The Trials of Loyalty

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Chapter 13

Savannah woke up early the next morning, bright-eyed and somewhat eager to get to work. She was always one for solving puzzles or investigations and this search for the information of Viktor and Johnathan was going to give her that thrill.

When she exited her bedroom, dressed and ready to tackle the day, she saw Alexander standing in the kitchen by the coffee pot. Glancing over at the couch, Savannah saw that the blanket had been neatly folded and placed in a stack beneath the pillow. Of course, he didn’t listen, did she really expect him to?

Before she could reach the kitchen, Alexander was extending a filled coffee thermos towards Savannah.

“Thought you said you were going to be up and have left by the time I woke up?” She asked, allowing a teasing tone to creep into her voice as she made her way over to the kitchen table.

“Well, I wanted some coffee before I left and figured I’d just make an entire pot. Figured you couldn’t be mad at me for extending my stay a little longer if it involved me giving you caffeine.” Alexander makes a good point.

A soft knock on Savannah’s door prompted the two of them to turn their heads towards it. “You expecting anyone?” Alexander asked, raising an eyebrow.

Savannah seemingly ignored his question as she walked over to the door. She threw common sense out the window as she opened the door without looking through her peephole. In hindsight, that probably wasn’t the smartest thing for Savannah to do.

When Savannah opened the door, she saw Daniel standing on the other side as he leaned against the wall. She couldn’t resist the urge to roll her eyes at him. Of course, it was Daniel. Who else would knock on her door before 7 am just to push her buttons?

“Do I even want to know how you found out where I lived?”

Daniel couldn’t help but smirk as he stood next to the wall. “Probably not. Listen can we talk? About the whole helping an international fugitive and knowing I’m a spy for the said international fugitive?” Daniel’s voice rose in volume as he spoke, which Savannah figured was intentional on his part.

“Why don’t you come in before you wake my neighbors and let them know that they have someone that’s aiding and abetting a fugitive next to them.” Savannah didn’t wait for Daniel to come in as she grabbed him by his jean jacket, dragging him into her place before shutting and locking the door.

Savannah turned around to see Daniel and Alexander looking at each other, smiles on both of their faces. “I told you, Carey. You were going to help us out.”

“You did not tell me- “

“Tell me I’m wrong then.” Daniel gestured, motioning for Savannah to admit the truth. The entire time this exchange was happening, Alexander stood on the sidelines as he sipped on his cup of coffee.

“You’re not wrong, ok? Now, would you tell me why you’re here before I kick your ass?”

“I was coming over to try and sway you into helping our cause, but it seems Alexander already did that.” Daniel walked over to the coffee pot and began helping himself to a cup of coffee. Why did Savannah get the feeling that Daniel did this all the time?

“Yeah, he managed to do that after he broke into my apartment last night while I was taking a shower.”

“Ok, false. I broke into your apartment before you got into the shower.” Alexander corrected her as he pointed a finger in her direction.

“Either way you’re helping us out now. Thanks for that.” Savannah was taken back by Daniel saying thank you. It wasn’t the politest way of saying it, but he did.

“I’m only doing this because Alexander promised to turn himself in after all of this is done.” Daniel must have not of been known of the fact that Alexander was going to turn himself in after all of this because he looked visibly taken back.

“Oh, really now?”

“What’s the sense of being on the run if there’s nothing to run from? I’ll have found Johnathan’s killer. I might as well turn myself in.” Alexander downed the rest of his coffee, then placed the cup in the sink.

“You seem to forget that they’re pinning this whole thing on you in the first place. You’re actually like they’re going to just forget about everything and clear your name.” Alexander narrowed his eyes at Daniel to voice his disagreement but didn’t open his mouth.

“As much as I hate to agree with Daniel, he’s right.” Savannah avoided Daniel’s eyes as she saw a self-righteous look on his face, almost as if he got off on people telling him he’s right. “Speaking from the few months of experience I do have in the FBI; they’ll do whatever it takes if it means you’ll surrender. They will promise you everything under the sun and bald-faced lie to you even if there’s a slight chance they’ll catch you.”

“No offense Savannah, but you’re from the FBI. How are we supposed to believe you're actually helping us instead of dicking us around to catch him?” Daniel pointed his thumb in Alexander’s direction who now was silently leaning against the counter as he watched this exchange go down.

