The Falcon & the Viper

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Chapter 35

From this chaos of uncertainty came a new political party, the People First in Britain, led by the popular Carol Dowding, a former TV presenter and clever academic with a double first in media studies from Cambridge to prove it. Thanks to her energy and charm, she gained a huge following in a very short time from the grass roots of society, helped by the party going viral on social media and she soon became a champion of the people. Her new leadership team, made up of ordinary hardworking people easily encouraged others to join and the party quickly became a force to be reckoned with.

When Prime Minister Cameron ran for re-election in 2015, he had secured the support of the Conservative Party by promising to hold a referendum on whether the United Kingdom should leave the European Union. The promise appeased those Conservative members who favoured leaving the EU, but Cameron did not think the electorate would vote to leave. However, in June 2016, the UK citizens voted to leave in a fully-fledged Brexit and Cameron lost control of the situation and with civil unrest increasing on the streets, had no other choice but to call for a general election and offer his resignation.

The PFB party’s campaign during the run up to the elections captured the hearts of the nation and having already secured the support of most of the media, the result was a landslide victory at the polls. On the 21 August 2016, Prime Minister David Cameron resigned and Carol Dowding went to Buckingham Palace and appointed his successor by ‘kissing hands’ with Queen Elizabeth II, the head of state. A calm descended over the country when the new prime minister made her first public address. Speaking outside the famous black door of 10 Downing Street to the assembled media, Carol Dowding stated that the decisions of her administration would not be driven by the interests of ‘the privileged few’ nor by the dictates of the German influenced European Union, which many now regarded as a German super state. Flanked by husband James and children Eleanor and Robert, she had taken office as the country’s second female Prime Minister with the promise to create a country that worked for everyone. She pledged to negotiate a positive exit from Europe and build up trade with the Commonwealth and United States, and implement strict immigration controls and reverse stringent defence cuts that had been decimating the armed forces.

In a small private room inside a discreet Gentleman’s club just a stone’s throw away from the Palace of Westminster, a small group of the privileged few sat in leather armchairs listening to the new Prime Minister’s speech on TV.

‘Damn and curse her!’ cussed Lord Thomas Westcliff, his piercing black eyes full of hate as he stared at the image of the new prime minister on the screen.

‘We are this close to completing matters with our German partners for a united, fascist Europe.’ said Westcliff, empathising with the forefinger and thumb apart on his hand.

‘It is true that we have had a long struggle since the war fighting to remain under cover from the probing security services of successive governments alike. But now we have the advantage of controlling one!’ snorted Westcliff, rubbing his hands together in glee and looking at the stern faced men sitting around him.

‘Here, here, Westcliffe,’ agreed another in the room.

‘All though now we have this troublemaker who thinks she can change everything. The damn bitch has another thing coming if she thinks she can take Britain out of the European Union.’

‘If only my great grandfather, who as you know founded this society, had been more fortunate back in 1940. We have done well to keep everything under cover for all these years and now, with our final goal just within our grasp, that blithering idiot Macintosh and his stupid referendum have allowed the country the opportunity to leave the Union!’

‘Don’t worry yourself, Westcliff. Day’s radical policies will fizzle out under our pressure and we will wrest back control from her. Remember the SDP, the people’s party of the eighties. Now that was a joke if ever I saw one. This new party may have been elected to govern but it does not mean they’ll succeed in office or steer us out of the EU. If the prime minister does not conform, we will put obstacles in her way forcing her to backtrack and we will set her an example if she does not. If she persists, then we will terminate her!’ replied the stern faced, heavily-set man chewing on the end of a fat Havana cigar. He was one of the only men in the room with the guts to speak back to the arrogant Lord Westcliff, head of the pro-Nazi British Link society. The man, a former minister in the last government, was now head of one of the UK’s intelligence services.

On the TV, the prime minister’s voice continued over the TV’s speakers, further irritating the group of men watching. ‘I cannot stress enough my determination to rise to the challenge of negotiating a successful exit from the European Union and form a bold new positive role for Britain in the world. We will forge stronger contacts and trade with the Commonwealth countries, for the benefit of everyone. However, first, we must focus on withdrawing from the German dominated European Union.’

Lord Westcliff choked on the cognac he had just swallowed as he heard her final words. ‘Damn and blast the bitch! She has to go.’

‘Now, old man, you must calm down or it will be bad for your blood pressure. We will watch her and when the time comes, just leave it to me to make the arrangements.’ soothed the head of the intelligence service.

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