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Chapter 18

Dan Parker shook his head angrily, and threw the file across the room. Agent Larris walked in just as the last of the paper was floating to the floor. “Are we throwing a temper tantrum?”

“Do you know who Dobs Macalister? He was born Dobson Alexander Macalister.”

Cindy shook her head, “Sorry, am I suppose to know that name, outside of this case that is?”

“Back in the 50′s a certain German scientist came up with a plan a very sick goddamn plan. Mind control. He felt that if the brain could be stimulated, then the subject could be controlled. They put out an order for a certain type of kid to be sent to their camp.”

Cindy slowly sat down in the chair in front of the large desk. “I’m not going to like this am I chief?”

Dan took a long quivering breath. “They got hold of several kids and preformed their sick little experiments ...”

The more she listened to the sick details the more sick she became. It was pure perversion and it was also very twisted. To do that to anybody was sick enough. . . but to do that to kids was the sickest thing ever.

Thing was they gotten away with it, some of those kids committed suicide because of what was put in their minds. God only knows what may still be lurking deep inside the minds of those still alive.

Sir Robert paced the living-room of Dobs’s house, he paused lit up a cigarette, and looked at the picture of Dobs as a young man. The look of defiance burning in his young eyes, the boy had grown into a hell of a man.

A true man of honor.

All the talks that he’d had with the boy came to mind, Dobs, was always full of questions. He’d known that even then, that there was something different about his future brother-in-law. Different as in the way of being very special.

Who would have ever thought. . .

His in-laws were almost always gone, always going to see this relative or that one. They had accepted him and had stayed out of what they’d figured to be destiny.

In those days Sara was the one that was always looking after her brothers. It was out of honor that he’d taken Joe with them to England. Rob and Dobs were old enough to see to themselves, and there was that uncle that was to look in on them.

Now the boys were grown, he tried to contact the uncle, and then tried to contact the cousins, that his in-laws were suppose to be visiting. There was something very wrong here. That was no longer a working number.

He called the operator and she tried the number. . . this time there was an answer. Odd. Very odd. They were out. . . camping out to be exact.

The person he talked to was the daughter of the cousin, she’d get word to them by way of the general store. “What. . . oh I’m home from college it’s kinda embarrassing I flunked out.”

He tried the local uncle again, and on the fifth ring there was an answer. “Been working out back, never knew I had to check in with you Robert.”

“Sorry sir, I didn’t mean for it to. . . sound that way. Dobs is missing. His personal team are even worried, as well as his second in command.”

“Dobs probably just needed some time off to himself. Even as a kid he’d sometimes go off and hide. Call me when it’s actually something really important.” The connection was broke quite rudely.

There was a hell of a lot more, to all that was now happening, and Robert knew it. Nobody, seemed overly concerned that Sara’s parents hadn’t called in days, and this so called uncle was acting like an ass.

He could suddenly feel eyes on him, and he turned and saw the young man set a

tray down. Something was very familiar about that. “Can I help you?”

“No sir. I thought you might be hungry and thirsty, I know you haven’t eaten since yesterday.” the young man replied with a smile.

Robert stared for a moment, he’d seen that smile before, and he could almost place when and where.

“I know you’re worried about Dobs, but not taking care of yourself will not help matters.”

“I’m not sure that we’ve met. Robert Clary.” he said as put out his hand.

“Ben Wilson.” the young man replied as he took the offered hand.

“Well Ben, around here no man waits on another. Thank you for the gesture, but in the future see to your needs, and the needs of your woman and kids.”

Ben smiled taking an immediate liking to the older man, he noted that he was a bit gruff, but at the same time, the type not to pull his punches.

They’d said in a coded message that TSHHTF. He was one of the newest and youngest agents, and had the least amount experience. They’d actually told him to hunt a hole, and to wait until the danger had passed. Yeah-right. He left England, and came to the states.

This was going to take seasoned agents, and even then there were no guarantees that they’d succeed. But he was going to try.

He went straight to Texas, and bummed around for a short time, and soon teamed up with a small group of survivors. “I’ve heard of a man by the name of Macalister that’ll help you. But you’d best straight with him, or you could get your neck stretched.” he said to the group after they’d rechecked their rations. Exactly three days worth. If they didn’t eat lunch.

Since there were children with them, they’d have to figure something out.

Something real quick.

A young woman smiled secretly, the talk had become grossly exaggerated. But it had cut down on those that just wanted the free ride, and those that would try to infiltrate their ranks, in order to destroy them from within.

This group would stand. She especially liked the young man Ben Wilson. He was. . . different. He ate very little and always made certain that the children ate. He’d stand his watch, and always took the Zombie watch. Midnight to dawn.

They had people watching him, and many of the others to make certain that they were what they appeared to be. Four men were found to be part of a hate group.

They were eliminated.

Ben had checked out nothing shady, at times wanting to be alone. Nothing real unusual there. Many people were like that, he did his job, never complained and brought back his share of meat.

But still the office of trust was vacant.

