The Trials of Loyalty

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~Final Chapter~

9:00 AM. This was it. ‘The Point of no return’ Savannah reminded to herself. She stepped into the courthouse, taking a deep breath as she puffed her chest out. Savannah was surprised when Coleman let her go to the hearing without supervision. She figured that after he found out she had been in cahoots with Alexander and Daniel. Not that she was going to complain. The more time she got to herself the more time Savannah could get to calm herself down. This truly was it. She could walk out of this hearing a free woman or she’d be walking out in an orange jumpsuit.

When Savannah entered the courthouse, her nose was immediately assaulted with the smell of cleaning supplies. She had forgotten how nauseatingly clean they liked to keep the courthouse. Once she recovered the smells, Savannah began scanning around the building. Coleman told her to meet them outside the courtroom in which they’d be appearing.

It took her a few seconds, but eventually, Savannah found Coleman. He was tucked into one of the back corners, yapping away on his cellphone as he simultaneously scanned through a folder in his hand. Alexander stood next to Coleman, handcuffs and shackles still place.

Savannah had to stop herself from doing a double-take. She almost didn’t recognize Alexander. His hair was combed and gelled back, taming his unruly hair. His face seemed to lack his trademark scruff that Savannah had always seemed to see on his face. They had even put him in a basic white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. With black dress pants and a matching tie, Alexander looked he had stepped off a catwalk and not out of an FBI holding cell.

Alexander’s eyes met Savannah’s as she began crossing the courtroom to them. He lifted the corner of his mouth in a smile, then turned his attention back to the wall. When Coleman saw that she had gotten closer, he abruptly hung up the phone and turned his attention to her.

“Agent Carey, nice to see you. We’re in there in 10 minutes. I was able to convince Judge Cavanagh to leave the courtroom empty besides us and him.” Coleman saw the worry in Savannah’s eyes and cleared his throat. “And just so you know Savannah, I put in a good word with the Judge. It’s all up to him on what he wants to do.” Coleman nodded before walking off down the hall. It wasn’t until he had left that Savannah noticed that two FBI Agents were stationed at a nearby wall. They looked prepared for anything that Alexander might do.

“I’m surprised Coleman attempted to comfort you, I didn’t think the man had it in him to be nice to people.” Savannah was too caught up in her own mind to notice that Alexander was speaking to her. It took him clearing his throat very loudly to finally turn her eyes onto Alexander.

“You ok there Carey?” When all Savannah did was shrug her shoulders, Alexander snickered.

“Given the circumstances, it should be that’s worried not you.” There was something about the calming tone in Alexander’s voice that almost made Savannah want to relax. Almost.

“Hey, maybe if we both go to Prison they’ll end up sending us to the same one.” A surprisingly harsh glare appeared in his eyes as he watched Savannah.

“I promise you Savannah, you have nothing to be worried about. You will be absolutely fine.” Not only was the overly calm and reassuring tone back in Alexander’s voice, but there was something matter of fact about it as well. Savannah couldn’t place it, but she could have sworn it was almost like he knew what the outcome of this would be. She quickly put the thought out of her mind. There was no way that Alexander could even possibly come close to the outcome!

Savannah wasn’t able to think much further into Alexander’s statement because Coleman came walking back, his face set in a cold expression.

“It’s time for us to go in. You better now try anything in there Jackson.” He barked, brushing past Alexander and Savannah to enter the courtroom.

“What? Me? I would never.” The sarcastic edge made Savannah let out a laugh. When Coleman looked back at Savannah to glare at her, she cleared her throat and focused her eyes on the wall instead.

Savannah walked into a standard courtroom. Straight ahead of her was a standard judge bench with the witness stand next to it. Both of jury box and the benches in the courtroom were empty. The only person in the courtroom besides Coleman, Alexander and Savannah, as well as the FBI Agents, was Judge Cavanagh. He already sat at his bench, a stern look on his face. If Savannah didn’t know any better, she’d say the man in front of her wasn’t a judge. He honestly looked like they had just taken someone’s grandfather off the streets and put them in a judge's robe.

Before they had even fully approached Judge Cavanagh, he had spoken. “I’ve been reminded by Agent Coleman that this issue is of a sensitive nature. Hence the jury box and benches being empty. The bailiff isn’t even allowed in the room that’s how sensitive I’ve been told this matter is. This better not be a waste of my time.”

“Sir, I wouldn’t waste your time. I can assure you that this matter is as serious as I say it.” Instead of going to the tables where the prosecution and defense would normally be, everyone walked in front of the tables and podiums. They all stopped directly in front of the judge’s bench.

“Alright, you may proceed.”

