The Falcon & the Viper

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Chapter 46

The German government now occupied the new Federal Chancellery in Berlin, built next to the old Reichstag parliament building destroyed at the end of the war. With its modern stylistic open architecture, the design embodied a clear message of transparency to those viewing it from the outside, which contrasted markedly with the veiled, dark conspiracies that were taking place inside.

The small seed planted all those years ago by members of the Third Reich had now grown into a large fascist tree with many outreaching branches, as the NPP had recently won no less than two hundred seats in the recent elections. In one office, an intense argument was in progress. Fritz Schlemmer, the Federal Minister of Special Affairs and advisor to Martina Lohmann the Chancellor, leaned back in his chair behind his desk. In front of him stood a thick set, muscular individual with very short, close cropped hair, and a pronounced hooked nose that seemed to be mating with his equally prominent chin. Wearing an expensive, handmade suit did not disguise the fact that he would always be more at home in a military uniform. Hans Becker, the head of the BND intelligence agency, leaned forward and slammed his fist down hard on the desktop.

‘I will not tell you again, Schlemmer. The result of the election speaks for itself.’ he snarled.

‘But your party does not have the overall majority,’ stuttered Schlemmer, an elder statesmen with many years standing in the German government, a man of diplomacy whose anxious look belayed the fact he was not used to bully boy tactics.

‘She will never step do. . .’

‘With many of the smaller parties sympathetic to our cause, it is only a matter of time before we hold the majority vote.’ interrupted Becker.

‘I agree.’ confirmed another voice in an arrogant, authoritative manner, belonging to Joseph Von Zeiss. A tall, lean, upright man with a shock of silver hair, Zeiss was the leader of the Nationalist Peoples Party, which had grown from the ashes of Hitler’s vanquished Third Reich and was now out in the open for the first time in decades.

‘You will tell the Chancellor and her few remaining diehard supporters in the Christian Democratic Party that it is hopeless for them to continue.’

Schlemmer composed himself and looked up at them both.

‘The Chancellor has already told me she will fight you and never resign!’

‘Then she’s a fool! She has just admitted that her open immigration policy to encourage multi-culturalism has failed miserably. It is now up to us to restore the Fatherland to its former glory.’ stated Von Zeiss, who clicked his heels, turned and stormed out of the office with Becker.

Both men walked the short distance from the federal chancellery to BND headquarters where they checked through security, entered the building and took the lift to Becker’s office suite on the top floor. In the outer office, they met the agency’s vice president for military affairs, Major General Peter Blum, another long-standing member of the party who was busy flirting with the pretty brunette behind the reception desk.

‘Ah, Peter. Where is Wieck?’ asked Becker.

‘I have told him. He shouldn’t be long.’ replied the General.

Von Zeiss greeted the General and they shook hands.

‘Let’s get started.’

Entering the intelligence president’s inner sanctum, known by the staff in the building as the Eagles Nest, the three men took seats around a solid, cherry wood conference table. Becker addressed the General.

‘As I expected, our meeting with Schlemmer was a complete waste of time. I know Lohmann well. She’s a stubborn bitch and will never step down while her party still holds the majority, however slight.’

‘I hear Lohmann has announced a visit to the UK prime minister shortly. When the British voted to exit the EU and elect their new prime minister, we agreed it would be necessary to take drastic measures to ensure that we achieve total control of Europe. The last thing we want now is Lohmann sticking her nose in.’ replied General Blum.

‘I agree, she could jeopardise the whole operation.’ stated Von Zeiss.

‘Can we not prevent the meeting?’ asked Blum.

‘Do not worry, we have a contingency plan in place which we will now activate.’ advised Becker, looking at Von Zeiss who nodded his head in agreement. As an afterthought, Becker added, ‘You had better warn Manfred, the foreign minister that it would be in his best interests not to travel with her to the UK.’

‘I will.’ confirmed Von Zeiss.

‘Now, back to the operation we are planning. We are on course, gentlemen, to kill the proverbial two birds with one stone as I received information from our allies in the UK earlier this morning that the state visit has been confirmed by the British government.’ Becker informed the others.

‘That is good.’ acknowledged General Blum.

‘Let’s get on.’ Becker picked up the handset of the intercom on the table and spoke to his secretary in the outer office,

‘Find out where Herr Wieck is, Renata?’

‘He’s just arrived, sir.’

‘Send him straight in.’

Moments later the door to the office clicked open and a tall man with slicked back greased hair walked into the room. The curved scar from the corner of his mouth running to the jawbone gave him a lop-sided grin, which contrasted with the glare of his intense grey eyes.

‘Ah, Wieck. Come and sit down.’

‘Joseph, this is senior intelligence officer Joachim Wieck. He is a highly valued member of our agency and a loyal member of the party who has been instrumental in planning the stages of the forthcoming operation.’ explained Becker.

Wieck pulled the chair forward, sat down, and with a nod of his head acknowledged the others around him. Clearing his throat, he placed a file marked most secret in front of him and opened it.

‘Gentlemen, the code name for the operation is Seelöwe, which I trust you consider appropriate. However, this time we will achieve success by stealth instead of failing as our ancestors did by trying to use force. I will now update you on progress and can inform you that our English cousins have made all the preparations necessary.’

There were grunts of approval from the others around the table.

‘But if the operation is a success, how can we prevent the Americans from finding out who is behind the attack?’ asked General Blum, ‘If they get an inkling we are involved, the repercussions will be catastrophic. They will annihilate our small German army with their huge military resources?’

‘Don’t worry Peter, hear what Wieck has devised.’ replied Becker.

’The general is right about his concern over the Americans taking revenge, for it will be volunteers from his own special forces which will play the key part. I have taken steps to ensure they will never know who is responsible for the attack.

‘Yes, but have you found a way for my team to penetrate the security cordon around the targets?’ interrupted Blum.

‘Yes General. I have.’ replied Wieck, looking across at him with his crooked smile

‘Go on.’

‘We all know it is now almost impossible to get close to a protected head of state for assassination purposes. Even shooting a target from behind a security service’s circular no-go sniper area of half a mile, in an urban environment under the watchful eyes of anti-sniper teams, is unlikely. What I propose is a minimum of twelve operatives spread out around the edges of the crowd far from the targets. Another member of the team, a sniper, will take a long-range shot from a suitable high position, although probably he will miss. However, the gunshot will cause the crowd to panic, scatter, and start the security detail to rush their charges to the prearranged extraction point. Allowing two other very special warriors, essential to the success of the operation, to make their move among the scattering crowd.’

‘What special warriors?’

‘General, all we need is some Arabic volunteers from your Special Forces and two others that I have in mind to play the role of assassins.’

‘Arabs? Assassins? What on earth are you talking about, man?’ spluttered the general.

‘Do not worry, General, arrangements are in place to recruit the two we need to make the operation work. It is imperative that ISIS jihadis appear to have made the assassinations as the attack must not be linked to Germany. The Americans will be so busy exacting revenge on ISIS that the UK will be like a headless chicken without their support.’

‘Allowing us the perfect opportunity to instigate the plan for the overthrow of the UK government and realise our dream of a united Europe, finally under our complete control.’ added Von Zeiss.

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