A Turf War in December

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Day 3: Weekend Warriors

They were going to fight fire with fire.

It is the second day in their turf war against the Alley Boys and it happened to be a Sunday. Once again, it was blazing hot; the road was empty save for a few yellow butterflies loitering around.

Yet, the Street Eaters knew they had a job to do that morning. They need to do something before sunset, for there will be a worship service that day at the local church.

Charles, Richie, Aldrin and Michael went to the basketball court to see if the Alley Boys were there.

As soon as they appeared on the grass field, they were greeted by a barrage of projectiles coming from the other side of the court. The Alley Boys were already expecting them to come.

“Throw stones and pebbles at them!” shouted Charles. “Counterattack!”

Aldrin expertly aimed his pebbles at the Alley Boys, hitting them in the arms and feet. Charles supported him by throwing a handful of pebbles at a time, thus creating a small rain of stones that caused their enemies to scatter from time to time. Meanwhile, Richie and Michael collected projectiles for their friends so that they could keep on throwing.

“Come here if you want a beating!” taunted Aldrin.

“You are all weak! Beat us first by punching first before talking!” replied one of the Alley Boys.

“Yeah, walk the talk, fools!” another replied.

Even though they were only four, they were brave and excited to get a win against their relatively veteran opponents. After a couple of lucky hits, the Alley Boys fell back.

After a few minutes though, they went out. One of them threw a large stone towards Charles. He just stood there, stunned at the sight, only to realize that a stone was flying towards him.

It did hit his left foot, but due to the fact that it went from a far distance, it lost all of its strength.

“Hahahaha! You can’t even throw a big stone properly!” Charles shouted.

The Alley Boys did not reply back.

Afterwards, he saw that the Alley Boys already went back to their places.

Satisfied with what they saw, they went back to their neighborhood and told their friends everything they saw. Gar just shrugged and told everyone, “This is the type of enemy we have. I hope that everyone is ready to fight hard!”

There was nothing but silence. After a few more moments, they went back to their homes to do their household chores once again.

This time around, Charles went to search for junk on the road with Aldrin and Richie. They agreed to divide all their earnings between themselves.

“Hey Charles, do you think we’ll win this one?” asked Richie.

“Of course, we are right and they are wrong, so we should win,” replied Aldrin.

“Well guys, we’ll need to get through a bit of beating. They’re not the biggest kids’ group in this part of Santa Marcella for nothing,” noted Charles.

They scrounged for plastic bottles, bits of copper, aluminum cans; afterwards, they took them to the junk shop where they sold their finds for a decent amount of money.

“How much did we earn?” asked Aldrin.

“We earned 50…60...80…we got a total of 95 pesos guys!” remarked Charles.

“That means all of us get 30 pesos each!” Having that amount of money meant that one could take four jeepney rides to the city center, with change to spare. Or it meant that the owner would be able to buy a meal with rice, beef broth and dried fish at a roadside eatery.

“What do we do with the five pesos?” wondered Richie. After all, there’s no way to divide five pesos equitably between the three of them.

“Since I’m the eldest among you, I get one peso. In this way, you’ll be able to get two pesos each and distribute everything in an equal manner.”

“Thank you, Charles! I will never forget this!” exclaimed Aldrin.

“You’re the best, bro!” muttered Richie. “Now, let’s go and get a stick of banana cue or two!”

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