The Hidden Love of a Murderer

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This story is where two storys are told 1 is the famous hunter and the other is a female murderer that owner an entire city as theres been disapperances in this city.

Action / Scifi
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Series 1

Chapter 1

Hello, my name’s Hunter.

Right now, I’m heading to D-Day city. I’m in a bus and there are others as well. There’s a couple in the front left side of the bus, and they seem to be around 15-17. Why are they alone? There’s also a person right beside them. It’s a girl-- I think she’s wearing a hood.

This person may be the killer! I should keep an eye on her.

There’s a couple beside me, I’m not going to say too much about them but they love each other. They seem about in their 20s, but enough about others… I should start to talk about myself.

I’m a spec ops agent. My commander said people were disappearing. 2 other agents went missing, or we know it as M.I.A. Not a good thing, because for all we know, there’s a chance that I’ll end up M.I.A too and I have a dad who wants me to return to him and I always will. No matter what, they love me.

Huh? The bus is coming to a stop. I’m getting up, and as I walk out of the bus, I see someone hurting a civ. I start to walk over to them, and a group ambushes me! I pull up my gun and tell them to get back, I keep walking. They move back, and then a girl runs out with a blade.

I throw my gun up and pull out my blade. She clashes blades with me. I try to keep my gun in the air--someone tries to grab it. I run over and kick it back up into the air. She keeps attacking me, and then she sees my emblem.

“An agent! I thought they gave up, but I see you’re a hunter!”

Chapter 2

“My name’s Hunter. So ya, are you going to keep this up? I can go all day.”

She looks into my eyes and sees my flame. I will fight till the end.

As I smile at her, she stops attacking me. I grab my gun out of the air. She walks over to me and I think I already know who killed them. She looks at me. I start to think the attack was on a bus maybe, or maybe she’s protecting her city? I can’t tell just yet. I’ll have to stay.

I go to ask for a room.

She says “Get Hunter into a room, ok.” And then to me, “You can do your job, just be careful.”

“I will. I have to report to my dad, he worries. I love him; do you know what I mean?”

She smiles at me and says “My dad and mom died a long time ago.”

“Oh, I’m sorry!”

She just smiled and said to me “Don’t worry about that.”

I start to walk with a girl. She’s one of the ones who tried to ambush me when I tried to help the civ.

“Hey, why did you try to block me from saving that civ?”

“You need to hurt a few people to keep a city under control.”

“That’s not true! Why do you say that?”

“If you act nice to the civs, they become trustful to you, and they want to help you.”

She pushes me to the corner and whispers, “If you do the shit in this place you do back at your city, you will die--or maybe not.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“The starting attack was just to test people. We do it to all newcomers to D-Day City. You’re here to arrest a murderer. I can’t tell you who they are but I can tell you they run this city. We follow them because they would kill us but you’re different.”

As I start to laugh I’m like “Right, and this murderer’s Nyome.”

“Right, I’m going to sleep, ok.”

She says something, but I don’t know what it was. It seemed like she called me a fool but whatever it doesn’t matter anyway.

I call my dad; tell him I’m ok, and that I’m starting the investigation. He says that when I’m done to call him back. I promise him I would, then I lay down and I start to think about what that girl said. Huh, maybe it’s true.

Chapter 3

I get up and look around. Cameras. I thought so. They are running this city and trying to spy on the agents.

“Hey, can you hear me-- it won’t work.”

Nyome sits watching the cams and says “We’ll see…”

As I settle in, she notices this and starts to think “Why hasn’t he stopped the cams like the rest?”

I say “If you want, come sit beside me you murderer-- see how fast you die.”

I fall asleep and she just starts to giggle. She just lets me sleep. The next day, I wake up with a knock on my door. It’s the girl in the hood. She pushes me and walks in.

I look at her and say “Who do you think you are, coming in without me inviting you in?”

She pulls out a blade, and I don’t have my gun or my blade"nothing.

I say “So you’re the killer!”

She says “No” and takes off her hood. She says that she’s from a different agency. I start to ask her questions. They seem about right, and she noticed I was working for a different agency. She asks me to show Id. I show her my badge, and then she jumps.

