The Trials of Loyalty

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Chapter 23

Savannah slammed another shot, the tequila burning as it went down her throat. She normally wasn’t much of a drinker, but if there was ever a situation to drink in it would be this. She found out through Coleman that her and Alexander’s hearing had been expedited to tomorrow. Apparently, when there are an international criminal and a traitor FBI agent involved you move to the top of the docket. As soon as she got out of work, Savannah got in her car and drove to the nearest bar. She just wanted to forget about everything. Even if it was just for the night.

As Savannah stared at the empty glass, her mind was racing. This was it. Tomorrow would be the day when her fate was decided. She let out a sad laugh every time she thought about her situation. This was not how she imagined her career in the FBI when she graduated from the academy. In fact, she remembered when she graduated from the academy. She knew that even before she left that she wanted to be an FBI agent. You could say it was her childhood dream.

After the ceremony, Savannah couldn’t believe it. She had just graduated from the academy! It was as if everything she’s been busting her ass for has finally culminated into this! Savannah still had to get a few years of professional work under her belt before she applied but that would be the easy part. If she could graduate from the academy in the top 5% of her class, Savannah was convinced she could do anything.

Savannah stood outside of the buildings, looking out at the forest in front of her. She felt out of place still dressed in her uniform for the ceremony as she stood in the middle of the field. It was October in Virginia and the fall weather was just starting to set in. Savannah sighed in amazement as she stared out at the trees in front of her. The leaves had just started to turn colors. Her vision was assaulted with bright reds, orange’s and yellows dotted the trees. As attached as she had become to the scenery, Savannah would be happy to go back to Texas.

The sound of someone clearing their throat caused Savannah to turn around. Standing behind her was her Aunt Heather, a smile plastered on her face. Her Aunt Heather had been her rock throughout this entire process and Savannah didn’t think she could have done this without her.

“There’s my FBI Academy graduate.” Savannah smiled as she stepped forward, giving Heather a hug.

“Thank you for coming. I know it’s a long way from Texas-“

“Oh, honey I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” Heather gave her niece her own smile before looking out at the trees herself. “How does it feel? Knowing you finally graduated?”

“Honestly? Empty. Getting to this point and preparing for this has been my life for years and now that I’ve finally reached that point, I have no clue what I’m going to do.” Savannah and Heather shared as they both seemingly got lost in the trees before them.

“As long as coming home is in those plans, I don’t give a shit.”

“You know it is.” Comfortable silence hung between the two ladies as they stood there. The sounds of the whirling winds mixed in with the other excited graduates conversed with their families. Everything seemed peaceful. Like this is how everything was supposed to be.

Heather turned towards Savannah, a sad smile replacing the happy one. “Not that I don’t believe in you or think you can do it, but are you sure this is what you want to do with your life? The FBI?”

Savannah let out a sigh, running a hand over the tight bun her hair was in. “I couldn’t imagine my life going anywhere else.”

“I’m- so proud of you Savannah.” Heather wiped a tear that started to make its way down her face. “Your mom would be too.” Just like that, Savannah’s own eyes began to tear up as she turned towards her Aunt.

“I hope so.”

Savannah’s eyes glistened with tears every time she thought back to that day. Shortly after that, she had lost her Aunt Heather to a car accident in Dallas. It was one of the last interactions she had with Heather before the accident.

She remembers being so full of hope for her upcoming career in the FBI! She was going to accomplish so many things with her life! Now she facing prison.

Savannah signaled the bartender, gesturing for him to get her another drink. She had several shots of tequila and was nowhere near the point of drunkenness she wanted to be at. As she waited for the next, Savannah began walking further down memory. Specifically, back to college when she first met Alexander.

It wasn’t a memory she had thought about in years but for whatever reason, it came back to her. It was as clear as the day that it happened.

Savannah had just gotten out of her Child Psychology class and was eager to get food in her stomach. It was nearly 6 at night and she hadn’t eaten since she got up at 8. Savannah swore she could hear her stomach grumbling as she got into the cafeteria line.

Grabbing a bowl of chicken noodle soup and crackers, Savannah made quick work of navigating her way out of the cafeteria and outside. She was thankful she had gotten out of there before things got too packed. The number of annoying college kids on her campus made Savannah’s head explode.

As she walked through the quad with her soup in hand, Savannah caught sight of the perfect bench. It was nestled under a tree that had the perfect amount of shade and was close enough to the nearby squirrels that she could feed them pieces of chicken if she felt inclined to.

Savannah went to sit down, hearing the shouting of several guys as they got closer to her. ‘Frat guys, they always were the loud ones’. Before she had the chance to contemplate what was happening, someone has pumped into Savannah, causing her to lose her balance. The boiling soup spilled out of the bowl, coming in contact with the skin on her forearms. She let out a scream and before she had the chance to recover, Savannah had tripped over the bench seat. She fell to the ground, her head smacking against the brick pathway.

Savannah had to resist the urge to cry. Not only was her skin burning from the soup, but she was pretty sure the wet sensation on her forehead was because blood was now beginning to cover her temple. The asshole that did this was going to be sorry, regardless if it was an accident or not.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Savannah growled out, anger rising within her.

“Oh my god, are you ok?” The guy asked, concern in his voice. Savannah would have believed him if it wasn’t for the laughter that crept behind the concern and slowly took over.

“I don’t know, why don’t you ask the blood coming out of me right now.”

“Let me help you out.” Without asking, he grabbed onto one of Savannah’s hands and effortlessly lifted her off the ground. Once Savannah was in a standing position, he had let go of her hand.

Savannah brushed her hair out of her eyes to get a good look at him. If she hadn’t met him on campus, she would have sworn this guy had walked off the beach and straight onto the campus. His brown hair was long, the front of it coming down to partially shield his eyes from Savannah. He looked out of place on campus with a t-shirt, cargo shorts, and ratty flip flops.

“Alexander,” He offered, stick a hand out for her to shake.

“Savannah, now fuck off.” She growled back, turning her back on him as she walked as far away from him as she could. Savannah didn’t know what it was about this Alexander, but something about him irked Savannah to no end. Even without spilling her dinner all over her and knocking her over a bench.

After that encounter, Savannah had found out Alexander transferred into one of her classes. They had become acquaintances boarding on friends. The freshman year ended and he dropped out of College into the military. After that, she never heard of him again.

As Savannah thought back to that interaction, she couldn’t help but wonder about him. If she were to have gotten caught up in the lunch line or if she decided to skip dinner altogether, then all of this wouldn’t have happened. She never would have met Alexander and she wouldn’t be facing prison.

All though meeting him would have made her life a hell of a lot easier, Savannah oddly doesn’t regret it. Sure, as she thinks about the consequences that she will be facing she’s scared shitless. Despite that, she feels it was meant to happen.

Savannah always believed that everything happened for a reason, no matter what it was. There was a reason Alexander had bumped into her that day. She just didn’t know what it was. Even with her grim future ahead of her, Savannah wanted to know what that reason was.

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