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Chapter 17

“Where the hell can he be?” the young man asked, his voice full of panic and concern.

“He needed to get off by himself.” the young woman answered. “He’s okay. If you were surrounded by idiots all the time, that needed you to think for them about everything wouldn’t you go off to be alone first chance you got?”

“But he’s our leader,” The young man replied. “he’s suppose to be where we know where he is at all times, what if we needed him?.”

The young woman sighed. She now knew what the men meant by Dobs needing to get away. That he was mentally drained, always being asked to do this or to do that for someone. Yes, to literally do all the thinking for everyone.

She was only a TL (Team Leader) and her authority while extensive was still limited. She couldn’t transfer anyone out just because they’d developed an unhealthy fond attachment to Dobs Macalister.

She knew of women that would give him their bodies, if only he’d ask them. But he wasn’t like that. He could have any woman in camp that his heart desired, and never sleep with the same woman twice.

He was true blue to his wife and would never be untrue to her, he loved her that much. He wasn’t homely, he just wasn’t handsome, his face held a mystery. It could be hard and totally void of emotion one minute, could go completely silent.

Then it could seem like. . . he wanted to say or express something hidden deep within his heart. Just like when he’d ordered the release of Randy Baker.

“If anybody has a goddamn problem with it, they need to either live with it, or they can come to me, and we’ll discuss it, then they can gear up and leave. The road to hell is that way!” He said with a sharp wave of his hand.

A very hard man.

Loyal only to his family and friends, many believe that once you become his friend, you’re a member of his family. Then you’re among those that were marked. That was why he avoided allowing himself to get too close.

Just another way for the man to protect his team, a man that would walk through the fires of hell for family.

June Macalister sat alone in the darkened room, the tears had just suddenly began to fall, and she couldn’t seem to stop them. She thought she felt something slip away from her, just moments before she awoke. Her first thought was that Dobs’s luck had finally ran out.

She placed her hand upon her chest, and found her heartbeat and then found the extra heartbeat. In their private moments they’d discovered that there was an extra heart beating in her chest. “It’s my heart.” he told her. “If you’re ever worried about me just find your beat then find mine, then you’ll know that I’m okay.”

The doctors had never been able to explain it. It wasn’t the baby’s heart, this has showed up after she and Dobs had first confessed their love for the other. There was probably a rational explanation for it, but their theory was the best so far.

She knew that this really didn’t prove or disprove a damn thing. But it did offer some degree of comfort, he’s very human, just flesh and blood, with all the strengths and weaknesses of any other man. His strengths are in some ways much more powerful than others.

He. . . he may have just fallen off the fertility wagon. Why did anything have to be wrong? Why are you doing this? You just woke up and you can’t go back to sleep, nothing is wrong. Not one goddamn thing!

The extra heartbeat grew stronger and even more rapid. “This is weird.”

Though it was a bit cool she could feel the sweat forming on her body. “What the hell is happening?” she whispered.

Then she felt a slight discomfort just seconds before her water broke. “Rob! Edith!” she cried out with a startled cry.

She saw the lights in the hallway come on, and the sounds of one or both people coming to help her.

“Edith get those old sheets out of the hall closet, I don’t know how close we are to the miracle, but we’re close.” Rob said with a smile.

“Where is Dobs?” June asked her voice growing with panic. “I want Dobs here.”

“He’s away June. Remember?”

“Bastard!” she shouted. “Made damn sure he stuck around for the fun, but bailed before it was time for me to birth his son.”

“Edith I think maybe you should. . . do this.” Rob said as he slowly backed away.


“Think about it, she’s a bit pissed at my brother. My Identical Twin brother, she may decide to get violent.”

Edith laughed as she shooed her husband out of the room. “Big tough cop, faces outlaws, Germans, and other shitheads, but afraid of a woman giving birth. Jeeze! What a wuss.”

Rob quickly left the room, and tried to think of what Edith may need, he went into the kitchen and put on some water to boil. He had no idea if it was really needed, but they always say boil water in the movies. “Shit! What am I thinking?”

He left the water to boil just in case, and tried to figure out just exactly where Dobs could be.

Sheets were already torn into strips, in case they ever needed bandages. He stood close by just in case Edith called for him.

He could hear her talking to June, in a soothing tone. Thank God, she’d taken a few nursing classes. Mostly a class on life saving skills, but she went a few steps further and volunteered at the hospital. She came home one night, and just kept looking at her hands.

When asked what was up, she smiled and said: “I helped bring a man back to life.” She then went on to describe to him what a human heart looked like.

A few nights later she’d come in, and told him that she needed to be alone for awhile. (A child hadn’t made it) He tried to help but it only made matters worse. “Okay-so I’m human, mister ice cold cop! I can’t help it, when a person sees what I saw. . .” she looked up at him with very hostile eyes, “you need to cut me some fucking slack!”

He backed way off.

She then got very drunk.

Rob slept on the couch in the nursery, and took care of the baby all the hours of the night.

The next morning he was up long, before the alarm and quietly slipped in and turned it off. He quickly showered, and dressed for work and made the coffee and some toast.

The sounds in the next room increased, and he smiled when he heard the sound of the baby crying.

“Put a little bit of ice in the water, that I’m sure is too hot by now and bring it in here. We need to clean the baby, and June up.”

