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Chapter 1

Looking back I can see the mistakes I’d made. I should have hooked up with anybody but them sorry bastards. (The FEDS) But you see there’s a bit of the rogue in me. I’d seen it too many times, some lowlife being allowed to walk. I had to at least try. It was late 1962, and life was messy for all Americans.

I was just a common joe trying to make an honest living. But them guys that came into our town . . . just flat pissed me off. They called it protection from the scum. What it actually was . . . was extortion.

My twin brother, and I were so much alike in some ways, but were as different as night is to day in others. I was the bastard rebel and he was the one that usually followed the rules.

But rules should be for all, not just the good guys. I do have to tell you, that I do understand that without rules we’d have anarchy. That wouldn’t be good for any of us and it would only serve as a purpose for the government whatever may be left standing, to come in and do a gun seize.

There’s mo telling how many innocent people would be killed, and that would only fuel the anger of the citizens. An anger that in ways would be justified, but as usual some would have their own agenda. You know the type the self-serving assholes that see dollar signs in every transaction they do consider.

I guess that was why my brother became a cop, and I was a roughneck. He moved away from Borger Texas, and I stayed where my heart longed to be.

He married a sweet lady, and I married her cousin.

He moved to what could only be described as Mayberry RFD, and I stayed in the old neighborhood. The place where I’d learned to fight, and develop the morals, that I’d hoped to pass on to the son I’d one day have.

Before you go righteous on me, let me give you an idea of my morals. Never lie, cheat, or steal. Give a hard day’s work, and expect good pay for that day’s work. Honor your family and friends, but above all else honor yourself. In other words never go against who and what you really are.

Things would have not gone so crazy, had them bastards not messed with my wife’s aunt. I liked the lady simply because there was no backup in her. She ran a boarding house for years, and she’d not let any of them roughnecks get away with any crap.

I was living there when I met my future wife, and then Rob met her cousin. I think the lady knew that I’d sneak a bottle into my room, but since I never caused trouble she’d let it pass.

Then those two men came to see her with their bullshit list of Do’s and don’t’s. She looked them right in the eye, (which was kinda hard since she was only about five foot four) and told them to go straight to hell.

Luck was on her side that day, I just happened to come in at the right time and when I saw them, I knew who and what they were about. I took the fight to them rather than to wait for their personal invite.

I rushed in and broke the first man’s nose, and kicked the second man across the right knee, and choked him down and grabbed a handful of hair and clocked him with a hard right. “You boys had best leave while you still can.” I told em through gritted teeth.

The one that, could still speak, glared at me and cursed me, and of course told me that I’d made the standard very big mistake.

I stood my ground, and then after several seconds of very uncomfortable silence, they quickly and without another word left.

Lady Lane as we called her walked over to stand by my side. “Dobs that was not a smart thing to do. They’re going to come after you now, but I guess my own conduct was not exactly at it’s best.” she said as an afterthought.

“Don’t worry Lady Lane, the boys will watch your back when I’m not here. You know how we all feel about you.”

She smiled in that special way that she had. It was kinda like when a kid says the right thing, and brightens up his mom’s day. I guess in a way that’s what we were to her: Her Boys.

“You got enough to worry with.” She said simply. “The job and my niece, and the life that you’re hoping to build.”

“You’ll become part of me when I marry June. She loves you, and if you must know, just in case you don’t NOBODY messes with my family.”

She once again, gave me that look. She certainly had a way of making a man feel a lot taller than he was.

She was to become my aunt in just a few days, and it violated my sense of family honor not to protect her. Rob, and I never really got to know either of our grandparents, but I’d like to think, that at least one of our grandmothers, was as spunky as Lady Lane.

That has to be where I got it from, that take no crap type attitude. I was the one that was always in trouble for fighting, and Rob was the level-headed one. He could walk away and still keep his value of self-worth.

Don’t get me wrong, for Rob was tough, and could really stomp ass when he was pushed. He just didn’t do it as often as I did.

June and I were married three days later, and so far nobody had tried to push Lady Lane or me since that day. I wasn’t fooled for a minute. I knew that when it was least expected, they’d strike out in the usual cowardly fashion that their kind always chose.

Cowards and human nature very rarely ever change.

The friends a man chooses should be used to judge a man. Those that stood with me must have been cut from the same cloth as I was. Many of the men had stopped drinking, so to keep a much clearer head. They of course had called in more friends, to help watch over our families. Soon there were about three hundred more people living in Borger. Good people, just a different breed. This didn’t set well with that group of assholes. They were sitting up for a full scale war. Shop owners were sending a few of them to the morgue, but many were just sent with their tail between their legs.

The cops in our town weren’t cowards, but they could only do so much to protect and to serve. It would seem that even back in the sixties the bastards would go in one door, and then give that cocky smile, as they walked out another.

Several very good cops had been killed under very suspicious circumstances. I knew that it was murder, my friends knew that it was murder. Sadly, the other cops as well as the D.A. knew that it was murder. But proving it was murder was another matter.

