The Trials of Loyalty

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Chapter 21

Savannah made it back to the bureau before Alexander did. When she called Coleman and informed him of what happened, he wasn’t pleased that she hadn’t gotten both of them. Before he hung up the Coleman, he told Savannah that Alexander MAY be enough to get her out of hot water. It all depended on how the higher-ups in the Bureau felt. Coleman also mentioned that he wanted to speak to Alexander when he got here.

Which is why Savannah currently stood in the basement with Coleman standing next to her. What Coleman wanted to talk to Alexander about she did not know. All she knew is that it couldn’t be good. Savannah also didn’t know why Coleman insisted on her being there. He probably didn’t trust her anymore and if that’s the case, Savannah couldn’t blame him.

Savannah was about to lose her mind standing in the basement when the sound of approaching footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs.

Alexander was flanked with an FBI agent on both sides of him. He not only had handcuffs on, but leg shackles had been recently attached to him. She stared in amazement as a smirk made its way onto Alexander’s face as he approached Coleman and Savannah. For someone that was probably going to spend the rest of his life in prison, he sure didn’t seem too bummed by it.

The Agents yanked Alexander to a stop in front of Coleman. Savannah could the slightest wince on his face when the metal shackles slammed into his leg.

“Here you go, sir.” When the agents let go of their grasp, they took a step back from Alexander.

“Thank you gentlemen.” As if Alexander were a magnet, Coleman’s eyes seemed to draw directly towards his face. “So this is the infamous Alexander ‘Ghost’ Jackson.”

“Last time I checked that was me.” Alexander bit back. The agents took a step forward but Coleman stopped them.

“You’re a hard man to find. You were well worth the chase though.”

“Got to make it at least a little challenging for you and your agents. The only one that seemed to actually not have their head in their asses here was Agent Carey.” Alexander gestured towards Savannah, making the handcuffs clink together.

“Well, that’s because she was helping you. She tells me that she willingly helped you avoid our capture numerous times, as well as give you and Daniel classified information.” Coleman raised an eyebrow, waiting for Alexander’s response. For whatever reason, Alexander stayed silent with his eyes locked on Coleman. It was almost as if he was debating what to tell Coleman. ‘What’s there to debate?’ Savannah wondered. ‘That’s what actually happened’

Then like a switch had been flipped, the guarded look disappeared from Alexander’s eyes as a smile slid into place. “I don’t know what Savannah here has told you but that’s not what went down. I gave her no choice. I told her that if she didn’t help us out that I’d make her regret it. Catch my drift, Coleman?” Savannah’s eyes widened at Alexander’s confession. Before she could jump in, Coleman spoke up.

“Really now?”

“Yes. She originally said she wouldn’t help us out but with a little persuasion and threats, I made Savannah change her mind.” Alexander chuckled, shaking his shackled hands. “Come on, I’m going to spend the rest of my life in prison, I’m lucky if I don’t get the death penalty. What reason would I have to lie about this?”

Glancing at Coleman’s face, Savannah could tell that Coleman was starting to believe Alexander. This was unbelievable! For whatever reason, Alexander was lying to Coleman on why she was involved! There was no reason for him to do this. As Alexander said, he was going to prison anyway! Why lie?

Coleman simply nodded his head. “That will have to go into consideration. Alright, put him away.” He gestured towards the FBI agents. When they approached Alexander, Savannah stopped him.

“Wait, I want a few minutes with him.” Both Coleman and Alexander gave her a questioning look as Savannah took a few steps towards him. “He’s going down as one of the FBI’s most notorious criminals. It would be nice to see what makes this monster’s mind tick.”

Coleman stood there, debating whether he should let Savannah talk to a man who she had just admitted to colluding with. Eventually, he sighed as he raised a hand to the back of his neck. “Alright, three minutes. That’s it. Agents will be stationed right upstairs.” With a quick motion of his hand, Coleman directed the Agents to follow him out of the room and up the stairs.

After a few glares, the agents conceded and followed Coleman up the stairs. Alexander turned his eyes on Savannah the second he heard the door click closed.