She sees that I’m Agent Hunter. I’m well known in a lot of agencies. She looks scared, but from what I tell her it’s ok, that she can work on this with me. She just panics and runs out.

I turn and what I see isn’t good at all--there’s a sniper!

Chapter 4

I stare at them. I see my gun and blade beside each other. I jump and grab it they really want me dead--trying to kill me in my own room-- how dirty is this?!

I start blind firing. Not a good thing! I see my flash--I crawl over to it.

I got it!!

I throw it-- perfect throw!! Right into the room!! I got it!!

I jump out the window and hear a heli damn they are I take cover and its right on top of me.

My U.A.V tracker"nice!!

I pull it out and bring it online. I hope they like dying!!

I launch a missile and the person jumps out and I can hear it. An army-- they are right behind me!!

Wow, this is the most hell, maybe the best mission since my first mission. I see a lot of people in front of me I pull out my blade and yell “Let’s go bitches!!”

I run at them. They keep shooting but they don’t even touch me.

I catch up to them. They pull out their blades and, well, what do you think happens? I’m the hero-- I live and I’m behind cover and, well, I’m better than I thought!

Chapter 5

As I see a heli and it’s not just one, it’s 3! Now this is interesting.

I jump off the wall behind me and then instead of pulling out my blade to kill them, I jump onto the one heli and wait. One heli moves to the side to shoot me. Forgetting what I’ve just done, they go to shoot and I wink at the driver of the heli that I’m on. They start to say stop and then the other heli starts to just rip through the one I’m on.

As I jump off, I pull my blade and jump off the wall, hitting the heli in the rotor making the blade stop and making the heli crash!

Then I land, and as I turn and look at the heli one last time the driver sees me with my U.A.V controller. I’m smiling for one reason--it hits him.

Nyome’s just sitting in her room watching me fight. I look up and see the camera. So they like a show-- I’ll give them a show! Let’s see if they like magic!

I pull out a flash bang and throw it at the ground and then run into an alley way. I start to think to myself--so they are watching me all the time.

Nyome starts to think she should make her entrance to attack me, but in a way that I won’t know that it’s her.

I walk back to my room and I start to think-- why is this becoming a game? Does the person like to play games or something? The behaviour is weird. It seems like a child is the murderer, but it’s not possible is it?

Hmm, it could be a girl, but not too likely. Like the reason is that they used an army to attack me, unless they think they’re too good for me. Maybe this is possible…

Chapter 6

As I walk into my room, the lights are off. I didn’t turn them off. I turn on the switch and the lights turn on. I see something--a note from the murderer maybe!

I walk over and grab the note. I open it. It says “If you want to fight me, come to the bar.”

Damn! The most popular area! They know I’ll be careful not to attack civs. Nice one! I’ll play your game.

I walk over to the camera: “You hear me? I’ll play your game! I’ll meet you there!” The murderer has now said that they want a challenge.

Chapter 7

The next day, I walk up and there’s a knock at the door. When I open the door-- a note again. They have to stop sending me messages if they want to get a date. I start to laugh and then I open the note and the most creepy thing happens. It says that the person’s a girl… and that she likes me!! What in the world??!

As I sit there, stunned from what this note says, I hear my alarm go off. Damn, it’s time to go fight the murderer.

But am I going to get ambushed because of this because they like me?

I don’t know, but I have to go. It’s my job, in fact.

Hmmmm is he going to show? Maybe I made him scared. Well, I did send him a note saying that I liked him. Maybe he thinks murders are creepy. Well, I should enjoy myself anyway.

As I walked toward her, I smelled the scent of blood. It was the murderers!! They are here!!!!!

Well, I can’t see too much but I know she couldn’t be alone.

As I walked in, I saw her. It was pretty clear it was her because she was drinking, and well with the law in the city, no weapons, and she has a weapon.

I walked over to her and asked the bartender for a pop. He looked at me with a “Well you’re not tough” look. I then turned my thoughts towards the girl with the weapon.

