particular day they should have paid closer attention to the weather. It was cold and the sky didn’t look all that pleasant.

But they figured if they did get snowed in they’d be pretty well set. They had plenty of food stored and they were going to have the stew. Mulligan stew some beer, and maybe some cheap wine. Nobody was going to be driving home that night anyway, so if somebody were to get schnockered nobody would have a wreck. It was up to her to get Kendall and take him out to the party site. His birthday wasn’t until Sunday, so this was to be quite a surprise for him. She picked him up from work, and waited while he showered and changed clothes.

Using his words: “I smell beyond ripe.”

They got into the car and made two stops, Kendall bought a bottle of Jack Daniels. Then they went and bought some Barb-Que and some southern fried chicken from everybody’s favorite eatin’ place. “UNDERWOODS.” That was the only place in town, that could put everybody to shame.

The weather wasn’t too bad at first, but about six miles out it turned into an ice storm. Em pulled over not wanting to risk going any further, both had agreed that it would be wiser to just go back to town.

They pulled over to wait until the storm broke.

Em started to cry, and with Kendall being a man, he honestly didn’t know if it was something he’d done, or if something else was actually wrong.

He gently took her into his arms, “Hey kid calm down, it’s just a little ice storm.”

“Yeah, but this was sssuppose to be special, a surprise birthday weekend for you. That’s why every–bbbody is out waiting for us.”

Kendall smiled. Leave it to his family to plan such an event, okay they weren’t going anywhere anytime soon. If the weather broke and they could get home, he’d call a buddy of his and borrow his truck and he’d get them out there.

He continued to hold Em in his arms, crying women always made him uneasy, he never knew what to say, or what to do.

“JJJerry wasn’t happy with me being ttthe one to come after you, he tthinks you’re after mme.”

“Makes sense,” Kendall said with a smile. “you’re a very pretty girl.”

The car missed a couple of times and then died.

Em shook her head and quickly pulled away. “No-no-no! Don’t do this to me!” she shouted as she tried to start the car.


“It’s fucking dead! Kendall, the goddamn car is dead! How are we going to get out of here!”

“First things first: you need to calm down.” Kendall replied gently as he looked in the backseat. “Okay we have blankets, and we have food. We’re not in that bad of shape.” he said not real sure of exactly where they were, but he knew that he needed to calm the girl.

“What if somebody crashes into us because of the ice? We’re going to fucking die!”

“No, we’re not going to die. There’s a shack right over there, we gather what we can and we leave a note in the car. Somebody will come looking for us, find the car and the note and then find us.”

Em smiled knowing that as long as she was with Kendall Wolfe, she was going to be safe. Kendall wrote a quick note and then they gathered up the food and blankets and the bottle of whiskey and left the car.

Kendall tried the door, it was either locked or stuck.

He used his shoulder to force it open, and got Em inside and quickly shut the door. He used his lighter and found a sting to a light and gently gave it a tug. The small shack was suddenly filled with light.

In one corner was an old fashion heating stove, and in another was a large supply of mesquite logs. There was a small twin bed, that had a mattress that had definitely seen better days.

“We get a fire going and we can be set nice and cozy, until somebody comes for us.” Kendall said with a hopeful grin.

He checked the stove and found a rat’s nest inside, and after making sure that the valves were all open he got the fire going.

“You think somebody else ever uses this place, somebody that may not like us being here?” Em asked.

“They’ll only complain once.” Kendall replied as he pulled the pistol from beneath his coat.

“Should have known you’d be armed, your family never goes out there without a gun. . . even in the winter.”

Kendall flipped the mattress and found the other side to be in even worse shape. “Looks like it’s the floor for both of us.”

Em smiled, chivalrous to the end. “Wouldn’t it be better if we combine our body heat to stay warm?”

“Mesquite burns hotter than any other wood I know of anyway, this shack is small and shouldn’t take much to heat. No, I don’t think that will be necessary.”

Kendall never noticed the look on the young woman’s beautiful face.

They heated the chicken on the stove and drank Dr Peppers. Kendall preferred Pepsi or at least a Coke. Dr. pepper tasted like carbonated prune juice to him. But hey when that’s all there is to drink you either drink it or do without.

Hey it didn’t taste too bad with a triple shot of JACK.

Neither had any idea of the temper, that was brewing back at the family camp site. “He’s taking advantage of the situation, they got stuck somewhere and they’re...” Jerry’s face flushed and he quickly left out of the room and went back to the restroom.

“That man has some serious problems.” James Wolfe replied.

“What do you mean?”

“He starts bitching about them being alone, and then heads for the can. I need not tell you what he does in there.”

“Forgive me for being ignorant, but what does he do?” Starla Jennings asked feeling a bit foolish.

Jenny Wolfe rolled her eyes and whispered in the woman’s ear.

“That’s Disgusting!” Starla almost shouted the words.

“One weekend he got picked up for being drunk, and the boys probably would have just taken him home. But he began to talk crazy, so they took him to the city’s bailiwick. They were forced to observe him as he-uh-masturbated.”

Starla felt a sick feeling begin to grow in her stomach. This was the man her daughter was involved with. If he was a mental. . . “why did they watch Sarge?”

“Anytime a prisoner behaves in such a manner, he’s isolated from the other prisoners and observed. They’ve seen everything from masturbation to a few eating their own feces.”

Starla grimaced. “So he’s a fucking wacko.”

“That’s a gross understatement.” Jenny replied simply.

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