“Thank you. Your honor, Alexander Jackson here has been on the run from the government for years. He’s committed several acts of treason against the United States of America. He has also broken into and committed crimes in several countries of our allies. This man has done all of this in hopes to clear his name in the death of a fellow comrade, Johnathan Miller.”

“He did all of this to clear his name?” Cavanagh asked, raising his eyebrow in the process.

“Yes your honor, but may I remind you that he committed a multitude of felonies in the process of doing this. Whether he committed the crime or not doesn’t matter. This man broke the law and betrayed America. As a former navy seal, this man should know better. He needs to be punished for his crime.” Judge Cavanagh nodded his head, turning his attention to Savannah. When the judge and Savannah made eye contact, her heart began beating faster.

“What’s this agent’s involvement in all of this?”

“This FBI Agent Savannah Carey. She was a member of the task force that had been created to track and apprehend Mr. Jackson. Unbeknownst to me and the other agents, Agent Carey was helping Jackson and his cohort Daniel Wayforth-“

“If Mr. Wayforth is apart of this where is he?”

“We are unable to track him down at this time your honor.” Judge Cavanagh nodded his head, allowing Coleman to continue.

“Carey was accessing classified data and information in order to hand it off to Mr. Jackson. She even so much as ran into Mr. Jackson on an operation intended to bring him in. She obstructed the investigation, your honor.”

“Is this true?” The Judge directed the question towards Savannah. All she did was simply nod her head.

“Excuse me, your honor?” Alexander spoke up, raising his handcuffed hand in the air. “I’d like to point out that Agent Carey did all of this under duress. I forced her into giving me the information and delaying the investigation. I instructed her that if she didn’t do what I asked that I would harm her in any possible way I could think of. She was given no choice.”

“My thought Mr. Jackson is that would you have actually harmed her or not.”

“I don’t know, have you seen my track record.” Savannah heard Alexander mutter under his breath. He had his attention turned back to Judge Cavanagh before he had even noticed.

“I see. Well, Agent Coleman, you were right when you said this case was of a sensitive and difficult nature. There are many things I have to consider. We’ll be in deliberation until this afternoon. If I don’t have a decision by then, I’ll make sure you guys are informed.” The second Judge Cavanagh banged his gavel, the two FBI Agents who were standing off to the side had flanked Alexander and escorted him out of the courtroom. Coleman and Savannah followed suit out of the room.

As she walked out, There was an easy feeling that began to settle in her stomach. Savannah didn’t know what had happened there, but something told her that had gone well.

When Judge Cavanagh had called them back into the courtroom, everyone was on edge. Even Coleman seemed to have a worried expression on his face as they entered the same position they were in just a few hours ago.

“There’s no sense in wasting everybody’s time so let’s get down to it.” Cavanagh cleared his throat. “In the case of Ms. Carey, I’m inclined to believe Mr. Jackson’s story of events. I believe that with his demeanor, combined with his past background as a seal, that he intimidated and threatened Ms. Carey into giving him the information. Because of that, Ms. Carey will not be going to prison. I am instructing that she gets put on immediate suspension without pay from the bureau. She may return in a month's time to work, no repercussions.” When Savannah heard that news, she couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down her face. That was it, the music to her ears. She wasn’t going to prison! She wasn’t even getting punished for what she did! Sure she was getting a suspension with no pay but Savannah could handle that.

“Before I was able to make a decision in the case of Mr. Jackson, I got a call from the head of the United States Naval Special Warfare Command. I wasn’t given many if any details, but I was instructed to drop any and all charges against Mr. Jackson. I don’t know what people you know, but consider yourself very, very lucky.” Savannah’s jaw dropped as her eyes widened. The head of the USNSWC called Judge Cavanagh? Who the hell does Alexander know to get him to do that?

She was dumbfounded when the agents unwillingly stepped forward and released Alexander from his shackles and handcuffs. Savannah’s eyes widened when his eyes met hers and he gave her a knowing smile. Whatever had just happened, Savannah refused to believe. Here he was, facing god knows how many felonies let alone crimes and he walks free! What kind of fucking people does he know that can get him out of the shit that he dug himself into.

Before she had even realized what was happening, Alexander was gone. Glancing around the courtroom, it was as if it had vanished in thin air. He was nowhere to be seen. Everyone was gathering their stuff as Savannah still found herself looking around the room. There weren’t any signs that he was even in the room at one point. If the handcuffs and shackles weren’t on the table, she would have thought this was all a figment of her imagination.

It took Savannah til this moment to realize that Alexander Jackson is truly a Ghost, disappearing into the shadows at a moment's notice.

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