The Trials of Loyalty

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Chapter 11

It took some time, but Alexander was able to track down where Yousef Hakim was. Considering he was a wanted terrorist; he wasn’t that difficult to track down. From what Alexander could gather through his sources, Yousef was hunkered down in some bunked in Iran. In the entire time Alexander was looking for this guy, he couldn’t help but wonder what connection Yousef could have to Johnathan. He liked to think he knew Johnathan well, so he doesn’t think he had known connections to a terrorist. Since his son had been born four years ago, Johnathan lived on the straightened arrow. The only thing he could think of is that maybe Johnathan was doing some sort of freelancing with the seals, but even that was a stretch.

Alexander thought through all off this for the 15th time as he crept towards the bunker, nothing lighting his way but the bright moon in the night sky above him. There weren’t any guys stationed outside the front of the building, but that didn’t mean there weren’t any.

He had just approached the building when he heard the sounds of crunching gravel coming closer towards him. In a flash, Alexander had darted towards the nearest wall and pressed his back against it. He began holding his breath for fear that whoever was coming towards him would hear him.

With his back still pressed against the wall, Alexander watched as a local militia member strolled past him. The militia member’s eyes were so focused on the area in front of him that he didn’t notice Alexander pressed up against the wall. He took this as his opportunity to start creeping upon him.

By the time the militia member had begun to turn back around, Alexander was already behind him. In one swift movement, Alexander stretched his hand out and struck the militia member’s neck with brute force. The man groaned, crumbling to the ground in a heap.

Alexander bent down, grabbing the fallen soldier’s radio before darting back towards the security of the building. It wouldn’t be long before he woke up or someone found him, he was going to have to make this quick.

With his back pressed against the wall once again, Alexander crept around the side of the building. When he turned the corner to the back of the building, he caught sight of an open window. Taking his chance, Alexander quickened his pace as he made it to the window, jumping through the open window with one athletic swoop.

The room Alexander had entered was a bathroom barely big enough to hold the toilet, tub and him. Now that Alexander was in, the difficult part was up next. His source didn’t tell him exactly where Yousef was in the building, just that he was in here. Alexander knew he was going to have to lurk through the building until he found him. ‘That is if he’s still here’ Alexander thought to himself, readying his military-issued Sauer P226.

Alexander tiptoed towards the bathroom door, prepared for whatever might come at him. The barrel of his gun was now out in front, his finger already grasping the trigger.

Just as Alexander reached the door, it swung open, smacking his forehead. Alexander grunted, stumbling back from the door. The militia member was startled, yelling something in Persian before charging towards him.

Alexander was quick to recover as he took a bladed stance. The militia member, still charging at him, threw a punch in his general direction. Alexander ducked, dodging the hit completely. Without Standing back up, Alexander jabbed his elbow into the militia member’s ribcage. He bent down, his hands flying towards his stomach as he groaned out in pain. Alexander didn’t miss a beat as he grabbed the guy’s head in his hands and rammed his knee into his face. A cracking sound rang through the room, letting Alexander know that he had successfully broken the guy's nose. Much like the guy outside, the man fell to the floor unconscious.

Alexander’s advantage of being unknown was gone as he could hear the scrambling of footsteps towards his direction. Instead of meeting the enemy head-on, he stood there with his gun at high ready once more.

He only had to wait a few seconds for another militia member to come bolting towards him. He has his own gun raised and pointed at Alexander. Once Alexander got a good look at the man, he was able to tell it was Yousef that now stood in front of him.

The man yelled something at Alexander, but he was unable to understand him once again.

“Does it look like I fucking speak Persian to you?” Alexander responded, not wavering his gun in the slightest.

“I said who are you and what are you doing here!” Yousef replied in broken English. The two men kept their distance as they stood there in the standoff.

“Your Yousef Hakim, right?”

“What’s it to you?”

“Do not fuck with me. Are you Yousef or not? Because if not, I have no problem putting a bullet between your fucking eyes.” Alexander emphasized his point by pulling the trigger of his gun back farther. All Yousef had to do was nod and Alexander charged towards the man. Before Yousef could get a shot off, Alexander had slammed him into the wall, the force knocking the gun out of Yousef’s hand. Alexander put his forearm against the man’s throat to keep him there.

“How do you know Johnathan Miller?” Alexander was practically growling as he peered into Yousef’s eyes.

