The Trials of Loyalty

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Chapter 4

Later in the day, a lull period had finally come and given Savannah the chance to work on some much-needed paperwork. As fun and exciting as it was to be apart of a special task force, she couldn’t neglect the normal duties of her job. The entire time that she was supposed to be focused on the paperwork, her mind kept going towards the information in Alexander’s file.

There was no question, he went rogue and was now a criminal of the United States. He deserves to be punished for the crimes he has committed. There was a nagging thought in the back of her mind. Though she didn’t know the guy too well in college, he always struck her as the type of guy to not do things without a purpose or reason. There had to be something that made him act the way he did. Savannah refused to believe that he did this just because he felt like it.

“Hey, it’s Savannah, right?” Savannah jumped in her seat, snapping around in her chair. Amanda stood a few feet behind her, a file folder of her own in hand. A smile was on her face as she approached Savannah’s desk.

“Yeah, that’s me.” Savannah did her best to hide the nervous expression on her face as she looked at Amanda. She felt like she had just been caught doing something she shouldn’t have been doing. ‘Well,’ Savannah thought, ‘If you think about it, I guess I sort of am in a way’.

“This might not be much, but from one of the security cameras, I was able to pull an image of someone. It’s incredibly blurry and we might not be able to clear it up, but this could be a photo of Ghost. Do you think I should bring it up to Coleman?”

“No, I wouldn’t!” Savannah spoke up, practically shouting. Before Amanda had the chance to question her, she continued her statement. “I mean, we’re not even sure that this is Ghost. You wouldn’t want to get Coleman’s hopes up just to let them down. For all we know he’s just the janitor.” Savannah couldn’t explain it, but panic rose within her when she thought about Coleman knowing about this figure in the photo.

Luckily, Amanda didn’t question her as she just smiled once again. “Yeah, that’s a good point. I forgot to ask you earlier, what is it you’re on the team for?” Without asking for permission, Amanda strode over towards Savannah’s desk, taking a seat in the empty chair.

“I’m a Psychologist actually.”

“Oo. Doesn’t that get creepy though? Looking at someone and instantly being able to dissect who they are as a person?”

“It does,” Savannah admitted. “but it’s not like I go up to every person and do that. Or at least, I try not to anyway. It’s a blessing and a curse.” The two girls laughed before Amanda spoke up.

“Fair. Well, I should probably get back to work.” Amanda stood up from the chair, cracking her back in the process. “Coleman will probably have my head if I don’t.” Before Savannah could get the chance to respond, Coleman walked through the lobby with someone walking beside him.

The man walking beside Coleman was wearing a pair of black cargo pants with a matching black shirt. Just by glancing at the guy, Savannah could tell he was military. He practically smelled of the military it was that obvious.

Amanda and Savannah continued staring at the two of them until Coleman happened to look over and see them standing there. Coleman and the stranger made their way over towards Amanda and Savannah, who still had looks of confusion on their faces about the mystery man.

“Ladies, this is Daniel Wayforth. The man I was telling you about earlier that they were sending over. Daniel, these are agents Amanda Stevens and Savannah Carey, they’re apart of the task force.” The three of them shook hands once they were all introduced.

“It’s nice to meet you all. I’m looking forward to helping you guys in any way I can to help track down this Ghost.” He smiled, his eyes shining underneath the light. A non-trusting feeling began to stab away at Savannah’s gut. The longer she looked at Daniel, the more she didn’t trust him. She didn’t know if it was an easy-going smile or his overly trusting attitude, but there was something off about him to her.

Without saying anything, Coleman had walked away, leaving the three of them to stand by Savannah’s desk. To break the awkward tension that had developed, Savannah cleared her throat. “So, what is it you can tell us about the Ghost?”

“Unfortunately, I know as much about this ‘Ghost’ as you guys do. They keep things pretty wrapped up when it concerns him.” Daniel flashed the two ladies an apologetic look. “What I do know is that he’s rattled a lot of individuals within the navy. Apparently, when things originally went South with him, he burned some bridges with some incredibly powerful people.”