“So I’m a monster huh?” There was a smile on Alexander’s face, but Savannah could tell there was a coldness to his eyes.

“If I didn’t say that we wouldn’t be having this conversation.” She paused, taking in a deep breath. “Why did you tell Coleman that you coerced me into helping you? That’s not what happened and you know it.” Savannah couldn’t help but point a finger at Alexander, much like a mother would to a small child.

“I told you before all of this happened that I’d be forever grateful for you helping us out. After you told me about the note- Well, I wasn’t going to let you lose everything you’ve worked so hard for just to put me behind bars.” Savannah was taken back by the sincere tone that seemed to take over Alexander’s voice. After Alexander’s false confession, Savannah was almost positive that he wasn’t behind the note that put her in this position in the first place. The only other person that was there…

Before Savannah could finish that though, Alexander cleared his throat. “Look, I’m going to say this before those two goons come back. I’m sorry, for everything. I mean it Savannah. I wish I never would have dragged you into all this mess. Hell, I wish you were never put on this task force. You did what you thought was right, for Johnathan’s family’s sake and from the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank you enough.”

Savannah wasn’t even able to think of the words ‘Thank You’ before they heard the door open and the FBI agents clamber back down the stairs. The agents had Alexander and were pulling down the hall of the basement before she could get a coherent thought together.

‘What just happened?’ Savannah thought to herself. There was no question about it. She was floored not only by Alexander’s apology but his confession as well. He did this just so she could have even a sliver of a chance at getting her job back. Alexander was willing to possibly peg more charges on him if that meant she could walk free from all of this.

Savannah stood in the basement watching the empty spot that Alexander had occupied. It wasn’t until she thought back to the note that she began to wonder; where the hell WAS Daniel?

Once Savannah left the basement, she made her way back to her desk. Even if she managed to escape being sent to prison and losing her job, she would most definitely get her ass suspended. Might as well tie up loose ends while she was still an FBI agent.

As her desk got in view, Savannah could see Amanda standing off to the side. She shifted her weight from side to side as she nervously played with the sleeves of her blazer.

“Is it true?” Amanda whispered as Savannah approached the desk.

“Is what true?”

“That you’ve captured Ghost and he’s in the basement as we speak!” It was hard for Savannah to not smile at the excitement in Amanda’s voice.

“Yes, but he’s only in custody because someone sold my ass the first chance they got.”

“What do you mean someone? You don’t know?” Amanda took the seat at Savannah’s desk as Savannah began opening the drawers.

“No. The note was found on Viktor’s body. Both Alexander and Daniel were there, either one of them could have done it.”

“My bets on Daniel.”

“Oh yeah, what makes you say that? A gut feeling?” Though Savannah wasn’t going to admit it, she now thought it was Daniel now too. After her conversation with Alexander, she came to the conclusion that he was telling the truth. She did have that confrontation with Daniel about giving them a week. Maybe Daniel sold her out before she could sell him out? He did strike her as the type of guy to always look out for himself.

“Come on, the guy managed to dupe and lie to the entire FBI. If he’s willing to not only lie to an entire government agency, he’s willing to throw your ass under the bus if that means saving his.” Even when Amanda said it, it made sense to Savannah.

“Daniel has gone MIA since Viktor Ivanov was turned in.”

“Exactly my point!” The two girls remained silent for a moments. Amanda didn’t say anything until she watched Savannah begin to pull various objects out of her desk drawers. “What are you doing?”

“I told Coleman about me helping Daniel and Alexander and came clean to him about everything. I didn’t mention a single thing about you Amanda.” Savannah watched Amanda visibly relax when she said that. “Coleman said if I managed to track down Alexander and bring him in, it might be enough to save me. I’m either facing prison and the death penalty for helping an international criminal and committing multiple federal crimes or I’m suspended for god knows how long. Figured I might as well clean my desk out.” Savannah punctuated her statement by roughly toss a notebook back into the drawer.

“I’m sure everything will work itself out in the end Savannah.” Even with Amanda’s reassuring words, Savannah wasn’t confident. Sure she brought in Alexander and he lied to cover her ass even further, but would it be enough to stop them from sending her to prison?

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