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Chapter 2

If he’d known with clear certainty, that it would not screw up a perfect plan, he’d just get into his old pickup and go help his brother.

A cop on vacation might send the bastards into a tailspin. But with the trouble spreading throughout Texas he didn’t want to leave his wife and newborn son unprotected.

He could feel it in his soul, his twin brother was having fun. He was kicking the asses of the puke, and so far all was well for his family.

There was more than just a biological connection between him and Dobs. They were best friends, and they’d always had the other’s back. They and the group that they had always ran with, had always fought with the same savagery, when protecting each other.

If things had not gone the way they had for Dobs, he was for sure to have become a Preacher. When they were children he was always reading the Bible, and would say daily prayer. But then he began to change.

The big change had come, just after he’d fought the Slate boy. That fight lead to a second then a third. Most of those bully types took his brother’s gentle ways completely wrong. Then push would come to was almost as

though fate, or God, was stepping in stating very loudly: “No way! Uh-uh. No-way

in hell are you ever going to preach the word.”

Their father was a mixed combination of his twin boys. Their sister was exactly like their mother. She’d pick up a gun before she’d ever think of picking up a skillet. Rob gently smiled as he thought of his big sister.

Sara Ann had moved to England after she had fallen in love with Sir Robert Clary. This was all long before the trouble. (It was all very proper) She’d stayed with his family while Sir Robert had set about completing certain tasks.

Then-there was their youngest brother Joe. He was the enigma. He was a fighter same as Dobs but he was also very studious. Sir Robert had asked if he’d like to go to England to continue his education. The boy was seventeen at the time. Joe Macalister didn’t have to be asked twice.

Rob wondered what they’d all think about what was going on in the Lone Star State. He knew for certain that Sir Robert was not a stranger to fighting. He’d been forced into a fight with Richard Jamison, when he’d come to Borger, looking for his bride.

Jamison was a large brute of a man, and was also a mental midget. He’d for years told everybody, that he and Sara Ann, were going to get married. He’d also told certain types of people, that he and she had done the deed many times.

He had very brazenly challenged Sir Robert to a fight.

It was certainly a good fight, but Richard was outclassed from the start. While he was carried away by his buddies Sir Robert was standing by drinking a beer. Rob smiled as he repeated the words: “Mine honor is my life; Both grow as one; Take honor from me and my life is done.”

Sir Robert was forever quoting Shakespeare, Lord Byron, and many other men, that he and his family had respected. It certainly made the Macalister’s rethink their concepts of people in England.

Sir Robert was certainly every bit the philosopher. He would talk to Dobs about codes of conduct, family honor, and another codes of honor that a man must abide by. The honor that resides within the heart of a man. The one that will tell

a man what is right and wrong. When it’s time to walk away, and when it’s time to take a stand. The code of honor, known as The Quest.

I smiled as I thought of my sister and her husband Sir Robert. It had been him, that helped to explain to me what I was feeling. We’d talk for hours on the subject of honor. He’d tell me stories of his family. This was not done to brag I’d

asked questions and he’d answer. He’d usually avoid the subject of his father.

He’d tell me stories about other men of honor that had helped to shape the nation now known as America. Men that took a stand, and even though they’d known, they were going to fall had continued on with The Quest.

I listened in school, but I mostly paid attention to Barbra Wick until I found out that she was a walking sperm bank. But when Sir Robert told me of those men, I felt something click on inside me.

A man has got to be known for something, other than the job he goes to five or six times a week. I wanted to be known for a hell of a lot more.

I also wanted to be a man of honor, like those men Sir Robert had told me about. Hey, I was still pretty much a kid at the time. I had so many ideas and dreams of what made a man.

My Gramps was such a man, and I felt that I’d be in very good company. In his younger days, he too had been a hell raiser. Things didn’t change much when he got older.

Except maybe his patience wore thin a lot quicker.

Sadly Sir Robert left shortly after Grams died, and I didn’t get to see him very much after that.

I have Gramps’s temperament, and so many have cautioned me time and again, that it would be my temper that’d be my downfall. Looking back I’ve often wondered what would I change if I could.

Simple answer: I’d never have allowed my wife to ever join the fight. But she was too much like me, and she would have joined whether I approved or not.

I’d given her my word to keep our son all that is Holy, I did that much by God.

As soon as my hand grasped the hand of that government man, I knew that he was not what he claimed.

Just the very sight of this man was like...somebody raking their nails down a blackboard. My first impulse was to knock him on his ass, and then stomp the truth out of him.

But even I know that sometimes you have to mind your tongue and repress certain primitive urges. This man was going to screw up and then I’d nail his sorry ass.