The bastards were just well connected, and that somebody just always had someway of getting them off the hook.

More and more people, had picked up a gun and joined in the fight for freedom. They’d had their fill of the lowlifes, and they were going to take their town back.

Rob had wisely stayed in his neck of the woods, his wife was expecting their first child. To tell you the truth I was glad that he’d decided to stay out of this one. He was a cop, and that would have made him a target. While I knew with him by my side I’d not fail, I wanted my brother to be safe. I wanted his family to be out of the line of fire. I’d chosen to stay here. It was me, that had chosen to throw down the gauntlet. To this very day I still take full responsibility for my actions in those days. But I’d missed out on so much, I’d missed Rob getting married. Travel wasn’t wise then.

It was open season on pretty much everybody that dared to travel. It also wasn’t always wise to carry a gun, even under the circumstances. You know about speed traps, some towns had gun traps. Get caught with a gun and you do time and you also lose your gun.

June smiled as she left the doctor’s office, maybe this would be the right news to brighten up their lives. Maybe even convince her husband to leave this stink-hole town.

In her mind her husband was a good man. Very honorable and loyal. They say all men have a price. But not Dobson Macalister. He’d hold onto his morals and values to his dying breath.

She smiled knowing that she’d just answered her own question. Dobs would never run. He’d beef up security around her, but he’d never run, he’d never hide. In the words of Shakespeare: To thy own self be true.

The men that followed him were very loyal, and then there were the cops, they all liked and respected her husband. They had hired private security for their own families, and they’d worked out a deal for her and the other ladies’ protection as well.

The resistance was growing larger and Texans was once again fighting for their independence. They were fighting organized crime, they were also fighting the law in a very odd sense of the matter.

The laws are supposed to protect, and give the same rights to all. The real enemy would soon raise its head and snarl. Then attack the country.

She knew that if Dobs did run, he would not be the man that she loved. If he hid, then he’d cease to be true to himself.

“No-Way-Baby.” She said with a laugh.

Her man may not be of the rarest breed, nor-may he have a lot of class or style. Style and class, being in the eyes of the viewer. But he was a leader.

That was a rare quality to have, considering the time era. Honor, valor and courage were only something you saw in some John Wayne movie. Duty was also a very foreign concept, for most people. Decency most certainly had many people stumped.

It seemed like so many wanted to do the things that would define them in a good light but, were afraid of the repercussion of their actions. The people had lost something that was needed, and was slowly being bred out of them. Reprogramming perhaps?

If Dobs’s eyes ever turned dry ice cold, and he got that certain tone got in his voice people knew it was wise to listen. He preferred the direct approach: Broken bones and lots and lots of teeth littering the street.

His exact words cut to the bone, “Subtleties has no place in dealing with scumbags. Lawyers and politicians, are all cut from the same cloth. In the real world a lawyer is the scumbag’s best friend, and the politicians make the laws. It’s an endless circle. It’s almost as if they all want the decent people to rebel.” Blunt and always to the point.

Style and class? It all depends on which side of the fence you’re standing on. Dobs, always spoke clean around women, he hated crude talk around women.

Rob Macalister smiled as he shook his head and then put the evening paper, on the hassock beside his chair. His brother was still the same ole Dobson. Hell-raiser to the max. He was a good man, he just always found himself in the middle of some fight.

As children Dobs would confront the bullies head on. His ingenuity would always amaze the teachers and their parents. One very large boy with the IQ of a rock had forced Dobs into a fight.

Dobs had a sock wrapped around his hand. He stood there hoping that there would be somebody to stop the fight...dream on.

His name was Jeremy Slate and his problems stemmed from the fact that his parents were too closely related. Cousins to be exact. “Hey Dobs after I kick your ass, you can polish my knob.”

“That was pretty good Jeremy, you must have been working on that one all year?”

The boy gave a low grunt and took a step toward Dobs. “You’d best watch your mouth boy, or I’m gonna make you hurt a real long time.”

“You already are Jeremy your face is killing me. You still falling face first into privy pits shithead?”

Jeremy screamed his rage and rushed Dobs.

His brother slowly relaxed his hand and the sock dropped from the weight of the rock. Dobs stepped to one side and swung with all his might. The rock catching Jeremy flush on the jaw.

Jeremy stood there for a moment, his eyes showing the obvious pain he must have felt. He opened his mouth to speak, and several teeth fell from his badly damaged mouth. His eyes slowly crossed and he fell to the dirt road.

The cheers from the other kids seemed to echo all around them. Jeremy was not liked by even one person. Well except for maybe his parents. (talk about unconditional love) Even good, “ole Reverend Davidson” disliked the boy, and he liked and prayed for everybody.

Regardless of their love for their child Jeremy’s parents just couldn’t in good conscience just insist on justice being served. They’d heard the stories from reliable sources of Jeremy’s depraved acts on the girls at the school, and all his other sick deeds were just endless.

Dobs walked free on that one, and many other infractions.

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