The Assassin

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A mysterious orphan girl, whispers from the past, and a hidden danger lurking in the shadows. Who can follow the breadcrumbs and piece together the clues before it's too late? Silent and mysterious 17 year-old orphan Roxanne is adopted mere weeks before she is due to be released from the orphanage where she grew up. Moving with her new family to Brightton she holds onto the secrets that poison her mind and keep her awake when all else is asleep. As things begin to come to light and the whispers surrounding Roxanne’s past grow stronger, who will believe what she has to say, who knows her truth and who is brave enough to find out?

Action / Fantasy
Arcin Enroth
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It was a rainy night it seemed like any other, but it wasn’t. A young man was running down this dark, deserted street.

Blood dripped from his injured arm he was clearly in pain from the wound and was yelling for someone to help him.

All of a sudden, a single shot rang out in the quiet sky.

The young man fell to the ground, he looked dead with a bullet through the head, on the ground as blood trickled out of the wound.

Someone walked up to the body and looked at the wound. There was no emotion shown on the person’s face.

“W-why?” A whisper escaped the man’s lips. The person pulled out a gun and aimed it at his face.

The trigger was pulled, and the gun fire’s blood dripped out of his mouth. The last words said was the one with the gun that killed the man, “I’m an assassin you could say. Adios.”

The face couldn’t be seen, their voice manipulated to make it sound unrecognizable. They wore all black with gloves on as well. They turned around and started to walk away, leaving the body.

The person disappeared as the police sirens could be heard in the distance.


The police stopped in front of the dead body of the man they could tell who did it by what was left.

“It seems they struck again,” one officer sighed.

“Yes it seems the Assassin’s struck again.” the second officer huffed, annoyance in his voice.

“Who’s the Assassin?” the third officer asked.

“A killer that kills their victims quickly. But the victims have no pattern so we can’t tell who’s next on the Assassin’s kill list. We call the killer the Assassin since the killing style is that of an assassin. But the weird thing about this killer is the next day files are sent in about the person that was killed. Finding that the victim was a criminal, of various things that went undetected to the government and the police.” the fourth officer explained to the rookie officer.

There was a note left on the body. An image could be clearly seen on the card, the picture was that of a dagger.


The TV played on the news in the living room early in the morning at a currently loud home, a teen watch tuning out the others on the story of the murdered man last night.

The big thing was the death of a corrupt businessman, killed by the Assassin as they call the killer.

This killer has killed many people in the last year and still hasn’t been caught.

Many think the killer will never be caught. Others hope the killer will. But neither side knows this killer’s true motives... or reasons.

While the teen watches intently, it was stopped when the teen’s chair was sharply moved. This caused the teen to let out a small quick and quiet yelp.

The TV played on... even though no one was fully listening to it anymore.

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