Feral Born (Viciously Yours #1)

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Kaiya's a Feral Born shifter, meaning theres no separation between her and her wolf. Unlike the rest of the wolf shifters, there isn’t a wolf in her head to converse with. Making her different among the already different, which as all know is never a good thing. Her position as the Omicron for the Silver Fangs Pack gives her a outlet to channel her aggression and bloodlust. In a way that won't end with her being hunted down and killed but it looks like that might be her future anyways. An unknown organization is taking on a radical religious way of exterminating the Feral Born kind. If that wasn't enough to deal with, her Alpha's Wilder cousin suddenly shows up. A cousin who turns out, she unfortunately knew in the worst way. Added with the fact that the Beta's babbling around her more than usual and wanting to talk about his feelings? Yeaaa. For a woman who liked to stay in her comfort zone, she was about to get reallll uncomfortable. (All the books in this series can be read as standalone’s.) *The cover was made by me but I have no rights to the picture itself. All photo credits go to someone else.*

Action / Romance
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Chapter One: An Annoyed Wolf


A seven letter word that held so much meaning. With so many opportunities to use it and have it accurately represent your situation, like the one I was in now. Enduring a twelve hour car ride back to packlands after three months away demolishing renegade camps with other pack Omicrons. These past few months fed my violent tendencies well but this bus ride was ruining my post kill mood. It wasn’t the constant stream of words spilling from their mouths that was bothering me this time. It was all the words not being said and the tension filling the bus that annoyed me.

They had seen the full extent of what I could and would do when my Alpha wasn’t there to call me off. Watched as I clawed out the guts of one enemy while ripping out the throat of another with my fangs in human form. They were scared of the strength and abilities I possessed as a Feral Born. And that was exactly the reaction my Alpha had sent me to receive.

Normally I was kept close to the pack because as their Omicron, I was the first line of defense. Meaning that anything perceived as a threat to the pack inside or out, was handled by me. So to be outsourced was a rare occurrence but it was past time for the other packs to meet the Silver Fangs Omicron.

And what better way to do that then by sending me out with others of my position so they could run back to their packs with what they had witnessed. My Alphas way of showing the rest of the Shifter world that the Silver Fangs were well protected. And with the way these shifters flapped their mouths, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was already circling the pack gossip pools.

The tension in the bus increased as I moved around in my seat trying to get comfortable. I know the men and women in this bus had never met a Feral Born before this ...excursion but this was ridiculous. It wasn’t like I was some uncontrollable monster, I was just born with my human and wolf mind combined. My wolf wasn’t a separate entity like theirs to call upon when needed or with slightly heightened senses in human form. Me and my wolf were truly one being, I had more abilities than a regular shifter and that made me dangerous in their eyes. A very human-like mentality they had, to fear what they didn’t understand.

I also thought differently than they did and had the combined strength of a wolf and a human in either form. Could shift certain parts of my body at will and had all my wolf senses in human form. It was why I could hear the differences in heart beats, detect lies, and sniff out sickness, fertility cycles and pregnancies. I winced slightly at the thought, being Feral Born had it’s advantages but there was nothing more uncomfortable than smelling when a female was in peak pregnancy conditions.

The male to my right, Brian I think his name was, finally closed his mouth to jerk back when he noticed I moved a little due to my wince. Even after three months in close quarters with me, they were all still so jumpy.

“Relax. Your anxiety is making me hostile.” I said, wiggling my shifted nails in his face to show him that I wasn’t joking.

Paling slightly, he leaned further back into his friends side and faced the front of the bus. Instead of staring until he started to sweat because it would amuse me, I turned away. Looking out the window to watch the snowy wonderland of Alaska whizz by. After being down in Arizona for so long it made me realize how much I missed running through the snow-covered mountains. The heat had been shit on my already short temper so I was irritated basically the entire time I had been there. Besides when we were killing, of course. But it didn’t help matters that the rest of the Omicron were a chatty bunch.