“Hey, so how long have you kept that weapon on you with the law that says no one except you is to have weapons?”

She turned to me and giggled and said “Well, you’re smarter than I thought!”

“I’m smarter?”

“Well I wouldn’t say that"it’s just the point that it’s really clear to me that no one would f*** with you except me, and I’m not afraid to test you and your anger.”

She laughed at me and just said “Well, I’m not here to fight, just to enjoy myself.”


I was shocked at what I just heard! She wants to have fun? I said “Ok, I guess”, but in my head I thought she would betray me like all murderers do after a while.

I kept one ear open at all times just in case, and well, she did do something but I can’t talk about it in a book hahaha but you can trust me I didn’t like it much!!!

I got her well away from me is all I can say……. I woke up and I didn’t even know what happened. Then I looked at a note I made for myself.

At first I thought she wrote it, but then I walked over and saw it was from myself!!

I got dressed and then went to the store but it was strange. I noticed that I normally have people looking at me, but there was no one there.

I looked everywhere, and the places that were usually locked were unlocked now. It was strange. I kept walking, and then I heard a giggle…it was her!!

I went to follow it, and then I felt a knife in my back. It hurt!!

I fell to the ground and my only thought was my dad’s going to be pissed at me ohhhh no this is the end!!! I let down my guard once and die-- not a good thing! Then I woke up in my bed and I shook it off --damn that was scary!! I got to lay off the chip at night, it’s not good for me. Then I laughed a bit. I thought I would never be happy to see a note from her.

Chapter 8

I got up and grabbed the note and it said “Don’t get used to how I was yesterday!”

I laugh and said “At least she didn’t backstab me when I let down my guard. She’s honourable that’s good.” As I got out of my clothes and went and got something to eat. I looked around and I saw a package it was from my father-- huh my dad sent me a package-- maybe it’s a gift!! I opened it, and it was a new blade-- a blessed. It looked like his, but it was a young blessed but in some way looked demonic. I grabbed it and I went and tried it out on the dummies I set outside. It ripped through like butter. I yelled awesomeness!!!!!!

I was happy. I was starting to let this thing with the murder get me down, but after seeing this I was like f*** ya"I’m like a boss with this type of weapon!!! Nothing could bring me down not knowing that Miss Murder already had the same weapon. I went out the same day and got something fast to eat some pizza nothing special.

I was listening to my iPod singing --then I heard it.

It was an ambush!!! Huh???

Chapter 9

I see a bullet from a sniper come straight at me!! It almost hit me!!

I stop to see what the flash of light was. You never know what happens in this city.

I pull out my gun and start to fight. I pull it up and aim through the scope and start letting bullets fly. A bomb bread came at me and I jumped and well I should say it’s a grenade-- a bomb bread is a grenade.

I pulled the blade and hit a pole and it fell on an enemy. He got knocked out right away and then a rocket came straight at me. I grabbed the rocket and jumped onto it. I rode the rocket straight back to the sender. It was fun to see them run!!

I got back up after the bombs all went off and I just looked at the camera I knew where they all were. “Hi-- nice try girly huh!!” then I walked away unharmed.

I got some ice cream and cheesecake to eat for my supper. It tasted good. I looked around and saw a camera and said,

“You can try to kill me, but you will need more than a few bombs and a sniper and a couple of men!! Try a heli-- oh wait I took it down too!! What else could you hit me with? Bring it girl!!”

Chapter 10

As I walked down the street, I started to think to myself, “Maybe I might have said it too well-- I hope she doesn’t bring something too big.” As I start to put away my sword, this thing came out of the ground-- huh? What the hell is this??

I started to stare at it, waiting to see what it was with my hand over my blade and then I saw it. It wasn’t human!!!

Ok, you bring a gun to a sword fight? Ok then let’s do this!!

As I pulled out my blade, it swung at me and I jumped into the air. I pulled my blade quick, and this thing hit me with what seems to be a tail. I thought “I have to bring this thing down before it hurts someone!”

I started to run. I looked for a high place, then I remembered that there’s no one living around my house so I ran to get to it. But then the thing tried to grab me.

