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Bad girl gone good

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Emily Felicity Johnson was your average 16 year old girl with twon sister,Emma Fallon Johnson. Emma was not only Emily's twin. She was her mom, dad and best friend. Their parents were never at home to care for their daughters. Even after the tragic accident, Arthur and Nancy did not care. Luke James Finch just moved to town when his uncle got sick. He is next in line to be the leader of their gang which also happens to be the rivals of Daredevils. What happens when two leaders meet? Will their love for each other win over their positions in society

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

Hatred. Thats the one and only thing i feel towards my parents now. Who are they to judge me after what they put me through. Im not the one that needs help. They are! Im really tired of them blaming me and making it seem like i chose to live. I regret that day more than anyone because i was the one that was there. I was the one to witness it all. I was the one to live after watching my twin sister, my best friend and my other half die. Do they not understand that im also human? That i also have feelings?

Well not anymore. I may not have died but all my feelings and all my emotions did in that accident. Now the only thing i feel is hatred. Hatred towards the world. Hatred towards my parents and hatred to all the other living souls.

Let me rewind a bit.

My name is Emily. Emily Felicity Johnson. For some odd reason i prefer the name Felicity so thats the name everyone knows me by. Im a 16 year old high school student and the leader of the most dangerous gang in town. My parents know im in a gang. They just dont know im the leader. Ive had a rough year. When my twin sister, Emma Falon Jobnson died, i was lost. I was full of regret and hatred. Thats when i joined the Daredevils. They became my family when my real family disowned me. The leader at that time trained me himself. He was a fatherly figure to me and he guided me and was there for me when i needed him most. But when he was killed at an exchange, everything suddenly changed.

Apparently he wanted me to be the new leader. He said i was the right person for the job. Obviously there were a few of the memebers didnt agree with the decision and tried to be the leader themselves but John was a respected man and so was his choice. And now here we are. A year later. Its safe to say im one of the most feared people in school. Luckily there were a few other members who are my age and as heartless as i seem, i actually have a friend. Her name is Tiffany and we go to the same school. In all honesty, Tiff and I are the real badasses of the school.


A/N. Heyy guys. So this is the first story i have ever published. I honestly dont know if it will be a success or not. So if this story turns out to actually be good then id be really happy.


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