While generally, we, the Omicron, were a silent murdery type it looked like this group didn’t fit into that stereotype. I had almost killed at least half of the ten that were in my squadron but as that would’ve reflected badly on the pack I controlled myself. And took out all my aggression on the renegade campsites, especially the last one. Who at the time thought it would be a good idea to try and takeover the Night Star pack by raping and pillaging.

When we arrived, a day had already passed and thankfully they were still somewhat on the pillaging stage. Since they were newbies doing initiation into the renegades, we were easily able to defeat them. And another squadron of Omicron stayed behind to make sure they had protection during their vulnerable time.

The bus slowly came to a stop at the bottom of a long sloping driveway with a gate that had the initials BW on it. The driver, an old woman from the Elders pack, turned in her seat to face us calling out, “BlackWater pack Omicrons, this is your stop.”

Two women and two men from the front row stood up saying their goodbyes with bright smiles. Huffing I watched them leave, having four Omicron was over kill but after seeing how inexperienced they were...maybe not. Their whole pack was a bunch of rich holier than thou assholes who lost touch with anything remotely wolf. Living in that big mansion having everything handed to them, shopping instead of hunting.

Our pack did our own fair share of shopping but hardly ever for food unless we were running low on the treats the pups loved. Those little fuckers would riot if they didn’t get their nuggets and mac an cheese, not to mention the hissy fits the teens threw if they couldn’t go shopping in town.

Actually, it was probably just me who thought that buying things besides clothing was a waste of time and money. I don’t remember any of my other pack mates complaining about going into town except for me. But then again they weren’t the ones who drove those hormonal gremlins into town to get their thongs and condoms. They should see what their brats get up to when they aren’t around ...on second thought, they should be spared that hideous knowledge.

As the Blackwater Omicrons walked up their driveway, the bus driver called out the next stops. “Onto TreeTop and then lastly Silver Fangs.”

Finally. Just one more stop before I could retreat into my cabin for the next couple of days. After three long months of constantly being around people? I was long overdue for some alone time and a good hunt. Maybe for some deer? No, Rabbit. Mmmm rabbit sounded nice in a stew with some potatoes and carrots. I could practically smell it already.

The male, Brian, must have gotten unnerved by my hungry look combined with being one of the last three people on the bus. Because he nudged his friend and motioned to the front of the bus before they both got up to take new seats closer to the front.

Was he serious? I was a animal sure, we all were, but I wasn’t a fucking cannibal. I might’ve swallowed a piece of throat here and there but so what? Whatever, at least now I could lay down and sleep for the last six hours to the packhouse. Our pack was farther up north with the closest neighbors being Blackwaters which was six hours away and then Treetop at three hours away. But in wolf form Blackwaters was only two hours away and Treetop just a little over forty minutes away, in case we were ever in need of help.

However since I joined the Silver Fangs pack seven years ago, they haven’t needed to call for help. Which was why my alpha sent me on this trip, to show them that we only had one Omicron and still stayed fully protected.

Wolves of my status usually worked in pairs or in rare occurrences fours to keep the bulk of the pack protected. We weren’t supposed to be the packs army, obviously. That was what the pack warriors were for, but we did prevent threats. And we were often the first ones out, even before the alphas, onto the battlefields.

It also didn’t hurt that on average, a single Omicron could successfully take on five wolves at once. But since I was an Omicron and a Feral Born it meant I could take on up to eight wolves and win. I’d definitely be banged up by the end but instead of dying like the others would, I’d only need a week to recover.

Yawning, I stretched my arms up over my head before twisting to lie down on the padded seats. Tucking an arm underneath my head and pulling my feet up onto the seat. I closed my eyes, getting ready to sleep for a couple of hours. Unworried about being attacked because I would hear them before they could reach me, I slipped off into a light sleep.