I pulled out my gun and shot its hand and it backed away. Suddenly, I saw a barricade. It was in my way and I didn’t like it. Being the smart ass I was, I jumped over the barricade. The monster ripped through the barricade like butter.

I laughed and yelled “Bring it, dumbass!!”

I was there. I ran up the stairs to the top and then got my sniper and popped a clip into the monster’s head. It was still standing, so, being me, I ran towards it and jumped on top of it, pulling out my blade and ripping through its skull if it had one.

I then touched the ground and took out my blade and then I took out my blessed blade and jumped onto my old blade that was still holding in the monster and I ripped through the monster in one good hit!! It sliced it like butter!! And I had to say it I love butter "hahaha!

Ya I know I made a joke, but what are you going to do about it? It showed me what it was going to do! It swiped at me and I jumped over it, but it grabbed my leg. Just then a guy came out of nowhere and pulled out a pistol and started to pump bullets into it. It let me go and I grabbed both of my blades on the way down, hitting the ground right beside it.

I asked who he was. He said his name was Shade.

I thought he was joking, but after I asked him again, I understood he was from a different agency. I laughed and he said I was crazy. I told him “No, I’m just an insane physic that wanted to get back to his father.”

Chapter 11

Then I said “Cover me!!”

I spun my blades around. He reloaded then he started to open fire. As I got closer, I spun one of my blades outwards and stabbed it and then pulled out my sniper and shot it. Then, putting it away, I pulled out my blade from the monster’s body and landed on the ground.

I yelled “Let’s see how you like this!!!”

I pulled out my blessed blade and hit it. I ripped it through, pulling it through the monster’s heart and yelling “Nyikoniksi!!”

My power activated, ripping the monster in half with its blood on my face. It was still standing. I looked and it has been eating people to regenerate.

I yell to Shade “Get the civs out of here!!”

He yelled back up “What??”

“Get the civilians out of here-- they are getting eaten. That’s why my powers aren’t working!”

“Sure, I’ll do it.”

Just then, smaller monsters came out. I yelled “Don’t worry about those guys. I’ll kill them.”

I had to worry about the big guy. I yelled, swinging at the smaller guys, and also pulling out my sniper and yelling “Kinekosnik!!”

A wind came out of my sniper, and my blade swung with fire both mixing to make fire wind. It hit the smaller guys, killing them in one shot.

“That’s right!!” I yelled at the bigger guy “See that"I’ll kill you when you have no one to kill so you won’t regenerate!!!” Then it hit me. The monster took one good swing and hit me. I got the air knocked out of me. I fell off of the monster trying to breathe. I tried to get back up but I couldn’t. I was going to hit my head and die… then I got caught by someone or something.

It’s the hooded girl!! She looks down at me and says “Hi there Hunter!!” I said “What’s your name, angel?” She laughs and says “No, even though you would like that!! My name’s Nyokey.”

“ Nice name.” She gets me back on my feet, and I see a girl helping Shade. “Are these 3 with the same agency?” I asked them. They said they’re not from the same one but from 3 different squads. The couple I saw and the girl are from the Death Squad, the guys from the 9.1.1 Squad, and the girl who caught me was from the Goddess Squad.

I told them I was in 9.1.1 and Death. They laughed and said they already knew. I then remembered the monster. We all got to work.

Chapter 12

Nyokey, Shade, and the other girl (Shade said her name was Yiokney "she’s a sniper)and Nyokey uses blades like me came with me.

I pulled out my blessed blade and yelled “Let’s finish this!!!” I told them to make sure it keeps its attention off me. I ran into a building.

When I got to the top, they were all down, but I had the element of surprise. I ran and jumped through the window yelling “Peek a boo!!” then I yelled “Norikoshinorko!!!!” as my blade became all the elements mixed into one.

I hit it and I went right through it and landed on the other side. I stood up and looked back, and as it fell, a girl came out of it. I can’t tell you what she wasn’t wearing, but you get the hint!! I grabbed a shirt out of my pack and gave it to her, then I tended to the other agents.

