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Fairy walked confidently into Lucile’s office, the heels of her boots clicking lightly against marble floor as she came to a stop before the woman’s desk. Lucile smiled at Fairy and gestured for her to sit. Fairy did, with a stiff nod. A large bandage covered the left side of cheek where she had been cut open during the battle for Sanctuary.

“Hello Thea, or do you prefer Fairy?” Lucile said.

“Fairy is fine, ma’am,” Fairy spoke evenly, though the cut on her cheek stung with every word.

“No need to be so formal, Fairy, please, call me Lucile.” She waved her hand and waited for Fairy to nod in acknowledgement before reaching onto her desk and picking up a thin file. Lucile tossed the file to Fairy who caught it deftly. She looked down and hesitated. The words classified were stamped across it in large, block letters.

“Ma’am?” Fairy looked up.

“Lucile,” corrected Lucile. “And it is quite alright. Please, open it.”

Fairy did as she was told, opening the folder and sifting through the files and pictures inside. Lucile watched her closely, but Fairy showed no reaction as she slowly flicked through the images.

Lucile’s smile grew.



“I need you to kill an Angel for me.” Lucile leaned forward and laced her hands together, her eyes boring into Fairy’s. “Can you do that?”

Fairy looked back down at the images of Gabriel, the files label jumping out at her in bold lettering.


Slowly, she looked back up at Lucile.

The End?

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