The Falcon & the Viper

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Part 5 Chapter 49

By the time the BA jet had landed, the severe weather front from the Atlantic had spread the entire length of the Andalusian coast, and torrential rain was now lashing down on a small boatyard in a sheltered bay close to Almeria. With flashes of lightning and the loud cracks of thunder overhead a mobile home, which doubled as an office in the yard, came a sharp knock on the door. Coming at the appointed time it could only have been made by the one who was expected. A tall, tanned man got up from behind a desk cluttered with overdue invoices and marine engine manuals, and opened the door. Outside the rain poured down and without greeting a man, his face hidden by the shadows of a hooded waterproof jacket handed over a folded plastic bag. The courier turned on his heels and disappeared into the rain shower, as the metallic sound of the halyards of tall-masted sailing yachts clattered in the wind, the boats straining at their mooring ropes and swinging in their berths.

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