The Trials of Loyalty

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Chapter 12

It didn’t take long for Savannah to convince herself that helping Alexander this last time would be in her best interest. She figured that if she worked with him and helped him enough, that maybe he’d end up telling her the real reason he was doing this. That would be the biggest advantage she could ever get to catching Alexander. If she knew what his motivation was, she not only be able to stay three steps ahead of him, Savannah would better be able to get inside his head. Which was easier said than done. This man was trained to avoid people like her.

But, at least for now, Savannah was done thinking about. She had gotten off of work at a decent hour for once and wasn’t going to let work dictate her home life. As she walked into her apartment, Savannah promised that for the next 12 hours, she wasn’t going to even so much as think about Alexander, or the task force, or how the hell she was going to expose Daniel for who he really is.

The first thing Savannah did when she got home; take a long, hot shower. There was something about the pulsating beads of water has they hit her shoulders that made the muscle ease with tension. She found herself standing under the water long after she had finished cleaning herself and shaving. Savannah finally stepped out of the shower when the water had long since turned cold.

As she wrapped a towel around herself, Savannah heard what sounded like someone walking through her apartment. When she stopped moving around, the noise in her apartment stopped. Savannah found herself shaking her head. ‘God, I’m going crazy, now aren’t I?’

Still wrapped in the towel, Savannah walked out of the bathroom and padded her way towards the kitchen. The closer she got to the kitchen, the more she heard the sound of creaking floorboards. She didn’t think much of it as she just thought it was her footsteps.

As she passed her living room and turned towards the kitchen, she caught sight of someone sitting on the couch in her living. Screaming, she snapped towards the figure as her fingers tightened around the towel.

Alexander sat on Savannah’s couch; his hands raised up in the air as a smirk rose onto his face. “Geez, no need to scream. It’s not like you don’t know me or anything.”

“You broke into my apartment! How the hell did you find where I lived? What the fuck are you even doing here?” Savannah rapid fired these questions off all as she began backing up towards the kitchen where her home phone sat on the counter.

“Relax, let me answer the first question before you give me another one, would you? Just- please don’t call the cops. I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Yeah, says the international criminal who’s put a countless number of guys in the hospital.” By the look on Alexander’s face, Savannah could tell that he knew she had a point.

“Why don’t you just go and- “Savannah interrupted Alexander before he could continue.

“What makes you think I want to leave you alone in my apartment?”

“I mean, call me chivalrous, but I’d much rather you have clothes on when we continue hashing this out.” He had a point. The quicker Savannah could put clothes on, the better she would feel around Alexander. Not that he would do anything, but she thought the clothes would act as an extra layer keeping them further apart from each other.

Savannah nodded her head before padding her way towards the bedroom, her eyes looking back at Alexander as much as possible. She was still wondering how he had even gotten into her apartment. Her door was locked, and her apartment was on the third floor. It’s not like he could climb through the window or anything.

When Savannah reached her room, she changed into a hoodie and sweatpants in record timing. Once she was satisfied with the minimalistic look, Savannah all but ran back to the living room. Alexander was sitting in the same position on the couch, staring off into the distance when she had come back into the room.

Savannah sat down in the chair opposite the couch; her eyes focused on Alexander in front of her. When he noticed her sitting in front of him, Alexander straightened into a sitting position as he crossed his right leg over the other.

“What are you doing here?” Savannah found herself asking Alexander once again. Instead of avoiding the question like he had the first time around, he drew in a long breath. After slowly letting it out, he finally answered.

“Did you get the information I asked for?” There was a quietness to Alexander’s tone that took Savannah back. She had to resist the urge to roll her eyes. Of course, this why he was here, what other reason would there be?

“I did.” Savannah crossed her arms over her chest as she leaned forward. “But there’s something I want to know first.”

There was some hesitance on Alexander’s end. “Alright.”

“I need to know why you’re doing what it is your doing. I’m putting my job, my freedom on the line for this information. I need to know that I’m doing this for the right reasons.” Savannah watched as his eyes drifted towards the ground. She knew that this was going to be his response, but she told herself that she needed to do this. If she wasn’t going to get an answer or what she thought was the answer, then Savannah was going to report him. She tired of putting everything on the line for the unknown.

After a few minutes, Alexander’s eyes floated up towards Savannah. She felt that he was staring into her soul as she met his gaze. “While I was a seal, one of my good friends- Johnathan was killed.” There was an emotion Savannah wasn’t quite able to detect as he paused briefly. “There are people high in the government that believed I killed him.”