He’d won their trust completely, when it was him that had caught one of the men in the act of a late night radio call. He knew of the man only by reputation, and the bastard also fit the description of a man wanted by several agencies. He’d befriended the man, and when he’d caught his new friend in the act was able to very convincingly have a combination of hate, rage, and the hurt look of betrayal in his eyes.

“What would you do with them Ben?” he was asked.

Without so much as a pause, he spat on the ground and replied: “I’d put em against a wall, a tree whatever and shoot the fuckers.”

“We have no knowledge of any crimes they may have committed. They tricked us, but should that act cost them their lives?”

Ben took a deep breath and nodded his head in submission. “You’re right. I just can’t get over the fact, that he slipped right under my radar. I guess my pride is a little hurt.”

The group nodded. His response his emotions made perfect sense, no-man likes to be made to feel foolish. Ben was finally in the club.

Now he was now in the camp, and was close to Robert Clary. “I’m sorry sir. Habit I guess. I used to work at this one restaurant, and the higher ups insisted on being treated like royalty.” Not a lie.

“No man should ever expect to be treated in such a manner,” Robert replied harshly. “he should consider himself lucky that anyone thinks of him at all.

Ben smiled “Job didn’t last real long, but long enough I guess. When I get nervous, I revert back to those days.”

The higher ups were assholes with a god complex and treated everybody like shit. Hence the reason the job didn’t last long. He refused to bow or kneel.

“Sit down please.” Robert replied taking an interest in what the young man may have to say. “Why are you getting nervous?”

“Since Macalister disappeared there has been talk, I heard some of the older people talking. . . they seem to think that maybe one of the newer people may be a traitor.”

Robert nodded. He’d heard the same talk, it was pure bullshit, and he and Randy both knew it. The older people were just becoming paranoid.

“I figured if I toed the line, even more so no one would have a reason to point a finger my way.”

“Relax Ben. Nobody, is going to point a finger your way. Dobs, is just being himself. He has his reasons for not being here. It’s my guess, that we’re all going to have a good laugh at the reason.”

The young man seemed to breath a sigh of relief, and even managed a smile.

“Why didn’t the restaurant job work out?”

“I was living away from home with these people, that were into this really weird religion. I played the game so to speak, just so I’d have a roof over my head. They didn’t buy much food, in fact they bought only enough for them. I was hungry and got caught eating a leftover steak, that and the fact the bosses thought they were mightier than God.”

Robert smiled sadly. He’d never been forced into anything like that. But there were many who had.

“The boss said that he was going to take it out of my pay, make me pay for a steak that was suppose to be thrown away. . . I told him to go fuck himself.”

Once again the truth. The owner was, and is still a first rate asshole. An asshole that had to have his ass handed to him.

Robert frowned at the words spoken by the young man. Not that he thought that the young man was lying. The story sounded very familiar. “What happened after that?”

“Told me I was fired, to get out of his place. I laughed and told him he was a goddamn idiot. I asked him, what part of Go Fuck Himself didn’t he understand, that I’d just quit.”

Robert then knew where he’d heard the story. Jerry, had been told by an older staff member about a young man that had been screwed over by some big hotshot restaurant owner in Texas.

Jerry’s reaction was confusing. “That sorry ass bastard never did have any goddamn sense. He’ll get his comeuppance one day.”

Robert smiled, as he suddenly remembered the rest of the story. “You knocked out his two front teeth and then had to use a cast-iron skillet, to defend yourself against his punk-ass sons.”

Ben returned the smile, did he detect a note of approval, for what he’d done? “Had to even the odds in my favor.”

“You did real good, that bastard recently lost a good deal of his money, when it was learned about some of his side ventures.”

“Oh.” the young man asked with a very sarcastic grin.

Robert noted that the smile had contained just a slight hint arrogance, and was positive that he’d seen the smile before.

“Bastard was as crooked as a snake, somebody recently made a call to the FEDS and blew the whistle on. . .” Robert looked at the young man, and slowly smiled.

“Uh-huh. Sneaky little. . .”

“Somebody had to even the odds,” Ben said. “but my hands are clean on this one, I wish I could accept credit, but I really am innocent.”

“I have a feeling, you’re about as innocent as a fox in a hen house.”

Lenny had the sinking feeling that something was wrong for quite some time. Some of the new people were just too good to be true. Their stories were just too perfect.

He was an old man and who was going to listen to him? Dobs would. But Dobs had disappeared. Maybe Randy would listen. . . if he could only get in to see the man. Something was way off, the man was always just too busy to see anyone right then.

He’d left countless messages but he felt. . . no! He knew that the man hadn’t even been given the messages. Someone on staff was dirty, and he was going to find the bastard. He’d find and expose him, and make him pay very hard.

He’d set the trap, and get the leader of the new people, over to his cabin. Maybe, just maybe it could also lead him to Dobs.

James Dutmore’s time was to be numbered in a single digit, with any luck it would be minutes instead of hours. Lenny smiled coldly as he sent the word, and just like that the trap was set. This was something he was going to enjoy immensely.

It was high time for things to start moving.

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