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Chapter 26

It was coming down the wire, and of course the entire state of Texas knew it. The German and his men were on the run, and the diehard Texans, were closing in for the kill.

The Texans had sworn that there would be no trials, no appeals and no deals. The government wasn’t going to screw this one up. They’d had their hand in enough screw ups over the years. This was one cry for justice that was going to be answered promptly.

It was to be dealt with by real live people, and not by some bureaucrat that would keep them at arm’s length for days at a time. Then leave them with nothing but a shit-load of promises that were absolutely worthless.

“Borga is either well hidden, or he’s among the dead from that last assault.” the young soldier said as he accepted a cup of coffee.

“Until we see a body, we’re to consider him still alive and still very dangerous threat.” the TL replied.

“Is it possible that this is his way of surrendering? He doesn’t want to go to prison, so maybe he’s backed off and he’s going to leave us all alone.”

The TL smiled at the young soldier, it was a good thought. This kid should be out there chasing girls, maybe playing some football in an old field with his buddies. He shouldn’t have to be here ready to die for his freedom.

The rest of the country, was totally clueless as to what was happening in Texas. A civil war was actually being fought, an invading army had come in and tried to take over, and they were met by the ever growing resistance forces.

That forces grew into the most powerful army Texas could ever hope to have. They were also the only hope that Texas, could ever hope to have.

Hundreds of good people had been killed all in the name of freedom. The State Capital had all but turned their backs on Texas. Texas was the Lone Star State. They’d stood alone before as they were now, in their minds the question was being asked. Were they to be the next Crockett, Bowie, and Bonham? Already dead?

“Wish that were true son. But Borga came here with a plan, I don’t think it was just to kill a few hundred people then move on. He came here with an agenda, and he hasn’t fulfilled that plan yet.”

“Why has the government not sent in help for us?” the boy asked. “This is their job, and it has been dropped in our laps to deal with. Our friends and family are the ones dying. My parents were killed by men in black, and Borga’s men don’t wear a set uniform. I’m in this until I find those responsible.”

“And then. . .”

“After I kill the fuckers. . . I’ll move on, maybe go see some of my kin, and see if they’ll let me stay with them. Finish school, and maybe try to make something of my life.”

The older men watched as the boy slung his rifle and walked out of the tent. Neither man speaking for several minutes.

“He blames himself,” a young woman said softly. “he wanted to go out to some party, he felt that after such a really hard school year he was owed that much. He and dad got into a big fight. He’d been out all day putting in applications for a summer job. Dad had been drinking, he felt that much was owed to him after a hard day’s work.”

“Can see both sides to that story.” the TL replied softly

“They pushed each other and the front door was kick ed open, and all these men stormed into the house. Dad yelled for him to get us the hell out. He tried. . . Lord knows, that boy tried. A man in black hit him from behind, but he was able to stay on his feet and fight back. He was able to get down the hall, only to fall over mom’s body. He got to the bedroom and was able to get the girls out the window. He turned and fought, and killed a man in black, took the bastard’s weapon and joined the girls.”

The men stayed silent, they could pretty well guess what had happened, but let the girl continue.

Tears began to roll down the girl’s tanned cheeks as she spoke, telling a story that she’d promised herself to never tell anyone. “A shot rang out and Sally fell like a rag doll, and just tumbled for a moment. It was so odd to see her roll like that. Sam turned and saw her laying there and he totally lost it, he began firing back blowing those men to hell and gone.”

“But we thought you were. . .”

“No.” the girl said softly. “Sally was my best friend, we were just always together. Best friends ever since we started school, Sam grabbed my hand and called me Sally, said there was nothing he could do for Nancy. I’ve just never had the heart to tell him. I know his mind is messed up, but that knowledge could really send him over the edge. I had just always called their folks mom and dad.”

“But what about your family? Somebody has to be worried about you.” the TL said as he lit up a cigarette.

“No. . . I had Tim run a check, my family was killed the same night as Sam’s. Kinda ironic. . . Sam, had saved my life and lost his family, I was saved and gained a. . . brother.”

The last of the remark was not lost, on the four men and two women. It was quite obvious, that Sally/Nancy was in love with Sam. Sadly she’d probably been in love with him for quite some time.

That was not their concern though, they were there to fight a war not play matchmaker. But still there was the mental stability of the young soldier, that would eventually have to be dealt with.

Sam smiled sadly when he saw Sally walking to her tent alone, and quickly went to her side. “Need to talk to you Sis.”

“Okay Sam come on in.” Nancy replied sadly. It wasn’t all that long ago that

she and Sam had embraced, and kissed for the first time, they were going to go to that party, and then those men showed up.

Sally had been helping her with her hair, and had even let her borrow one of her nicer dresses for the party.

“Sally something is very wrong with me, I think it would be safer for you to go to one of the other camps, you need to get as far from me as possible.”


“I’m seriously sick. I keep thinking about you in an unnatural way.”

“Sammy you’re not sick, it’s perfectly natural.” Nancy said with a hopeful smile, as she stepped closer to the boy.

“Sammy? You never call me Sammy, only Nancy ever calls me. . .” His eyes lost the hidden glaze and he slowly smiled. “Nancy! But that means it was.” The tears began to fall down his cheeks.

“You did everything you could to save us Sammy, you got us out of the house, and those bastards were hiding waiting for us.” Her own tears began to fall and the young couple embraced.

