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Chapter 22

It was the weirdest sensation I’d ever experienced in my life. It was like I’d come off of a very long drinking binge. The scent of sex still hung heavily to my clothing, and I honestly think that Ann felt the same way as I did.

“We need to get cleaned up and move out.” I said. “You go first.”

“Maybe we should go together, to make sure it worked.” she said doing her best to avoid my eyes.

“Ann sooner or later you’re going to have to look at me.” Even as I said the words, I once again had that odd feeling that I was trapped in the middle of one of those sick pervert books.

“What if it didn’t work Dobs? How long can any man resist a delicious piece of candy?”

“Is that what it’s being called these days?” I asked.

She blushed and turned her back to me, “I was trying to make a point Dobs. It was a metaphor.”

“Let’s get cleaned up, we have a few days of travel ahead of us.” I said with a shake of my head. Women. . . I’ll never understand them if I live to be a thousand. I heard the convoy of trucks and turned and saw Robert and several other men and women pulling up.

“Should have known it was a woman.” Robert said with a smile.

I went to the man and shook hands with him, and then took him by the arm away

from the group. “Robert you remember how you taught me about honor and all that other stuff?”

“Yeah, of course. That’s how you got into all this.”

“No. . . I think that part was predestined.” I then told him of what had happened all those years ago, and brought him up to date of what had happened since.

“You’re kidding me right? No. . . you’re not kidding, you wouldn’t kid about something like this. Worse things could have been done to you. Lots of people are just going to be glad, to know that you’re alive.”

“We have to be sure though Robert.”

“Of course can’t have you attacking each other.” he turned his head and fought the urge to smile.

“I’m pleased to see that you can find humor in this.”

“I’m sorry Dobs, I really am. But who would ever have thought that anyone, would ever come up with such a plan? To magnify a person’s. . . sex drive and then use it as a weapon.”

“The goddamn government!”

“It’s a proven fact: That men and women once past a certain age can control those urges. As teens they generally succumb to the primal urges and. . .”

“Robert I already know all about that, now I really need to know, with the information I’ve given you will this work?”

“Very little is known about the mind, but if they can put a program in, then yes they’d have to have put a backdoor in. A safety net so to speak, then-they can release the subject, and walk away clean. Thus leaving the subject to face responsibility for their actions alone.”

I stood there for a moment as some dark thought tried to work it’s way forward. It seemed that it was hitting a block. “Robert what could they program a person to do? Anything. . . that they normally wouldn’t do?”

“Like I said very little is known about the human mind. If the programing is powerful enough, then-yes they could have the subject do almost anything.”

I was getting a bit perturbed and Robert knew it.

“I keep almost getting this. . . thought to complete itself. But then it hits a stonewall and then. . . it’s gone. Robert. . . the Book people are. . .” a sharp pain rammed into my eyes. “Book People are. . .” a sharp pain shot through my head. It felt as though, a very large sharp needle, was being rammed into the back of my head.

Robert reached out and took hold of my arm, “The Book People are what Dobs?”

“Huh? What the hell are you talking about?” The pain in my head increased and tried to drive me to my knees.

“You spoke of those, you called The Book People.”

My heart began to race, and I felt a blind panic. “I can’t talk of them Robert. They’ll come for me. . . they’ll come for everyone I have ever loved. They’ll either kill them, or take them away. Nobody ever returns when they come for them.”

“Are they the ones that did this to you?”

“Yeah. They wanted me and Ann to. . . to do it. We somehow were able to fight. They don’t much like it when one of us can actually resist. We found the secret again. . . Robert. . . Jesus Christ! The pain is growing worse.”

“Okay-little brother, let’s talk of something else.”

“What? What can we talk of that will be safe?”

“How about Borga?”

The pain was almost blinding, and I grabbed out in an attempt to avoid falling. I felt a set of very strong hands take hold of me, and ease me to the ground.

I heard a familiar voice strong with emotion as it called out. Then the voice seemed to be speaking to me. “Hang on buddy! We’ll figure this out, I fucking swear to it.”

Robert then used his radio, and I could make out the words evac and chopper. I don’t know how long I lay there, but I was aware of the men that suddenly began to work on me.

I opened my eyes at one point and saw the sad eyes of Ann, I tried to speak, but I couldn’t get the words to form on my lips.

“Snail Tim Nutting.” I shook my head knowing that my words had come out wrong. I had to try again. “Snail Nutting.”

“What is he trying to say?” Ann asked, as she took hold of my hand. Her eyes pleading with me to fight.

“Not sure. He’s suffered a stroke of some sort.”

“Is he going to make it?” Ann asked.

The two medics looked at each other, and refused to comment.

“Goddamnit! I asked you a question. Is he going to make it?”

“We don’t know Lady. Please go up front, sit down and let us do our work. If he has a chance, it stands with us doing our job, not talking to you.”

Ann left me and I could hear her talking to Robert. “It did work, but only to a point. I still love him. . . even after all these years I still love him. He was a hero even back then, a leader, they couldn’t take that from him or make me not love him.”

“Of course they couldn’t Ann, he’ll find his way back, then we’ll find all their dark little secrets. Then the payback begins.”

I closed my eyes and saw June’s face, and I felt at peace.

The forces of Borga was sent to take out the families in the area known as Valle Ov El Perdido*. Their main objective was kill Robert Allen Macalister. Make his death long and loud.

