The Trials of Loyalty

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Chapter 17

The anger coursing through Savannah’s veins long after she walked away from Daniel. Everything she said to him was serious. Savannah didn’t care if he believed her or not. She was tired of not only being taken advantage of by Alexander and Daniel but having to lie about it too. It was frustrating beyond hell. Since they had somehow managed to drag her into this, she’s felt like her entire life was a lie. Screw the promotion at this point, Savannah no longer cared.

Daniel didn’t realize it, but Savannah meant it when she said she was giving them a week before she turned them in. Whether he believed her or not was his problem. He was about to have a rude awakening come 7 days from now.

As Savannah approached her desk, she could see Amanda standing off to the side of the desk. Even from the nearly 20 feet distance between them, Savannah could tell Amanda was pissed. Amanda’s nostrils flared as her eyes scanned the room, looking for someone.

Before Savannah could even reach Amanda she had begun stalking over towards her. As Amanda got closer towards her, Savannah watched Amanda’s face began turning bright red.

“Just saw that you requested more information on Viktor Ivanov, directly from records? What, don’t trust me to do anything for you?” The entire time Amanda spoke she was seething with anger. Savannah’s eyes widened as the vein popped in the side of her neck.

“Yeah, I didn’t want to bother you anymore than I already had-“

“Why don’t you just cut the bullshit now Carey because I can already tell you’re lying to me. You know, I thought that we were good enough friends or at least decent fucking human beings that you would at least be honest with me!” Amanda’s voice had gotten to the volume where it was starting to attract the attention of people around them.

‘Shit, this was not good’ Savannah thought to herself. She was partially telling the truth when she said she didn’t want to bother Amanda more than she already had. She had already done so much for her that she didn’t want to take advantage of her. Savannah also didn’t want Amanda catching on. If she asked for more detailed information on a man she had already given her a file on she would get that something is fishy. Much good that did her, Amanda found out already.

Before Amanda could get the chance to sound off again Savannah grabbed her by the elbow and began dragging her off towards the break room, with Amanda protesting the whole time. Once the two of them were in the break room and saw that they were the only ones in there, Savannah shut the door behind them and locked it.

“If you think hiding me away in some break room is going to stop me from bitching you out then you’ve got another thing coming-“ Savannah raised her hand, cutting Amanda off before she could continue.

“I know who Ghost is! I also know we have a fucking traitor walking amongst us.” Savannah yelled in a harsh whisper. Amanda’s eyes went wide once she registered what Savannah had told her. Savannah could see Amanda’s face visibly pale as she continued to stare at her.

“What exactly the fuck?”

“I know who Ghost is, I’ve known since the task force was started.”

“Then why didn’t you say anything to Coleman?” Amanda questioned Savannah, crossing her arms over her ample chest.

“Because Coleman told me not to. The Ghost is someone I used to know, back in College. He didn’t want me to say anything for fear of compromising the investigation. The reason-“ Savannah paused, taking a breath “I asked for the files on Viktor Ivanov is because I’ve been helping him, the Ghost.” Amanda’s eyes managed to widen even further.

“Why in god’s name have you been helping them?!”

“Because- Ghost, is being accused of murdering his best friend while on a mission. He says he didn’t do it. He promised to turn himself in once he found the real killer, which he’s close to; Viktor Ivanov. I gave him a week longer before I turn him into Coleman and everyone else.” The nerves throughout Savannah’s body shot through the roof. Amanda now knew everything. She could now go straight to Coleman and spill everything to him. As odd as this may sound, Savannah didn’t regret telling Amanda. There was something inside of her that told her she could trust Amanda. She also needed to get this off her chest. Now it felt as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

Amanda nodded her head, raising a hand to run it through her hair. “Ok. You said there was a traitor. Who is it?”

“Daniel,” Savannah whispered quietly, her eyes cast towards the ground. “I found out not too long ago. He works with Ghost. He’s been telling him everything the task force has found so he can stay a step ahead of us.”

“I knew it, I fucking knew it.” She muttered under her breath, a fire coming back into her eyes. “I never trusted him. He was too charming and suave for my liking. So- what are we going to do about it?”

Savannah couldn’t help but raise her eyebrow in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“What’s our plan of action? Do we keep going about our day to day lives or do we take action on this?”

“I’m going to give them the information, otherwise they’ll suspect something’s going on. I told Daniel that they have a week to close everything. We’ll just keep tabs on them. Make sure that they do what they say they’re going to do.” Once again, Amanda nodded her head in agreement.

“Savannah- why are you helping them? Why have you been helping them?” The look in Amanda’s eyes told Savannah that she was skeptical of what Savannah’s answer might be.

“I did it not so much for Alexander and Daniel, but for his best friend. From what Alexander has told me, the man’s got a family at home. They deserve to have answers as to who really killed their husband and father.” Savannah told Amanda truthfully, tears appearing in the corner of her eye. Since this whole thing has started, she hadn’t told anyone what was going on. This was the first time she was saying these words out loud and for the first time; Savannah didn’t feel like she was crazy for getting herself involved in all of this.

“I’m not one to judge, frankly because I don’t know Ghost nor have I met him- but what if he did kill his best friend and he’s just taking advantage you for some unknown reason?” Once again, Amanda had Savannah questioning something she hadn’t thought about. She had just assumed that Alexander hadn’t done this heinous crime, but what if he did? What if Alexander had actually killed Johnathan?

The thought lingered in Savannah’s mind as she responded to her. “I don’t know. I’m just- trusting that Alexander is doing the right thing. If we’re being honest here there’s no way he killed his best friend. If you were in the room when he was talking about Johnathan- there’s just no way he could have done anything.”

“No offense Savannah but it’s not much of a jump from killing and harming complete strangers to killing your best friend, be it accidental or not.” Savannah knew that she and Amanda were just going to agree to disagree on this issue.

“All we have to do is keep this under wraps for another week and he’ll-“ Savannah had to stop herself when Coleman sauntered into the room, heading towards the fridge.

“Carey, Stevens. Was is it you two are discussing?” The two girls exchanged looks, panicked looks on both of their faces.

“We are- planning a little surprise for Daniel’s birthday here at the office next week.”

“Hmm, I don’t remember his birthday being in a week.”

“Yeah, well he’s a pretty private guy. Likes to keep to himself.” Amanda butt in as her voice jumped up an octave. “We only know because he let it slip in a conversation once.”

Coleman simply nodded his head before grabbing an apple from the fridge and exiting the room. Amanda and Savannah waited until Coleman was a safe distance away before the two of them busted out in laughter.

“Do you think that was believable?” Amanda asked, wiping at the corners of her eyes.

“I hope so because I sure as hell aren’t going to throw Daniel a fake birthday party for the sake of making it more believable.”

“I have to get back to work,” Savannah told Amanda, making her way towards the door. “Thanks for being so cool about me not saying to you until now. I appreciate it.”

Amanda gave Savannah a small smile. “Of course, I can’t imagine it being easy on you, keeping this from everyone. At least now I hope the weights off your shoulder at least a little bit.” She didn’t offer a response to Amanda before exiting the break room and heading back towards her desk.

Amanda was right, the weight had been lifted from Savannah’s shoulders by telling her. She only hoped that Amanda would say anything that would jeopardize this whole thing. Savannah’s been able to keep everything under wraps for so long that she knew keeping this from everyone for another week wouldn’t be hard; it was just going to be the longest week of her entire life.

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