“I don’t know who you are talking about you stupid American.” Alexander grabbed hold of his shoulders as he pulled him away from the wall, only to slam him back against it.

“You were working with Jundullah in Iran while he was out here. You came across him, I know for a fact you did.”

“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. There were a lot of Americans whose lives I’ve had a hand in ending during that time period.” Without warning, Alexander pressed the muzzle of the gun into Yousef’s temple as his finger tightened even further around the trigger. Alexander took his forearm away from his throat long enough to grab Johnathan’s enlistment picture out of his copy. With the picture now in his hand, Alexander shoved the picture into Yousef’s face.

“Johnathan Miller, model navy seal. Died in action on April 20th, 2014. He left behind his young son and pregnant wife. Your name has come up in connection with his death. So, I am going to ask you, one last fucking time. What do you have to do with Johnathan Miller?” Alexander’s voice darkened the entire time he spoke. There was an anger in his voice that he didn’t know existed with him.

Yousef’s eyes widened as Alexander somehow pressed the muzzle further into his temple, all while shoving the photo further into his face.

“Alright? I killed him, but I wasn’t the big man behind it!” This time it was Alexander who widened his eyes as he now looked at Yousef with a blank stare.

“What do you mean you weren’t the big man behind it?”

“I was told to kill him by someone else. I got the order to kill him handed down to me.” Alexander loosened his grip on the triggers as he pulled back a few millimeters.

Johnathan’s death was a lot bigger than Alexander thought it was. Whoever ever wanted Johnathan dead for whatever reason was willing to go through the extreme lengths of hiring this low-grade militia member to do the deed. They wanted to keep their hands clean of this whole thing all while being able to take the credit. Whoever was behind this was really powerful or extremely dangerous. Either way, Alexander was going to get to the bottom of this. Not only to clear his name but to give Johnathan’s family some peace as to what happened.

Within a flash, Alexander had brought his gun away from Yousef’s temple and smacked him across the face. He didn’t stay behind long enough to make sure he was down as Alexander bolted the way he came through. He once again hopped through the window in one fellow swoop. His feet touched down on the ground long enough for him to get his bearings and then he was off running into the night.

In retrospect, Alexander probably should have gotten the name of the guy that hired Yousef to kill Johnathan before he knocked him out.

Oh well, he was just going to have to get his information another way…

FBI Headquarters in Dallas….

The ringing of Savannah’s desk phone brought her out of the work zone she had gotten herself into. Without looking away from the screen, she answered the phone and put it against her ear.

“Agent Carey.” She spoke, robotic quality to her voice.

“Looks like I reached the right person.” The sound of Alexander’s smooth voice on the other end caused Savannah to jump in her seat. Panic rose in her body as she turned to face the phone receiver.

“What are you doing? How did you get this number?” He couldn’t have gotten her desk number off of any website or anything, the public didn’t have access to it. She was positive he didn’t hack into their database. There was no other way he could have gotten her number unless- Daniel. God damn him! He doesn’t have any fucking boundaries, does he?!

“It doesn’t matter how I got this number.” Savannah found herself rolling her eyes.

“You wasted your time calling, I’m not going to be another one of your spies. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to report this conversation with my boss.” Before Savannah could hang up the phone, she heard Alexander call out from the other end.

“Don’t go, I need your help again. Please.” Once again, the desperation had come back in his voice. And like before, it caused Savannah to stop in her tracks. There was something about the tone in his voice that almost compelled her to not necessarily help him out, but to at least hear him out.

Alexander took Savannah’s silence as a cue to continue. “I talked with Yousef. Apparently, he’s not the one who organized the whole thing with- Anyways, is there any way you can look up any associates Yousef might have? Or anyone he might report to?”

“What makes you think I’m going to help you with this? Not that I’m going help you out with this- “

“Because if I can convince you to do it once I’m sure I could do it. This is the last time I’m asking for help. I swear. I need you Savannah.”

“I’ll think about it!” Savannah found herself blurting out before hanging up the phone. Somehow, she wasn’t surprised that he had asked her for her help once more. What she was surprised about was the fact that it seems he almost admitted just exactly why he was doing what he was doing.

It was obvious he needed her help; he was taking advantage of the situation. So, would it be so wrong if she took advantage of this herself?

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