Disaster 51- The secret service

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Chapter 2: Kidnapped


Those words made Cameron roll his eyes.

"Mia your being redic-"


Cameron was a tall boy, standing at 5'6 with light brown hair in a loose ponytail, his headphones around his neck pumped out some rap music he had just been listening to.

Mia's tone of voice made the other students hide under the tables, for protection of what was about to unfold.

The door was kicked open as men in body armour and guns strode into the class- they didn't get far before Mia grabbed one.

Taking hold of the man's jumpsuit she yanked him back, temporarily strangling him as she slammed him onto the floor then with a quick kick a sickening crack was heard as blood oozed out of the man's neck.

The other men raised there guns at the girl as the other students watched. Mia went to punch another but her hand retreated to her neck where a tranquilizer dart had struck her.

Fighting to stay conscious, she felt her world spin then she fell forward hitting her head on the table in front of her and then hit the floor as the men grabbed her then shot the other students.

Aimee woke with a start confused and scared only to find her arms in restraints, she pulled at them but they wouldn't budge. Looking around, she found the others in the same situation as they continued to wake up one by one, except Mia who slept peacefully.

The kids were in two rows, from what they could hear- they were in some sort of aircraft, the hangar they were in was all black and had parachutes and gasmasks located around and then there was a ladder leading up to what they believed was the cockpit.

"Why isn't she waking?"Aimee asked as Abbie looked up.

"I think they shot her twice so she would stay under and wouldn't cause a fuss"Aimee nodded.

"Apparently she killed that guy that she kicked!"Riley said as Aimee sunk into her chair.

The loading platform opened up after they landed and men walked into the bay the students were in and unlocked them and held up cuffs.

"Do you need to be cuffed?"

They shook their heads.


The others were lead off as Mia was carried by another man as they were lead into a building.

"Why are we here?"

That was one of the many questions repeatedly asked by Amy and Abbie- being persistent, the girls tried to get somewhere but weren't given any answers.

The man in front of the students quieted them as the door opened and in came a man carrying Mia, he placed her into a chair and then cuffed her hands to the table leg as she lied still sleeping.

"She should wake up in about 2 minutes sir"the man said and was given a nod in response then he left. Groaning was heard as Mia stirred and clenched her eyes closed then opened them as she shifted and looked up.

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