The squeal of brakes and a sharp jolt had me rolling from the seat to the floor. Thankfully though, a well placed foot and hand saved me from that undignified fate. Sitting up, I shook the sleep from my brain before taking in my surroundings. A quick glance out the window showed me that I was back on packlands. Jumping to my feet, I leaned down to grab my duffle and slung it over my shoulder as I walked down the aisle.

Reaching the front of the bus, I turned to the driver making sure to catch her green eyes with my red ones, “Nice try, pup.”

Flashing a fang at her appalled expression, I jogged down the steps of the bus and onto the snow covered ground. Pausing for a moment, I took a deep inhale of mountain air while listening to the bus pull away from the cabin. A sharp wind whipped through the air pulling at my black military cargo pants and the olive green tee tucked into it. Along with the wind came the familiar scents of the pack bringing a tiny smile to my lips that I quickly suppressed.

Exhaling, I strode up to the front door making sure to stomp my favorite steel-toed boots on the wrap around porch to rid them of the snow. Hiking my brown duffle higher onto my shoulder, I twisted the door knob only to snarl a little at finding it unlocked. Moon, I leave for three months and these people just throw safety to the wind. Annoyed once again, I threw the front door open and let it slam against the wall as I stepped into the cabin.

Looking around, I saw that nothing had changed while I was away. The walls were the same dark green covered in pictures of past pack members in wolf form, along with the table by the door for keys and a full coat rack. Although, it seemed that most of the pack was out because the only cars out front were the higher ups. My annoyance grew when I realized that I’d have to go find them instead of them coming to me like I thought they would.

Before heading up the stairs, I took a look into the living room on the right. A group of teenage pack gremlins sat around the T.V as they watched other gremlins play a game. If I didn’t already know they were gonna shit their pants at my voice, I’d be pissed that they didn’t acknowledge the door opening. Actually, I didn’t see a problem with that.

I know, I don’t see what I think I see,” I rasped out, watching as all six jumped and started scrambling to their feet. “Because it looks like I see a bunch of aspiring warriors ignoring a threat.”

Each of them looked down, shame faced except for my protégé, Theo. “We caught your scent as soon as the door opened. We knew it was you, Kai.” He replied in a ‘duh’ tone.

“With your weak snouts? Not likely. And how do you know I haven’t turned on the pack?” I raised a brow at him, waiting for him to argue his point like always.

“You’re a Feral Born. You’d never betray the people you gave your loyalty to. Besides, you’re practically in love with me! You’d never kill me.” The seventeen year old chuckled, giving his buddies a high five at the last part.

“Oh I am, am I? Then why don’t you come over here and I’ll show you all that love.” I said, my fangs clicking together as I bit the air.

The boy shook his head “Uhhh...no I think we should wait. Make it special, you know?” he said with a wide smile, taking a small step back.

I unshifted my teeth and looked in amusement at his friends who wouldn’t meet my eyes. Probably because the bright red tint tended to unnerve the younger wolves. Their wolf halves knew not to challenge me and no harm would come to them but their humans still thought I was a wild card. Idiots. They were a part of my pack. I wouldn’t touch them unless they committed a crime or became a threat. And may the moon help them if they ever did.

“I’ll pass. I’m not the tender type.” I flicked my eyes back to Theo and met his hazel orbs, “Take this bag to my cabin, Grunt. Your three month vacation officially ends now.” Ignoring his sigh of disappointment, I hefted my duffle from my shoulder and tossed it at him.

He groaned in surprise as it hit him right in the chest, “Damn. What the hell do you have in here? Wolf heads?”

“Sure. Now, take the bag to my cabin so your friends can stop awkwardly twitching at my presence.” All twitching from the young boys immediately stopped, making the corners of my lips twitch.

Theo’s voice rang out as I headed to the stairs, “That wasn’t an answer!”

“Wasn’t it, though?” I murmured as I climbed the steps two at a time, uncaring if he heard me or not.

