The Trials of Loyalty

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Chapter 6

Within in a matter of an hour, Coleman had sent Savannah and Daniel to Egypt. Savannah was excited to get her plan into motion, but she didn’t think that he would send them off so quickly. None to less, 14 hours later, she was now standing in front of the Mogamma Building with Daniel beside her. At first, Savannah was confused on why Alexander would choose this place to break into. It was just a regular government-run building, nothing too important was done. Why would he risk his freedom over a building like this?

For whatever reason, she couldn’t break the gaze she held on the building. It’s almost as if she were trying to dissect and profile the building itself. Savannah didn’t realize how long she had been looking up at the building until Daniel cleared his throat.

“Come on, the sooner we get this taken care of the sooner we can go back home.” A questionable look manifested on Savannah’s face as he proceeded to walk ahead of her up the stairs. Could this man read her mind?

Savannah climbed the steps after him, having quite a distance to catch up. By the time she reached the front doors of the building, Daniel had already entered the building and was waiting in the lobby for her. ‘Apparently, this guy didn’t wait for no one.’ Savannah scoffed under her breath as she swung the door open.

She entered the building to see Daniel looking down at a photo of the lady Alexander had spoken to when he first got there. Before she could even get a look at the photo, Daniel had closed the photo and began walking to one of the surprisingly empty lines. Ok, this guy’s impenitency was really starting to get on Savannah’s nerves.

Surprisingly enough, the two of them approached the lady behind the counter. When she saw Savannah and Daniel step up to the counter, she plastered a customer service smile on her face as she met their eyes.

“Welcome, is there anything I can help you too with?” Before Daniel could get the chance to take control, Savannah pulled her identification out of her pocket.

“I’m Agent Carey with the FBI this is- “She glanced out of the corner of her eyes at Daniel, unsure of what to call him. “Mr. Wayforth. We’d like to ask you a couple of questions about the incident that happened here a few days ago.” Savannah watched as the smile faltered on the woman’s face.

“You mean the man that came in a few days ago?”

“Yes. Is there anything you could tell us about your encounter with him?” Daniel questioned the woman, a gruff tone in his voice. Savannah had to restrain herself from rolling her eyes as he spoke. You’d think he’d know that you catch more bees with honey then oil, but apparently not.

“There’s not much to tell. He came up to the counter, asked me directions on how to get to the eighth floor. When I asked him if he had an appointment, he said something about picking up someone for lunch, winked at me and then left! The man’s a psychopath and he winked at me!” The woman told the two of them, her voice growing frantic with every word.

“What sort of offices are held on that floor?” Savannah asked in an attempt to distract the woman from that topic. Savannah didn’t need her professional training to know she was going to have a better chance of getting her questions answered if she kept the woman calm and collected.

“It’s nothing put the passport offices. I don’t know why he’d have an interest in going up there.” With the woman starting to freak out, Savannah nodded her head. The woman was beyond frantic, they weren’t going to get any more information on her.

In a complete surprise to Savannah, Daniel leaned over the counter, resting a comforting hand on the woman’s forearm. “Thank you, you helped us out a great deal. We’ll let you know if we need anything else from me.” He winked at the woman before taking his hand off her forearm and making his way towards the staircase.

A strange feeling rose in Savannah’s stomach as she followed Daniel’s lead toward the stairs. Once again, maybe she was overthinking things, but Daniel winked at the woman after talking with her, just like Alexander had done.

She shook her head as she began climbing the stairs. Savannah was ashamed to admit that she had to practically run up the stairs in order to keep up with Daniel, who took on the stairs with ease. She was really going to have to catch up on her cardio once they caught Alexander.

Savannah was panting by the time she reached the eighth floor. When she stopped, resting her hands on her knees to take a breather, she noticed Daniel as he casually leaned against the wall as he inspected his nails.

“Seems like someone needs to work on their cardio.” By the tone in his voice, Savannah couldn’t tell if Daniel was joking or not.

“Well- “She wheezed out, standing up in an upright position. “We all can’t be navy seals trained to be in peak physical condition.”

“Obviously. Come on, let’s get this room checked out. Based on the footage Amanda recovered, the altercation had taken place outside room 813. That’s probably where we should start looking.” Once again, Daniel continued down the hallway without waiting for Savannah. She allowed herself to catch her breath for a few more seconds before following him.

The two of them were halfway down the hallway when they reached room 813. Inspecting the doorway, Savannah saw no obvious signs of damage to any part of the doorway.

“There’s no scratch marks, no sign of forced entry. He must have picked the lock to get into the room.”

“Once the first things you learn in basic is how to pick a lock, just in case you come across a locked door in the field. Most likely, it was done with paperclips. They’re easily accessible and small enough to hide on your person.” Daniel informed Savannah. He reached his hand over to test the knob. The door still wasn’t locked from when Alexander left because the door slowly opened up.

Savannah stood outside the hallway, taking in the room for a second before entering. It seemed to be just an office space so far. What would he have to gain by breaking into the office space of the passport office floor?

“Was there any indication on what Ghost might have taken?” Savannah asked, still not stepping foot in the room.

