The Trials of Loyalty

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Chapter 22

Alexander could tell the building the FBI was holding him in wasn’t prepared much less equipped to handle a criminal, much less someone of his caliber. Alexander was in a standard interrogation room much like the one they had questioned him in when Johnathan had first died. If it weren’t for the handcuffs and shackles, Alexander could easily escape this room.

After his conversation with Savannah, the agents had pulled him away and thrown him into this room. So far, he’d been in the room for an hour possibly two. Alexander knew what they were doing to him. They were letting him stew in there with nothing to keep him company but his thoughts. They were hoping that if he spent enough time alone in the room, that he’d crack and tell them everything. That thought made Alexander chuckle in itself. He was a fucking navy seal. Two low-level FBI agents weren’t going to get him to crack.

Since being placed in the room, Alexander did do an immense amount of thinking. No matter what he thought about, it somehow always led back to Savannah. She didn’t know it, but Alexander could read the hurt in her eyes when they were at the graveyard. Alexander was telling her the truth when it came to the note. He had not placed any such note of Viktor’s body. He meant it when he told her he wouldn’t turn her in. She had helped him out so much and he truly appreciated it.

Daniel was with him nearly the entire when they dropped Viktor’s body off, he couldn’t have done it either. He wouldn’t do it. Savannah had helped Daniel out as much as she helped him. Daniel wouldn’t resort to something like that either. Turning her in would put him in as much hot water as Alexander.

As much as Alexander had wanted to kill Viktor, he was glad that Daniel had talked him into turning Viktor in. It’s what Johnathan would have wanted regardless of what he had done to him.

Afghan National Police in Kabul…

It was difficult, but Alexander and Daniel had eventually gotten a bound and gagged Viktor Ivanov to the Afghanistan police headquarters. Alexander still held some resentment about turning Viktor in. There was nothing more he wanted to do that put a bullet between Viktor’s eyes. He just wanted to give him an ounce of the pain that he had put Johnathan through.

Alexander and Daniel stood about thirty feet away from the front entrance. Viktor was on the ground by Daniel’s feet, mumbling and groaning with the gag in his mouth.

“Would you just shut the fuck up already?” Daniel roughly nudged Viktor with his boot. Viktor mumbled something in Russian before shutting his mouth. “Yeah, yeah. No one can fucking understand you anyways asshole.”

“What do we do now? We can’t exactly walk in and drop him off at the front desk.”

“Have a little faith would you Alexander? I’ve got this.” Daniel bent down, picking Viktor up off the ground. “Come on asshole.” Viktor and Daniel began walking towards the headquarters. Their bodies were hidden in the shadows as they made their way across the street.

All of a sudden, Daniel and Viktor stopped in the middle of the road. Daniel was bending down, whispering something in Viktor’s ear. Alexander tried to make out what he was saying but had no such luck. After a few more moments, Daniel placed his hand on Viktor’s back. He shoved him towards the building, instructing him to keep walking as he turned around and made his way back towards Alexander.

Before Viktor had even reached the building, three police officers had rushed out of the building and stormed him. They had him down on the ground and handcuffed within a few seconds. Once they were sure that he would be taken into police custody, Alexander and Daniel back into the darkness where they had come from.

As much as the satisfaction should be coursing through Alexander’s veins right now, it wasn’t. In fact, all he felt was an iota amount of content. He couldn’t suppress the urge of wanting to do the same things to Viktor that he did to Johnathan.

Alexander was going to have to deal with the fact that Viktor Ivanov would be living a life that Johnathan couldn’t.

Even as Alexander thought back to that moment, nothing struck him as odd about. After they had dropped Viktor off, Daniel and he had separated. Alexander wanted to go visit Johnathan before he was going to turn himself in as he promised. He had no idea where Daniel had disappeared to afterward.

‘No, it’s impossible!’ Alexander chastised himself. Daniel wouldn’t to that to Savannah, he wouldn’t do that to him. Savannah had done nothing to Daniel!

