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Chapter 21

The young radio operator shook her head in shock. It was a warning clear and simple and she knew it. The voice was familiar to her, she’d heard it many times before. It had warned them then, just as it was warning them now. She hit record and made a dub.

She made a note in the log, and sent for her supervisor. It was standard SOP, and was as natural an act as breathing. She waited for a replacement then went to speak to the large man.

“Sir it’s happened again-that same person sent us another one of those warnings. This one is more frightening than any of the ones I’ve ever heard before, and sir, I finally think that I can place that voice.”

The supervisor perked up at those words. “Who is she, or who do you think she is?”

“She gave her name as Ingrid Roth, she came here several weeks back. I remember her mostly because, she was making goo-goo eyes at Dobs. She was particularly interested in the children, and about how many were brought in daily by our patrols.”

James seemed to be deep in thought for a moment, “I remember that woman. She stayed very low-key and claimed, that she was looking for. . . her brother no her sister.”

“Actually-sir it was her sister’s son, she gave some story that her parents had been raising the boy, and that in her heart felt he was her brother.”

“You think this one is real?”

“Honestly, I think we should treat it as such, she has warned us before and it paid off to listen. I also think that this woman is about to be in very deep shit. If they were to ever find out that she’s betrayed them. . .”

“What do you suggest we do?” the large man asked already knowing the answer.

“We send out Recon Patrol. She’s got to know that sooner or later, her luck is going to run out. Maybe she knows that she’s already pushed her luck too far, and has got to gone from them.”

James smiled their team was perhaps the best in the area. It was clear that for some teams, intelligence had taken a nosedive. Those people were the ones that were cook’s helpers, or helped the medics in some small way. Anything but combat. They were all good people and had a good heartbeat, but they were either very stupid, or just didn’t have the sense the Good Lord gave a goose.

Jana Davis was one tough lady, and he knew the she could and would always follow the rules to the letter. She’d come to them a few months back, after a Recon Patrol had found her. She’d been hiding for several days from a group of Borga’s men.

One woman with no combat skills, had out maneuvered skilled assassins. She’d pushed her fear aside and allowed anger to take it’s place. She began digging punji pits, and setting trip wires.

Surprise being her best weapon.

Those maneuvers had saved her life, until the recon patrol caught up with her. Since then her first response to all counter measures had been “Send out Recon.”

The forces under the direct command of Dobs Macalister was growing more powerful with each day’s passing. The other states wondered just what was going on in the Lone Star State. But no one had gathered the courage to venture to the Rebel State.

Texas stood proudly alone. She had fought for her freedom from Santa Anna and during those thirteen days, one hundred and fifty men held their own against thousands.

Never giving up, or even thinking of giving in. The fight for Texas the fight for Her freedom had to be fought and won. Now a new evil has rose from the shit pit and a new battle is being fought.

So now once again Texans continue the fight, because they all held onto their beliefs that all men should be allowed to live free. They did not feel that their sacrifice was in vain, they knew that there would be men to follow. They would take up the gauntlet and continue to carry the fight forward to the bastards.

Anything would be better than living on your knees, it was unclear if they originally took the quote from Roosevelt, or from Zapata. For in later years both quotes would be used by Texans if The Quest for freedom were to ever again arise.

Emiliano Zapata: Men of the South! It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: We too, born to freedom, and believing in freedom, are willing to maintain freedom. We, and all others who believe as deeply as we do, would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.

Men and women that were not part of the actual army went to work daily. They also did what they could to help the Texas forces. Many worked reloading, others mended uniforms and tents. If there was work to be done. . . a Texan was busy doing it.

They wanted their freedom, and they had to help in some way to fight for it. Mostly it was the elderly that had stayed behind, any person over a certain age was in some way a soldier for Texas.

They did so with honor and pride. They had a dream, and though it would be short lived. . . the fires would never die. Freedom is never free, If blood be tbe price of admiralty, If blood be tbe price of admiralty, If blood be the price of admiralty, Lord God, we ha’ bought it fair! Thank you Mr. Kipling Randy shook his head sadly, as he listened to the tape with the security team. “Goddamn merciless bastard! You hunt him down and bring him back alive. Gather up those of his team, and find out the truth. . . I don’t care what methods you use.”

The security team quickly jumped to their feet, and left the tent almost stumbling over each other. “I have never seen him so pissed.” a young man said as he tried to light a cigarette with very shaky hands.

“Son. That ain’t nothing. Wait, til we bring that bastard in, cause when a man is yelling mad, a person might stand a chance. But when a man becomes silent, and turns all ice-cold inside, then a person ain’t got a prayer and you might need to start to worry.”

“Is he close to that point now?”

“A Good Texas Two Step Away.”

“Duncan screwed up when he killed Lenny, is Randy gonna save him for when Dobs returns?”

The older man smiled, “Vengeance for Lenny, is that what you think Dobs would want?”

The young man was thoughtful for a moment. He wanted to answer the question correctly and not appear to be a fool. “Those of us that have chosen to follow Dobs know the risks. Dobs and the other leaders must maintain discipline, and even may have to appear to be uncaring, when they obviously have other feelings on the matter. In the matter of Lenny: Dobs would want us all to know exactly what his feelings are on the subject.”

There was now a small gathering around the young man. “What would those feelings be?” a woman asked.

“That while we may all know the risks, there is a difference in dying in battle, and a cold blooded murder. Whether he’s here to see the justice or not, he’d want us to carry on with our usual SOP. . . We Fry The Fucker!”

The crowd murmured softly then cheered loudly.

The older men smiled. “I’d say he got it right on the first try.”



Randy stood back and listened to the exchange of the men. He let them vent their anger, knowing that it was what was needed at the time. The new kid was trying very hard to be accepted.

The young man knew the score, and had it pegged just about right. The long weeks had turned to even longer months, had turned many of the team to ice. The kid was even colder at times.

He had guts and was already a good leader, he just needed more confidence. Put him around people in his own age bracket and he did well, but around older people. . . “Matt will grow out of it, I’d bet my life on it.”

The boy had a family in the making, and this war wouldn’t last forever. Then he could settle down, and just be a husband and dad.

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