The Trials of Loyalty

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Chapter 5

Savannah was sitting at her desk, minding her own business a few days later. Her days, not dealing with things for the task force, were filled with either giving profiles for smaller cases their field office was dealing with or talking with the victims of some of their more brutal crimes. It wasn’t the most glorious part of her job, but hey it had to be done.

She took a break from the work at her desk and walked to the break room. She needed caffeine just as much as the next person. Her ears practically perked up when the smell of coffee began to waft into her nose. Savannah ignored the rushing of footsteps coming from behind her as she grabbed a cup from the cabinet. As she reached for the coffee pot, Amanda practically slid next to her. There was a giant smile plastered on her face as she held her laptop in her hands.

“I’d be careful of what you say, I’ve yet to get any caffeine in my system,” Savannah spoke up while simultaneously pouring the coffee into the cup.

“Trust me, I’ve got good news. I already showed Coleman and he said to show it to you, said that you might be able to use it for your profile, but we’ve got him. We’ve got the fucking Ghost on camera!” Savannah nearly dropped the full cup of boiling hot liquid as she navigated her way towards the table in the break room.

“What do you mean?”

“Coleman told me that yesterday they got reports of an American breaking into a government building in Egypt. They said he got away some manila envelope. I figured it was a long shot, but I checked the cameras on the floor he had broken into.” Amanda paused to turn the computer screen around towards Savannah. It took her a few seconds to get past the graininess of the camera, but she could make out two figures one which she assumed to be Alexander and the other to be some sort of security guard.

“In the midst of his encounter, he must have forgotten to stay out of the way of cameras. There’s no sound for the video.” Amanda clicked the play button before sitting back in her chair. Savannah watched as the two men seemed to have some sort of discussion. Then, she watched in amazement as Alexander hit the security guard once, knocking him down onto the ground before dashing down the hallway and making his escape.

“I’m hoping that I can clean up the image enough to get a look at his face, then run it through facial recognition.”

“Not to burst your bubble, but with how careful our guys been, I highly doubt facial recognition is going to turn up a match.” Savannah took a sip of her coffee, watching as the disappointment began to appear in Amanda’s eyes. “This latest event helps us out though, so it wouldn’t be completely useless.”

“How do you figure?” Amanda asked, raising her eyebrow in curiosity.

“Think about it, whatever building this is in Egypt, it’s important enough to have security guards. He couldn’t have just walked through the front doors of the building like it was nothing. He was able to charm whoever it was into letting him into the building and on to the floor he was on. For whatever reason, people trust him.”

“We need to figure out what building this is in Egypt, then head there ourselves and talk to whoever let him into the floor he was on and the security guard. They’re the best chance we have of finding out what this Ghost character looks like.”

“I can’t believe we’re this close to finding out who he is. Isn’t it nerve-wracking, waiting to see who this guy is or what this guy may look like?” Amanda questioned Savannah. For a few moments, Savannah didn’t know how to respond. She already knew the identity of the Ghost. Savannah had even had an unfair advantage by looking at his file. Not mentioning the fact that she knew it was Alexander was hard enough but lying to someone about it was going to be harder.

“I- am just waiting for that moment just as you guys are,” Savannah spoke, raising the coffee cup to take a sip of the liquid to cover the reddening of her cheeks.

Amanda and Savannah’s conversation was interrupted by Daniel walking into the room, a coffee cup in his hand. His eyes seemed to be half-closed as he turned his head towards the two ladies, finally noticing them at the table.

“Ah, I see you had the same idea I had.” He commented, gesturing his head towards Savannah’s cup. All she could do was nod her head in agreement as she found her eyes drifting down towards the table. This may be the paranoid part of her, but Savannah found it odd that Daniel was here. Over the past few days, it seems like every time Savannah even so much as thought about Alexander or the task force, Daniel materializes out of nowhere and is right by her side. He somehow manages to weasel his way into the conversation for a few minutes, then disappears once more. The more Daniel was here, the more Savannah concluded that she did not like or trust the man.

“What is it you ladies are gossiping about this time?” He filled his cup only halfway before walking over towards the table. He stopped directly behind Amanda, practically peering over her shoulder at the computer screen. Before Savannah could open her mouth to reply, Amanda had beaten her to the punch.

“The security cameras at the last place Ghost was at caught footage of an altercation he had with one of the security guards. I can clean up this footage, see if I can get our first image of The Ghost.” When Amanda had mentioned that it had caught footage of the altercation, something changed in Daniel’s eyes as he stared blankly at the computer screen. If Savannah didn’t know any better, she’d say that he almost looked annoyed.

“Mind if I take a look?” Daniel asked Amanda, to which she nodded her head. He proceeded to lean over her shoulder, his hand going towards the mouse. His other hand still held the coffee cup as he adjusted himself behind her to get a better angle at the computer.

While attempting to get a better angle, Daniel stumbled on his feet. Before he could stop himself, the coffee cup tipped upside down, spilling its contents onto the keyboard of the laptop. Immediately the keyboard began to spark as the screen had gone black. The three of them found themselves staring at the laptop for a few seconds before Daniel grabbed a nearby towel.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry- “He started cleaning up the spill with the towel, but Amanda stopped him.