“What makes them say that?”

“They brought me in for interrogation after his funeral. They say my story doesn’t match the evidence found at the scene, something about a missing bullet or some shit- “Alexander must have seen the skeptical look on Savannah’s face because he quickly continued his statement. “I promise you; I didn’t kill Johnathan. He was like a brother to me.”

“That’s why I’ve been on the run for five years. Everything I’ve done is to clear my name and bring Johnathan’s real killer to justice. I’m so fucking close Savannah! That’s why I needed you to look up any known associates or bosses of Yousef. When I found him- “

“Wait, you found Yousef Hakim?” Alexander ignored the look Savannah was giving him as he continued.

“He said that he pulled the trigger, but someone paid him to do it.” Savannah watched in amazement as Alexander’s eyes began to water. “I’m so close to clearing my name. I just need a little more time. Then, once Johnathan’s killer is found- I’ll turn myself in.”

Savannah couldn’t stop her eyes from widening and her jaw from dropping. Alexander would turn himself in once he found the answers he was looking for. She could honestly say that she didn’t expect those words to fall from his lips. In order for him to turn himself in though, he would have to continue doing what he was doing.

She wasn’t going to admit it, but once Alexander told her the reason behind everything, it all made sense. He was doing all of this not only to clear his name but for someone he loved and cared about. That’s why he was going to the extreme lengths he was going to. Savannah now knew that even if the task force had somehow managed to corner Alexander, that he wouldn’t have gone down without a fight. Alexander wouldn’t give up until his mission was complete.

Savannah found herself silent long after his confession, sorting out the thoughts in her head. It wasn’t until Alexander had cleared his throat that she brought herself out of the hypnotic state she was in. “I’m asking you to help because I know you care about other people. I know you care about doing the right thing for the right reasons. You wouldn’t be helping me or Daniel; You’d be getting closure for Johnathan’s family.”

“The only person- I found in remote connection with Yousef Hakim was a man by the name of Viktor Ivanov. Other than that, there isn’t anything I’ve been able to find.” The hope in Alexander’s eyes had quickly dimmed when he processed what she had said.

“What I can do- “Savannah shouted, startling Alexander. “is the next time I go into work is get a copy of Viktor’s file and give it to you, see if there might be anything useful in there for you. I can also get a copy of Johnathan’s file if you want me to.”

Alexander didn’t say anything in response. All he did was nod his head, a smile rising on his face. For the longest time, the two of them didn’t say or so anything. They sat opposite each other, one looking at the other. It was official, Savannah was aiding and abetting an international criminal, and even knowing she was doing it for a good cause and that everything would work itself out in the end, she didn’t know how to feel about it.

After what seemed like hours but in reality, it was only 30 minutes, Alexander cleared his throat to break the tension. “I hate to put you out even more, but I was wondering I could stay here tonight. I can’t get back to where I need to go until tomorrow at the earliest. I’ll be up and out in the morning before you wake up.” Wordlessly, Savannah got up from her spot on the chair and walked over to the nearby closet. She grabbed a spare blanket and pillow before walking back over to the couch.

“Don’t worry about cleaning up the sheets and pillow in the morning when you leave. I’ll do it after I get up in the morning.” Alexander waved Savannah off as he took the blanket and pillow from her.

“It’s ok. Your kind enough to let me be a guest here, least I could do is clean up after myself.”

“Technically, you’re not a guest. You broke into my apartment.” Savannah couldn’t help but point out, her back turned towards Alexander as she made her way back towards her bedroom. She didn’t hear a response come from him as she entered her bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

Savannah stood with her back pressed against the door long after it closed. She always thought that when Alexander told her what was going on, she’d be able to wrap her head around it pretty easily. After all, she is a psychologist. It just left more unanswered questions. If Alexander didn’t kill Johnathan, then why did our government try to pin the murder on him? They had to have more proof than a missing bullet! There’s no way they could base an entire case off a piece of metal.

As she continued to get ready for bed, Savannah couldn’t help but let her mind wander to the situation she’s put herself in. Not only was she hiding from Coleman and everybody on the task force that she had confronted Alexander in Israel, but now she was essentially helping the enemy. She was giving an international criminal classified information on terrorists!

If Savannah had any inkling to confess to Coleman what she had been doing, her fate was sealed. There was no way she could tell him what has happened, she’d go straight to prison. She loved her career and her life too much to let that happen. All she had to do was lie a little longer until Alexander figured everything out and then he’d turn himself in.

‘It couldn’t be that hard, right?’

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