Rob slowly went into the room, and June smiled at him. “Sorry about before.” she said weakly.

“That’s what you’re worried about, you just brought a new life into the world.”

“Uh-Rob, the water.” Edith, said in a firm voice.

“Is she properly covered?”

“Jeeze! Just put the damn water down, and get out of here!”

“June smiled and gently patted her cousin’s hand. “Dobs would be the same way if it were you. Both are gentlemen, but both are also heroes. He’s playing it down, and giving this one to you.”

She hated to admit it, but June was right. Rob wasn’t afraid of June smacking him in anger. June had all the help she needed right now. If the need arose, Rob would do what was needed, to save both her cousin and the child. But for now, this moment did belonged to her and June.

I slowly pulled away from Ann, not really or fully understanding what had happened. I knew that I’d just. . . I just couldn’t understand why. The room smelled heavily of sex, and I honestly felt unclean. I went to the bathroom and got into the shower. I tried not to think of June, but her face just kept popping into my mind.

I knew that within the next few moments Ann would get up and come and join me. All during the night as she’d snuggle closer to me she’d whisper that now I was her’s.

The shower curtain opened and Ann stepped in with me, I tried to fight the sensation, but even before the battle began I knew that I was going to loose.

I took her into my arms and we both became like two frenzied animals fighting desperately to dominate the other. A fight she lost.

She gently pushed me away, and slowly sank to the floor of the shower. “Get out of here and leave me alone. I need to be alone for a minute.” the old memories flooding her mind.

I stepped out and took a robe that I assume belonged to her husband and left the bathroom. Before I left, I could hear her crying.

Jesus. What have I done? Did I somehow loose control and force her? What have I allowed myself to become? I sat down on the foot of the bed, the scent of sex still heavy in the room, and to be truthful it was making me ill.

I went over and opened a window, and then I quickly dressed, I had to get out of that room. If I wasn’t there when she came in, then maybe I’d be able to control myself better.

I went straight to the kitchen, and started a pot of coffee. I looked at the problem from reverse maybe, I’d just been without June too long. Maybe, I was lonely and didn’t even know it.

I shook my head knowing that was just an excuse, I was trying to justify my act of adultery. I knew that it was pure bullshit. It was bullshit because, I’d been close to female members of my team while they were in various stages of undress.

Not a damn thing happened.

It isn’t something that a man writes about, not if he’s a gentleman that is. Hell, I’m not even so certain, if gentleman is the term I’m wanting to use. Maybe I’m not just, some sorry son of a bitch. Perhaps, I’m just a real bastard after all.

Ann came into the kitchen in her robe, and sat down across from me. Our eyes touched, and softly held for a moment. She smiled softly, then her eyes suddenly averted from mine all together.

“Exactly what happened to us yesterday?” I asked, without pulling the punch.

She poured herself a cup of coffee, and still avoided my eyes. “If I tell you, you’re going to have to listen, and not just hear.”

I nodded.

“My parents are the ones that put it together, they figured out that something wasn’t quite right with the story told to them.”

“You mean about what happened to us at that retreat.”

“Yes Dobs. . . those people worked for the government, they wanted kids there to test a theory.” she paused to let her words sink in.

“What to see if they could start a mass orgy? Come on Ann, this is movie stuff.”

“Where do you think they got the idea? Perhaps, it was already a thought in their sick minds. Get strangers to engage in sex, then who knew what else they could make a person do.”

In a sick way it did make sense. “So what happened to us then was a form of brainwashing. But what about here and now?”

“My parents found this much out, after going home some of those kids committed suicide. Others were locked up for their own protection as well for the protection of others, they suffered from severe mental disorder, very severe.

“Whatever it was they did to us they never undid. The shrink that treated me found all this out, he did his best to undo their damage. You see, they couldn’t just undo it all not without tipping their hand.

“He put in a backdoor so to speak just in case, it ever started again. I think somehow that door was reopened, perhaps by something said or done.”

“But what about me? I was never treated.”

“You sure about that Dobs? Consciously, you’d have no real knowledge of the treatments.”

“So you’re saying that every time. . . I see you or hear some key phrase I’m going to want to make wild love to you.” I asked sarcastically.

“It could be anything that triggers it Dobs. There isn’t much telling what they put inside your mind.”

I noticed that she finally looked me in the eyes, and I could actually see her weaken. She moved closer to me and her scent entered my mind. I could feel us tearing, at each other’s clothing and the urge for us to make love on the table was powerful. The voice inside my head seemed to scream at me it’s her scent. That was what attracted you to her in the first place. “Scent.” I muttered.

“Sent. Sent what?” she whispered as she pulled me closer.

“No. It’s your scent.” I stood up and moved away from her very quickly, my head began to clear, and the sudden sexual arousal left me as quickly as it came.

I turned my back to her, and I could hear her retying the sash to her robe. “What were you thinking, as you looked into my eyes?” I asked.

“That your eyes reminded me of two soft pools, both warm and cool at the same time. That the only way to appease the heat in my body...was to allow your eyes to seduce my soul.”

Damn. If she was right, those bastards were good.

Perfect plan, control thoughts control emotions, make a person loose their focus on what they should be concerned with.

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