“Don’t worry about it, this happens more than I like to admit.”

“But the footage was on that computer. It’s gone now.” A disappointed look set in his eyes as he looked at Amanda.

“Sure, it’s destroyed on this computer. All I must do is take the computer apart and recover the data from it. It’ll take me a few days, but I can get the footage back no problem.” Standing up from the table, Amanda grabbed the now ruined laptop with one hand.

“Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.” She patted Daniel’s shoulder with her free hand before exiting the break room. Out of the corner of her eye, Savannah watched as Daniel continued staring at the spot where the laptop was. If she wasn’t a professionally trained psychologist, she would have missed him biting the corner of his lip. Before she could read any further into his facial expression, Daniel straightened himself out and plastered a sad smile on his face.

“I know she said she could recover the data, but I still feel like shit about it.” Daniel crossed his right leg over the other as he now was leaning up against the wall. In an attempt to put distance between the two of them, Savannah stood up from the table.

“It is what is, nothing much you can do about it. Now if you excuse me, I have to get back to my desk.” Savannah nodded her head before leaving the room.

As she made the journey towards her desk, she couldn’t help but think about how fishy that whole scenario is. Why, if you needed coffee as badly as you say you do, only pour yourself half a cup? Not to mention out of all the places in the room to stand, does he choose to stand behind Amanda where he has a perfect angle of her computer screen? The entire situation felt off.

Savannah couldn’t prove that Daniel had any sort of ulterior motive. But after this whole incident, she was more convinced that he was stalling the investigation for some reason. She just needed evidence that this was the case. Maybe, because he was playing his own mind games with them, Savannah could do a little reverse psychology herself.

On the way back to her desk, she ran into Coleman, who grabbed her attention the second he saw her. “Agent Carey, Stevens told me about the coffee incident. Even though we can’t prove the man in the camera is The Ghost, I want you in Egypt fast. This is the only lead we’ve got on him, I want you to chase it until it’s buried in the ground. Take Daniel with, he should be able to help you out.” Coleman started to walk away, but Savannah grabbed his arm to stop him.

“Sir, isn’t there anyone else available? Decker, Johnson, hell even Amanda?” With her uncertainty towards Daniel, there was no way she was going to a foreign country with him.

“Decker and Johnson are working another lead and you know Stevens isn’t qualified for fieldwork. Daniel’s going with you, end of the discussion.” Shaking his arm from her grasp, Coleman proceeds to continue his way down the hallway.

Savannah didn’t want to, by any means, go to Egypt with Daniel. She didn’t trust this guy with anything dealing with this case anymore. But, for the sake of capturing Alexander and the sake of a future promotion, she was going to have to put up with him. Savannah wanted to get this done and over with.

When she reached her desk, a thought popped into her mind that brought a smile to her face. She was stuck going to Egypt with Daniel, that she couldn’t avoid. This would be the perfect opportunity to start her own mind games.

Daniel was about to meet his fucking match, and that would make the trip to Egypt worth wild.

Back in the Break Room…

Once Savannah was out of his sights, Daniel pulled out his phone and dialed Alexanders number, all while cursing under his breath. The phone rang, his eyes drifted up towards the ceiling as he continued to curse under his breath. Alexander wasn’t going to happy with him that’s for sure.

“Come on, pick up the fucking phone already,” Daniel muttered under his breath, his fingers tightening around the phone. After a few, excruciating moments, Alexander finally picked up the phone.

“Calling so quickly. I take it you got it done?” Alexander asked Daniel.

“I did, turns out their computer-tech whatever the fuck you want to call her is better than we thought. She can recover the data in a matter of a few days.” Daniel ran a hand over his head as he started to pace the break. “I bought you some time man, but they’re going to find out eventually.”

Alexander stayed silent for a minute before speaking. “Shit. Ok, that’s fine. No one suspects anything right? As far as they know, you’re just a mindless navy seal that’s there to cut the bureaucratic red tape.” For whatever reason, Daniel found himself chuckling.

“Hey, it takes one to know one man. That’s also the thing- One of the agents is becoming suspicious of me.”

“What do you mean she’s becoming suspicious of you?” Daniel could tell by the tone in Alexander’s voice that he was skeptical of what he was saying.

“I’ve seen the looks she’s giving me. She doesn’t trust a thing I’ve said to her. Not to mention the fact she practically called bullshit on the whole incident this morning with the computer. I think her name is Carey something. Honestly, I don’t give a shit enough to care what her name- “

“Wait, Carey? As in Savannah Carey?” For the first time in a long time, Daniel could have sworn he heard a surprised tone in his voice.

“That’s sounds right. Wait, do you know her?”

Alexander completely avoided the topic as he moved on. “Whatever. Just get her to trust her. Forget about getting rid of the evidence. Use some of that charisma and charm you claim to have.” He couldn’t help but smile at the way he was avoiding the subject.

“Oh, no-no. You’re not getting away from this subject. How do you know our resident skepticist?” Alexander didn’t answer his question as he just hung up on Daniel. He could wipe the smile off his face as he slid the phone back into his pocket.

Daniel had done special ops in countries that he would never be able to talk about. He’s almost died more times than he would like to admit.

Getting a simple FBI psychologist off his trail would be a walk in the fucking park.

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