If he cost a member of my team their life, then there would be one less government man.

His name was Baskim. Walter Baskim. His hand was always clammy and after the first couple of times, I refrained from shaking his hand.

“You don’t trust me do you Macalister?”

“If you were a normal joe would you trust anyone from our government?” I asked. “All of this is highly illegal, I was born in the afternoon Baskim but it sure as hell wasn’t this afternoon.”

Baskim shifted his weight nervously. Maybe this was his first assignment, or maybe he didn’t fully agree with what was to happen. For all I know it may have been both.

Then there was his partner.

“The Governor of Texas, himself has asked for us to come here Macalister.”

“Whoop-de-doo. Obviously you’re trying very hard to impress somebody Jennings. I didn’t vote for the son of a bitch, something about him just didn’t set right. In fact nobody, I know voted for him.”

Actually, I nor my friends were very political then. But trust me, it should be the individual, that gets respect. Not the name.

Governor Clark is highly respected, and those in Washington have never had any reason to question his integrity.”

“They never doubt the integrity of one of their own. An honest politician? Give me a break Jennings...they only exist in fiction.”

I must have got my point across, because both men closed their mouths and that particular part of the conversation was dropped.

“Macalister we’re here to assist you in this matter. But with that little

civil matter over seas, we may be called out of here at any time. I suggest that we come up with a logical solution to resolve this situation.” Jennings replied in a cold tone.

“I agree. The sooner, that we’re rid of you two, the better it’ll be for all of us.”

I didn’t see the smile that crossed Baskim’s lips. Later, I’d be told by one of my people about it. It was half an hour later that the two men left.

“Why do you insist on pushing Macalister?” Baskim asked.

“I have my reasons...those people need to be taken down.”

“That group, the family, or just Macalister?”

Jennings shook his head and muttered hotly. “I’m the senior agent here Baskim. I swear-you ever question me again. I’ll make you disappear,” he snapped his fingers “poof just like magic.”

The young man nodded his head in understanding. He wasn’t the least bit afraid of the older agent. This assignment had a backdoor agenda: he was to rate Jennings’s performance as an agent and his mental stability.

After he made his call to the SAC...agent Jennings, would be taken off this assignment. With any kind of luck he’d be taken out. Jennings had slipped mentally, cracked under the strain. Not many men could handle the assignment of killing.

Baskim was fairly new to the Company.

There were several bastard offspring of that group. While the Company is

suppose to be prohibited from domestic affairs, there were others that they’d send in. But they were still Brothers of the Company. They’d go by many names over the years.

The American people would be shocked to learn of the things done, supposedly in the name of justice. They’d be appalled to learn what they do to get people to become their agents, the tactics they use to recruit. The bullying tactics, the out and out threat of family members being harmed

At this special point in time, they were called ROGUE GROUP.

They had unlimited power to deal, with certain groups that operated within the United States. They were created in the event that if the American people ever chose to rise up and rebel against the existing government.

They were to wait for that day to come, but in the meantime they’d take out certain little groups that would rise up. They’d send in an agent to assess the situation, then they’d send the order to take out the group.

In later years, the first agent would make the call as to when the group would be taken out. But of course not all groups were a threat.

With the original group there was really no retirement plan. Not in the normal sense of the word. With the knowledge that the agents possessed they’d be too much of a liability. They’d be eliminated.

Many of the unsolved murders if investigated properly could be connected to ROGUE GROUP. When an investigating officer would start to get to close, the evidence would either disappear, or would somehow be considered contaminated.

Anything to protect the secret bastard offspring, created by the government. Scary.

Hence the term SPOOKS.

I had the unnerving feeling that I was being watched. The hairs on the back of my neck was doing a wild dance. I’d learned to pay very close attention to that feeling over the years. I don’t know if I was right in every case...but many times had rang true.

“He’s good.” the younger agent commented. “He knows that we’re here, he just doesn’t know where.”

“You think he has the gift?” the older agent asked.

“That so-called gift has never been proven to me.”

I turned my head and looked in the direction that I felt the pull. I began to stare at the vehicles and the buildings. Then I caught the quick movement of two men. Two shadowy movements scurrying away.

“Shit! We’ve been made.” the older agent whispered.

“ did he do that?” the younger agent asked.

The older agent shook his head and grinned sarcastically, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”


Whoever they were, I felt that they didn’t mean me any harm. . . at least not at the moment. I lit up a cigarette and as I blew the smoke the word Spooks popped into my mind.

Now I was really flattered that the US Government, would send Spooks in to check me out. Who would ever have thought, that they’d do something like that? FEDS maybe, but certainly not Spooks. I tried to assure myself

Okay. . . so I’d attracted some real attention.