“Other than a broken file cabinet door, no. That doesn’t mean he didn’t take anything though. It just means they’re not willing to admit that they had something stolen from here by a disgraced American soldier.” Daniel took Savannah’s look of confusion as a sign to continue. “Think about it? What foreign government is going to openly admit to the country that stole from them what was stolen? People aren’t as open and kindhearted in this world as you think they are Carey.”

Savannah couldn’t help but take offense to his statement. So, she wanted to go through life thinking everyone in the world would help someone else out. Might not be the wisest or healthiest thing but it’s what’s she was going to do. ‘It’s better than being a cynical asshole like you’ Savannah thought to herself, finally taking a few steps into the room.

Daniel looked at Savannah as he walked a slow circle around the room. “I don’t know why Coleman sent us out here. This guy wouldn’t be stupid enough to leave a trace of himself behind.”

“Ok, I have to ask- “Savannah raised her hands in the air slightly. “Granted, I’ve made this mistake, but you keep saying he or him. What makes you think the Ghost is a guy?” She didn’t think this question was going anywhere. It was pretty much confirmed to anyone that didn’t already know Ghost’s identity knew that it was a man; except Daniel. Coleman wanted to make sure his identity remained a mystery. Not only did he want it to generally be a mystery, but with Daniel being a navy seal and Alexander being a former navy seal, he didn’t want any chance for bias. All Daniel should know about this is that he’s a navy seal gone rogue, nothing more.

Daniel paused in the middle of the room, his eyes drifting towards the ground momentarily. “It’s just- 82% of the world’s criminals are male. The odds in a man’s favor.” Fair enough, likely excuse. But, for whatever reason, it didn’t sit well with Savannah. With everything else she’s noticed about Daniel, this just made her not trust him. There was something this guy was hiding, and she’d be damned if she was going to leave Egypt without finding whatever it was.

“Ok, that’s it!” Savannah raised her hands in anger before letting them all to her sides. “I don’t know what it is, but you’ve been hiding something ever since you’ve got here! You either tell me what the hell it is, or you can tell Coleman, but either way, you’re telling someone by the end of the week.” Savannah crossed her arms over her chest, hoping that her stare down was intimidating enough against him. She didn’t have high hopes though; she was never much of an aggressive person.

Daniel and Savannah stood in the room, staring each other down for a few minutes. None of them anything to the other. The tension in the air was thick as Savannah observed Daniel’s facial and body expressions, hoping for any sign that she had got him red-handed.

He continued staring down Savannah, his eyes growing darker with every passing second. She couldn’t help but smile as his nostrils flared. He seemed to be released from his chance as he stalked over to the door, reaching around Savannah to slam the door closed. The walls shook as the door slammed closed, causing Savannah to jump in her spot.

After slamming the door closed, Daniel went to his previous position in front of Savannah. Fury seemed to take over this man as he stood in front of her. Part of Savannah regretted confronting Daniel because this version of him shook her to her very core.

“Do not- talk to me about things you don’t understand, got it Savannah?” He growled, his eyes still darkening.

“Tell me, what don’t I understand?!”

“This man, ‘The Ghost’, has put his life on the line for our country. He put his fucking life on the line for other countries and what do we do?! We toss the man aside like he’s fucking trash. Alexander has sacrificed everything for this country and has gotten shit for it in return.” And the truth comes out, sort of. Savannah figured that Daniel knew Alexander, but to what extent?

“How do you know him? Alexander?” Savannah questioned Daniel, not sure if the question was actually going to be answered.

“We were together in basic and again in seals. He’s a good man- “

“A good man wouldn’t break into government buildings in other countries and steal their files!” Daniel shook his head, dryly laughing in the process.

“Once again, you’re talking about shit that you don’t know Savannah. You don’t know what this man has gone through, he’s been blackballed and accused of crimes he didn’t commit by his own government!” He took a few steps towards Savannah, causing her to back up. “For your own sake, I suggest you stop asking questions.”

“Or what? You can’t do shit to me!” She yelled out, her frustration finally getting to her. “How do you know so much about Alexander if- “

“because we’ve been keeping in touch! Everything you and your little agents have ever learned in this case, Alexander knows.” Savannah’s jaw dropped as he looked on Daniel. She couldn’t believe it. She knew Daniel was hiding something to do with the case, but she didn’t think it was something to this extent. It all made sense though; the destroying of the evidence, weaseling into conversations about the case, Daniel playing nice with everyone on the task force. He was Alexander’s mole.

“How stupid could you possibly be? Why did you let Alexander talk you into breaking god knows how many fucking laws- “?

“You don’t know anything about me, so I suggest you keep your fucking mouth shut.” Daniel’s face began to redden as he was now fuming as he began gritting his teeth. “I did what I did because it’s the right thing to do. Once you get your head out of the fucking sand, you’ll realize that too.” And like that, Daniel stormed passed Savannah, swinging the door open before leaving the room.

As frightened as Savannah should be about that confrontation, it just left her with more questions. Daniel claimed Alexander was being accused of crimes he didn’t commit. She knew that was a preposterous claim. He was an international fugitive for god sakes! What left her with the most questions was the last thing he said to her. ‘You’ll realize it to’.

There’s no way she’d ever consider being a traitor to your government the right thing, so why was Daniel hoping she would realize that?

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