I got them up and on their feet. They said “Thanks” but I thanked them because of the give they had to do.

Nyokey said “If the monster would have seen me, it would have killed me and them, eating us all!!” We went back to my apartment and had pizza and talked. Trust me, there was nothing fun, just agent business. As the night rolled by, we heard something.

We walked out and saw lights. I said “Here we go again "let’s do this!!!” I had no weapons on me, but the others did. I said “Cover me-- my weapons are on the side of the house.”

I ran into the house then saw guys trying to sneak up on the other guys. I ran towards them “Hey!!!” They turned.

I started to run fast and punched the first guy. I grabbed the shotgun from one of the guys and shot the smg guy as one guy tried to pull out a flash. I shot him in the leg and said to him “Oh no you don’t !!!”I punched him in the head and knocked him out.

With them laying there, I ran to get my weapons. I grabbed them and heard screaming. I jumped over the fence and then threw my swords in the air, pulling out my sniper and killing the other snipers. I then grabbed one of my pistols, shooting a guy trying to ambush my friends. As my blades came down, I landed on my back.

I put away my sniper, then pulled out my blade and ran up to the roofs. I jumped down on a guy on a mg I then turned it against the enemy. The guys had to be thinking “This guy’s crazy!!!”, and my friends, well, they have to be looking at me saying “How the hell is he so good??”

I ran into a guy after someone stopped me. Using the mg, I cut the legs off of a guy. As he started to fall, I grabbed his gun and shot the last two guys .They fell, and I sat there with blood all over my face.

I walked back home and cleaned my face off and got into the shower. I came out and they were all sleeping. I laughed and said “Rookies!!”

I sat down and went to sleep. As I woke up, I didn’t see any of them. I got up and looked around. I looked out the window and they were sitting there talking.

I didn’t know what it was about so I got dressed and walked over to them. and then I asked them what they were talking about. Shade said to me that it was about the mission, that they had to go investigate something.

They also said I was a suspect. I looked at them like “What?? How could they suspect me?? I’m the one that came here thinking one of you were the killer and now you think I’m the killer??”

Well, they can believe that, but I’m not giving up on finding who it is and I know it’s not me!!

Chapter 13

The next few weeks were really boring. I didn’t do anything, just did my chores and called my father and stuff-- nothing too exciting.

But then the next day, I was walking and I saw a crowd of people. I walked close then noticed it wasn’t people-- they were monsters!!

But these ones looked different-- more nimble-- with the body of a female. I looked and thought to myself “What the fu..??”

I pulled out my blade and got ready, but as soon as I got ready they turned so fast I had no time to think. It hit me with so much speed I was happy my arm and my blade stayed in front of me!!

I was shocked!! I looked around, and there was a gas tank. I had one chance and only one chance.

I pulled out my pistol it came at me again. This time I dodged it!! It fell to the ground.

Then the other two came at me. As the other one got up, I looked. The gas tank was a bit farther. I kept dodging, and I kept moving. One good hit and I’m dead!!

One got through!! I tried to move to my left, but it hit me. I felt it I got back on my feet and I noticed it. I grabbed my side and put some weight on it. I had to keep moving!!

I saw a civie. I yelled “Get out of here!!!!”

One of the monsters went to hit the civie, and I jumped at it. It then looked back at me, stabbing me right through my heart. I felt it. This might be my end!!

It pulled out. I thought to myself “I’m almost there!!” I got to it. I turned and looked at them. I pulled out my pistol to make them think I was going to attack them.

They came at me and I said “Well bad move, NOW DIE!!!!!!!!”

I jumped and they landed right next to it. I spun, shooting the gas tank. It blew up and burned them alive. As I hit the ground, I fell to my knees.

I had to say, I might be stabbed, but you just got burnt! I then started to spit up blood. The other agents were coming down the road and saw me passing out.

Chapter 14

As I sat on my knees I kept saying to myself “I can’t die!!”

I started to pass out, and then someone grabbed me. That’s when I just let myself pass out. I couldn’t go any farther…

I woke up and Nyome was sitting there. The other agents were told to stay out. She told me how she was the murderer , and how that beast was never to get out. Those things were failures.