While you’re at it take out those families who has land that surround the Macalister’s. They’ve started ordering us off their land, don’t they know that we’re above the law?

*Valley of the lost

The several families, whose homes surrounded Rob Macalister’s knew that the only hope for their survival, was to join forces. It was either that or die.

Among the first to realize that there was strength in numbers was the Wolfe family. They saw the forces coming straight at them from the river and they knew that they were in for a bad time. There hadn’t been any rain for several days and the river bed was dry. They were also vulnerable from the south end as well as the west. Up until a few months ago that would have been unlikely. The family that had once owned that land, was a very unruly bunch. The middle son especially.

They didn’t hold with trespassing, and unless you were a friend (Which many were not) you trespassed if you put one foot on their land. You were met with cold stares and pistols. That middle son was one man that was born a hundred years too late. He’d just as soon fight you as look at you. He was fast with a pistol and was very deadly. He may not have been the smartest one of the bunch, but he was the one

the one you’d want to have on your side, if or when the shit-storm ever hit.

Kendall was well hidden as he watched the hills, and as much of the lower valley as possible. He froze for a moment, was that a movement in the valley? He watched the area and nothing moved.

His eyes scanned the area and he caught the movement, somebody was trying to make their way to them. It may be one of the German’s men, or it could be somebody needing help.

He heard the soft whisper of footsteps. “It’s started. Borga has declared all out war on certain people and their families.” Emily whispered softly.

“Kinda figured it would go that way.” Kendall whispered.

“There have been several confirmed kills Kendall, entire families have been wiped out. Children and even the family pets. Of course the press is calling it a series of tragic accidents.”

“To do otherwise would mark them for death as well. Go tell my Dad that we’re about to have company, and tell Macalister to get his family into the shelter.”

Emily didn’t waste time asking fool questions, she left quickly and quietly.

Whoever it was trying to get to us, were about to be in a bad way. Kendall had spotted at least four men trying to close in.

In a matter of minutes the men of Perdido Valle were ready for war. They’d not asked for this little war, they’d not asked for this German fucker to come to their country. But by God they were going to end it.

This was their country, and they weren’t going to give it up to Borga or anybody else. Texas was the rebel state, and they were going to live up to the codename given to them and their state.

Be it in Texas or any of the other forty-nine states, those with any sense, know that you can’t always just sit back just waiting for help that may never come.

Sometimes you have to fight to save your own ass. All the bullshit legalities be damned. Yeah, you can do that, or resign yourself to being forever fucked.

The policy of the United States is: Never to give in to the demands of terrorists. This was a direct threat and it was going to spill over, and very soon every American would suffer.

It was up to the small handful of Texans to once again fight for freedom. To carry on the same beliefs as the Founding Fathers of Texas had began. There was to be one big exception in this battle: If they were to loose. . . the entire country was fucked. There was to be no quarter shown for the enemy, or asked for by their fellow combatants.

If you’re the enemy then you should prepare for your own death. Take up arms against the Texans then you are the enemy, and no self-respecting Texan would ever allow you to live.

Face it Shithead: You’re History. The law may not be able to do shit to you. But the citizens can sure as hell deal with you.

Your cowardly Diplomatic Immunity is not recognized by the people of America. You come here with intent to do harm to their country and you will be met with lead and sabers. They will either send you to hell or back to wherever the hell you came from. Best get packing asshole.

Bill Williams along with several other officers had left their badges behind. This was not a legal police operation, this was now junkyard dog rules, and the very biggest meanest dog wins.

The German’s forces was attacking certain families in small numbers, the people were dying, and nobody was doing a goddamn thing to stop it. Many of the officers had just flat refused to show up for duty.

They weren’t cowards, they had not been targeted by Borga, nor had their families. They stayed home and kept their heads down. They moved their pets inside, and just hoped for the best. Hoped that their Brothers would understand.

Understand that they had also sworn to love, honor and protect their families. How can you leave your family, when your child is crying because he’s scared? Your wife is trying to be brave, but you can clearly see the fear in her eyes. To hell with it.

If they want your badge after this, then they can have it. Your family comes first man. Why should you go out there and risk your neck, for a bunch of maggots that call you Pig, and all sorts of other vile crap?

Go ahead and say it.

Kiss My Ass.

Bill didn’t feel anger toward those, that had not shown up for duty. His family was safe, and he was alone, if he died then it would just be him. But he wasn’t going to die. He was going to live long after this mess was over with. He’d survived too many other conflicts to be done in by a shithead like Borga.

Things are never as bad as they seem to be, even Boris had changed, and Brenda had gone back to him. He’d cleaned up his act, and they’d even given him his badge back.

Stan had left the force a few months after his wife had been killed. Things hadn’t been as bright and rosy in their marriage as everybody thought. Both had their faults, and had agreed to end the marriage.

He did grieve over the death, he wasn’t totally heartless. He just didn’t love her the way a man should love his wife. He’d thought for certain, that he was going to live the remainder of his life alone, then that Russian woman showed up.

Bill was suspicious of her from the start, and ran several background checks on her. He finally hit pay dirt, he took the information to Stan.

Stan had of course confronted her and she leveled with him. Okay-he to had done some things he wasn’t too proud of. He could get pass her past deeds, but she must never again lie to him, and she had to tell him everything. Old things needed to find closure.

Bill firmly believed that it was to be a very short lived love affair. He felt that there was something even darker in her past. New things were beginning, and right now he felt. . . alone.

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