“Because I believe in doing the right thing, even if it means bending a few rules. And after Alexander told me about Johnathan- “Daniel’s eyes jumped from Savannah to Alexander as he began to stare him down.

“You told her about Johnathan, seriously dude? How do we know we can trust her?!”

“Honestly, we don’t know if we can. But in order to get the information we need; we have to trust that she’ll do the right thing. Savannah can leave right now and tell her bosses what’s going on, we don’t know that. In order for this to work, we have to trust each other.” Savannah got the feeling that this is how most of Alexander and Daniel’s interactions go. Just from the past five minutes, she could tell that they both cared about each other. She still was curious about what exactly their connection is, more specifically why Daniel was helping Alexander out. Daniel said that they were seals together, so maybe he knew Johnathan too.

Even though she knew Alexander was speaking the truth, Savannah couldn’t help but feel hurt. Sure, she worked with the FBI, but that didn’t mean she was going to sell them out the first chance she got.

With her coffee thermos in hand, Savannah snatched her keys off the table. “I’ve got to head into work. I’ll get the information and let you know what I find. Lock up on the way, out would you?” On her way out the door, she heard Alexander call her name out.


“I figured you already know this but don’t tell anyone about what’s happened, alright? I don’t want to make things worse for you than they already are.” All she did was nod her head in response before walking out the door.

Savannah was officially in a hole that was too deep to dig herself out of. She knew she couldn’t turn back, not that she would. Not only did she have to get this information for Alexander but for herself as well. Now that she knew about Johnathan, she felt as if she owed it to his family to find out who really killed him.

His family wasn’t the only one that needed closure.

At the FBI Headquarters

When Savannah walked into the office, she was immediately greeted by Amanda, which was surprising. With Coleman having her go to Egypt and chasing down various leads with Daniel, she didn’t have much time to do socialization. She had to admit it was nice to see a friendly face around here.

“Hey, long time no see stranger.” Amanda greeted her, a smile on her face. With her laptop balanced precariously in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, it was obvious to Savannah that she had a lot on her plate.

“Hey. I was going to ask if you were busy with anything, but it looks like I know the answer to that.” The two of them shared a chuckle as they began walking down the hall.

“Coleman’s got me chasing dead end after dead end. At this point, I’m so close to reaching over his desk and strangling the shit out of him. It’s obvious this guy isn’t going to leave a paper or electronic trail so why does he even have me bother with it?” Savannah had to stop an overly sympathetic look from appearing on her face. She felt bad for Amanda; she really did. Here Amanda was, spinning her wheels to grasp onto any lead she possibly can all while Savannah was openly helping the guy out with getting information.

‘Stop it Savannah, you’re doing the right thing here!’ She chastised herself, mentally shaking herself before answering. “I have a question for you.”

“And I may have an answer for you.”

“If I were to give you a few names that might have a connection to Ghost, would you be able to pull up their files for me?” A confused look appeared on Amanda’s face before she responded.

“You know I could. Are we talking electronically or paper copy? If it’s the latter, it’s going to take me a little longer.” Paper would be easier to give to Alexander, right? Besides, if someone found the papers copies, Savannah was confident she’d be able to explain it off.

“Paper, the names are Viktor Ivanov and Johnathan Miller,” Savannah told Amanda, who was typing them into her laptop as she spoke. “Get them to me as soon as you can. I might have a- theory onto what’s going on.” Theory was the best way Savannah could describe the situation without giving it away.

“Ooo, I like theories. Care to share?” Savannah regretted mentioning the word theory now. What was she supposed to do? It’s not like she couldn’t say anything now because she’d one, seem like a bitch and two, she risks mentioning what’s actually going on.

“I think the Ghost might be connected still to the military in some way. He seems too- well kept to just be a criminal on the run.” Savannah prayed to god that what she said seemed believable.

“And you don’t want to mention anything to Coleman until you know whether it’s for sure or not. I get it. I’ll have the files on your desk later today.” Amanda winked at me, playing hitting my arm before walking off down the hallway.

Savannah visibly breathed a sigh of relief when Amanda was out of sight. She could tell that she barely made it past that conversation. Amanda’s not dumb. It won’t take her long to realize that what Savannah’s telling her is a lie.

‘Hopefully’ Savannah thought to herself, ‘This is all over before she ever finds out’.

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