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Chapter 35

It was just a small deception, but it also depends on your perception of right and wrong. We pulled the farm up using the money from them two traitors.

Dad got a loan from the bank, and bought another fifty acres, and the loan got paid back very quickly. We have since then added another hundred, and fifty acres.

There are some things that a man’s family, just don’t need to know. We all do things that are sometimes a bit distasteful. Then again I try not to enjoy some of my deeds too much. When I do agree to do something I remind myself: You do have a choice Bill.

Today Joanna and I celebrated, our tenth year of marriage, it has been a little over three years, since I put Sherry in the ground. She died at the age of fourteen. I’m thankful my children, are growing up, with her last son, Max. He has already proven himself many times to be as game as Sherry.

Little Joe is of course all grown up, and is about to start a family of his own. He somehow had been able to lay claim to one of the descendants of Sherry’s pups. I guess it wasn’t too hard.

From what we could find out, the pup has pit bull and wolf in it. The pup is jet black, same as Sherry, and just as intelligent. He named the pup Solomon. But he’ll answer to Boogeyman, the pup does seem to have a demon streak in it.

Just as I was leaving my parents, an old beat up truck pulled up. Something told me that life around the Macalister’s spread, was about to get to jumping again so I stuck around.

Little Joe (who isn’t so little anymore) got in the man’s face. “Yeah that’s my dog, what about it?”

“Your dog came over to my place, and urinated, on my wife’s bottles of colored water!” the man said belligerently.

I walked over to try to smooth things out, but the guy was just itching for trouble. I was just hoping that the man wouldn’t loose his brain, and do something we’d all regret.

“Okay Sir, let me get this straight.” I said with a straight faced. “These bottles of colored water are suppose to keep dogs out of the yard, and from pis. . . ah-urinating on the flowers.”

“That’s right!” the man shouted.

“Don’t seem to work does it?” I replied, as I broke up into laughter.

The man balled his hands into fists ready to loose his brain. The look on his face was priceless, he slowly looked down. Boogey had hiked his leg, and urinated, on the man’s leg. I sure-nuff could not contain myself. “Maybe you should strap them bottles of colored water on your legs!” I shouted as he and his wife got into his truck and peeled off.

I looked over at Little Joe, and he looked at me, then we studied the sky for a moment. It started as a chuckle, and then we both broke into uncontrollable laughter. Boogey was running around barking his head off. “That dog has a real mental problem.” Little Joe said, as he wiped away the tears from his eyes.

We’d both just fully composed ourselves, when we saw the large truck coming down the road. I knew who it was and I turned to Joe. “Could you go on up to the house?”

“Is this bad news Bill, why do you always send us away? Let me stand with you for once, you’re my brother, and brothers should stick together. Hey always in good times and the bad times we ride together.”

I smiled and nodded my head. Hell, maybe it was time for me to stop facing some things alone. To stop trying to always protect the people I love.

I’d only seen the man a few times, and he was an okay guy. Dobs and June had spoke of him many times. Never a bad word was ever said, and I never had a friendship like they’d described.

In fact they’d told me, “If you ever really need a friend, you get in touch with this man. He’s a very good friend Bill.”

The man looked at Joe, and I spoke first. “It’s okay Bill, he stays.”

Bill nodded. “I’m here to inform you that Dobs and June were killed a few nights ago. It’s for real this time son.”

I slowly nodded my head, and turned away. “How?”

“Still working out all the facts, but it’s been confirmed as to the who. You just met them.”

“Colored water man?” I said as I turned to face Bill.”

“Yeah. They just got set up in the area, one thing is for certain. . . they get their funding from Borga.”

Joe shook his head. “Borga.” he softly whispered. “Are we ever gonna be free of that bastard?” Joe shook his head as reality sank in. But being Joe he had to ask. “Why are you here telling Bill all this, and just what do you expect him to do?”

“That’s entirely up to him.” Bill replied honestly.

“Bill it really isn’t your fight. . . let them handle it.”

I shook my head as I looked first at Bill, then at my brother. “It’s always been my fight Joe. It started with a Macalister, and I guess it ends with a Macalister. Don’t play the secret games anymore little brother. I know the truth.”

“We did it to protect you, not to deceive.” Joe said as tears welled up in his eyes.

I smiled and gripped his arm. “There was never any doubt little brother.”

“What are you going to do?”

I walked to my truck and pulled out my gunbelt, and put it on, and tied it down for action. I then took the 30-30 from the gun rack. I checked the rifle to make certain it was still loaded. I took the tong off the pistol, and checked the old ivory grip Smith and Wesson 44.

“Do? I’m going to do what I do best. Bill, tell them to send the money for this one to my usual charity.”

“Kinda figured that.”

“He’s going to kill them?” Joe asked in a hushed tone.

Bill waited until after, I’d fired up my truck and drove away, before replying. “No son, he’s going to bring them to justice.”


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