Theo showed real potential at taking over my position later on when I could no longer perform my duties. Being that I was only twenty three, some thought it was too early for me to have a protégé but the Omicron position was different from others. We had to hone all of our senses to the highest degree, be skilled in four different types of combat in human form and be lethal in wolf form. That wasn’t even mentioning the psychological and intelligence testing, Omicron were the shifter equivalent of the humans C.I.A.

Theo showed real strength in all those areas but I wouldn’t actually start training him until he turned twenty. It would take him at least five, maybe even seven years until he was ready to be responsible for the protection of the entire pack. Longer than my own training because he wasn’t a Feral Born, his senses and the relationship with his wolf needed to be fully developed. Which is what we were working on now, even though the cocky little shit thought it was because I liked him.

I hadn’t told anyone, not even him, that I had chosen him for my future replacement because he needed to choose it for himself first. I had others in mind if he ended up not wanting the position but none that I was as confident in.

Reaching the top of the staircase I took a sniff of the air to single out the Alpha’s scent. In less than a second, I caught it and started moving in the direction it was coming from. Passing bedroom doors and rounding corners, I ended up in the hallway that held all of the offices.

The thump of my boots hitting the wooden floor was almost therapeutic, reminding me that everything would go back to normal soon. At the end of the hall right before the Alpha’s office there hung a large golden mirror. It was the only piece of luxury in the pack house and it had been passed down by the founder of the pack herself to the next alpha and then the next. Each one putting it in a different place inside the cabin to signify a new beginning with the change of Alpha’s.

Pausing as I passed it, I took a few steps back to see my reflection. Light brown skin darker now because of the Arizona sun, loose wavy black hair that stopped right at my shoulders and slightly rounder than average eyes with bright red coloring do to my Feral Born heritage. Just as my eyes dipped to take in the scars across my throat, I picked up on an unfamiliar scent coming from behind the office door. Besides the Alpha’s and Beta’s, I could smell a light almost forest-y scent. At first, I thought it was the natural forest smells coming through a window but then I took a deeper breath.

Freezing in place, I tilted my head slightly towards the door trying to pick up on how many heartbeats were in the room. Two were beating loud and strong while another was just a little bit faster than an average shifter’s. A forest-y almost nonexistent scent with a faster than shifter average heartbeat....

What the fuck was a Wilder doing in the Alpha’s office? And more importantly why did it come out of the forest to be around pack wolves? Wilder wolves were only comfortable being around Feral Borns because we were more similar in nature than pack wolves. And even then, we had an on sight mentality to establish dominance between us. With all of this in mind, I quickly moved forward and slammed my booted foot against the door. It crashed back against the wall with a loud bang calling all attention to the doorway.

A snarl was already making its way up my throat before I fully entered the room. Dismissing the “Oh. Shit.” and then the shouted “Wait!” that came from my Alpha and Beta. I crouched slightly, head tilted down and fangs bared at the man casually sitting before the desk. It didn’t matter if he came in peace or not. Dominance needed to be established.

As soon as the man tensed up with a loud rumbling starting in his chest, I was on him. Before he could blink, I was in front of his chair grabbing him by his ripped up shirt and using his own body weight to turn us in a semicircle. His snarl cut through the air as I jumped on him pushing him to the floor with my weight. Before we could land like I had planned, he twisted. Rolling mid air, the chairs were knocked away as we hit the floor with him pinning me. Legs tangled together, we growled and snapped at each other’s throat. When his head lowered to try and bite at my neck again, I surged up and slammed our foreheads together. The male released one of my hands with a snarl and my claws immediately pressed into the tender skin of his neck. All fighting from him instantly halted as he realized his dangerous position.

In our tense pausing of movements, my Alpha spoke, “Well, this wasn’t how it was supposed to go down. But Jasper meet Kai, our Omicron. Kai, meet Jasper, my cousin and our newest pack member slash Co-Gamma.”

Not a chance in a moonless hell.


Omicron is pronounced: O-ME-CRON

Thank you for reading my first chapter!! Let me know what you think! In the next chapter Kai’s personality will open up more and new characters will be introduced!

Smooches, Verbage💋

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