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The Sly Espereon

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(Book 2.5) At the same time while her twin brother Niderudion is away, she must think of something fast She and her knight Nyadekeir are alone at her kingdom waiting for the plan to work before the redivals turn the kingdom into darkness. Before they start sending dark orbs everywhere. To convince redivals to change their ways and let them both be the next ruler. To make the redivals leave.and keep the kingdom at peace. She thinks she handle anything, but that before she realizes there something else in the picture that is way too important to loose..........

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The Rules

It has been a few months. I’m trying to live....if that is even possible anymore. And what's more I'm with the four years older knight to accompany me. I’m stuck here waiting for the redivals to change their mind. I’m waiting for the next year or two to come. And if they don't change their mind....I'll leave. Then they won't be able to take over my-our kingdom. Slowly it will be a decaying kingdom, and the redivals won't want that. That will force them to change their minds and leave. Waking up to the many luminescence of light every day. Seeing the once always full moon, now the lunar is only half full. Making sure everything goes to what my brother planned. So I set these rules for myself.

Firstly, be innocent. I can always read a person by their face, their features, or mind. But I'm making sure no one, and I mean no one reads me. So if I do anything, I'll be the sweet little angel that has done nothing. After all, redivals think I'm a nobody that can't do anything. My brother was the one who always argued, demanded their departure, duress their rules, and pressured to have us both be the next to rule at the same time. So when no one- err no redivals are watching I'll strike, but no one would even dare to suspect it was me.

Secondly, do the unspeakable. Do the things they wouldn't even think I'll do. Irritate them. Deceive them. Torment them. Play dumb. Haunt them. Cast playful spells upon them. Act like you have no clue what is going on. Pretend to not know what the whereabouts of your brother. And lastly, Speak of things that are illegal in their rules.

Thirdly, do the opposite. Do the opposite of what they want just to spite them. Make sure their plans go the opposite direction.

Fourthly, stay hidden. Don't let them see you. Do all the madness, so they will be unsure who done that. If they do ever see you run. Run as fast as you can, and if you can't even do that go to your personal royal of a knight Nyadekeir Deveria.

Fifthly and finally don't get caught. Don't let them find out. Don't tell them what you are up to. Just act the little harmless angel I am. Make sure they don't find about these rules or anything you do until what happened is miles away.

It has been a month. A dreadful month that I had to deal with and I do wonder what my brother is dealing with. I wonder where he is... In the forest? No...he probably is at another kingdom. I hope he is okay. I think I....I think I want...Yes! I want to write to him, then my knight will have it reach him. He will know how to find him. He will give it to him personally or have someone do it. He is the only one that will be able to. I hope he will answer back and soon after he writes it, I wish for him to send one.

Just the Prologue for The Sly Espereon. This is mainly in Nivillerua's POV. This takes place at the same time as the Narvidian's Source of Light which is mainly in Niderudion's POV. I will occasionally change the POV, but mainly it wil be theirs.
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