The Trials of Loyalty

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Chapter 16

After leaving the farmers market and making it back to the safehouse, Alexander found himself staring at the screen of his phone. He knew he had to call Savannah to get any information she could on Viktor, but he couldn’t help but feel guilty. He told her the last time he asked for information would be the last time, but here he was, asking her for more information yet again. Alexander didn’t want to make it seem that he was using her.

On the other hand, Alexander was so close to finding out the truth behind Johnathan’s death. He needed to finish this out to the end and if that meant asking her for pertinent information that will lead to his killer then so be it.

Sighing, Alexander gave in and dialed the number for Savannah’s desk. As the phone rang, he looked everywhere but at the phone in his hand. After a few moments of it ringing, her message finally kicked in. This is Agent Savannah Carey; sorry I can’t come to the phone right now. Leave a message at the beep and I’ll get back to you. Shit, Alexander was hoping she would answer. Now, what was he supposed to say? ‘Hey, I know you didn’t pick up the phone, but can you get me some more information on that Russian criminal? Thanks!’

“Savannah, this is- well you know who this is. Look, I was hoping you’d pick up the phone so I could ask you this in person, but I was hoping you’d be able to dig deeper into Viktor Ivanov and see what you could find.” Alexander rubbed the back of his neck before clearing his throat. “Just give Daniel whatever you find, and he’ll get it to me. Thanks.” When Alexander hung the phone up, he cursed under his breath. A small part of him wanted her to never get the message or refuse to help him out, but Alexander knew he couldn’t afford to have her say now.

In Texas…

Savannah, Daniel and the other members of the task force sat huddled in the conference room. Coleman stood in front of the room, holding a debrief of the information gathered on Ghost. Savannah could tell from her position in the back of the room that Coleman wasn’t happy. If she was in his position she wouldn’t be either. They were no further along in finding Ghost then when they had started the task force. Plenty of tips and leads had come in but none of them had panned out.

As Coleman continued talking, the feeling of guilt began to settle in Savannah’s stomach. From the creased brow and sweat dripping down his face, it was obvious that Coleman was less than pleased and here she was knowing the identity of Ghost and wear he was. Not to mention, a traitor was in their midst! Daniel was probably going to tell Alexander everything that was discussed the second he gets out of this meeting.

This thought process made Savannah turn her head towards Daniel who was standing across the room. His arms crossed over his chest and he leaned against the wall, his eyes trained on Coleman. When Daniel caught Savannah’s eyes on him, he briefly raised his eyebrows in acknowledgment before returning his attention to Coleman.

“We really need something people, we’re running out of time. Carey!” Coleman shouted, causing Savannah to jump in her seat. “Do you have anything to add to Alexander? Or hell, even information on his cohort would be better than nothing at this point.”

With her eyes floating towards Daniel, Savannah nodded her head. “I actually have a few things about the man working with Ghost.” When Savannah mentioned this, Daniel’s eyes locked onto her. He narrowed his eyes at her without making it too obvious to the rest of the room. The fact that this was pissing Daniel off to no end and there was nothing that he could do about it made her extremely happy.

“Man? You’ve narrowed it down to gender?” Coleman asked Savannah in amazement.

“Yes. A woman wouldn’t put up with the shit of having to go from place to place and not being able to settle down, and yes, I’m speaking from personal experience. This man, in order to work with the Ghost for so long, would have to adapt to his personality otherwise he wouldn’t survive.”

“The man we’re looking for is most like arrogant and conceited. Because he’s managed to survive for so long, this man thinks he’s untouchable. He doesn’t think we’ll ever catch him because he’s got Alexander looking after his every move.” Daniel’s glare grew harsher with every word that came out of Savannah’s mouth. Both him and she knew that she was describing Daniel to a T but for the sake of his freedom he couldn’t say a thing.

“I don’t have a lead on his identity, but when you meet this man- you’ll know it.” Savannah avoided Daniel’s eyes as she exited the conference, satisfied with her part in the whole thing. They didn’t have Daniel’s identity so it’s not like she actually betrayed what little trust the two of them shared.

Savannah hadn’t even begun to walk down the hallway before she heard a down slam open, hitting the wall behind it. It slammed closed just a few seconds later.

“That was really fucking low of you Savannah.” Even with Daniel’s voice being low, Savannah could hear the intensity.

“How was it? It’s not like I ever told them your name.” She had yet to turn around to face him as she started to walk down the hall.

“You and I both know damn well that you just put the seed into their minds. Now every time they come across someone that shows the slightest resemblance to what you just told them; they’ll inspect the living shit out of them!” Daniel exhaled through his nostrils in an attempt to mask the anger. “I know you and I haven’t exactly been on the best of terms but there’s no reason to fucking sabotage me like that! Just because you have a grudge against me doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice an innocent family’s peace for it- “If Savannah hadn’t snapped towards Daniel, he would have continued on his aggressive rant.

“Don’t you fuck dare.” She took was she hoped was a few menacing steps towards Daniel. “You have absolutely no right to judge who I am or my decisions. Do you realize how fucking selfless I’ve been until this point?! I’ve put my freedom- my career on the line so you two can get whatever information you’ve needed. I’ve had to lie to everyone here about all of this since day fucking one when this task force was brought together.”

“You didn’t have to do any of this, we’re not forcing you to help us.” Daniel pointed out, sticking a finger into Savannah’s face.

“You might as well have with you constantly breathing down my fucking neck, I can’t take it anymore!” Savannah yelled out as she raised her hands into the air. Realizing that her anger was getting the best of her, Savannah pinched the bridge of her nose.

“I found more information on Viktor Ivanov. Nothing but a few holdings in his name and bank information. After that, we’re done. I’m not helping you anymore.” Savannah whipped around to start walking down the hallway once again but didn’t get far before she turned back around. “You have a week.”

“A week for what?” Daniel asked, his tone fearful of what she might say next.

“You have a week to get whatever answers you need to close this or I’m shutting this down and spilling everything I know to Coleman.” Savannah didn’t wait for Daniel to answer before she stalked down the hallway, the anger seeping from her pores once again. Daniel stood in the hallway long after Savannah had walked away, his mind beginning to wander.

He had faith in Alexander, otherwise, he wouldn’t have held on for this long. He knew though that they would be nowhere near closing Johnathan’s case in a week. Daniel now faced the dilemma of telling Alexander that Savannah had given them a deadline which could cause him to stress and not get it done, or not saying anything and risk betraying the trust he has with Alexander.

For others, it seemed like an easy choice. When it came to Alexander though, nothing was easy.

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