The Falcon & the Viper

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Chapter 27

On the 11 September 2001, an attack was made on an unsuspecting American nation that would become engraved forever in the annals of history. Terrorists hijacked four commercial airliners and flew two of them into the World Trade Centre Towers in New York and one into the Pentagon outside Washington. The fourth airliner crashed into a field in Pennsylvania after heroic passengers fought with the terrorists in the cockpit. The magnitude of the attack stunned the entire world, but within days U.S. officials announced that Osman bin Laden, the arch terrorist behind Al Qaida and believed to be hiding in Afghanistan, was the main suspect behind the atrocities.

On 6 October 2001, the United States, together with British forces, prepared to launch air strikes into western Afghanistan at dawn the following day. Repeated demands that the Taliban hand over bin Laden had gone unanswered and the first targets would be Taliban bases belonging to the al-Qaida network in the province of Farah. Yet another Holy War had begun.

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