“Why did it take them all this time to start a task force for the man if he’s been causing all sorts of trouble for years?” Amanda asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

“It’s to my understanding that they wanted to try and keep things as quiet as possible when it came to this manhunt. Beats me on the reason why they only started it now.” He shrugged his shoulders as if to emphasize his point. “It was nice meeting you ladies, but I’ve got some business I have to attend to with Coleman.” Daniel raised his hand in goodbye, before walking off in the direction of Coleman’s office.

For a few moments, after he had walked away, Amanda and Savannah stared at the spot he once occupied. That entire conversation with Daniel didn’t sit right with Savannah, but she wasn’t going to let him know that. It probably was nothing when Savannah thought about it. She’s always been skeptical every time she meets someone new. Daniel was apparently no exception.

Cairo, Egypt. A few days later…

Once Alexander’s wounds had healed, which took longer than he was hoping for, he was able to continue working on what he was doing before he had gotten himself injured. Which was why he currently found himself in Egypt. According to Daniel, his source translated the paper and though he didn’t know what the paper was talking about, it mentioned something about the ‘Proof being in Cairo’.

Alexander stood in front of The Mogamma in downtown Cairo. He wasn’t sure what this building had to do with anything. It was just a simple administrative building. All the translated paper said about this building was the coordinates of it, along with the words ‘Floor 8, Room 813’. The building was public, but he wasn’t sure how he was going to get where he needed to go.

After a few moments, Alexander walked up the steps to the building and entered, careful to blend into the crowd as much as possible. He was immediately taken back by the number of people that were crammed into the small lobby like area. Everyone was packed in like sardines, the ropes hanging to create a line did nothing but jam everybody closer together. Alexander knew he couldn’t cause a scene otherwise he’d surely be caught. He got in line like everyone else. Luckily, as he stood in line, he was able to have a little breathing room.

As the line moved up, there was nothing for Alexander to do but think. Ever since Daniel had told him about the task force, he found himself thinking about it at every waking moment. Alexander wasn’t one to worry or panic, but thoughts like that crept into his mind when he thought about the task force. He couldn’t get captured, not yet. There were still too many things at stake.

Before he knew it, Alexander was at the front of the line and standing in front of a lady, sitting down in front of a computer. When she realized that Alexander was standing in front of her, her eyes drifted upwards as she smiled at him.

“Hello, what can I help you with?” It only took him a matter of milliseconds to come up with a plan for how this conversation was going to go.

Alexander rested his forearms on the counter, leaning closer towards the woman behind the counter. “Hi. I was wondering if you’d be able to tell me how to get to the eighth floor from here?” A smile slid on to Alexander’s face as he waited, hoping the woman would be able to help him.

“The passport offices? The stairs are just to the right of the lobby. Take them all the way to the eighth floor. Do you have an appointment?” The woman raised her eyebrow, her hands poised over the keyboard. Alexander could tell he was losing this woman’s attention, so he had to make the rest of their conversation short.

“I’m just here picking up a friend from room 813 for lunch. I’ve never been to this building before, so I thought I’d ask. Thank you very much for the information.” Alexander figured it couldn’t hurt to throw a wink in the women’s direction before making his way towards the staircase. He made quick work of climbing the stairs to the eighth floor.

The eighth floor consisted of a narrow hallway with doorways on both sides of the wall. Making sure that there were no cameras and nobody coming down either side of the hall, Alexander took a right down the hallway. He scanned the metal plates on the wall, searching for room 813. Alexander didn’t find 813 until he was halfway down the hall.

Peering through the glass on the door, he investigated the room. All the room held was an empty desk with a computer on it. A few filing cabinets lined the wall furthest from the door. What did this seemingly empty office have to do with the translated paper that he had stolen?

Seeing that no one was in the room, Alexander tried entering the room, but the door didn’t budge. Jiggling the knob, he realized that the door was locked. Of course, because an unlocked door would make his job easy!