She thanked me for killing them and gave me some tea. I loved tea. It was calming and she said to me if I wanted to turn her in that I could.

I laughed and told her “I love a challenge”.

She looked at me like I was crazy.

I told her “I need someone who can kill me and who’s not so weak”

She yelled at me and said “But those things almost killed you!! If your friends didn’t save you, you would have died!!”

I laughed and told her “My dad already knows I love challenges.”

I told him I love him, and also, well, if I died with honour doing what I love, I think he would forgive me. I also haven’t had a challenge like this in a long time. Keep it up, and I’m not going to tell the other agents.

She said ok, then I fell asleep.

Chapter 15

I woke up and saw my weapons beside me. As I went to get up, a nurse walked in with a needle and she tried to stab it in me. She said it was some cure for cancer. I already knew I didn’t have cancer, so it was poison!!!

I jumped up and grabbed the needle and threw it away. I pulled out my blade and pushed her against the corner. She started to yell “Rape!!!” I looked at her and put my hand over her mouth. I asked her if she was working for the murderer and she said yes.

“So you’re here to try to kill me? You should have used a different thing--not oh it’s for cancer! I already know I don’t have cancer, so it’s the worst thing you can come up with! I know I wasn’t knocked out that long for the tests to go through, so you fail!! Now what should I do to you. Should I kill you, or should I send you back to your employer empty-handed??”

“Hmmm” she said to me. She has never lost a contract by the prey. “Well what are you going to do about it? If you try to attack, I won’t hold back. The next time I will try to either kill you or put you down.”

She pulled out her blade, and then I said “So that’s how it’s going to be” I then swung at her and tried to grab her. It failed and she sliced my chest. I looked around in my mind and saw something off to the side. She tried to take a chunk out of me and I flipped backwards grabbing the surgeon blade that was left in my room.

As she swung at me, I grabbed my leg out of the way of her blade. Pushing all my body up, I sliced her neck. I flipped back over and said to her “Do you want to live? If so, you will tap the ground once. If not, I won’t help you and you can sit here dying.” She tapped the ground --she was too scared to die.

I grabbed a cloth and got on my knees. I grabbed some water then found my blessed blade. Being good, it can heal as well as kill, so I take it and she got scared. I pinned her down with my knee and as I put the blade through her neck a 2 second time, I got it in and out of her neck. It healed, and she was perfectly fine. She stood up and said “You saved me!! You must be a true fighter!”

I said to her “I’m an agent. I’m told not to hurt civs, so I save the people I need to and I’m on a mission. The murderer doesn’t know, but I’ve started to get feelings for her. It’s funny, I know, but I truly love her.”

I noticed this is the only room: there’s no cameras. If I have to fight for her love, I will. I’ll find her and I won’t let them bring her back for death. She’s MINE AND NO ONE WILL CHANGE THAT!!! I LOVE HER AND IF THEY THINK THEY CAN KILL HER, WELL THEY GOT SOMETHING COMING!! I’LL DEFEND HER TO THE END!! I’LL DIE IF NEEDED!! I DON’T CARE!!”

She said “But you have a father!!” I turned to her and asked how she knew that. She told me that she studies her targets.

I laughed and told her I didn’t get the way I am by studying the person. I told her it’s your surroundings you got to watch and to have a kind heart on top of it. I gave her my noble charm. “Keep this with you and never let it go. You will find your way, fighter, and I hope we meet later on. I got up and walked out.

“Hmmmm he’s nice!!!”

Chapter 16

As I was walking back to my house, I started to think about what I said “Hmm, maybe I fought too much.” Not noticing, I just said it out loud. Nyokey yelled at me. “You should never stop fighting!! You’re one of the best out there!! You need to get some recruits yourself.”

I said “But I’ve had so much fun! I don’t know why you want me to stay in the fight? It’s time for fighters like yourself to go and learn the styles I’ve set out for the young fighters.”