Alexander found himself chuckling as he adjusted his position. Much like he had said previously, his thoughts had come full circle to Savannah. For reasons he did not know, Alexander felt- sorry for her. He was the one who put her in this position. Granted she followed along willingly but he was the root cause for it.

That’s why he lied to Coleman and told him he forced her into helping him. When Savannah told him that there was a possibility she could lose everything because of this ‘note’, it stirred something up inside of him. When the FBI Agents had dragged him off to the SUV, Alexander knew he had to do something to fix this. She might not have a job to come back to but at least she wasn’t going to go to prison. Hopefully.

Alexander jolted in his seat when he heard the door to the interrogation room open up. He was surprised when Coleman walked through a door, a file in his hand.

“Looks like we meet again Mr. Jackson.” Coleman nearly barked out, taking the seat across from him. Alexander did his best to relax as he leaned back in the chair. He winced when the cuffs strained against his wrists. He knew that bruises would soon appear where the handcuffs laid.

“Miss me already?” Alexander smirked, which did nothing but cause Coleman to glare at him from across the table.

“I’m just here for a run-through of your story since as you know, there’s been some conflictions that have come up between your story and Agent Carey’s.”

“Consider her version is the one that’s the story, I have no problem letting you guys know what’s correct. I’ll give you the condensed version. I forced Savannah to get the information for me, end of the story.”

“As much as I appreciate you giving me the short and sweet version, I’m going to need the whole thing. Bureaucratic red tape and whatnot.” Alexander shook his head. Not that he didn’t want to make the situation as best as possible for Savannah but this Coleman was starting to piss him off. He didn’t know how Savannah put up with this man day in and day out.

“It started when you sent Savannah with the members of the task force to Tel Aviv. When she came into what was my saferoom, she confronted me.”

“Wait. Carey told me that she didn’t have any conversation with you. Multiple members of the task force can attest to that-“

“Well, no offense she was bullshit lying to your face. That’s when I told her that if she didn’t help me out that it wouldn’t be good for her.”

“And what do you mean by it wouldn’t be good for her?” Coleman didn’t bother looking up at Alexander as he scribbled some things down into the file.

“Use your brain and put two and two together. I told her I’d hurt her if she didn’t help me out.”

“Alright. What about Wayforth’s involvement in this? Do you know where he is right now?”

“No, I don’t know where Daniel is. If I knew where he was don’t you think I would have said that? Look, I have nothing to hide alright? I’m going to fucking prison there’s no sense in me to hide anything!” Alexander gestured angerly, forgetting about the cuffs around his wrist.

“There’s no need to get angry Alexander..”

“No, I think there’s a perfect need to get angry! I’ve already told you everything I need to know, I’ve even cleared Savannah- Agent Carey in the involvement in all of this! If there was more I could tell you, I would. Unless you have any more relevant questions, I’m done.” If Alexander could have crossed his arms, he would have.

Coleman stood there, his own arms crossed over his chest. The two gentlemen stared at each other, waiting for the other to break. Eventually, Coleman sighed as he stood up from the table.

“If I find out that anything you have told me is false information just to save Mr. Wayforth or Agent Carey, there will be more charges brought against you. Not to mention, the death penalty will look more appealing to the DA.” Alexander’s face stayed stone-cold as Coleman exited the interrogation, leaving Alexander alone to his thoughts again.

Once he figured he was safe, he leaned his head back against the chair. If Coleman found out that he was lying, it would really be the end.

For the first time in a long time, Alexander prayed. He prayed for all of this to be fixed. He prayed for Daniel to turn himself in. Most of all, Alexander prayed for Savannah. He didn’t want her to be affected by this anymore. Alexander couldn’t explain it, but he wanted her to be safe from all of this. Safe from the persecution and this entire investigation.

He sighed as he brought his head back to normal position. Even he knew that wasn’t going to happen. She was going to hate him if she didn’t already and Alexander couldn’t blame her for it.

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