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Chapter 14

Kendall knew that the young woman was scared, hell he was scared too. He was just better at hiding it. Anything could happen, they could be stuck there for days. Judging by the sounds of the weather it was turning into a bitch of a storm.

They were in pretty good shape, and even if they couldn’t leave and they needed food, he could get that. Water was no problem, they could melt snow and ice.

He’d plugged most of the holes, in the wall with clumps of the mattress. The thing that worried him was: he had a limited amount of ammo. If they were to need it beyond hunting for food, there might be a problem.

He smiled, “If you’ll make our pallets, I’ll go out and answer mother nature’s call.”

He couldn’t understood the smile she gave him as he left the shack. The weather was getting worse, and it seemed to him that the falling ice was actually being thrown by a large angry child.

He quickly did his business and got back to the shack, he entered and found Em gone. Moments, later she too came back in. “I figured I’d better go too.”

“In the future, let me know, you could have got turned around out there. Hell I almost did.”

Em gave a soft laugh. “I saw you almost fall, it’s very slick out there.”

Kendall couldn’t even recall almost falling, but it really wasn’t all that

important. He figured it was some game she was wanting to play.

“You really made the ice-chips fly off that tree.”

Kendall felt his face grow hot, and he quickly avoided looking into her eyes. Jesus. Just how close was she? Why didn’t he sense someone that close by while he was out there?

Simple answer.

It was too goddamn cold to worry about that at the time.

She smiled up at him as she pulled the blanket back to the one and only pallet. “Kendall,” She slipped out of her clothing and knelt down and patted the bedding. “You don’t really want to sleep alone do you?” she asked her voice thick with passion.

What? Is this a trick question?

She was beautiful, her body perfectly flawless...

He smiled as he went to her.

“It’s just somebody that needed to get out of the storm. I saw a car slide off the road before I turned off. I’m sure that’s all it is. I can’t even see worth a shit out there now, so how could they see the house?”

“Who knows what they’re doing out there.” the woman persisted.

“If they’re smart they’re getting warm, they should be okay, I haven’t used that stove in a couple years, but it worked fine then.” the man replied growing very tired of the prudish ways of his very large wife. Twenty years ago...whoa-Baby! Today. . . well shit!

“What if they’re having premarital sex? This land is called the Lord’s Will. We do as He wants it done.”

“Woman I’m not about to go down there in this shit storm, and ask to see a goddamn marriage license. If you’re so fucking worried then go down there yourself. Some folks needed to get out of the storm, and we’re letting them have the use of our shed. It is the Christian thing for us to do, and we’re doing it. So either go down and check things out for yourself, or shut the fuck up about it.”

“You never talked to me like that.” the woman replied her eyes wide with shock.

“I am now. I’m so damn sick of you constantly talking of The Lord’s Will and your fucking rules.” the man snapped.

The rule was: No foreplay, no stimulation, for either party. Just get on then get off. What a goddamn bore.

She took a long quivering breath, as she was suddenly filled with burning sexual excitement. “Well here’s a new rule: Take me to your bed and do thy will.

He shrugged his shoulders. What the hell man, beats whacking off in the shower. That shit got old and very fucking boring too man.

The young couple was stranded for three days, and in those three days they fell in love. Actually the love was already there, they’d just always found an excuse to ignore their feelings.

Both had been burned, and they both had began to safeguard their hearts with great care. It was always much safer to date some looser, to just go with the next obvious doomed relationship.

After the ice storm came the snow. They still felt that someone would surely come for them. The car was sure to be bogged down. And even if they were to make it to the car, it was still a dead issue.

Both were more than just a little red faced, when the weather finally broke, and they found that they were only a hundred yards, from some rancher’s house.

They decided to risk trying to get back to the highway. By now the roads would be being traveled and maybe they could catch a ride into town. Besides the rancher may not like the fact that they’d used his shack.

They were found by the family as they were returning, both were evasive when asked, where they’d stayed during the storm. They’d become even more so, when asked what they did to pass the time, and what they’d done to keep warm.

Of course Jerry just wouldn’t let it go. “If he made you do anything that you didn’t want to do, it’s considered as rape.”

“Nothing like that happened Jerry.” Em replied with a shake of her head.

“Baby I’ll understand if he got you drunk, and then took advantage.” Em tried to hide her smile, but failed miserably. “You and he fucked it was not lovemaking.”

