The Trials of Loyalty

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Chapter 10

Alexander had been sitting the small interrogation room for what seemed like hours but was probably only thirty minutes at the most. He tried several times to get the men that brought him in to tell him what they were questioning him about, but they remained tight-lipped They wouldn’t even tell Alexander so much as why they taught, he was involved. He was being courteous, but if this whole ordeal continues down the path it’s heading on, then Alexander has no problem with not only calling his lawyer but his special operations chief as well.

Alexander was loosening the tie around his neck just as the door to the interrogation room opened up. He didn’t bother looking back as he knew it was the same men from before.

“Have you gentlemen decided when you’re going to tell me what the fuck it is, I’m doing here?” Alexander asked, raising an eyebrow as his eyes followed the men walking around to the other side of the table.

Alexander watched as one of the men sat down in the chair opposite from him, a manila folder in one hand. “My friend and I did some research on you, I hope you don’t mind.”

“It’s not like I really had much of a choice.” He growled, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Model Navy Seal, done some impressive work. Let me start off by saying that we appreciate all that you do for this country.” There was something about the condescending tone in the detective’s voice that made Alexander want to reach across the table and strangle the shit out of him.

“Tell me about your latest mission- “The detective glanced into the contents of the folder. “Operation Sandstorm?” Alexander narrowed his eyes, before clearing his throat.

“My team and I were tasked with infiltrating a terrorist compound in the middle east.”

“And what were you doing there exactly?”

“You boys know I can’t tell you, otherwise I’d have to kill you.” Alexander finished off his statement with a snotty look before continuing. “Anyways, the mission was a decent success. Me and another seal, Johnathan Miller had escaped the compound and were heading out when we got cornered by a few straggler terrorists left over from the initial attack on the compound. We were pinned down for a few minutes, but they managed to kill Johnathan- “

“We know the rest of the story.” The detective rested his forearms against the table, leaning closer towards Alexander. “I’m going to be honest here. Some details of your version of the events that lead to Johnathan Miller’s unfortunate death don’t match up with our evidence- “

“They don’t match your evidence. Hate to burst your bubble there, but I was there. I was next to him when he died. I think I know how it went down.”

“We have a report here, saying that as you were returning fire, Johnathan was shot in the abdomen. The medical examiner determined the shot to be clean through and through. No bullet was recovered from the scene.”

“So? What in god’s name does that have to do with me?” Alexander could already tell where they were going with this and he wasn’t liking it in the slightest.

“You said in your version of the events that one terrorist was killed before Johnathan was the shot, and the other one was killed by you afterward. Where did the bullet go if the terrorists were dead and unable to grab it?”

“I don’t know, have you checked a little harder for it? The middle east is a war zone after all.”

“Look, we’re not saying you killed him Alexander. We’re just saying that some details don’t match up- “Alexander stood up from the table, slamming his hands onto the table.

“Like hell you aren’t. I don’t expect you know what it’s like to watch your friends, someone who you considered to be your brother, life fade from their eyes as you press your hands into their wound that’s oozing with blood. You know that it’s going to do jack shit but you’re willing to do anything in hopes for the slightest chance in saving his life.” Without saying anything else, Alexander began walking away from the table and towards the door to the room.

“We were done with you Jackson- “Alexander snapped his head towards the two men, his eyes darkening a shade as he gave them a harsh stare.

“Yes, we are. There’s no way in hell I’m going to let you railroad me into the death of my best friend. I’m assuming you know where to find me.”

Alexander woke up from his deep slumber by the blaring sound of his phone going off. After a few moments of grumbling and groaning, he reached over and grabbed the phone off of his side table.

“This better be fucking important,” Alexander growled, rubbing at his eyes with his hand.

“Important like the information that you were searching for involving the passport?” Alexander shot up at the sound of Daniel’s voice at the other end.

“So, Savannah came through for me huh?” Alexander mused to himself before continuing. “What did you guys find out?”

“That Neil Sullivan is a known alias for a middle eastern terrorist, Yousef Hakim AND that he happened to be in the same area as Operation Sandstorm.” Daniel sighed, as Alexander could imagine him scratching at the side of his face. “There’s something else. Savannah knows why I’m here. She figured it out and I- may have spilled it that I was basically your inside man.”

Alexander sat in silence for a few moments, pondering what Daniel had told him. “Don’t worry Wayforth, I’m not too worried about it.”

“Not too worried about it? In case you haven’t realized buddy, she could blow the lid on this entire thing! Little Miss psychologist could put both of us in Prison, all while getting a nice pay raise for it.”

Before Daniel could go any further with his rant, Alexander stopped him. “I’m not worried about that because, despite that, Savannah came through and found the information for me. For whatever reason, she went against every protocol in the book to help me out. Trust me, she won’t rat us out.”

“I’m going to track down this Yousef Hakim, see if I can’t talk to him about it and the passport. Let me know if you guys come up with anything else.” Alexander hung the phone up and placed it back on the bedside table.

Before answering Daniel’s call, he wanted nothing more than to go back to bed. Now the thought of Savannah helping him out made him wide awake. He didn’t remember much of what she was like in college, just that she always seemed to follow the rule book. It seemed like that was something that was ingrained in her.

Why would she break that now, and why would she break it for him?

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