She yelled even louder “Listen you fu**ing jerk!! I’ll kill you if you retire!! I see so many of the good old fighters retire and then they die!! If you do it, I’ll be the one to kill you! I’ll do it!! I mean it!! You listen to me-- if you retire, I’ll make your life a living hell!!!”

I told her to watch what she’s saying or that I would kill her before she had the chance. She looked at me and wasn’t afraid. She pulled out her blade, and before I could do anything, she put it up to my neck. I started to slip my gun out of its holster. I said “You left a blind spot.”

She grabbed it. I was afraid. She said she wanted me to promise her I would never retire. I had to promise her. She snapped me out of my thought of retiring. As she pulled away her blade, I got back into my mood and said “Ok, since someone’s convinced me to fight, let’s go find her!!”

They asked how I knew it’s a girl. I just said to them “I love the murderer, and if you get in my way, I’ll KILL YOU!!!!

As I started to walk, one of them said “So that’s why he wanted to retire!” I turned to them and said “That’s the reason, and I have really good hearing too-- so don’t talk behind my back, just say it to my face!”

We all stopped. Shade saw something. As he said to go find it, I was already heading out. I said in my mind “I hope that this isn’t something like those monsters I had to kill!”

Chapter 17

I started to turn the corner and I heard something swing at me. I jumped back. I pulled out my snipe, and it disappeared. As I looked around, it came at me again.

I jumped out of the way"“Huh? This thing’s fast!!” I started to listen to the air and the sounds. In 2 seconds, I heard the snap of a twig. It was to my right. I pulled out my blade and kept listening. It’s coming!! I swung my blade, hitting it.

I could tell, because whatever it was, it wasn’t invincible. So I see its blood"wait"blood?? That means it’s human!!

I yelled out “If you’re human, you should know my name’s Hunter and I’ll kill you if you try that again!!”

This girl came out from a corner behind me. She didn’t hide her footprints too well. I heard them. I turned, and she said “So you’re the great hunter I’ve heard of.”

“Ya I am, and what’s it to you?” I looked around and there were no sounds. She then set off a trap that was beside me. It skinned my arm. Rrrrrr, that hurt!! You bit**!! My arm was bleeding. The trap was needles!!

I looked back at her and she was gone. I said “So we’re back at this? Fine, I’ll kill you!!” I got my blade ready and as she came at me, a trap went off behind me. It just hit my leg. I was down but not out.

I tried to get back up, but my leg was badly hurt. I used my blade to try to get up and I fell again. She started to walk at me. I went to pull out my sniper and she came right up to me and grabbed it. Damn!! I try to go for my pistol, but nothing. And my blade can’t attack at this distance. Damn!! I can’t do anything!! I’m too close!! And she has my other weapons!!

As she pulled out her blade to kill me, I heard Nyokey’s voice “GET AWAY FROM HIM YOU BIT** I’LL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, a bullet came out of nowhere, knocking the blade out of her hands. She grabbed it back from the ground. As Nyokey pulled her blade they clashed. Both of them, one wanting to kill me, and the other trying to save me. Then I heard helicopters. Damn!!

Shade got me back on my feet and grabbed my weapons. I told him to give me my pistol. Yiokney sat right beside me shooting them. Her army’s here and there trying to kill me. Both of the girls fighting to keep me alive and I’m proud of Shade holding onto me and not even dropping me. Well I think they might be the next best thing to me, of course.

Chapter 18

We got to a chopper that they took over and they landed it. They told me to just relax do nothing. Well, knowing me, I grabbed my sniper and the girl that was trying to kill Nyokey to get to me. I pulled out my bullet and loaded it into the chamber. I looked through the scope and as I felt the trigger as a squeezed it and my crosshairs aimed right on Nyokey, I couldn’t shoot her.

The bullet left the chamber and was already heading to her. I got up and used my healing on myself as my body was still pretty hurt. I shouldn’t even be able to get up, but I did! I got up and ran after the bullet. I got the speed to catch up to it. I then took my blade and cut it down. As I was right beside the killer that got Nyokey down, I took off her head. I cut through her neck like butter. Then remembering that it’s a healing blade, luckily for her, I put her head back on.

