Rise of a Heroine: Resurgence

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Miranda Kane dreams of becoming a boxing champion and lives alone with her mother in Montreal, Canada. She's the biggest Batman fan and a lover of superheroes. One night, coming back from the cinema, Miranda and her best friend Amy find themselves assaulted by Thomas Lance. She defends herself and Amy, but she's convinced her attempt at protecting her friend is a failure. Meanwhile, Thomas and his Voice are intent on vengeance... Can Miranda make it up to Amy while dealing with her personal trauma? Will Thomas be her downfall... or will she be his?

Action / Scifi
Catherine GV
4.5 4 reviews
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Prologue 1 - Miranda

‘’No! No, daddy!’’

She couldn’t stop crying. Her small hands tried as best as they could to grab his shirt to make him stay. She had heard her mommy and daddy arguing and had eavesdropped on them, only to find out his daddy had already packed his stuff in a big suitcase. Miranda screamed and tears ran down her face while her mother sobbed beside her, her hand curled up under her nose as she stared at her husband.

Miranda looked up, barely seeing anything through her eyes filled with tears. Her mouth was twisted in an ugly grimace, her heart beating hard against her chest. How could this happen to them? What was wrong?

‘’Daddy, don’t go!’’

Upon her exact words, she saw her daddy shook his head and walk away, holding his suitcase tightly as though it was the only thing he had left in this world. And it was.

“I don’t want this life,” her father responded grimly.

Miranda had just enough time to scream her lungs out and hold out her hand to try and reach her daddy before he turned the corner and went out of their lives forever. But she hadn’t made it in time and the door closed in front of her. In the meantime, her mommy burst into tears and slammed the door, crumbling to the floor. The little girl was shaking with heart-wrenching sobs. Her mommy, crying, wrapped her arms around her and pulled her into a tight hug. Miranda knew, deep down, that it was only her and her mommy now.

And she was right for he never came back.

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