The Falcon & the Viper

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Chapter 57

The Viper’s training had taken a gruelling three months and he would now start on the journey that he prayed would end with the deaths of many infidels, fulfilling his pledge to exact revenge for the murder of his family. With his friend, Kazim Khan, they left the training camp in Syria and travelled into Turkey under the guise of young refugees, joining the hundreds of others flooding towards the growing universe of Islamic Europe. Arriving in Istanbul and before attempting to penetrate the lax border controls of the EU, they shed their refugee status and the dust of their travel under a hot shower in the bathroom of a safe house in the city.

The next morning they arrived at Ataturk Airport in a taxi in their guise as two respectable looking young executives. At check in and passport control they mixed with other passengers on their way to the gate for the 1005 departure of Turkish Airlines flight 1629 to Germany, with a flight time of just over two hours. On landing in Munich, they would catch a connecting flight to the United Kingdom, where, as holders of British passports, they would vanish into the masses. Boarding the airliner the Viper and Kazim made their way to business class and sat down in their allotted seats. Both were on their guard, aware that many of their colleagues had been arrested trying to cross the borders into Europe after infidel intelligence services had infiltrated ISIS networks, and they now languished in prison, their plans shattered,

In Franz Josef Strauss Airport on the outskirts of Munich, the bogus German customs officer tensed as he listened to the terse message in the small earpiece he was wearing.

‘Get ready, Hans, here they come. Security’s just picked them up on the facial recognition cameras in the baggage claim.’ he said turning to the other customs officer by his side who was also an intelligence officer in the German BND.

He soon spotted two young Arabs matching the description he had just received heading towards the customs hall among other passengers from flights that had recently landed. As the two smartly dressed young men went to go past he stepped into their path and stopped them with a raised hand.

‘Have you anything to declare?’ he asked them both in German.

‘Sorry, what did you say?’ asked the Viper.

‘Ah, you speak English?’

‘I am English.’ he replied, both surprised and concerned that the customs officer had singled them out.

‘Have you anything to declare?’ repeated the officer, this time in English.

‘No, nothing.’

‘Well, you won’t mind then if we have a look in your case?’

The two jihadis looked each other in the eye, hoping it was a just a random check as they had nothing to hide in their cases. Both tried to conceal the despair they felt from showing in their faces that their mission might have been compromised.

Gesturing them both to stand in front of the long desk to the side of the room, the customs officer asked them to place their cases on top of it.

‘But we told you, we have nothing to declare.’ stated Kazim Khan.

‘Let me be the judge of that.’

They lifted their cases up and unzipped them open. The officers, using the search as a diversionary tactic, started sifting through the contents as their colleagues moved in.

‘Why are you searching our cases?’ demanded the Viper.

‘Cut the crap. We know who you are’ said the first BND officer, noting that his fellow officers now surrounded them.

A look of shock confirmed the fact that the game was up as the officers grabbed the Viper and Kazim and wrestled them to the ground. Handcuffed, they were dragged up off the floor and shoved through a door by the officers.

‘Well, that went OK.’ said Hans to the other officer.

‘It did. By the way, while you were searching his case did you find a dirty mag called Bra Busters?’

His colleague gave him a quizzical look. ‘A what?’ he asked.

’You haven’t read a book called ‘I am Pilgrim’?′


‘It’s a story about a former spy who gets called out of retirement. A raghead terrorist he’s tracking slips into Germany undetected, fooling the customs officer he’s not a devout, radical Muslim by carrying photos of big tits in his bag.’

‘Hilarious!’ said the other, ‘I must get a copy.’

Outside the terminal, the Viper and Kazim Khan were pushed into a parked SUV and driven out of the airport under heavy armed guard. They arrived shortly afterwards outside the BND offices, close by in a quiet suburb of Munich.

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