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Chapter 28

June had paid Dobs several visits, and there were times that they really seemed to be making some progress. They had refused to allow her to take her son into see his father. It may hurt him more than it would help, they’d told her.

She finally got her belly full and walked up to the door with Billy. “Ma’am I can’t let you take your child in there.” a nurse said in a firm voice.

“Can they treat broken bones, and the bodies that are really fucked up at this hospital?” June asked in a cold tone.

“I beg your pardon.”

“If you don’t get the hell out of my goddamn way, the doctors are going to spend the next few weeks, putting your sorry ass back together.”

The nurse noted the fact that, June Macalister’s eyes held a certain fire. A fire that told her to back off, and to just shut the hell up.

“Give your husband my best.” the nurse said as she quickly went to the nurse’s station and sat down.

June smiled as she opened the door, “Honey, you’re about to meet your father, and I want you to be on your best behavior.”

Billy gurgled and kicked and she walked up to the bed, Dobs smiled as he looked up into the woman’s eyes. “Hello. . .wait I know you don’t I?”

“Dobs this is your son, his name is Billy.”

Dobs stared at the child for a moment, and a smile spread across his lips.

“Hey Champ. Glad, to finally meet you at last. . . I’ve been kinda laid up but.” The sharp pain forced it’s way through his head and crossed his eyes for a second.

“Dobs are you okay?”

“Yeah-yeah. What was I saying? Oh-yeah. But you and I are going to have a lot of good times.”

The puzzled look was still behind his eyes, and she knew that at any moment he could go away again. Come on God. Please, let him come back to us, he’s a good man. He was only doing what he thought was just.

Billy chose that time to gurgle and kick.

“I thought that maybe you could preform some kind of magic. I must really be something to think that. A real nutcase.”

Billy gurgled again, and kicked and gave his little snort of a laugh. Dobs smiled as he looked up and the blank look seemed to be trying to fade. June was too busy trying to keep from crying to notice.

Billy leaned forward and stretched for the man in the bed, he rarely wanted to go to anyone. He’d flirt with women from a distance, and made faces and noises back to men, but he’d never wanted to go to a stranger.

Dobs reached out and took the boy, and lay there with him propped up on his legs. Billy began making all sorts of sounds, and Dobs was grinning at the boy.

This may be as good as he’ll ever gets. June thought sadly, as she watched the father and son play.

“Da-da tthrth.”

June froze not sure if she’d just heard what she thought the child had said. He wasn’t old enough to be forming real words yet. But it sounded like. . .

Dobs smiled brightly and began to laugh, as he held the boy up over his head. Billy laughed back, and began to jabber some words that held no real meaning.

June looked at her husband’s face and saw the tears rolling down his face. His eyes were alive, with wild laughter and relief.

“Dobs? Is it really you again?”

“Yes Baby. I am and I’ll never leaving either of you again.” The room seemed

to come fully alive with the laughter, and shouts of relief.

The nurse jumped to her feet, and rushed to the room. “Need, I remind you that this is a hospital? I knew I should never have let you. . .”

Dobs smiled and stood up. “Nurse Frankenstein I presume.” he said as he bowed in a gentlemanly fashion still holding Billy.

Other way, June mouthed, and motioned for him to turn around.

My mistake, he mouthed back, and turned and bowed and gave the snooty nurse a full shot of his ass.

The nurse opened her mouth wide, and then closed it very quickly as she rushed from the room. Once again the room came alive with laughter.

“Welcome back Baby!” June said with a smile as she held her husband tightly in her arms. She looked upward and mouthed two words. Thank You.

Billy watched his mother look up, and he slowly cocked his head to one side and smiled. He began to kick and laugh as he stretched out a hand as though to an unseen hand.

“What is he doing?” Dobs asked as he noticed his son reaching upward.

“Playing with his special angel.” June answered with a smile.

Borga smiled as he sat behind the old desk of the office he’d taken as his own. It was an old dilapidated warehouse by the old 6th street underpass. From what he’d been able to figure out the place had been a holding area for the printers down the street. The damn Americans were so foolish, they actually thought that he’d left the area, he was going to but not just yet. He had some unfinished business to see to.

Dobs Macalister. Those other fools would wait, wipe one ass at a time. He had his escape planned, and his next operations set to go. But Dobs had caused him so much trouble that he couldn’t just leave without killing him and everybody he loved.

His contact at the hospital had got word to him, the man was to make a full recovery from the programing. How was a mystery, the nurse that was on duty when the miracle occurred wasn’t talking. She was just thankful that he was off her floor.

There was no entries as to who had come to see him, or if they’d tried some wonder drug. He doubted if the Americans had that kind of knowledge. They were years behind them, in the field of germ and bio-tech medicine. There was one remote possibility: Dobs was one of the few people that had a gene that could combat the virus.

That somehow under extreme circumstances a sudden change in body temperature or even emotion. But it has to be of natural origin, it can’t be done by other drugs. To do so could result in the death of the subject.

The gene is so carefully hidden, that normal testing would never find it. The curing process happens so quickly, that even if they had the technology to study closer, they’d never be able to catch the gene.

It isn’t just something that can be easily caught in blood transfusions. A person would have better odds of being struck by lightening four times in a roll. That was why it had gone undetected, when they first checked Dobs all those years ago. Who would have thought that he’d have been able to resist their programing in the end.

Then there was that woman Ann, she too was able to fight them. How? What were the odds of two people having the same gene, being in the same area? A million to one. Unless they were kin, and that wasn’t too likely.

Borga slowly smiled and stood up and walked to the door and yelled for the guard. “Send someone to find that cunt Ann, I don’t care who you send, just send someone. If I’m right then. . . then I’ll have the bastard.”

Borga threw his head back and laughed insanely. His mind had snapped long ago, but battling Dobs Macalister and his team had driven him completely over the edge. Then of course Stokes, and Wilson had only added plenty of insults to injury.

The Texans had kicked the shit out of his people and to make matters worse the minorities had helped to kick his ass. In his mind they were inferiors and yet they had fought just as savagely as the White men.

The people had joined forces and past hates and grudges were forgotten. They were all Texans and they were going to go down fighting. The next round maybe they could figure out how to get the minorities to revolt, and kill the Whites. The Blacks still had hate inside them and the Mexicans were still pissed at their defeat from the Texans. Yes, there will come another day.

Dobs would be the first to admit, that his victories were more luck than skill. His team were just a group of good ole boys that had more than their share of a mean streak in them. They were fighting for their freedom, and they had pulled out all the stops.

The counterparts in the other areas, had done their share of damage. But it had been Dobs that had started the war and had lead the way to freedom. He was the most hated man in Texas, the most feared, and at the same time the most loved.

As the brutal war raged on in South East Asia-while Americans were fighting a war that they destined to lose. (Thanks to the shithead politicians) Texans were putting the finishing touches on a certain German.

Many Texans had already gone on to serve in that other war. They loved Texas and loved freedom, but they also loved their country. If they could kick the ass of the German, then they could go over and stomp the shit out of the opposing force, and be home in no time. Who Knew?

Many of those brave men that had served with Dobs had left and enlisted or had received their notice. Slowly Texas, was being left unprotected, but Borga had suffered too many loses and needed to rebuild.

His own country had sent the word for him to return home, he of course refused and was soon branded as a criminal in his own country, and all his diplomatic rights were revoked.

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