The Trials of Loyalty

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Chapter 7

Savannah and Daniel rode the journey back to Dallas silently. The two of them didn’t so much as look at each other on the plane ride back. How could she? Savannah was working with a known traitor for her government! She knew there was something off about him but she didn’t think it was something like this! Once she learned that Daniel was working with Alexander, everything made sense. Alexander seemed to always be one or two steps ahead of them. Just when it seemed that the task force was getting some sort of location on him, they’d lose the trail. It was because of Daniel. Even thinking his name made Savannah’s stomach curl.

When she got back to the office, Savannah knew she was going to have to tell Coleman but how the hell do you start that conversation? ‘Hey, I know you trust Daniel but it turns out he’s working with Alexander and has been secretly feeding him the information we’ve been finding out.’ She could already see that conversation failing miserably.

“You realize that no one’s going to believe you, right?” Daniel’s low voice brought Savannah out of her own mind as she snapped her head towards his direction. He leaned back against the seat of the chair, his arms crossed over his chest. Even from across the plane, Savannah could see the smug smile on Daniel’s face.

“What makes you say that?”

“Come on, you barely believe yourself that this is actually happening. What makes you think Coleman will believe you?” The smug smile on his face grew wider as he crossed one leg over the other. “Just face it, Carey, everything’s going to go back to the way it was before you found out.”

Savannah couldn’t stop her nostrils from flaring as she continued to stare down Daniel. “If you think for a second- that I’m just going to let everything go back to normal then you’ve got another thing coming.”

“Letting things go back to normal, no. But you believe in putting your faith behind the right things and once you see that what I’m doing IS the right thing, then it’ll just be a matter of time before you do the same thing.” Savannah couldn’t help but cock her head at what Daniel was telling her. She was beyond confused about the whole thing. What was the right thing in his eyes? Even after their whole confrontation, she still didn’t know why Daniel was working with Alexander. She just knew that he in fact was.

She and Daniel didn’t exchange any more words the entire rest of the flight. The two of them didn’t even look at each other until they had arrived back at the office. When the two of them stepped out of the elevator, they went opposite directions down the hallway. Savannah still found herself shaking with anger as she walked towards the bullpen.

Ultimately, she decided to not tell Coleman about Daniel until she had more than just circumstantial evidence. Her career at the Bureau was dependent on this task force capturing Alexander. Sure, Daniel was putting them at a disadvantage by helping them out, but Savannah was confident enough that she’d track him down despite that. She also couldn’t come to Coleman without any proof to back up her claims. It wouldn’t look good on her.

Once she entered the bullpen, Savannah quickly made her way back towards Coleman’s office. She was going to have to tell him what happened in Egypt, minus the revelation from Daniel.

At the Safehouse…

With the task force actually being on the same continent as Alexander, he was forced to lay low until they left. If Daniel hadn’t given him the notice that they were coming, he probably would have done something to give himself away.

For the first time in a few days, Alexander found himself sitting at the table in his safe house. He did nothing but continuously turn the manila envelope that he had gotten from Cairo over in his hands. Alexander had yet to take a look at what was actually in the envelope since he had gotten. Half of him was clawing at the anticipation of what was in the envelope. The other half was very reluctant about opening it. It had Johnathan’s name on it for Christ’s sake! Alexander thought back to all of the times Johnathan had told him of where he’s visited and he could have sworn that Egypt was never mentioned, so why would the Egyptian government have this?

Turning the envelope over in his hand, Alexander noticed that the envelope wasn’t too heavy. Whatever was in this envelope wasn’t too heavy. He found himself chuckling as he didn’t know whether that should comfort him or not.

Soon, the anxiousness and the anticipation was too much for Alexander to handle as he ripped the top of the envelope open. By the time he thought about not open it, the envelope was already open. Sighing, Alexander turned the envelope upside down and dumped its contents out onto the table. ‘It’s now or never.’ He thought to himself.

The only thing that fell out of the envelope was a well-worn passport from the United States. It was actually so well worn that if Alexander hadn’t seen his fair share of American passports in the seals, he never would have guessed what country it came from.

Alexander picked up the passport and began thumbing through it. He was amazed at the fact at the number of countries the owner of this passport had been to. It seemed like every inch of the pages was filled with various colored stamps. Alexander bypassed the rest of the stamps and went to the identification page of the passport.

On it, was a photo of a middle-aged man in who he didn’t recognize. He looked to have some sort of middle eastern heritage in him. Glancing at the name, he know knew this man was ‘Neil Sullivan’. Thinking back, Alexander doesn’t remember coming across a Neil Sullivan but that doesn’t mean Johnathan didn’t have some sort of connection to him.

Setting the passport down on the table, Alexander raised a hand to scratch the side of his face. Johnathan was always a brother to Alexander, he knew this guy like the back of his own hand. He knew for a FACT that Johnathan didn’t know a Neil Sullivan. Why again was Johnathan’s name of the envelope that contained the passport of a middle eastern?

The more Alexander dove into Johnathan’s death, the more he realized that he may have gotten himself in too deep with this. Every time that came to mind, Alexander reminded himself of the fact that this is what Johnathan would have wanted him to do.

Besides, Alexander was already being accused of killing Johnathan. How much worse could things actually get?

Five Years Ago….

Alexander stood off to the side of the grave plot as he watched Johnathan’s widow and young son stare down at the casket. A few weeks had passed since Johnathan was killed and everything already seemed so- different without him here. Since Johnathan’s death, Alexander had taken a leave of absence, which is understandable. Johnathan was killed right next to him. Alexander had also been taking mandatory therapy as instructed to him by his bosses. He didn’t like the idea of going to someone to talk about his feelings, but anything to distract him from Johnathan’s death.

As Alexander continued watching over Johnathan’s family, he vowed to look after them. He’d do whatever he could to make things easier for them. Since knowing Johnathan, he’s grown attached to his family. Johnathan’s son even considered him an uncle. Not only did he promise to look after his family, he made the promise to himself to do whatever it took to look into Johnathan’s death. Something about the whole event didn’t sit well with Alexander, but he couldn’t place his finger on it.

Just as Alexander turned to go back to his car, A black unmarked SUV pulled into the parking lot of the graveyard. He watched as two men clad in suits got out of the SUV and proceeded to make their way towards where Alexander was. It didn’t take much brainpower to figure out these were government officials of some kind.

“Anything I can help you fellas with? We’re in the middle of mourning a fallen hero right now.” Alexander couldn’t stop the sarcastic edge that crept into his voice.

“We know.” One of the men pulled out his badge long to briefly flash it at Alexander before putting it back. “Are you Alexander Jackson?”

He crossed his arms over his chest as he stared the two men down. “And if it is?”

“There’s someone that wants to ask you a few questions about Johnathan Miller’s death. We’re going to need you to come with us, sir.” The men advanced towards Alexander, causing him to back up.

“What questions? Johnathan’s death was clean-cut-“

“That’s for us to determine Jackson. Look, the last thing we want to do it make a scene. Especially in front of the kid. SO what’s it going to be- Uncle Alex?” Alexander narrowed his eyes at the men as he began glaring at them.

The two men leaned forward to grab Alexander. He moved, heading towards the SUV before they could get the chance. As much as he hated them and this situation right now, the last thing he wanted to do was cause a scene in front of Johnathan’s son, especially after his father died. That’s the last thing the kid needed.

Alexander figured this way just the government weird way of making sure everything happened the way it happened, as creepy as it is. The last thing Alexander wanted to do was relive the nightmare of his death. He found himself sighing as he got into the SUV.

‘Anything for Johnathan’.

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