Glancing down both sides of the hallway, Alexander checked to make sure no one was coming before he kneeled in front of the door. He proceeded to pull two paperclips out of his pocket and within a flash, Alexander had the door to the room unlocked. He got off the ground and entered the room, quietly closing the door behind him. Making sure that he wasn’t disturbed, he pulled the blinds down over the window and locked the door back up.

Alexander turned around and surveyed the room in front of him. The translated papers made no mention of what was in this room, so he had no idea what he was even looking for! Everything in this office could be what that paper was talking about and he would be none the wiser.

“If I were documents that were being hidden from someone such as myself, where would I be?” Alexander spoke to himself, his eyes roaming over the room. Eventually, they settled on the desk directly in front of him. The desk was as good of a place as any to start searching for whatever he was looking for.

Alexander pulled out the middle drawer and saw nothing but various office supplies and a few handwritten notes to whoever occupied this office. He checked all the drawers on both sides of the desk and found nothing that looked suspicious. He couldn’t help but slam the drawers as he walked towards the filing cabinets.

Pulling on the handles, all the drawers came out except for the one in the middle; that one remained closed. Instead of taking the time to pick the lock on the drawers, Alexander grasped the handle of the drawer and with one swift yank, broke the lock and opened the drawer.

Looking in the drawer, he saw that there was a single manila envelope lying in the otherwise empty drawers. Whatever this was, this had to be what the paper was talking about!

When Alexander picked up the envelope, he saw that they were two words written with a black sharpie on the bottom of the envelope. Looking closer, he saw that the sharpie read out ‘Johnathan Miller’. Before he could investigate the envelope any further, Alexander heard the sound of someone coming down the hallway. Shit, he had to get out of here.

Alexander closed the drawers to the filing cabinet, unlocked the office door and exited the room. Just as he was about to make his quick getaway, the person that had been coming down the hallway caught sight of him.

“What do you think you’re doing up here?” The man began jogging towards Alexander. As the man got closet, Alexander could see that the guy was dressed in a security uniform. The lady from the front desk must have called him up here to check things out.

“Oh, I was just looking for the copier. I have a few papers that I needed to copy to send in.” Alexander lifted the envelope high enough to show the security, then brought it back down to his side.

The security guard didn’t buy Alexander’s excuse as he brought out his handcuffs from his belt. “Sir, I’m going to need you to come with me.” As the security guard got closer towards him, Alexander raised both of his hands in the air.

“I don’t understand why you’re asking me to come with you. I was just copying some papers. Who knew that was such a crime.” The security guard reached forward, putting his hand on Alexander’s shoulder. The second his hand came in contact with his shoulder, Alexander broke the hold by swinging his arm into the inside of the security guard’s elbow, causing him to drop his arm. With Alexander’s other arm, he had pulled back and hit the security guards' face, his nose cracking has his fist came in contact.

The security guard screamed out in pain, his hand flying towards his nose as he fell to the ground. Alexander didn’t stick around after that, bolting back down the hallway he had come from. He ran down the stairs, not stopping until he was out the front doors of the building and a good block down the street.

Once Alexander thought he was a safe distance away, he pulled out his cellphone and hit the recently called button, putting the phone to his ear.

“Hey man, did you find whatever the paper was talking about?” Daniel’s voice came through the other end.

“Yeah, I did,” Alexander spoke softly, his eyes drifting down towards the envelope still in his hand. “It’s a manila envelope that was locked in a filing cabinet.” He paused, taking a breath in. “It’s got Johnathan’s name on it, man. Why would the Egyptian government have an envelope marked with Johnathan’s name?”

“Well did you open it to find out?” Alexander laughed as he continued walking down the street.

“Oh god, what the fuck did you do?”

“Is there any way you have access to the cameras in the Mogamma?” Alexander could practically picture Daniel looking up at the ceiling, cursing under his breath in the process.

“You just have to cause trouble everywhere you go, don’t you?”

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