“Watch your mouth Jerry.” Kendall warned.

“At least we know how they stayed warm.” James, whispered to his wife.

“Don’t talk ugly.” his wife warned with a smile.

“Pull this fucking van over right now!” Jerry ordered. “I’m going to kick his goddamn ass.”

The senior Wolfe smiled as he pulled the van over. “You’re gonna try boy, but you’ll fail royally, Do yourself a favor and faint now, and save yourself some real pain not to mention the humiliation.”

Jerry was a bigger fool, than anyone gave him credit for. He began by screaming in Kendall’s face. Calling him a low-life, and a sorry ass son-of-a-bitch.

Very stupid thing to say and do.

Kendall yawned. “Could you speed this up, the past three days with Em, have about done me in.”

Jerry then made the biggest mistake he ever could’ve made. He screamed his rage and slapped Kendall across the face. Very big mistake. Kendall probably would have just toyed with him maybe scare him into a sense of sanity. But now. . .

Now all bets were off.

Kendall quickly lost his usual amused look.

Em refused to watch, she knew that Jerry had it coming. . . but she just couldn’t watch Kendall pound the man. She clearly heard the sound of a fist striking flesh followed by a grunt of pain.

The fight was over just like that, Kendall walked over to the van and retook his seat beside her. Jerry wasn’t moving, she watched the still form for a moment, then breathed a sigh of relief when the man slowly got to his feet.

He walked over to the van and got in. “It’s over, you can have her. I could give a shit, but I don’t. When we get to town though, I’m pressing charges against you for assault.”

That was all the senior Wolfe needed to hear. He pulled over and calmly got out of the van and went to the other side. He opened the door and jerked the man out of the seat. “You can walk to town then. You issued the challenge and got your ass whipped boy. Now, you’re talking more garbage. Start walking shithead.”

That was the beginning of the end of the friendship, in Starla’s eyes both

acts were barbaric. Jerry had problems and did not deserve to be treated the way he’d been. Okay. So maybe the friendship wouldn’t end completely. . . but it would never be like it was before. If she had any say at all, Em would also stop seeing Kendall. He may be a good boy, but he’d goaded poor Jerry with that one remark.

Yeah, the get together days were to be no-more. “Perhaps Farrell should be told.” Emily whispered softly.

She felt a light tug at her arm, and she shook away the old memories. She felt the warmth spread up into her face. “Mom, what did you mean by perhaps I should be told?” Farrell whispered.

Kendall cautiously glanced over at the woman, there was always the suspicion of some big secret being kept from him. All those years ago, Emily had suddenly decided to not ever see him again, and shortly there after he’d gone on to those other things.

Things that even his parents were never privy to, he knew that his father had his suspicions. He was always the rebel and would in all likelihood die a rebel’s death. By way of an old friend James had became aware, that his son had left the country. It had also been made known that Kendall had gone to work as a merc.

Judging by the scars on his chest and back, the story of him being injured had not been exaggerated. From what he did know Kendall had killed twenty-five men in a forty-eight hour span, in order to rescue seven members of his team.

His contact had told him, the things Kendall had done during that forty-eight hours. It still sent ice shivers down his spine. Things that normal men, would never have thought of their child ever doing to another human being.

He knew that one of the female members of the team had been raped. Kendall had caught up with the bastard, and had used piano wire to castrate the him.

He’d then taken the severed penis, and stuffed it down the rapist’s throat and stitched his mouth closed with the same wire.

He’d broken one man’s back, and crucified him upside down exactly six inches over a slow burning fire. The man could do nothing but scream, until the pain peacefully took him.

He slit throats, and gut shot a few, and had used a machete on several. To confirm each kill he’d take the right forefinger. The worst of all things done, he left the bodies for the beasts.

The one man that betrayed them deserved a death befitting a traitor. Kendall had known that he was acting on his own, but his team had been taken and the traitor had left him for dead.

Their own leader had set them up, and it was up to him to take him down. The man was running scared, and he knew that it was Kendall that was stalking him. Expertly stalking him and leaving nothing but a trail of dead bodies.

Soon another would join the list of the dead.

Kendall had the never quit mentality.

Those that had done the recruiting were getting very nervous. Kendall (The RabidWolf) was working on a personal agenda. Revenge. They needed to know exactly who was involved and just how deep the betrayal went.