“I left her behind. . . like she was some animal on the side of the road. She deserved more than that. Goddamn them! Goddamn their black souls to hell! My parents, my sister dead just minutes apart. Dad was right. . . life isn’t a party. Life never meets anyone half way. If you’re going to make it in this world, you’d best get off your ass and get moving.”

“It wasn’t your fault. How were you suppose to know, what was going to happen? You didn’t know half of what you know until we hooked up with these people. Your family would want you to survive, they’d want you to keep going. Leave the party and join the force.”

“Huh? I don’t get you.”

“I don’t believe I’m saying this: You have it in you to be a good soldier Sammy. This isn’t real soldiering, get with the bad boys and end this. . . so we can have a real life together.”

Sam smiled as he gently kissed the warm lips of the girl. Nancy smiled as she put her arms around Sam’s neck and saw the TL’s standing at the tent opening. She mouthed three words: It’s okay now.

“Time to end this baby, time for Borga and his fuck-brains to die and go to hell.”

“Do it. Then it’ll be time to start our lives together.” Sam spent only a few more hours with Nancy, before leaving her tent. The entire camp knew who was seeing who, and many were disgusted at the thought of the boy staying in his sister’s tent.

The TL’s quickly put the rumors to rest, and for many there were questions that were then answered. The sadness in the girl’s eyes whenever she’d look at the boy, and the way she’d sometimes look at him was never quite sisterly.

Then there was the fact that they didn’t look anything alike. All had assumed one either had a different parent, or maybe one was adopted. Now it all made sense.

Sam geared up and went to a jeep. He looked around the camp, and then smiled as he looked toward the tent belonging to Nancy. Okay, so he’d journeyed into goof-ball land for a short time. Hell, it could happen to anyone, now he was back and he was going to put an end to as much of this crap as possible.

If the bastards were still around. It was believed by some that the German and his fuck-brains had pulled out of the area. Too many people wanting to put lead

into Borga’s shit filled heart. There was talk that his objective had been met, and he’d left Texas, with a laugh on his lips.

Those with any sense knew that this campaign was far from over. Something very bad was going to happen, and there just may be no stopping it. Talk was that there was about to be something to happen that was going to devastate the entire country.

3 Miles West of Dallas Texas

Penny’s Roadside Motel

Matt smiled as his son played with the green dump truck, it had been a gift from his parents to the boy, and just so happened to be his favorite toy.

He’d fill it up with gravel and push it around and then hit the little lever and dump the contents. Then he’d go and get a load of dirt. He’d work until he had a fairly decent road built, then he’d pull out the logs that his dad had made and would build a house.

“The kid is going to be a contractor.” Matt, bragged to an older man. “He’s only two and look at how well he works, the other day he had a crew working, and lost his temper and fired them for piss poor work. Those were his words. He then had to fight the foreman, and I stood there and watched him stomp a mud-hole in his best friend’s ass.”

The older man leaned forward, and spat a stream of tobacco juice. “Don’t hold with violence, or those that promote it. Best teach that kid to solve his problems another way. Why would you just stand there and watch anyway?”

“It wasn’t that much of a fight, mostly wrestling moves, he humiliated the little creep more than anything. Foul mouth, and a thief just like his father. I’ve had to go to doing a pat down before the kid leaves the house.”

“Sounds to me like you and your kid, need to widen your circle of friends.”

“That’s why I’m here, I’m suppose to meet a guy here. I have the skills needed, and I’m sure the money won’t be an issue. Then I can get me and my family out of that hell-hole.”

“Money is a good start young feller, but be sure to hang onto your morals. Lot of people wanting others to do some really weird shit these days. Just look at our little war, still brewing here in Texas. That German thought he could roll right over us Texans. We sure taught him the art of war.”

“Thought you didn’t hold with violence.” Matt said with a smile, remembering that his wife, wanted them all away from the actual war zone.

“Where’d you get a fool notion like that? Comes a time when a man has to kill a snake. Buddy of mine. . . we were like brothers, got hisself bit on his dick by a diamondback. He knowed that he was gonna die, we were buds but not that kind of buds. He asked me to do but one thing for him.”

“What was that?” Matt asked, not sure if the old man was joking.

The old man shook his head and looked at Matt as though he were an idiot. “To Kill That Goddamn Snake!” the old man shouted. “You ain’t too bright are you son?”

Matt shook his head relieved to see the truck pull into the parking lot. “I guess not sir.”

The man got out of his truck and gave Matt, a hard look, then glanced toward his room. “Johnny, come on son.” Matt called.

“I don’t want that little bastard in here while we talk.”

“Then we don’t talk,” Matt, replied coldly. “and I don’t give a fuck who you are, never speak of my son that way again.”

“Just keep him under control.” the man replied coldly.

Matt felt very bad vibes from this man, he was like pure ice, and that meant only one thing: The man was a hired killer.

The man handed Matt a folder and watched as he opened and read. “You’re Fuckin Nuts!” Matt shouted. “No Goddamn Way Am I Going To Be Part Of This!”

The man smiled as he looked toward Johnny. “You might want to rethink that answer.” He pulled a rifle out from under the bed. “We need a backup shooter, and you’re to be it.”

“Go Fuck Yourself.” Matt replied.

Young Johnny walked over and smiled as he touched the rifle. “Bang! Bang!”

“Never touch that!” the man shouted. “It’s loaded. You could hurt someone.” The eyes had softened then suddenly hardened.

“You tell them I said no.”

“They’ll come after you and your family.” the man said coldly.

“Impress upon them that will be a very fatal mistake.”

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