After making sure she couldn’t move with the help of a shock collar, I got her to sit up and asked why she tried to kill us. The rest of the battle was over and we sent them home packing (after we took their weapons of course). As I sat there I started thinking “Something’s going to happen”

I didn’t tell anyone yet, but I should have I gotten up and started walking home. Nyokey yelled “Hey Hunter!! Wait for us!!” I sat in my bed and I started to cry. I just got a message on my phone.

My father!! Wow I can’t believe it no, no… it can’t be… not this way! I can’t write anymore, I’m sorry…….

Chapter 19

Hi guys, my dad has cancer, I hate it!! Why? Why would God let this happen??? How?? He never smoked, and he’s a good man-- noble and smart. How could God let this happen?? There is no God!! If he was real, my father wouldn’t be dying of cancer!

I walked out in the main room and everyone saw me. I was sad, but I wouldn’t go see my father. He never liked me going home without doing the job. Nyokey yelled at me and told me to go see him. She yelled said if I didn’t, she would hate me forever. I told her if I left that she can’t move any farther--if she did I would hate her and try to kill her. She told me she won’t, and on the day I went to go and leave, Nyome came up to me and said she would stop all the action till I get back. I told her thanks.

Chapter 20

I got into the car. It was a long trip. I couldn’t stop thinking about my father. Everything passed so quickly. Never would I think of this. I hated the feeling I got. I hated God, and I started to even doubt that there was a God. The bus stopped and I got off. As I walked over to my house, I had a lot to think about: how to enter, and what to say to him, and how to tell him I care, and the great battle, that’s it. He will be happy to hear about this, the war that I’ve got myself into. He will love to remember all the times he’s come home and told me about it and to see what great hero his son has become.

I walked into the house and I just started to tell him about the war and how I’ve become so great. My father was proud. He said that he only told me that he would kill me because he was healthy and said he was glad I had really good allies. I got him a suit and a blade and I showed him it and I told him I will bury him if he died.

He looked at me and told me that I didn’t have to. I told him that I have to. I need to. And that it would make him happy. He said "I love you kid, and I’m really proud of what and who you’ve become, and I hope to see you in heaven."

I yelled at him "There’s no heaven!!! If God was real, he would let you live forever!! You haven’t done anything wrong in your life!! You are a strong and proud and noble father and I don’t think you're capable of being nothing more. You’re not evil, you're nice as hell. So there is no God and I hate him if he is real!!!!!"

He just looked sad. I told him "Father, I'll make you proud, but I won’t believe in someone so heartless he takes you from me. The only reason I try to fight in certain fights is because of you-- no one else. I won’t forget you, but I hate the person taking you away from me that’s if he’s even real."

As my mom tried to talk to me, I yelled "I’m out of here!!" I was on a bus back to d day city and I got a text from my mother. I was in shock. my father did die!!

I started to cry. I cried all the way to d-day city, but then I heard the bus stop and it should have taken a bit longer. I looked up and we were on the outside of D-day city.

I went to get off and someone tried to stop me. I pulled out my blade and told him get out of my way. He did. I got off and as I looked around there was black everywhere!

It was a goo. Someone was getting chased by it and a bird landed on the goo and ate it all. I told myself "Ok, so don’t touch that stuff."

I started to walk and I said to myself "I need to find my sniper." I noticed on the bus I didn’t have it. I walked to my old house and there it was sitting there but modded. Hey, I never modded my gun!

I picked it up and I walked outside and I shot it and it ripped through a house in one second tops! I said if needed I'll use it. I started to walk and I heard something. I turned the corner and this huge thing was sitting right there. And it wasn’t happy to see me!!

I pulled out my blade, and Nyome grabbed me and pulled me into a room. I said to her "What is that thing??" she said "There's no time to explain." She started to pull me and these things, the black goo, was chasing us.

It moved like it was intelligent. She kept slamming the doors and she ran to a door. It was locked, and it was black on the outside. It looked like the goo. She knocked on it 3 times and the door opened. It was Shade. She dragged me in and they slammed the door. The goo didn’t follow

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