His team had been betrayed, and he was acting on pure rage. He was a good man, but he still needed to learn, to not to act on his more basic emotions.

If he lasted that long.

If they couldn’t stop him, then they just may have to send someone in to cancel him. They needed information, not confirmation of dead traitors.

They were doing some serious house cleaning, it was a slow process, but it was still very effective. The transformation was just about complete.

The contact had told him that Kendall had come very close to being taken out.

A special agent was able to get to his son, and stop him before he made the final kill.

Actually, it did take a lot of restraint for both men, not to take the rogue bastard out. But considering what was actually at stake they did restrain themselves. Lots of restraint.

His emotions were jumbled, a mixture of pride and fear. His son was as loyal as any man could ever be. But Kendall had been born a hundred years too late. It was that trait that could get him killed.

His contact was an old friend that he’d grown up with and they were more like brothers than just mere friends. The man had known Kendall his entire life, and that had been his edge to getting through to him. He had also had a hard time digesting the things Kendall had done to the traitors.

It had been during one of these conversations that Em had overheard and learned of the life Kendall had chosen. She’d once had a heavy crush on his son, and this would only enticed her even more. Rekindle the old spark maybe.

What was it ten years ago? Yeah-exactly ten years ago that Kendall and Em, had been trapped in that old shack. It was obvious what had happened during those three days. He was certain that Farrell was nine fixing to be ten.

He shook his head, as the old argument tried to resurface. No way in hell, could the boy be Kendall’s son. Both had dark hair that would lighten if they spent too much time in the sun. Both had blue eyes that could turn to a steel blue, whenever they were angered. Coincidence! Spent three days together.

Like mother like daughter she too had married some french fucker saying that they were so-so much in love. But the bastard took to beating her and the boy, and it had been Farrell that put an end to that.

Rolled him up in a sheet and then beat him with a bat, broke both his arms and both his legs, knocked out half his teeth, and broke the man’s nose. He then called over to the house and told what he’d done. His mother was in the shower, he could still hear her crying. “Got tired of him hurting Mom, somebody had to stop it, so I did, so now you can come over and arrest me.”

If he hadn’t known the kid, he’d swear that it was a challenge being offered. The boy didn’t say, “I hurt him and he needs an ambulance.” The boy didn’t give a jack-shit about that. Same exact attitude as Kendall would have.

Can that be bred into a person? Is it possible for a child, to be born with the seed of contempt toward certain types of people?

He was expecting to see a slap mark or two on the young woman’s face. What he saw sickened him, the bastard had to have used his fist in order to mark her like that. Her right eye was swelled shut, and her beautiful face was bruised and swelled. He had to force himself to stay professional.

The boy sat holding the bat, and stood up when he saw the uniformed cops

approach him. “I suppose you’re here to take me in, I changed my mind. Nobody,is taking me anywhere except to the hospital to be with my Mom.”

“Son you need to put that bat down.” an officer said in an authoritative tone. Not noticing Sarge approaching them.

“I’m not your fuckin son!” Farrell snapped. “You can just kiss my white rebel ass.”

The officers looked at one another, but stood their ground. This was after all just a child, a child with a very foul mouth, and a very bad attitude. They could handle him easy.

“Guys back off stop being part of the problem. . . Farrell do you trust me? We’re friends right?” the older Wolfe said firmly.

“Yes,” to both questions.

“Okay, you’re making people very nervous holding that bat.”

“Just want them to know where they stand, or that if they try to take me in where they’ll fall. He. . . beat my mother with his goddamn fist. . . if these boys are so concerned about justice where were they when she needed help.” the tears begin to form in his young eyes.

“She was begging for someone. . . anyone to help her, I didn’t know she had the cops on the line at first. I picked up the phone and a voice said, You kids need to stop playing on the phone. . . stop playing on the phone.” he repeated the words softly.

The officers shifted their feet nervously, and avoided looking at the larger man. “Son you really need to drop that bat.” one said as he took a step forward.

“And you need to go fuck yourself.” Farrell muttered in a cold tone raising the bat up waist level.

The large man stepped, between the officers and the boy. “Get your asses to the station now! You touch that boy, and that fucking bat will become the least of your worries.”

The officers nodded their heads and backed off quite quickly. “The Dark-Wolf” as he was called was quite large, and had never minded too much if he had to color outside the lines.

Meaning if you fucked with him. . . your career can R.I.P. asshole.

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