Now what do I do about it?

I chuckled softly and a young man looked at me surprise in his young eyes. “Sir?”

“Business as usual Jim-Bo.”

“But if they’re who you think they are. . .”

“They know who we are, and they know what we’re doing Jim. If we start slacking off, or if we were to go into hiding, they’ll be forced into rethinking everything they have on us. Then they’ll come after us.

“We keep with our regular SOP, I think we’ll be okay for a while longer. Maybe even long enough, to crush this group of assholes.”

The boy nodded his head, and rushed over to a group of young men. “Pay up. He ain’t gonna have us back off. I told you so. Oh and Darien, pay up. I was right on our little side bet. He knows that sooner, or later them guys will come to take us out.”

“Shit.” a young man said after he spat a stream of tobacco juice. “Lucky guess.” he said as he gave his friend several bills.

“You’ve got the start of a fan club.” a young woman I knew as Tonya said with a smile. “Did you know that every fifty or so miles, there is another man leading a rebellion? This organization watching us is large Dobs. These groups like ours probably extend way beyond Texas. They want total power and control. If they can’t get it one way they’ll get it another.”

“What exactly is their main objective?” I asked.

“Actually Sir, we know that there are two different groups watching us. Lets call them: Group One and Group Two.”


“Group One: Is somehow connected with these assholes here in Texas. The other group. Group Two: Is the Good Guys and thing is both groups are with the government. Group two is watching Group One and this other group of assholes, as well as watching us.”

I was impressed, but not surprised at how good the intelligence group of my team was. For a ragtag group of warriors, my team was certainly the best.

“Any suggestions on how we’re to know which group is which?”

“Not at this time.”

This was certainly getting scary. What had we stumbled onto? The two federal agents held little concern to me. I didn’t like them worth a damn, but not many people liked FEDS.

The Term: “Above The Law.” came to mind. But which group was to be considered in that viewpoint? We’d got ourselves involved in a civil uprising, involving our own government and what? Homegrown terrorists? Good Lord. . .

Two different powers at war with one another. Group Two was clearly the ones that we needed to get word to. They were watching us...Group One were watching us. Both would know our every move?

Intelligence Team was the best. Dobs you’re getting paranoid I cautioned myself. Are you, or are you finally beginning to see what you have refused to see for so long?

I looked over at Tonya and after a moment she averted her eyes.

“Tell me about them Tonya.”

She gave a soft sigh. “For now they’re very impressed with you, not many civilians have that. Group One is known as Rogue Group...not many of them like you. You pose a threat to them, after this is over I’m certain that they’ll be disbanded.”

“What kind of threat?”

“I wish I knew Dobs. Group Two recruited me about six weeks ago. They assured me that no member of our people would be harmed by them. If I hadn’t agreed to join them, there was a possibility that they’d have to acquire the knowledge in a different manner.”

“What other manner?” I asked a very nervous feeling growing in the pit of my stomach.

“They said it would be most unpleasant, something to do with drugs. They had said that they really hoped, that it wouldn’t come to that.”

Drugs? “What have you told them Tonya?”

“Our strengths and those I feel are weak links, our future plans for attacks...Dobs...I never wanted to betray you.”

“How were you contacted?” I asked growing more pissed by the second. My temper was certainly the worse at full boil.

“When I was in town at the newsstand, I saw the man I was tailing go into a door in the alley. No. He didn’t know that I was tailing him. I went to the door and a moment later went inside.”

“How do you know that it wasn’t a set up?”

“They were too shocked to see me, there were eight of them Dobs. For me to attack would have been stupid. I listened to them, and they listened to me. I felt that they were on the level.”

I took time out to light up another cigarette, “How do you know that they were on the level?” I’d wanted so badly to believe her, I didn’t know what I’d do if it were proven that she was a traitor.

“They gave me information then, and several times since on this group of assholes. Without their help, there were times that I’m certain our people would have been slaughtered.”

My gut instinct then told me that she was on the level. I’d known Tonya since grade school and she was a friend. I knew that if I relieved her of her duties, I’d be putting my team in danger–and if she were a traitor...God how I hated the role of leadership.

Divide and conquer came to mind. No...Tonya was perhaps one of the most

intelligent people, on the team of logistics and intelligence. She’d know if someone was trying to sucker her.

I tried to logically look at the situation: I knew that none of her family could be in a hostage situation. Those that she cared anything about were with us. The others could go to hell as far as she was concerned.

I’d seen her in a few bad situations, and had seen her fight her way out. I smiled as I knew the answer to my own question.

Tonya was a badass, a hellcat and wolverine all rolled into one. She was also a very loyal and good friend, to question her integrity would be like questioning my own.

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