The Trials of Loyalty

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Chapter 9

After the whole fiasco in Tel Aviv, Savannah called Coleman on the way back to Dallas. She knew she was going to get her ass chewed out and boy did she underestimate how bad it would exactly be. Coleman all but blew a gasket when she told him that she was face to face with Alexander and wasn’t able to capture him. Savannah held back the fact that this man seemingly disappeared into thin air before she could comprehend a single thought regarding him being brought in. Before getting off the phone with her, Coleman instructed Savannah that when she got back that she would not be leaving her desk until she came up with some tangible proof of where Alexander might be next.

Savannah was still the only one that knew about the passport Alexander had given her and, in the meantime, she was going to keep it that way. A part of her desperately wanted to know what is was that drove Alexander to ask her for help. If he had Daniel as his inside man, why not just ask him instead? Not to mention, where had he even gotten the passport from in the first place?

Throughout the entire flight back to Dallas, Daniel kept glancing at Savannah from across the plane. Every time their eyes met; he gave her a skeptical look before averting his eyes from her. Savannah wasn’t sure why he was giving her a non-trusting look. Did he not believe her about what happened with Alexander? ‘It’s not liked my lying skills were the best’ Savannah thought to herself before shaking her head.

After an awkward plane ride back, the three of them landed in Dallas and had made it back to headquarters. Instead of going to debrief Coleman on what went down with Daniel and Johnson, she headed towards her desk. Savannah figured it wasn’t the time to piss off the boss even more.

When she sat down, Savannah pulled the passport out from the back of her pants and set it down on the desk. She wasn’t too worried about people walking up while the passports out. From what she could tell, it was a US passport. Savannah found herself staring down at the passport before grasping it gently with her fingers. She felt as if it were going to fall apart in her hands it was so worn.

The first page she opened to was the identification page, which had a man’s picture on it. Scanning the paper, Savannah read the name ‘Neil Sullivan’. ‘He seems normal’, Savannah thought to herself as she continued thumbing through the pages. Whatever this guy did for a living he sure traveled a lot.

Why would Alexander be looking into a man who was seemingly the most normal man she had come across. What was the connection between these two seemingly different men?

Before she could talk herself out of it, Savannah had turned her computer and pulled up her databases. She entered the name Neil Sullivan, along with any other information she could find in the passport and entered it into both CODIS and the National Crime Information Center.

Savannah was disappointed when there weren’t any hits in CODIS for Neil Sullivan. Of course, this guy was normal on paper. Did she really think she was going to have luck in CODIS?

Just as Savannah was about to stop the NCIC search, her computer dinged, notifying Savannah that there was a hit in the system. She perched on the edge of her seat, desperately trying to get closer to the computer screen.

Savannah’s eyes eagerly scanned the information on the computer. According to NCIC, Neil Sullivan was actually an alias for a small-time middle eastern terrorist, Yousef Hakim. Other than the name, there wasn’t much on him in the databases. ‘Of Course, can’t let things get too easy’ Savannah couldn’t help but mutter to herself.

“And the plot thickens.” Savannah mused to herself, closing out the information on the screen. She leaned back in the chair, her eyes drifting towards the ceiling. Now everything made more sense. Alexander was tracking a known terrorist, who was probably his next target. If that was the case though, why would he need her help for that?

“Yousef Hakim, Hm. Never heard of the guy.” A voice spoke up, practically rumbling against Savannah’s ear. She squealed, nearly jumping three feet out of her chair. Savannah snapped around to find Daniel standing behind her, a smirk rising on his face as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Do you have a habit of sneaking up on people?” Savannah growled as she stood up from her desk.

“No, but I can’t help it sometimes. Especially when I come across a goody two shoe type of person doing something they shouldn’t be doing.”

“Look, I don’t know what you’re talking about- “Savannah tried to dig herself out of the hole, but Daniel had interrupted her before she could.

“Cut the shit, alright Carey? I know you talked with Alexander back at the apartment. All I want to know is what you talked about.” It was Savannah’s turn to cross her arms as she narrowed her eyes.

“Why don’t you ask him yourself? Seeing that your Alexander’s little spy and all.”

“I figured I’d cut out the middleman and just go straight to you. What did he ask you?” There was a hard edge in Daniel’s voice as he stared Savannah down, his eyes void of all emotion.

Savannah stood there, staring at Daniel as she debated whether to tell him or not. After a few moments, she sighed as she grabbed the passport off her desk.

“He gave this passport to me, asking me to run it through all the databases I have access to. It’s a passport for an alias of a known terrorist, Yousef Hakim.” Daniel’s eyes widened as he stared at her. Once he regained composure, Daniel snatched the passport out of Savannah’s hands.

Before Daniel could start thumbing through the passport himself, Coleman had walked up on Savannah and him. Before he even reaches them, she could see the displeasure written on his face.

“What are you two doing?” Coleman questioned the two of them. It took Coleman a few seconds to notice the passport in Daniel’s hands. “What’s that?”

For whatever reason, Savannah froze. She didn’t plan for this to happen! She knew she couldn’t tell Coleman the real reason she had the passport, or she could kiss her career in the FBI goodbye. Not to mention with the mood he’s in, Savannah wouldn’t be surprised if he threw her in a jail cell.

As her face began to redden, Daniel broke the silence between the three of them. “Oh, this is my passport. I misplaced it while we were in Tel Aviv and Savannah here was kind enough to find it and return it to me.” Daniel chuckled as he slid the passport into his back pocket. Savannah’s felt the relief wash through her as Coleman simply nodded his head before walking back down the hallway. That was a close one.

“Thanks for the save there,” Savannah said as she turned towards Daniel. “I don’t know what I would have done- “

“That wasn’t to help you, Carey.” He nearly barked back to her as he ran a hand over the back of his head. “If Alexander wasn’t the one who asked for this information, I would have left your ass out to dry. Speaking of him, I’ll be sure to let him know what you found out.” He gave her a condescending wink before practically sauntering back down the hallway.

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